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These photos were taken the very first time I wore this jacket and on a much warmer day which explains the bare feet and slingback shoes…

IMG_1981I love the mix of new and thrifted items in this outfit.  The jacket is from Forever 21 and the brown jeans are Diane Gilman from HSN while the shoes and top are thrifted.  I get such a kick out of these shoes and have only worn them a few times when those unseasonably Spring Days came our way… I love them and will wear them a lot more as we move into warmer weather…

IMG_1988I feel like pinching myself when I think about scoring these darling shoes for just $4.  I am so happy to have rekindled my love of thrifting and am lucky to have a new friend who loves it as much as I do.  If you are not a thrifter, I challenge you to head to one and check it out and see if your preconceptions are altered.  I can promise you that most who accept the challenge will become highly addicted!  


I hope to go the the Goodwill Center that sells by the pound when I return from vacation.  I’ve never been but think it would be a fun adventure.  I keep finding great skirts at Goodwill in size 10’s and am thinking if I bought them by the pound for cheaper I can risk trying my hand at taking them in to fit me… I would only get ones that have zippers in the back, not the side… I wanted to try my hand at refashioning clothes before I started my blog and have accumulated all the necessary tools.  

Dear Readers, I hope you are having a great week and know I will be enjoying myself and hoping not to gain too much weight….Refashioning clothes is next on my wish list of things to try… Do you have anything special that you want to do creatively in your life?  Will you do it soon or are you waiting for some reason?   Creativity is good for the soul, so I hope every one either has something or is on there way to finding that something… It doesn’t have to be ongoing, even making one project from Pinterest board is a start!

Come back tomorrow to see this dress and skirt lover style this jacket with a dress!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful that I have things I want to do next to look forward to.  I am grateful for the support of a wonderful husband who didn’t blink when I bought a sewing machine and dress form….I am grateful for learning how to sew (just the basics) and the memories of my mother sewing things for me.  


I am so excited about the versatility of this jacket and loving that I will probably get to  use it through Spring, although sometimes it may just be for evenings….


These photos were taken on the same freezing cold day as yesterday’s pictures.  Which means once again the hat was to  help keep me warm.  I loved that my husband complimented the hats during the photo shoot, which gave me confidence that they didn’t look silly.  

IMG_2168I am so happy in these photos because these pants are definitely fitting me better than the first time I wore them and worried they were too tight…. Well, that’s one reason.  The other was because I was telling my husband that one week from that day we would be on a beach in the Caribbean.  The anticipation of the trip really brought us a lot of joy and we were on a natural high for two full weeks…


One of my favorite color combinations from as far back as high school is purple or pink with grey.  I don’t see that ever changing! I love this scarf that my son gave me for Christmas and feel great seeing his joy when I wear it.  

Dear Readers do you have a color combination that you love that has stuck out as a favorite for a majority of you life?  If so please comment and share what it is?  How about a current favorite?  Mine would have to be Cobalt and white which I plan to wear a lot in the warmer months!  

Gratitude:  May sound silly,  but I am grateful that I got this new jacket in shortly before my trip and thought to use it as my style inspiration for the week of my vacation as it simplified things!  I am also very grateful that I joined Weight Watchers and have lost the majority of the weight before going on this trip.   

Well I am currently sunning at the Cayman Islands, but thought it would be fun to do a week’s worth of styling of my new moto jacket.  This makes my third one purchased this year!  

IMG_2135Make no mistake this hat is not worn for style, but necessity, as it was bitter cold and windy on the day I took these photos.  In fact I was wishing I had put on gloves too!  

IMG_2144I wore this outfit to the mall to check out Spring Fashions with a friend.  We spend five hours walking the mall , so I needed an outfit with comfortable , flat boots!

IMG_2152See my windswept hair and scarf, I wasn’t making it up, this hat was helping to keep me warm!

One thing I have been questioning about spring is how to keep the tough girl look going without boots or leather of faux leather jackets. 

