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I have been waiting to show off this mint outfit.  I bought this when I was heavier and the skirt was too tight.  Here it is for the 80 degree weather. I love reaping the benefits of my weight loss.  This top use to be too tight n the bust area….Weight Loss is a fun journey….  These photos were taken on Monday.

And here  with the addition of  a sweater for a cool air conditioning or as the temp drops in evening. I tied the sweater to create a shorter version in keeping with my new goals of dressing my petite body frame.   I think it works….

Close up of the details of the top, which I love.  I love feminine  detailing or detailing of any kind for that matter…

If you click on this photo you can enlarge it for a better close -up, when I posted it larger myself it became distorted.

Outfit Details

Silk Blouse – Chadwicks online last year

Skirt – Chadwicks online last year

Sweater- TJ Maxx, ages ago…

Nude Pumps- Payless -recent

Snakeskin Purse- Marc Bower via QVC  recent

Bracelets – vintage via Ebay

Tomorrow is Friday, which means “MY LUCKY FIND’S”  from thrifting and other shopping.  Come back and see how I did… 

 My Apologies for the stretched out pictures, don’t know how to fix this as they show up normal in my                draft…

The temperature around here is crazy, 80 one day and in the 5o’s the next… This time of year is when my sinuses go crazy with the great dips in temperatures.   Going to vary my schedule a little today as I normally go thrifting on Tuesday after my Weight Watcher meeting.  I skipped it because my daughter was heading back to college and wanted to be home to say goodbye… So going this morning while my son is in his first theater class I will go thrifting. I will go to the mall later to meet up with my friend to hang out for the later class. I have 2 1/2 hrs.  Don’t know what I will find, but am on the hunt for a red purse or yellow purse, as well as shorter jackets and sweaters.  Check back on Friday when I post “MY LUCKY FINDS” to see how I did.

This outfit is very comfortable and I love this purple tunic.  It has pockets and can be worn without the belt. but I love accessorizing  not to mention I’ve worked hard to lose weight and whittle my waist down and want to emphasize it!

Grey and Purple has always been a favorite color combo of mine.  I think I would like to change up since I pair this with either black or grey leggings and do something different.  I have brown leggings, so that is a start…

Tried it with my grey boots to see if the silhouette works for my petite height.

Outfit Details

Purple Tunic- Motto -QVC brand

Grey Leggings- Mudd- Kohls

Grey Jean Jacket-Metrostyle online (sister company to my other fave- Chadwicks)

Purse- Thrifted

Silver Ballet Flats- Anne Klein-DSW

Grey Boots- Kathy Van Zeeland- QVC

So far I have shown 3 pairs of my boots, but I own 10 pairs plus 4 of ankle booties.  Can’t wait to show more as I love them all!  Are you a boot person, how many do you own?  Come on Confession Time, tell the truth!

This week I didn’t get to exercise like I wanted to ,but did so some strength training which was quick each day.  I had a busy week getting ready for my daughter to come home and a busy weekend.

I am proud of solving a major problem in my weight loss journey.  You see, I have always had an issue with lunches, skipping  them and being ravenous by 3:oo pm.  In the beginning of my weight loss journey I was really good at doing lunches, but after the first 20lbs lost stopped doing well with that.  I need to create good habits for my personality and lifestyle.  Cooking lunches is never going to be my thing.  It did work in the beginning because I was so gung-ho but reality has set in…

So how did I resolve this issue? Easy, convenience foods that pack a punch.  Here is a sample of my new lunches:

I vary the fruit and switch from nuts to sunflower seeds.

And Now for my Weight Watcher Weigh in Results-    I lost 1.6   lbs this week! Weight Watcher total lost 25.4

Outfit Details

White Top- Taylor Marcs- Sam’s Club last year

Cobolt Skirt- Chadwicks- last year

Tassle Necklace- Avon-recent

Shoes- Payless- remixed and recent

Belt- from a Jacket I wore on “That Girl Post” and a neccessary addition as my weight loss made skirt waist loose.  Funniest thing ever because this skirt couldn’t even zip up when I got it and the lines were all wavy from being stretched.

I am having so much fun reaping the benefits of my total weight loss of  34   lbs.   So glad I started this blog at this time and can’t wait to see myself transition as I continue on my weight loss journey.

These are my first shots using my son’s great camera and with the help of my daughter as my photographer.  Once she got past waiting for the perfect face and just shot a bunch of photos things went well.  It was a family affair as both my 16 and 12 year old son’s were instrumental in getting the pictures from the camera through the editing process!  A huge success with support from all four of my children!

