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Weigh In Day-Changing Perspectives

Posted on: December 11, 2012

Weigh in Results are a gain of .4lbs, which happens when I up the exercise and I was true to my word and did the Fluidity Bar every day.  My muscles are craving it and I keep doing it. I am not doing the full program since I am doing it daily.  I am doing enough to be a full body workout daily.

  Please excuse the photos below, they were taken at dusk in windy conditions,  after a long shopping day and dealing with my 17 year old having his first migraine….Also taken by my twelve year old who wasn’t too into it yesterday…

Can you believe we had temperatures in the 70’s in December and a 20 degree drop today?

I am proud of this post and hope it inspires you my dear readers!

I have known for a long time that they key to happiness is all up to me and how I think, therefore I became pretty good at “Changing Perspectives”.  I may falter for a short time, but my instinct is to always look for the positive.  A few weeks ago I was having terrible sinus related migraines and was mentioning that to a very sympathetic Weight Watcher leader.

When I saw her sympathetic face, I instantly said, “I may have inherited allergies from my parents, but at least I didn’t inherit their asthma.”  Yep, I am good at finding a positive spin on most situations.


So, recently I have been becoming impatient with the slow down in my weight loss.  Then it hit me… I didn’t put this weight on quickly, I put it on slowly at a rate of ten to fifteen pounds a year for several years.  What in the world am I complaining about? “I’ve lost three years of weight gain, in 7 months!”   Told you,  I am really good at finding positive spins… To me it is a challenge I set for myself and I have real pride when I succeed.   Apparently so much pride that now I have shared this one online…


I am happy to say I have passed this on to my daughter.  Just recently she was disappointed to find out that her top choice for her graduate program was not offering the program and she would only be applying to three schools.  She stewed in that for a brief moment or two and then declared, ” Well that means I only have one more personal statement left to write and the whole day to do it, so it is going to be the best one I’ve ever written!”   Gotta say, I was a proud mom in that moment!


Does anyone else follow a similar path of positive thinking?  If not, how about trying it?  Might make a really good New Year’s Resolution… Chime in readers, would love to hear your thoughts!  

Gratitude: I am grateful to my readers who comment and let me know the impact my blog has on them.  I am grateful for the break in homeschooling, as I have so much to do for the holidays. I am grateful that my kids all got together and finally raked the leaves. 

Outfit Details:

Top- Liz Claiborne New York, via QVC

Pants – Larry Levine corduroys

Scarf– Catalog Favorites 

Shoes- American Eagle from Payless

Purse – Aigner – thrifted (perfect size for a day of shopping)


2 Responses to "Weigh In Day-Changing Perspectives"

I find one of the most attractive things in a person is a positive attitude and outlook on life. I can see those qualities shining through in your photos.
Love those shoes!

Thank you, I strive and work hard to have a positive attitude to enjoy everyday.

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