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Styling Orange Jeans Challenge- Look #4

Posted on: January 9, 2013

Well it’s Wednesday or Hump Day, so what better day than to reveal my favorite combo that my husband and I photographed together on Sunday…(when I was just having sinus issues and before the full blown flu set in)

IMG_1521Pardon my hair here, I was changing into several outfits that day and something had to get missed…That being said I love this color combo and any excuse to wear my navy boots.  When I first began realizing that I had not been taking care of myself style wise  and vowed to change that three years ago, I purchased these boots.  I have them in three colors and when I got these navy ones, I really felt a surge of

” oh yeah, I have navy, boots, not black, brown or grey, but NAVY, I have turned the corner to really taking  care and dare I say spoiling myself….”  It was quite a realization and a memory I cherish

IMG_1525For years I didn’t carry a purse( mother of four who spread children out every four years, I was carrying diaper bags forever)  and a few years ago I decided I wanted to change that.  It was around Christmas and I told my husband that I wanted leather purses, not necessarily expensive ones, but real leather… We found this one by Stone Mountain at BJ’s for just $50 and I was in heaven!  This was the year before the navy boots and once again it just felt special that my first leather purse wasn’t black,but navy.

IMG_1517Now for this necklace it is by Samuel B. via QVC and my first jewelry purchase in years.  It is sterling and sapphire, my two favorites.  Sapphire is my birthstone so stands to reason that I love it.  I wonder if that is why I put so much stock into having a navy purse and boots as something so special and not just the basics….

IMG_1526I have one final thing to point out about this outfit… It happens to be the tightest fitting outfit I have worn to date.  That top is one I just thrifted last week and almost didn’t purchase because it was an Ann Taylor Loft X-Small… I tried it on and was surprised especially since I still have a few pounds I’d like to lose… Anyway, back to my point, I can really see my weight loss here, there is nothing to hide at all.  It was tough to look at these photos at first sight, but I settled down and really am working on that body dysmorphia that comes with weight loss.  I can’t wait to reach my goal weight and then do a reveal of my before and after photos.  That’s going to be fun!!!

Gratitude:  I am grateful that my 17 year old who never made it back to school last week is well enough to head back today!  I am grateful that the chills have gone away,now if the fever would just fight off this infection and do it’s job…I am grateful my daughter and youngest son had a very mild case and that my daughter was able to back to college on time today!  I am grateful that so far my husband seems immune to all of this(he attributes it to his inoculations when he went in the Navy).   

Linking up with What I Wore and  Marion on this month’s style challenge , stripes, see how other bloggers are styling them…


12 Responses to "Styling Orange Jeans Challenge- Look #4"

That is cool to associate a happy memory with a piece of jewelry or clothing. Those navy boots are something else. So pretty and perfectly paired with this outfit! Heather

Great take on the stripes challenge.I love that you paired it with a bright pant!


I love this outfit, especially the navy boots and handbag. Who would have thought these pants could be so versatile! Your post today got me thinking about the fact that I don’t have any special pieces associated with my own weight loss (40 lbs). I’d like to find one special, quality piece to celebrate my weight loss and new style.

It is important to award yourself and set things to look forward to in fashion when losing weight. I bought myself a faux fur vest for the first 20lbs lost. Keep me posted would love to hear what you decide to do. Great job on the weight loss and are you at goal or do you have more to lose?

I have 18 lbs to go. I got sided tracked over the holidays and gained weight. How about you? You look great. You have to be very close to goal.

I have 10-15 lbs to go. I gained 5lbs over the holiday, but being sick with the flu right now has taken care of most of that…. I am just now at the highest weight recommendation for my height and would prefer to me in the middle range as I was before my life took this weight gain turn…I keep running into people who are heavier than me and their looking at me like my goal is unreasonable.They actually act disgusted that I still want to lose more… My goal is the weight I was at age 40, not my 20’s… Actually it is 5lbs more than I was before the weight gain…. These last pounds are the hardest and I wish you luck on your journey!

I understand exactly what you mean. I am also at the upper end of my recommended weight range but want to be in the middle. I wear a size 6 /8 which was orginally my goal size. I’m not sure what size I’ll end up but I do hope I won’t outgrow some of my favorite things. Yes, I do agree that the last bit is the hardest! Best of luck to you also!

Nice that someone understands,been dealing with a lot of judgements…. thank you!

Love the navy with the pants!

Love your bright pants! You look hot hot hot!!! If you get a sec, I’d love to hear you thoughts on my latest post. xo

I’ m glad to see you wearing something form fitting, and those boots are the bomb!

It really does take time to adjust to losing weight and the realization that my body really has changed dramatically. I am currently at a stage where I see myself naked in the mirror and keep looking in shock and disbelief.

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