There is a story behind this dress…. I was grocery  shopping at BJ’s when I spotted this dress hanging on an upper rack. I went over to the rack and proceeded to search for my size and tried to pull the hanger down, instead the metal flat part of the rack that is there  to hide the hangers came tumbling down and smacked me in the center of my forehead.  That thing was heavy and left me stunned, nauseated and with an instant swelling bump.  I never even finished my grocery shopping, I felt so sick and then the intense pains set in.  We waited around long enough to fill out the accident report and I went home.

They sent me a gift card and I went back for the dress, but this time, I made my husband get it down from the rack. To this day if I see something I like on that rack, my husband teases me if i like it enough to risk a bump on my head.  I also purchased a mat for my kitchen that really does help when  standing at the sink.  The last purchase with that gift card was these chairs


I love the color navy and really wanted to get more than just a summer season out of this dress, so what better formula than to add a jacket, tights and boots.

Can’t even begin to express how much I love these navy boots.  There are just certain things you acquire for your wardrobe that go beyond the basic black and brown that just makes you feel special and owning faux suede navy  boots is one of those for me.  Of course these boots are so FANTABULOUS (yes I meat to combine fantastic and fabulous to make a new word) that I also have them in brown and grey.Gotta have a close up of the boots…


I also like this green jacket, which I ordered from Ebay.  I like the sparkle on the pocket, that it is stretch, short to qualify as a responsible purchase for my petite frame and that it is tight and will work as I continue to loose weight.

Gotta Love Stretch!


Another way I envision wearing this it so switch out the jacket for a dark jean jacket. but I must say that the green is a little more inspired and special.  I can also see adding a pullover sweater over it , making it look like a skirt.  The possibilities when you are looking to create a versatile wardrobe….


Outfit Details-

Dress- Rabbit, Rabbit – Bj”s

Jacket- Ebay- recent

Belt- Liz Claiborne NY – QVC

Necklace- Samuel B silver & sapphire – QVC

Botts- Kathy Van Zeeland

Purse- Liz Claiborne NY


I Hope you enjoyed, my story, my outfit and my navy boots…

. Do you own one pair of boots that are just not the norm that makes you feel special?  Got a funny story about an item you’ve acquired?   Leave a comment and share….

These cords are so soft , I wish I could post pictures of me wearing them, but I purchased them a size smaller than my current weight in anticipation of the continued weight loss journey. They are from Chadwicks  and are available in limited sizes   I love the pumpkin color!  I bought them in regular length to wear with boots, but they do come in petites.

While talking about Chadwicks, which I love, here is the link to a sweater I purchased from them earlier and  I just love the corals, browns and green in the print.  One more thing don’t forget to search online for coupon codes when placing an order as there are usually some pretty good ones.

Now onto my thrift store scores.  These shoes, just really looked special to me.  My intention is to wear them with pants and tights and just have to toes peeking out from pants.  To me they almost have a menswear inspired feel to them. What do you think?  

This sweater is my attempt for shorter tops to elongate my legs and disguise my petite body.  I love the color and the texture.  It is a Talbots Petite.  I don’t know if this will qualify as the chunky sweater trend, but it is my intention without bulking up.  When you are on a weight loss journey this trend is not ideal.  Does it qualify for the trend, please chime in!

Next is another Sfera sweater must have been donated by the same person as my previous one.  Researched and found out this is from a Spanish design house of affordable designs.  Can’t go wrong with olive….

This skirt is my favorite piece this week.  As much as I confess that I love pink, I would have to say chocolate brown is right up there with it.  If I can’t eat it, I might as well wear it!  This skirt was bought for one very important purpose… To force me to tuck since it has buttons that need to be highlighted.  I vowed to look for details like that and will search for more.  Ann Taylor tag on this is sewed on upside down…

Now, due to my realization that I need more cropped looks to accommodate my petite body, I recently went on a search on Ebay to see what I could find.  These just came in the mail. I love the jade green color of the mohair cropped jacket. The color of the red one is so fun and it is the perfect length.  Should I change out those white buttons?


Gratitude- I am grateful that my only daughter will be home today for fall break from college and infuse some much needed feminine energy into our home.  

I am really looking forward to taking my daughter for some “shoe shopping therapy” to release the stress of her senior year!

I hope my finds inspire you in some way.  If you are petite and trying to maximize your outfits to elongate you, please share your tricks.

Have a wonderful weekend!

