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Process for Putting Together an Outfit- Weather Motivated

Posted on: January 24, 2013

Posting after midnight in hopes that I sleep in, as this weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses and I am taking Nyquil!!!  Can’t be 60 one day and 30 the next without my having issues….

I think we all have our own unique process for putting together what we will wear for the day… I was thinking,” what is mine?”  and like everything with me,  there isn’t just one answer… It really is fitting that I named this blog Versatile Style (which would have been the entire name, but when googled brought up a tile store….so added my name).  

I will continue my processes in future blogs and begin with today’s process.  I will call this one Weather Motivated.  What that means is that some days I strictly focus on the weather and make my  choice based on that.  For instance today is one of the coldest days, in fact weather man is saying we haven’t had temps this cold in 2 years.


So first thoughts were : Layers , Pants and Boots.   With those in mind I headed to the closet in search of pants that would work well with boots. For me that means skinny’s or jeggings.   I discovered my new green ones that hadn’t been worn yet, Perfect!!!!

My next thought was Layers and instantly I thought of my faux fur vest that I haven’t worn in awhile... That instantly meant that I knew what boots I would wear,  Brown Vest means Brown Boots… I have two pairs with heels, one suede, one leather and  one flat boot… So my next thought was, ” going to be home today homeschooling and hibernating” (may run to grocery store), so the flat boots it is!  


So that means that I have to find a top to wear under the vest….I wanted a turtle neck for warmth… This is not something I own a lot of in fact I only have  a black sweater, a green sweater and a creme one… So I decided to raid my husband’s sweaters.  and came up with this one and I liked it!  He was home at the time and approved!


Then it was time for accessories and today that was a simple necklace in the greens to help bring together the outfit, a hat for added warmth while photographing , and of course a purse….After seeing the pictures, I laughed at my choice of snakeskin purse with fur vest. but I like it!!


Very casual and appropriate for a cold day hibernating or running to the grocery store… I finally wore my green jeggings.  by Diane Gilman of course!  A  Mom on the Go outfit for sure!   

So Dear Readers,  Do you have those days where weather is the first consideration when planning an outfit?  I bet a lot of us use this process!  Right now so many of us are experiencing colder weather and when I did make my run to the grocery store, there were so many women in the same silhouette of skinny’s tucked into boots and a lot of puffer coats, as well…

Gratitude:  I am grateful to my 17 year old Nicholas for taking these photos(he took such great shots, that I had a hard time narrowing them down)… I am grateful that I am homeschooling Connor and for the reconfirmation today that I am doing the right thing by him… (he missed something in the math lesson and went back and found just that part in the lesson and re-listened to it.  an unusual occurrence as he soars through math… He mentioned that he liked this because while in school he would watch once, get it then,  tune out the teacher as she was over explaining because it would mess with his head and confuse him….)  I am grateful for the phone call from my husband in the middle of his work day as he called to thank me for his lunch….


5 Responses to "Process for Putting Together an Outfit- Weather Motivated"

You pulled this outfit together beautifully! Drooling over your fur vest. I have wanted one forever and never found the one. Love it! Heather

I like your husband’s sweater too. The outfits were great and the snake skin bag was perfect!

You put together a wonderful, stylish and practical outfit, Tracey. Love those green skinnies!
One thing I take into consideration here a lot is…rain. Will today be a rain day? Many times the answer is yes. For work 3 days a week I park in a parking garage of our office building and so don’t have to get out in the elements unless I have to run get lunches for my employers. But I am always worried about my footwear. The comfort factor for all day wear and not ruining my leather ones in the rain. Because I never spray them with that protectant…even though I know I should.

I have three pairs of suede boots that I have to refrain form wearing in the rain as well because I don’t spray protect them either… I wear my leather ones in the rain unprotected and they have been fine…

Tracey, I love this teal pants and how you styled them! Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Sunshine Award – you can check out all the details on my blog, but I am so appreciative of your feedback and kind words 🙂

Nicole from Sequined Patterns

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