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                                   I hope you My Dear Readers Enjoy a Wonderful Christmas filled with Family, Friends, Laughter and Joy!

If you missed yesterday’s post, check out my Fall Favorite Outfits and Leave a Comment on Which one or two You like         the Best


My Mother’s Snowman that I loved as a child

IMG_1129Santa & Snowmen


Chloe our Mini-lop



Robot that  Nicholas (17 ) wrapped for Connor (12)


My husband as Saint Nicholas

IMG_0586Live Tree my guys put up Outside, last night!

Merry Christmas!

I thought it might be fun to go back after my first three months as a blogger and reveal my top 12 favorite outfits .  Like all beginning bloggers I have had some hits and misses, but can see my style improving and want to take a moment to celebrate my successes.

These are in order of most recent to the beginning of my blogging adventure…. I have to mention my surprise that when I finished this that I was left with 6 dresses and 6 pant outfits.  It was totally unintentional and was a shock,  as I think I look better in dresses and would have had an overwhelming number of them instead of it being evenly split…

I would love it if you felt so inclined to post a comment saying which one or two you liked most!

IMG_0878IMG_0866   IMG_0817IMG_0725IMG_0632IMG_0559IMG_0533IMG_0471IMG_0485sunglasses in treegrey pants

get-attachment (79)

I originally planned to take a break between Christmas and New Year’s, but my husband encouraged me not to and offered to take photos for me while on his vacation.  His support is tremendous and I am so grateful that he understands what this new adventure in blogging means to me.

I don’t take for granted the precious time with my family, as they are all growing and who knows where life will take them?

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and quality time with your friends and family!  

Dear Readers. Thank you so much for all your support in this beginning journey of blogging!


I am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers I have found and the supportive atmosphere among us all.  I am grateful to those of you who take the time to comment and share  of yourselves.  I am grateful for those readers who are not bloggers, but women who are learning with me on this adventure and find inspiration in their own lives.  Please continue sharing things that you like so I can continue to offer content that is of value.  

Happy Holidays!

So what does one wear when going to visit your adopted six year old niece( my best friend’s daughter) who fancies herself a fashionista and dresses like Punky Brewster?

Am I showing my age with that Punky Brewster reference, here is that spunky character:

And here is my own version of quirky fun!


What a difference a day makes, in a much better mood.  And the temperatures changed and the blustery winds are here! it actually feels like Christmas weather for the first time….

I love having children in my life because my 12 year old reassured me that these photos didn’t reflect my outfit and that it was much better in real life!  

Here is me shivering and wishing I had my coat on, while my son in his coat joked me….


And what post would be complete without me and my favorite tree... When I was in  middle school I use to climb a tree to wait for my bus at the bus stop.  Our bus driver got mad and said she wasn’t waiting for us to get down from the tree again.  True to her word, she saw us, came around the corner and sped right past us… We got to stay home for the day because no one could come drive us to school that day…


Gratitude:  I am grateful for the time spent with my friend and my adopted 6 year old niece.  I am grateful that I was able to bring joy to the both of them.  I am grateful for the time spent with my two youngest.  I am grateful that my seventeen year old son helped me to wrap presents.  I am grateful that my sadness of yesterday is gone…

 Since, Today is officially the first day of Winter, I thought it was time for my faux fur vest to come out and play…  I was feeling very blue today, which I think is related to the Connecticut tragedy and the loss of my son’s school mate to brain cancer.  So  I  paired my vest with my Chambray shirt and jeggings.


When taking the photos, even my seventeen year old noticed my mood… I don’t like that at all… I am also having PMS and think this is part of it as well…The sun wasn’t shining today either.  Yesterday my son ran back in to get his shades because it was so bright now no sun and tomorrow we are expecting rain. I remember the short seven months I lived in Massachusetts during the winter months and how much I missed the sun shining.  So glad my husband moved me back to Virginia.


I really like how comfortable I am in this.  I have been wearing my shooties with heels a lot lately and really liked walking around in these flats.  Too bad I am finished with all the hustle and bustle and shopping because this would have made a great Mom on the Go look.


Time to turn on some music and get into a better frame of mind.  Might have to remove these boots as the rubber soles won’t be good for dancing!  Even writing about music and dancing already lifted my spirit!

What do you do to take care of yourself on days you feel a little off? Dear readers, your comments are welcomed and much appreciated.  

Gratitude:  I am so glad today is the last day of school for my seventeen year old.  It has been really tough to have two college siblings and a home schooling one all on vacation while he still had two weeks to go…  I am grateful that tomorrow is my husband’s last day of work before his vacation.

I have wanted to experiment with the oversize chunky sweater trend and have hesitated , as it seems to go against nature for a woman trying to shed unwanted pounds… Feeling brave I decided to go to my husband ‘s closet and see what I could borrow….