If you knew me at all you would know that I am not a vest person.  In fact,  I so wanted to be last year and tried on several faux fur vests, which was totally discouraging. I I finally just gave up the pursuit.  With my weight,  I hated the look and it was so disappointing because I really wanted to like it.  So, while thrifting yesterday I saw this vest and gave it a try.  Since today was my day to hang out at the mall with other mothers while our homeschooled children go  to theater class, I opted for this look. I wanted to be super comfy because I am there  from 10 a.m-2:30pm.   This is probably the most casual outfit i have worn in ages.


It was the first chance to wear my new Bass penny loafers that I thrifted for $4 and I consider this my best find to date.

 So, losing weight has it’s perks, I am finally wearing a vest!  I don’t necessarily love it, but love that I don’t dislike it either.

Included this photo for two reasons…. One to show you the colored pattern of the inside of the vest and the hood, the other to show you my St. Maarten shirt I purchased a few years ago and never wore because it was too small. Second reward for my weight loss to date.  The third is my jeans, I went through all my pants yesterday to try to find ones I had tucked away in a smaller size and found these gems.  I love  black jeans!  Straight legged and perfect fit….

I am very much a hand in the pocket person!

Gratitude- I am grateful for a wonderful day spent with two amazing Moms and women I am blessed to call my friends.

Outfit Details

Jeans- Gloria Vanderbilt

Top- Gear – purchased in St. Maarten

Vest- George-thrifted

Purse- thrifted

Shoes- my beloved Bass penny loafers- thrifted

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I am on a weight loss journey and for the first time realizing that I have been making mistakes regarding dressing my 5’3″ body.  There really aren’t too many petite bloggers out there who aren’t also very thin.  Dressing a curvier body that is also petite is an art form and a challenge I am coming to terms with.  Today’s outfit is not a silhouette I am familiar with.  You see I love tunics, leggings and boots.  That combination makes me look shorter and let’s face it heavier.  So in the interest of learning from my mistakes and my new-found realization that my mirror has been lying to me and the camera is telling the truth, this is my first conscious attempt at change.

These photos are courtesy of my 16 year old son’s IPHONE, so not the best quality…

I chose a shorter top, one that hits me right at the hip bone.  I also chose  flats instead of succumbing to my addiction for boots.  Not an easy task as, we just this week  saw  cool enough temperatures to qualify for wearing boots.  I must say that I will wear my boots a lot this winter, I will just adjust the way I do so.  In any previous posts involving pants, I have opted for leggings or jeggings.    So, I chose a pair of corduroys this time.  These were a pair I had purchased a few years ago and had never worn because they ran small and didn’t fit.  One of the benefits of weight loss!

I like this silhouette.  You can’t see my shoes very well, so here is a picture of them.  They are Aerosoles and the most comfortable pair I own.  To take this look up a notch for a casual date with my husband, I would switch out the flats for red heels.  I added a picture of the heels, since I forgot to take a photo wearing them.

Last is my red ruffle coat that I purchased for a great deal off season last year.  This is the first chance I had to wear it.  Another curse of being petite is contending with hemming the sleeves, which I have yet to do.  Will be done before I wear this again.

There is just something about the red and brown combo that makes me think of fall.  Is there a color combo that means fall to you?   Please share your combos, who knows maybe I will attempt some of them

Outfit Details

Red cowl neck- Ann Taylor Loft- thrifted

Red Floral Blouse- Jaclyn Smith- have had for a while

Brown Cords- The Limited

Red floral ballet flats- Aerosoles Online- recent

Red Ruffle Coat- Chadwicks- online

You can’t see very well, but I am wearing a locket that belonged to my Grandmother, Alice May Campbell and inside are photos of her mother and brother.  She was quite a woman and I cherish it. 

 This Outfit, excluding the purse,  cost me only $39.oo!

It’s Tuesday again, and that means time to go to my WW meeting and see what the dreaded scale says. I mush say losing the first twenty pounds was easy, but I am feeling stuck to push through right now.  I had a huge breakthrough this week and I hope that means I will begin towards that long road of losing this last 20-25 lbs.  What was my breakthrough?

It was that I have been sabotaging myself, sound familiar to anyone?   With this first 20lbs gone,  and seeing the changes in my body and trying on clothes at the thrift store, I had to face a hard truth.  I have wasted a lot of money over the past three years. I planned and purchased a wardrobe that I intended to get me to my goal size, but I wasn’t being realistic.  In my head I saw  myself only getting to a size 6/8,  but now I realize my heart won’t settle for that and I want to return to the 4/6 I was before I succumbed to years of emotional eating. Everyone has their own journey and this has been mine. If my mantra is “I will not let my mother’s legacy be my weight gain”, then I have to be honest and realistic that  means getting to my previous size.  That is what my heart desires more than anything to feel like myself and to love what I see in the mirror.  I know that a 6/8 is not a bad size, it’s just not going to ever feel like the real me.  So, I broke down and cried, apologized to my husband and confessed that I had wasted a lot of money on jackets and even leather and suede blazers that are not going to work for my new body.  God bless him because he didn’t even bat an eye and told me if spending money on a smaller size is what I needed to do that he couldn’t think of a better reason to do so.

