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Before I get into my outfit and the holiday party… I’d like to make you smile.  How can you not smile with this photo:

get-attachmentThis is Chloe our four year old mini-lop.  The children decided to dress the bunny up for Christmas.  The rabbit is so much fun and really a perfect pet.  She recognizes my husband’s voice when he comes in and goes crazy as he spoils her with raisins and is the one to feed her.  Since the kids are in bed a lot when he gets home, it’s a good substitute. I could write a lot about this delightful rabbit. but I have a holiday dress to reveal!

IMG_1014I originally planned to go bare legged, but changed my mind at the last moment.  I received so many compliments on my weight loss and how great I looked.  My favorite moment was when the owner’s wife who has lost weight reminded me how far we have come from where we were at last year’s party.  Last year I cried over feeling fat and finding something to wear.

IMG_1019This is my husband, my biggest supporter and favorite photographer.  We have never been a couple who dresses to match,but I love him in blue to match his eyes.

IMG_1001This is the view from the balcony of  our hotel, when we first checked in.  I love getting ready in a hotel room with no kids or pets to contend with .

IMG_1008Smooching at Sunset

A quiet moment before getting ready for the party…

It was a really great night.  I always love the company events and seeing everyone relaxing and having fun.  They all work so hard to make this company a success .  There is always funny presentations and jokes mixed in with prayers and touching heartfelt moments.

I may add some other photos as I didn’t take my camera to the event.but they had a photographer and will have access to those pictures soon. There is actually a picture of my husband I together…

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the holiday seasons and loving moments.  I am grateful for time with my husband.  I am grateful that I can leave my kids overnight and know they are fine.  I am grateful for a chance to celebrate where I am in my weight loss journey and what I have accomplished so far.  

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I am so excited to show you my thrift store finds for this week.  I dd really well and am on cloud nine.  Yesterday I showed my new Jean jacket and thought it would be fun to show you an outfit I posted previously with the jean jacket that now needs a new home.

get-attachment (5)It just doesn’t fit me anymore and it’s time for it to go.  Here is yesterday’s look with my newly thrifted one from Salvation Army for just $4.99

IMG_0955I think you can see an obvious difference and my successful weight loss since beginning this blog….These photos were taken 11 weeks apart.  I am so glad that I decided to show these two looks together because it was a really fantastic wake up call for me to pause and see my success.  The weight has been coming off slower and I didn’t feel like the results were that dramatic.

Now, I am excited to show you my finds this week:

First is these wonderful booties in grey.  I have had so much fun with my black and brown ones and secretly have been dreaming of getting them in grey.  My husband loves them and the $4 price tag.


My favorite find for this week has to be this suede jacket.  It fits like a glove and I am overjoyed because I had purchased a leather one in this color and is too big and the wrong cut for my petite height.  Can you believe this was a mere $6.99? I would have to say this lucky find ranks up there with my Bass Penny Loafers.


Next are two fun skirts that are a little tight but will be perfect when I reach goal and for the spring.

I love the colors of this and the cut.  I loved this silhouette when I was thinner and can’t wait to be at goal and feel sassy in this….


Love the navy blue and white graphic print here and nothing better than a straight skirt. I love how casual this one is and look forward to rocking this one…


Last is this Ann Taylor black dress with a cute little tie-waist detail that stepped it up just  a bit.  This neckline is the higher than I currently wear, but there is a reason I wanted it this time.



These bubble necklaces I purchased from Ebay is the reason I didn’t mind the neckline on the above dress.  Can’t wait to find ways to style these delights..


Gratitude: I am grateful for my oldest son who cleaned up the kitchen.  I am grateful to my three youngest children who all thanked me profusely for cooking up  my BBQ chicken, bacon, cheddar with a slice of tomato sandwich…. I ate it without the bread…I am grateful that I listened to my gut and went into the JCPenney store to check for the shoes I ordered online and they cancelled, as I am now able to surprise my oldest son with the shoes he dreamed of and thought he was not going to get….

Dear Readers I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come back to visit on Monday when I will show you pictures of what I wore to my husband’s Christmas Party!

I have attempted to wear leggings several times and the silhouette has not gone over well with some foreign women on a forum I use.  I thought if the shirt was long enough to cover my behind that it could work,but they feel it needs to be longer.  Finding longer tunics has been a problem.  So, when I ran across this too short dress I thought I would try this look….

IMG_0955I really love the colors in this print and felt it had a retro vibe.  I am also debuting one of my lucky finds this week instead of waiting until tomorrow to include it in my weekly post.  My jean jacket was a classic cut and not as flattering as this one with all the right seams to create curves. Remember to stop by tomorrow to see the rest of  My Lucky Finds for the week.

IMG_0957I think this is the perfect Mom on the Go outfit.  I love flat boots for running errands and am so glad they are in style right now.  I hope that doesn’t change.  Women need flat options.  I also just love all the prints that can be found out there to really spark interest in an outfit.  While I like wearing scarfs to add interest, I also love using prints in dresses, skirts and tops to do the same.