My five hour trip to the mall may have revealed a solution... Vests, I saw several in different materials including faux leather that would work great over  a dress, t-shirt on tank top to give me that rocker edge.  I am happy about that because with just a few purchases I can be that sassy style that really feels like me.  Another thing I will have to add is some open toed booties as I only have ballet flats or wedges and that just won’t cut it.  Not that I don’t love those and will wear them as I do love to look very feminine, too!  Just need both options to fulfill me!

IMG_2154I couldn’t resist one more photo, as my husband took these and took a bunch.  I had a hard time narrowing it down… In fact I thanked him, but asked him not to take this many again as it makes my blogging work take up too much time.  He laughed and said, “Got it”

Gratitude:  Well of course I am grateful that I am in the Cayman’s enjoying watching my husband relaxing and not working!  I am also grateful that I have found a solution to my styling worries for warm weather(something comforting about having a plan!).  I am grateful to my children for being so wonderful and leaving me with no worries to enjoy my vacation.

Today’s look is one I really love!  I can’t say it enough dresses and skirts with boots really make me feel like my best Sassy Self!


This is my newest scarf made by a c0-worker and dear friend of my husband’s .  I love all of the colors in this and how much it brightens up all the darks in this outfit. 

IMG_2257My first instinct was to put my black boots with this outfit and I talked myself out of it immediately in favor of another opportunity to wear my favorite navy boots.  When I first started making over my wardrobe two years ago and purchased a few pairs of boots, I reached a real turning point when these navy ones made it into my wardrobe.  I felt special as it was the first time in my life that I owned boots that weren’t black or brown.  That’s not exactly true I did own a pair of short red ones at the time.  It was a key for me because I was returning to taking care of myself after years of not doing so… 


Here I removed the scarf to show more of the jacket,which I recently washed in hot water and dried on high to shrink and I think it turned out pretty well.  I don’t think it shows up well but there is black gross-grain ribbon down the front on either side of the zipper and across the top of the pockets.  

IMG_2270I have to end with my Sassy Pose which also happens to show the buckles on the side of my boots!  

Dear Readers, Is there any item that you added that put you over the top and that has a special meaning to you.  I think this might be a common phenomenon among those of us who are fashion obsessed.  Am I alone in this or can some of you relate?  If so please comment as I would love to hear from you!  This will be my last post before I leave for my vacation, but please follow me  to get alerts as I will be posting(or my son will be doing it for me) while I am away.  

Gratitude:  I am grateful that yesterday and this morning began with chaos, that sorted itself out by the afternoon.  I am grateful that my husband is secure in knowing who he is and hie own integrity despite it being questioned.  I am grateful that I have taken some time to myself and actually read a book this week.  I am grateful that I have finished the blog posts for next week.

Wednesday ended up being one of those days… One where I never got dressed or showered, but homeschooled and worked out really hard and talked to a dear friend on the phone.  Before I realized the day was gone and it was dark outside, so what to do about my blog post?

Excuse the headless photos, but like I said no shower, no makeup or styled hair…


This is what I intend to wear to the airport when I fly out in cold weather and arrive to temperatures in the eighties… I am so happy with this outfit as the top is one I purchased from Chadwicks two years ago while dreaming of my weight loss, so ordered it too small on purpose..  The pants are one I bought in December at Steinmart.  I found them on their red dot clearance for &9.95, but I had a coupon for an extra 50% off, so they were just $4.50.  My shoes are by Grasshopper that I purchased at Burlington Coat Factory  last Spring.  

IMG_2235Had to show a version without the sweater as this is how I will disembark once I reach my Caribbean destination.  Notice my tan here, as I have been going every other day for the past two weeks trying to get a base before the trip.  I am hoping to avoid a bad burn as this has happened in the past.  My husband and I are both very fair skinned and will of course continue our sunscreen vigil…  

IMG_2053This is a tunic I bought in the early fall when I knew this trip was a possibility and it was clearanced priced. I plan to wear it with capris for an evening look.  