Like my wind-swept lookMy husband calls my look smoldering… I guess that fits as I was irritated that the wind was whipping my hair around.  

A huge sense of relief washed over me and I now can accept the truth that another 20 pounds means an entire new wardrobe.  So, I will enjoy the ride and the pieces for as long as they fit and then try selling them on ebay as they become too big for my shrinking body.  So, now nothing is in my way and I am ready to forge ahead and really focus on getting this weight down. This really is a mind, body, spirit journey.   Increasing my protein and exercising daily….  Oh yeah, almost forgot my weigh in information…. I lost 2.2 lbs this week!

Gratitude-  I am grateful to my husband for never complaining about my weight gain, and never making me feel less beautiful.  

This dress is such a statement piece and really stands on it’s own,  so no accessories needed! It is sleeveless with a cutout back and stretch so will most likely work with my weight loss and definitely fits the versatile goal of working for several seasons.  

Brown Jacket-thrifted $6.99

Dress- thrifted $6.99

Shoes- Kasper via Burlington Coat Factory $24.99

Purse- Liz Claiborne NY via QVC

While I have always lived a life full of appreciation of the blessings in my life, I can not even begin to describe the level of growth I recently experienced.  Living a life of gratitude for the good things in our lives is easy.  I can without even a moments thought begin to list them off.

I am Grateful For:

The health of my four children

This blog and how it is changing my life

My daughter coming home on Friday and some much needed girl energy at home

The celebration of my oldest son’s 26th b’day

My husband supporting me in being a stay at home mother

My ability to home school Connor

My husband purchasing me a treadmill years ago(wasn’t so happy at first)

My friends and the laughter, insightful conversations and love they bring to my life

Nicholas getting back on track with school

My husband taking his only day off to be my photographer for this blog and how much he directs me and really tries to get the best shots. Quality time!

That’s what 10 right away...

My growth didn’t come from the good things in my life.  It came from losing my mother and the mourning process in which I realized just how much of a hole her being gone has left in me.  You see, in my early childhood, I was a real Daddy’s girl and didn’t have much use for my mother.  Oh, I always loved her, but my father just built me up and gave me a strong sense of myself.  It wasn’t really fair that my mother got the raw deal of raising me and Dad just got the fun stuff and the deep lessons he taught me on our walks.  Anyway, realizing just how close my mother and I became in my early adult years and until the time of her death really sparked a realization in me.  I realized that I am so grateful for the death of my father when I was just thirteen  If someone had suggested that to me, I probably would have been horrified. Now, I know that my mother and I never would have had what we did if he had lived.  She went back to school and we went to college together, we took a trip after my high school graduation to Canada, I typed up all her papers when she went on to graduate school.  I was the person she shared all the changes and growth she experienced after my father’s death.  I worked with her in the church nursery, taught Sunday school with her, shared my journey into motherhood and marriage.  So much more to even mention.  The point is none of that would have been possible for us if my father had not passed away at the young age of just 42.I should note that I realized very early in adulthood that having the father I was blessed to have had for just thirteen years was a better deal than most of my friends who still have their fathers.   There really is a plan for our lives that goes beyond what we ourselves control. There really is a web that weaves our lives that makes a strong place for us that is by design, just what we need when we need it.  In a final word, I am grateful for my strong faith and both my parents who taught me that just by being themselves.

Self examination is key to being happy and I hope my dear readers use this moment to check yourselves and see if you are on top of how much you appreciate the little things in your lives.  I recently noticed that my husband is not doing well with this and I began sending text to him listing three things I am grateful for and asking for him to chose three.  I have noticed a profound difference in his moods since we began this.  He works hard and very long hours, but now he comes home more relaxed and has a sense of peace regardless of the trials of his day.

I challenge each of you to try an experiment with yourselves and others in your life and see what results you get….

Outfit Details-  I have to say that I feel like I jumped the gun on starting this blog, as I am not happy with my weight and it is taking everything within me to post pictures when I am still 20lbs from my goal weight.  I hope that in the end I can look back and see the difference and celebrate my success.  