IMG_0962So three major pieces of this outfit are all thrifted, the purse, dress and jacket.  The total for all three pieces is just $12.50.  I have to say I am completely addicted to thrift store shopping and am not going again to after the holidays.  I hope I don’t have withdrawals…

Gratitude: I am grateful for actually sleeping in today and getting a full 8 hours instead of the 5 or 6, I have been getting.  I am grateful that I found the resolve to really take my exercise up a notch at the perfect time with all the holiday stress.  I am grateful for the legacy of giving my mother instilled in me and in turn I am instilling in my children.

Dear Readers do you have a fashion addiction?  How do you indulge?  How do you resist?  Anyone have any other ideas on how to style this floral dress? Chime in, I would love to hear from you! 

This dress is one I wore in the spring and summer.  It is a versatile piece that I can leave unbuttoned at the top and add a contrasting tank underneath and a scarf as a belt for added interest.  I wore this with so many color combinations and had so much fun with it. I don’t think it is going to fit well by summer with my weight loss, but I love it so much I may try to wash it in hot water in hopes that it shrinks…

IMG_0950This is what I wore to go weigh in after multiple attempts to find something light weight. I got the biggest kick out of the man at our meeting who stripped his pants off to reveal swim trunks and his jacket off to reveal a tank top.  He even removed his ball cap.  It was nice to see a man being as vain as the women.

IMG_0946We had a remarkable drop in temperatures from 70 to 50 and on top of that the wind was kicking up as this photo reveals.  I was cold standing there and my daughter kept reminding me to loosen up.  At one point she told me I was grimacing not smiling.  Notice my purse is turned to the front in this photo.

IMG_0952My purse is again turned backwards… I decided to give the shootie and dress look another go after my husband’s enthusiastic response to the brown ones.  He liked this one as well, but was barely awake when I revealed it.  This dress is one I purchased from Chadwicks last year and is no longer available and the sweater I found  on clearance at Sears in the spring.  The belt and purse are both thrifted. I love finding purses at the thrift store for just $4.  I also love this size for carrying around shopping.  The shooties I have mentioned before are from Payless this season.  My necklace is saphire by Samuel B via QVC and the watch is also from QVC’s line called Gossip purchased last year.

My favorite part of this outfit is the printed cardigan.  Do you like printed Cardigans and love them as much as I do? Dear Readers chime in! I love hearing from you. 

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Gratitude: I am grateful that my children all pitched in to help clean up as things had gotten behind with me going out shopping for a dress for my husband’s Christ,as Party. I am also grateful that I finally found a dress after several shopping attempts and frustration.  I am grateful for my friend Sue who shook me up and told me I was hiding in one choice for the dress and vowed to accompany me for as long as it took to find something that showed my weight loss and made me stand tall..

Weigh in Results are a gain of .4lbs, which happens when I up the exercise and I was true to my word and did the Fluidity Bar every day.  My muscles are craving it and I keep doing it. I am not doing the full program since I am doing it daily.  I am doing enough to be a full body workout daily.

  Please excuse the photos below, they were taken at dusk in windy conditions,  after a long shopping day and dealing with my 17 year old having his first migraine….Also taken by my twelve year old who wasn’t too into it yesterday…

Can you believe we had temperatures in the 70’s in December and a 20 degree drop today?

I am proud of this post and hope it inspires you my dear readers!

I have known for a long time that they key to happiness is all up to me and how I think, therefore I became pretty good at “Changing Perspectives”.  I may falter for a short time, but my instinct is to always look for the positive.  A few weeks ago I was having terrible sinus related migraines and was mentioning that to a very sympathetic Weight Watcher leader.

When I saw her sympathetic face, I instantly said, “I may have inherited allergies from my parents, but at least I didn’t inherit their asthma.”  Yep, I am good at finding a positive spin on most situations.


So, recently I have been becoming impatient with the slow down in my weight loss.  Then it hit me… I didn’t put this weight on quickly, I put it on slowly at a rate of ten to fifteen pounds a year for several years.  What in the world am I complaining about? “I’ve lost three years of weight gain, in 7 months!”   Told you,  I am really good at finding positive spins… To me it is a challenge I set for myself and I have real pride when I succeed.   Apparently so much pride that now I have shared this one online…


I am happy to say I have passed this on to my daughter.  Just recently she was disappointed to find out that her top choice for her graduate program was not offering the program and she would only be applying to three schools.  She stewed in that for a brief moment or two and then declared, ” Well that means I only have one more personal statement left to write and the whole day to do it, so it is going to be the best one I’ve ever written!”   Gotta say, I was a proud mom in that moment!


Does anyone else follow a similar path of positive thinking?  If not, how about trying it?  Might make a really good New Year’s Resolution… Chime in readers, would love to hear your thoughts!  