IMG_2054This was bought at the same time as the one above for the same purpose and is by Marc Bouwer via QVC.   I tried this on for my husband with my white capris and wedged slingbacks and he loved it!  

Sylvia at 40 Plus Style  has a great post on the Psychology of Color that I highly recommend.  

Dear Readers, the countdown is on and there are just 3 days until I dip my toes into the Caribbean waters!  I am preparing posts for while I am away and apologize for not doing any live ones, but know the reality that I will not have time or more like I don’t want to take time away from the fun…. I will be taking plenty of photos to post when I return.

Gratitude:  I am grateful that my hairstylist who has the flu will be back on Friday and able to do my hair (there was a scare and I had to schedule with another stylist, which after 7 years of this stylist just felt scary)   I am grateful that I had a lazy relaxing day on Wednesday.  I am grateful for wonderfully amazing friends and the anticipation of a lunch with friendships I have neglected these past two years of  homeschooling (something to look forward to once I return from my vacation).  I am grateful to my dear friend who checked a book I wanted to read out of the library and is letting me take it on my trip.  

Today was weigh in day and I wasn’t looking forward to it… I have been working out really hard, but stress ate for the first time since starting Weight Watchers…I went for the Chocolate Chip cookies and not just once but several times…


I gained .8, which in part was due to the fact that I was wearing an extra sweater for weigh in and that is not just wishful thinking.  I weighed myself at home with and without it and it was .4 difference.  All in all less than a pound is really nothing and I am not worried about it.  I don’t sweat the small stuff. I think my exercising saved me from a larger gain!

IMG_2222I gained all my weight due to stress eating and was proud of curbing that habit and doing so well.  For ten months I succeeded.  I know that my success was due to several reasons.  One main one is eating mostly what Weight Watchers calls Power Foods, meaning fruits, vegetables, lean protein,  and low fat dairy.  In addition I am scheduling myself to eat 5 times a day, which curbs impulse eating.  With the trip, I wasn’t as prepared this week and didn’t surround myself with things to make me successful.  So will make sure no matter how busy I get that I don’t fall short there again.. In fact I came home and hard boiled a bunch of eggs and went the store for fruit  and got my 2pt ice cream bars for cravings…


This isn’t a skirt, it’s actually a dress.  Look Here for how I wore it before. 

The good news is that I am now aware that I have to make sure to have the right things in the house . no matter what is going on.  The other good news that I shared in my meeting today is that my exercising with weights and doing these exercises from Melt it Off with Mitch Dvd(purchased on Ebay)  for my stomach have really paid off.  I started working consistently on this and now have defined lines in my stomach.  I affectionately call it “my two pack” as my lower abs are never going to be the best since I had a C-section but I have definite definition in the upper abs..  I also have defined vertical lines on either side of my abs.  I have never had this kind of definition in my stomach and I love it.  I am going to keep it up and wonder where I will be with this by summer…

Please go see some other wonderful bloggers Linking up with The Pleated Poppy

Dear Readers, Are any of you working on toning your bodies and getting ready for warmer weather?  My body is now craving it and I have actually come to enjoy it.  I have now gone from just the goal of losing weight and body measurements to wanting everything toned and tight… Wish me luck, it’s a big order.. I will say that going to WW meetings I meet lots of women older than myself who encourage me to do this now as it gets harder as you age.  So taking the advice of my Elders!   

Gratitude:  I am grateful for my WW meetings and the boost it gives me every week…I am grateful for the woman at my meeting who apologized for staring at me , confessing that she just can’t get over my age and how great my skin looks… I am grateful that my husband had a short break in the day that allowed us to do a quick tanning in preparation for the vacation.  I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my daughter who is away at college.  I am grateful that my 17 year old is being so responsible and signing up for SAT’s and college tours with no prompting from me!  I am grateful for the moment when my youngest hugged me today and told me I was “perfectly huggable” !

Well, I got all ready to go to my hair appointment this morning(Monday) , but never made it there, so had to reschedule.  Nothing major just car trouble that turned out to be the battery which was under warranty, so easy fix!