Plaid trench coat-

T-shirt- Ebay

Black Boyfriend Blazer- Jean Paul Richard-can’t remember where I got this one

Necklace- Ebay

Booties- Payless-recent 

Purse- Avon same as in Pink & Grey Combo with leoapard print flap on this time. 

If anyone tries this experiment and gets immediate results like I have,I would love for you to come back and comment.  If you already have this in your life and it is working wonders, please share that as well.

This week was a good one for thrift store finds.  I love being able to get great fashions at affordable pricing.  Since I am currently losing weight and unsure of my exact goal sizing this is a perfect solution.  I don’t know if I have said this on my blog before, but, I LOVE DRESSES and SKIRTS.  I wouldn’t mind wearing them everyday.   I love feeling like a woman and embracing my femininity and there is no better way for me than dresses and skirts.  Let’s face it dresses are the simplest way to have a great impact outfit. They definitely fit my goal of creating a Versatile Style wardrobe.  I love that I can wear them plain, add a sweater and a jacket in fall and winter, wear heels, flats, wedges, boots, shooties and tights.  The goal of pieces that can be worn for more than one season is easily done with dresses and skirts.  I must say, I like dresses more and more now that I have dropped my weight.

Looking at trends and loving graphic prints is what attracted me to this dress. It gets bonus points for the burgundy coloring as well.  Not to mention the fit is fantastic…  Can’t wait to style this one! I never pay full price at the thrift stores for dresses, but this week broke that trend twice! $6.99

Another graphic print I found this week was this skirt by Geoffrey Beene.  This skirt is a size 2 and has spandex.  Knowing this brand ran big and with my continued weight loss goals, I decided to try this on and, lo and behold I got it all the way zipped up!  Too tight yes, but definitely doable in the near future.  My advice is to do what I did by comparing the skirt to a size 6(goal size) and seeing that they looked darned close.  In the past I might not have done this and would have just looked at the size 2 and moved on.  So glad I didn’t as I love this print. Half price at just $2.50.

This next dress is by ACG and a size 6.  My friend pointed this one out to me and I almost didn’t try it.  I was intrigued by the pockets, gotta love a dress with pockets! I also loved the print, but I was wary of the high neckline.  I have an aversion to the current trend of sheath  dresses for that exact reason.  If you have a bigger bust, high necklines don’t flatter you, in my humble opinion.  So once again trying things on is key.  This dress was tight ,which is all I am buying right now,  since I have kicked up the exercise and expect the inches to start falling off.  I have to say I loved this dress and the neckline wasn’t so high that it covered my collarbone, so was flattering,  and the open back was to die for!  Anyway long story short, brought it home and tried it on with some Spanx and I don’t have to wait to lose weight!  Gonna style this one very soon! Price $6.99

I have to say I love Nylon sweaters, no pilling and they last forever!  This color was one I have wanted- SOLD! By Joseph A.  Half priced at just $2.50

This top, I adore!  It really feels like a statement piece.  You really can’t tell from the photo but it is actually Navy with black lines running through it.  Right on trend with the black/navy combo that I love.  It is made by Stera and is very thick like a sweater and both zips and has snaps.  For $2.50 I had to have it. Anyone know anything about the Stera brand?

And last of all, a new pair of shoes…. These are by Mudd , which I know is mostly a junior brand, but I couldn’t help it and snagged them for just $4.00.  I had these on the bedroom floor right outside the closet and my husband noticed , picked them up and asked about them.  He said he really liked these, I think he liked them even more when he heard the price tag!  I am starting to wear heels more and like any guy, that is a turn on….

I hope that my thrifting journey inspires you and gives you ideas of your own because if it’s just “look what I got” then I have failed at my goal, which was to educate on what great finds are in thrift stores that can match with current trends at awesome prices.   If anyone local is too intimidated to go thrifting alone, I can go with you!  If not local,  grab an adventurous friend and make a day of it!

I have to give a shout out to my friend Sue (my Weight Watcher Buddy) whose love of thrifting has inspired me to go back to something I had forgotten I loved!  I have to say she has great taste and quite often makes suggestions for me.  This week she even found me a cashmere black sweater.  I have never owned cashmere and although it might have fit her, she turned it over to me.  Now that’s a true friend…  Love you Sue!

This completes week two of my blogging adventure and I am having so much fun!  I intend to have a weekend full of  family, friends and laughter.  I wish you all the same!

I have a blog post planned for Monday entitled, ” Living in Gratitude”.  Can’t wait to share my personal journey!

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