This is a Aran sweater that my oldest son purchase on a trip he took to Ireland.  He was there as a high school student and actually went to the Aran Island and met the islanders via a well orchestrated scavenger hunt.  Since my husband is first generation Irish-American and proud of his heritage, I know he would love to see me in this…


Pairing an oversize sweater has to have a skinny bottom and this time I resisted my knee high boots and opted for my shooties instead.  I didn’t like this at first, then got the idea to fold the bottom up and expose the bottom of the striped shirt.  This did the trick!  I had to wear a shirt underneath as wool is too irritating for my sensitive skin…


Since that didn’t go too poorly, I felt brave and went for another attempt.  When I was trying this outfit out, my husband walked into the bedroom and caught me.  All he said was, “I love that sweater!”  I replied, ” on me or yourself” , he said, “Both”.  I guess that means he didn’t mind my raiding his sweater closet…. Yes,  he has what is suppose to be a linen closet in the master bedroom dedicated to sweatshirts (mostly New England Patriots) and sweaters.


I have to say, I think this isn’t bad for me and I can tolerate it despite my desire to show off my hard work of losing weight… In fact I went grocery shopping in this and caught a fireman checking me out admirably, so must not have been too bad…  Just goes to show you, that you never can tell and should attempt new things instead of assuming it won’t work…. I think these two both qualify as great Mom on the Go looks…


So, anyone eyeing their husband’s sweaters in a new light?  Let me know how you feel about this trend.  Your comments are welcomed and appreciated! 

If anyone is interested in sending a condolence card to those dealing with the aftermath of the Connecticut tragedy, 

The following address is reposted from h&k style journey:  

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT  06482

 Gratitude:  I am grateful to my son for putting up with my terrible PMS overemotional symptoms and taking my photos patiently despite my breakdown… I am grateful that I wrapped half the presents last night.  I am also grateful that I was able to do the grocery shopping for Christmas breakfast and dinner yesterday.  I am grateful that I have my husband’s upcoming vacation to look forward to and quality family time…

I found this red dress at Ross Dress for Less when I was searching for a dress to wear to the holiday party and couldn’t resist buying it.  After all it was only $17.99!


I love the polk -a- dots and the straight cut.  I couldn’t wait to wear my newly thrifted grey shooties, so out came the grey sweater.  I am not super fond of this sweater and think the ruffle detail takes away from the dress.  It ‘s the only grey sweater I own, so it will have to do…


I attempted button a few buttons and belting this look but really liked the cardigan open better.  I added the necklace since I ditched the belt and think it helps to elongate me.  I will have to think of another way to style this dress, as I really do love it a lot! I also love my red ruffle front coat:


This is what I wore yesterday to my WW meeting when I found out I lost 2.2 lbs for a total of 30lbs.  Those first 20lbs seemed to come of so easily and these last ten were so slow…. In reality, I lost about a pound a week and I am satisfied with that…I highly recommend WW and going to meetings if possible, I learn so much from other members…

Linking up with What I Wore Wednesday, so head over and see the lovely ladies..

So dear readers any suggestions?  How would you style this dress differently? It is short sleeved and needs help winterizing it….

Gratitude:  I am grateful that if my son had to face dealing with the death of a school mate that it happened the way it has.  The school rallied around the daughter of his math teacher  who had brain cancer.  They sold pink ribbons, the chorus went to her house and sang, a larger group filled her backyard and sang Christmas Carols the day before she passed.  Our local tv station ran a story about her and had one of the Jonas Brothers call her.  She was in a fashion show for those with Cancer.  Her last days were one where she experienced an outpouring of love.  She passed on Monday.  Her mother, my son’t math teacher and his favorite ever teacher, had a statement read at school that said, “She ran the race and finished first straight into the arms of Jesus”.  That statement was the most comforting to my son and hearing his teacher’s words let him know she was ok.  The entire school is wearing pink today to honor her… They are scheduling a funeral for after school hours and searching for a church big enough…here is a you tube link and another one. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Becca Parcells.  

Taking photos on a colder day with winds blowing isn’t much fun.  I ran outside and told my seventeen year old to just start snapping.  It was the quickest photo shoot.  The jacket kept me warm, but the wind and a dress weren’t warming…So these pictures aren’t the best poses, my hair is not great,but here goes…

IMG_0996I don’t know how my hair went so flat!  Having said that I felt sassy in this combo.

IMG_0986Here I tried to tuck my hair so the wind wouldn’t whip it in front of my face, only I missed some!

IMG_0980This is the first photo taken right after stepping outside before the wind had a chance to wreak any havoc on my hair!

This thrifted dress is perfect for me and I love it!  Right now it looks perfect with boots or booties and jackets or sweaters. I have noticed that I really love the mix of femininity with an edge that the moto jacket and boots provide.  It really feels like it matches and represents my vision of myself.

For spring I see so much potential.  Since this dress is cut too low for this conservative mother, I added a colored half tank thing that was at Walmart with the bras, but I wouldn’t consider it a bra.   They come in sets of three and are perfect for a little pop of color without the bulk of a full tank top.  Here I just used a grey one,but for summer I would use a brighter pop of color and  some cute sandals.

I lost 2.2 lbs this week and know it is because I exercised everyday! So, I can go to a party and have a good time without jeopardizing my weight loss!  That is a total of 30lbs lost through WW and the 8 I lost before starting….

Gratitude- I am grateful for my strong faith to which I turn when mind boggling tragedies strike.  I am grateful for not gaining any weight even with a night of having a few drinks and fun.  I am grateful for being a Weight Watcher which allowed me to try one dessert at the party and prevented over indulgence in the goodies….

Linking up with Real Girl Glam, so go see what some other lovely bloggers are up to.

Dear Readers as always comments can be left at the top of my post and I appreciate all of them!

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