IMG_2190Rescheduling an appointment with my busy stylist who is always booked is not easy, but I got lucky that he fit me in for Friday.  Well, at least it is before my trip, which I am leaving for on Sunday morning!  I was so ready for that appointment and feeling let down all day…


I wore the hat and sweater for warmth as it is a cold day,but am happily surprised that I like the look… Yesterday’s dress look received a lot of feedback about having a bohemian vibe and I think that this outfit does too.  I never thought of my style as bohemian, but have been learning over the past few months of blogging that indeed I do have days when that fits me.


I really like the femininity of the ruffle at the bottom of this sweater.  Did you know that ruffles are going to be a big trend for Spring.  It was among  the top 10 Must -Haves for Spring  in March People Sytlewatch  Magazine. 

Here’s the Entire List…

1. Black & White

2.  Printed Sheath Dresses

3.  Boxy Bags (square shaped purses)

4.  Pointy Flats

5.  Ruffles 

6.  Silver(in clothing & accessories)

7.  Chunky Heels

8.  Baseball Jackets

9.  Weathered Metals (in jewelry)

10.  Sheers 

Dear Readers,  Which things on this list appeal to you?  My favorites are Sheers, Pointy Flats, Ruffles and Black & White.   Any that you really don’t like?  I would have to say Chunky Heels aren’t my favorite, although I’ve owned them in the past, so may change my mind…

Gratitude:  I am grateful that my stylist was able to schedule me before I have to leave on my vacation….I am grateful that my exercizing to tone is showing results (my abs have never had this kind of definition).  I am grateful for the nap I took , as some days you just need a good nap!  

I  may have lost my mind choosing this outfit on such a cold day!  We had temperatures in the 60’s then snow the next day!  It didn’t stick, but it left a cold windy Sunday!  

IMG_2121I was really glad to have sweater tights on, but nowhere near warm enough with the sun that disappeared behind clouds and the whipping winds….Next Photo really shows evidence of the wind!!!  This is an outfit I have had in my head for awhile, as I love black with the tobacco colored boots.  I tried this with my riding boots of this color, but they just looked like galoshes and not right with the volume of the dress.  I’ve seen lots of bloggers who can do that look successfully, but think it doesn’t work for my petite height and just makes me look shorter and wider.  No woman who has worked hard to lose weight wants that!  

IMG_2124We spent Sunday going tanning (to get ready for the Cayman trip)  and going through my husband’s choices of what to pack for the trip.  That took much longer than I anticipated and before we knew it, it was time for dinner!  So glad we were having leftovers and were able to have dinner at a normal time.   On Monday’s agenda is a morning haircut and that finishes up preparations for the trip, yeah!  Now I’ll have the remainder of the week to concentrate on blogging and home schooling.  I have already made lists for everyone of what to do, so can have a more relaxed week before the trip!  I hate doing things last minute and feeling unorganized!


My husband really wanted a back view and took several photos, so this one is for him!

Linking up with Visible Monday

Dear Readers, Sorry for such a non inspiring post, but my brain is so full of preparations to leave my three son’s home alone… This is a first!  I hope any of you who have this federal holiday off are having a wonderful day and enjoying the three day weekend! 

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have a 26 year old son willing to take on the responsibility of his siblings so I can enjoy this vacation!  I am grateful that the tanning salon has a special for February for free tanning the entire month(we’ve gone 3 times already).  I am grateful that my husband is packing his own bags for this trip, as I usually do everything due to his work schedule.  I am grateful for taking a break from all vacation plans, housecleaning , home schooling and blogging on Saturday to spend the day at the mall  with a friend looking at Spring fashions (we were at the mall for 5 hours!)   

 I am checking off my list of errands to get ready for the upcoming Cayman Islands trip… I knocked  an eye exam off the list as I needed new contacts….