Gratitude: I am grateful to my readers who comment and let me know the impact my blog has on them.  I am grateful for the break in homeschooling, as I have so much to do for the holidays. I am grateful that my kids all got together and finally raked the leaves. 

Outfit Details:

Top- Liz Claiborne New York, via QVC

Pants – Larry Levine corduroys

Scarf– Catalog Favorites 

Shoes- American Eagle from Payless

Purse – Aigner – thrifted (perfect size for a day of shopping)

This look recieved the most enthusiastic reaction from my husband.  I was rather surprised that he liked the tights and booties look.  His praise wasn’t just one comment and even went so far as to suggest that my dress idea for his Christmas party lacked this kind of interest.  Notice my new haircut and color, I love it!


Now it was quite a surprise that my husband was so enamored with this look.  I stripped off the jacket and belt to show him just the dress and he then became even more impressed with how I had styled it.  He wasn’t sure he even would have taken a second glance with just the dress…In fact he complimented my vision in buying the dress.


I almost felt bad that this was not an outfit I had chosen for a night out with him.  In fact he was getting ready to head to work when this entire discussion took place.  I knew he loved this jacket and that his favorite color is red, so his reaction really shouldn’t be so surprising except that he isn’t usually so enthusiastic about my clothing choices. Complimentary, yes, “over the moon”, no…


I have to say that his reaction sure made it easy for me to hold my head high and walk with confidence on my outing… I must have been beaming as I noticed a few looks from a couple of men around my age at Panera Bread…. Definitely going to repeat this outfit on a day when my husband and I have time together.

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Gratitude: I am grateful that I finally figured out what to wear to the Christmas party.  I am grateful that my three kids got together and raked the leaves.  I am grateful for my own inner drive to recommit to the Fluidity exercise program.  I am grateful for the support of my family and friend Sue who endured my search for the Christmas party outfit.  

 Outfit Total -excluding necklace – $37.00

Dress-thrifted $3.50


Boots- Aigner $10.00


Belt-thrifted $2.00

Purse-Nine West thrifted- $4.00

I have to say that while I really like water aerobics in deep water and finning(swimming with a kick-board and fins in several ways to promote all over body workout).  I had a membership to the YMCA and was there for three days a week and in the pool for about 21/2 hours each visit.  Unfortunately as a mother that involved a lot of work to provide that for myself and it got old pretty quick…If only I had a husband who was at home nights instead of out working…

So right before joining Weight Watchers, I happened to catch an infomercial on the Fluidity Ballet Bar program.  I loved what I saw from the very first moment, but refused to make an impulse decision on something with that price point.

Fluidity 4th Position: This classic ballet position integrates muscles to work together from head to toe. The Result? Integrated movement develops the long, lean, shapely muscles of a dancer’s body. Added bonus: a healthy dose of that balletic self-confidence and poise!

What made me decide to make the purchase:

1. Reviews on Facebook page that were very positive and most impressive and repeated review was that the workout could only be done every other day as the body needed a recovery day.

2. It reignited my love of ballet that was part of my early childhood

3. It is low impact and would not hurt my knee or sciatica.

4. I respect the program as it is a combination of Yoga and Pilates

5. I tested some of the moves with a chair for two weeks and saw the value.

6 It is an all over body workout and targeted my trouble spots.

7.  I can do it from home whenever I find the time

8. They offered a payment plan that made it much more affordable

Fluidity Fold Over: The answer to your prayers! Your lower back, seat and hamstrings coordinate to develop fluidity along the back of the body. The Result? A graceful curve in the lower back leads into a firmer, lifted seat; slimmer hips; and smooth muscle tone along the back of the thighs.

I religiously did the program for 3 days a week for one month before joining Weight Watchers. I did not change my eating habits and lost 8 pounds. The reviews were right I could not do it more than 3 days a week.  It kicked my butt each time.  I have finished the payments and have no regrets for making this purchase.  While I have neglected to do a regimented program, I have kept it up in my den and use it often, just not the full work out…

Fluidity Pull-Up: To every yin there's a yang! The perfect complement to the chaturanga push-up, the Fluidity Pull-Up strengthens the back of the shoulders, a must-do for the yoga devotee. The Result? This signature move renders the push-up bra extinct as it firms the pecs, develops muscular balance in the shoulders, and sculpts the upper arms.

So I now realize I have been saving this as my secret weapon… I am now at the end of the weight loss journey and those last pounds are the hardest to lose.  I am determined…So I am making the commitment to the full workout for 3 days a week. I don’t like embarrassing myself and do really well with accountability.  Now that I have put it out there to you, my dear readers, I have to commit…

The proof is not just in the scale moving, so I will track my measurements as well.  Since  I weigh in on Tuesdays, my week is going to start on Tuesdays.  So far this week I did it on Thursday and again this morning.  That means Monday will be day three for the first week!

I am not receiving any compensation for any recommendations made on my blog. 

So What is your favorite exercise program?  Comments are welcomed and appreciated!

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