IMG_2100My seventeen year old needed an exam and went with me.  It hit me as we were finishing up the paperwork that it would be the last time I would have to sign for him as he will be eighteen the next time around….I felt a little sentimental being at that office with Nicholas.  It is the one next to Sam’s Club and the doctor recently changed, but this was where Nicholas received his first eye exam and his first contacts at age eleven… 


That first time holds so much meaning to Nicholas as he was a football player and a great receiver and needed contacts to play.  Despite concerns the doctor agreed to give him contacts and Nicholas was forever changed by that decision.  It was at that age that he decided he wanted to become an eye doctor.   Over the years he has refined it to wanting to become an eye surgeon.  He has never changed it and is getting ready for his first college tour the first weekend in March.  


 Nicholas looking towards his upcoming senior year  and colleges combined with my daughter getting ready to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree and waiting to hear from graduate schools,means  my cup runneth over!  

Dear Readers, what in your life gives you that feeling of “MY Cup Runneth Over?  I keep feeling like I should pinch myself lately!  It’s long over due as we had a long stretch of tough years…There is a lot of symbolism in my desire to go Para-sailing in the Caymans, as I feel like i am flying lately…Since I am never going to go sky diving this is the closest I will get to that!   Please chime in and comment i would love to hear what in your world make your spirit soar and feel like abundance of joy! 

Gratitude:  I don’t need to repeat it here , so will just say the success of my children!  I am grateful that my daughter had a homework assignment to ask a member of another generation about social changes in their lifetime and the amazing discussion that followed.  I am grateful for a wonderful Valentine’s Day and the week long treats that my husband showered upon me that were not extravagant, but that all say, “I know you , see you and value you”  


                                                             My husband and I have a Valentine’s Day tradition… It began probably ten years ago as the parents of 4 children…We don’t go out to eat much and hate long waits on holidays like this one and Mother’s Day.  We began getting our dinner to go, then finding a quiet out of the way place to park.  We own a 15 passenger van with plenty of room.  We bring along a fold-up tv table and set it up in the back seat or some years if the seats are removed sit picnic style.  We chose great music and enjoy the peace of our own little world.  I rather like our tradition and don’t want it to change…


This leather  jacket is from QVC ‘s Denim & Co line.  I purchased it last summer on sale, but it is available now Here… It comes in 8 colors and sizes XS to 3X.  I highly recommend reading the reviews for items on QVC as there  is such help with sizing to help keep down having to make returns…I will tell you this brand runs large and I take an xs.  Sadly I ordered this one misjudging my size and am hoping to have it tailored once I am at my goal weight…

IMG_2092I may have an addiction to trench coats as I now own five of them… Three of them are just like this one in different colors by Rachel Zoe via Qvc and is on clearance now.. I also own it in black and khaki… I feel confident that they are classics and I won’t need to buy another trench.  I keep resisting them at the thrift store such as the cute Ann Taylor one I tried on this week…

IMG_2072 A final note on Valentine’s Day... My husband has been extending this holiday this year with candles, flowers and Tuesday night he bought me a beautiful heart shaped tin from Dove Chocolate.  When I saw it I exclaimed, ” I told everyone in my WW meeting that my husband knew better than to give me chocolate this year!”  He just smirked and opened it up.  In the center was one lone chocolate heart.  He had removed the rest and filled the spaces up with samplings of nuts, seeds, popcorn and raisins.  It was really creative and worth more than anything to know that he gets and supports this return to myself.  I think he is happy to have his wife back and is so excited about the timing of this Cayman Island trip!  Is it silly that as I typed the part about his creativity and support that I teared up?   I have always been a woman who can tear up at a Hallmark commercial….

Dear Readers,  What traditions do you have for Valentine’s Day?  Or do you do something different this year, if so what are tonight’s plans? 

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with Love, Laughter and Gratitude! 

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Gratitude:  I am grateful for our tradition!  I am grateful for my supportive husband and family!  I am grateful for the wonderful timing of this upcoming trip coinciding with this wonderful time of my putting the years of pain behind me and getting back to embracing life fully! I am grateful that the trip is a day shorter than I thought and that I will be home the night before my daughter comes home for her Spring Break!  

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