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Weigh In Day

Posted on: February 20, 2013

Today was weigh in day and I wasn’t looking forward to it… I have been working out really hard, but stress ate for the first time since starting Weight Watchers…I went for the Chocolate Chip cookies and not just once but several times…


I gained .8, which in part was due to the fact that I was wearing an extra sweater for weigh in and that is not just wishful thinking.  I weighed myself at home with and without it and it was .4 difference.  All in all less than a pound is really nothing and I am not worried about it.  I don’t sweat the small stuff. I think my exercising saved me from a larger gain!

IMG_2222I gained all my weight due to stress eating and was proud of curbing that habit and doing so well.  For ten months I succeeded.  I know that my success was due to several reasons.  One main one is eating mostly what Weight Watchers calls Power Foods, meaning fruits, vegetables, lean protein,  and low fat dairy.  In addition I am scheduling myself to eat 5 times a day, which curbs impulse eating.  With the trip, I wasn’t as prepared this week and didn’t surround myself with things to make me successful.  So will make sure no matter how busy I get that I don’t fall short there again.. In fact I came home and hard boiled a bunch of eggs and went the store for fruit  and got my 2pt ice cream bars for cravings…


This isn’t a skirt, it’s actually a dress.  Look Here for how I wore it before. 

The good news is that I am now aware that I have to make sure to have the right things in the house . no matter what is going on.  The other good news that I shared in my meeting today is that my exercising with weights and doing these exercises from Melt it Off with Mitch Dvd(purchased on Ebay)  for my stomach have really paid off.  I started working consistently on this and now have defined lines in my stomach.  I affectionately call it “my two pack” as my lower abs are never going to be the best since I had a C-section but I have definite definition in the upper abs..  I also have defined vertical lines on either side of my abs.  I have never had this kind of definition in my stomach and I love it.  I am going to keep it up and wonder where I will be with this by summer…

Please go see some other wonderful bloggers Linking up with The Pleated Poppy

Dear Readers, Are any of you working on toning your bodies and getting ready for warmer weather?  My body is now craving it and I have actually come to enjoy it.  I have now gone from just the goal of losing weight and body measurements to wanting everything toned and tight… Wish me luck, it’s a big order.. I will say that going to WW meetings I meet lots of women older than myself who encourage me to do this now as it gets harder as you age.  So taking the advice of my Elders!   

Gratitude:  I am grateful for my WW meetings and the boost it gives me every week…I am grateful for the woman at my meeting who apologized for staring at me , confessing that she just can’t get over my age and how great my skin looks… I am grateful that my husband had a short break in the day that allowed us to do a quick tanning in preparation for the vacation.  I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my daughter who is away at college.  I am grateful that my 17 year old is being so responsible and signing up for SAT’s and college tours with no prompting from me!  I am grateful for the moment when my youngest hugged me today and told me I was “perfectly huggable” !


9 Responses to "Weigh In Day"

Sounds like a very good lesson learned this week. For me, I have come to realize that I need to stay away from bread. When I stick with having it only occassionally, I am much more successful with my weight loss.

I am also working at toning. Two years ago, I got P90x for Christmas. It was more difficult than anything I have ever done but I was extremely motivated and I pushed play for 90 days. I saw amazing results. I never realized my body could look so good and be so strong. I finally found something that gave me the results I was looking for. I was craving exercise every day and was in a very good place. Unfortunately, I gradually got away from doing it and gained about 12 lbs and lost most of my hard work. Sooo… I am beginning again. I am in week 3 of 90 days. I am working out 6 days a week and determined to get back in shape and reach my goal weight by the end of May.

I tried Insanity workout, but too much jumping wasn’t good for my knee. I add a lot of those moves that did work into my routine… Congrats on your success and re commitment.

Also, thanks for recommending DYT, I purchased it this week and I do feel it will help me tremendously with my style. I discovered I am a type 4 with a secondary 2. My casual classic, feminine chic style now makes a lot of sense to me! Although I wasn’t sure before I purchased it, I think it will help a lot in determining what doesn’t work for me and why. Now I know why I absolutely love your zebra print jacket! lol

I am so happy you found this helpful and really appreciate the feedback! I think this information is powerful in understanding ourselves in many areas of our lives. When it comes to style it will help us from buying something that doesn’t work and having to purge it later…
I am type one and so identify with the reference of Air and constant movement. I also think the combo of both ying and yang explains my desire for feminine styles with an edge. When I get those right I literally feel like dancing the day away!

I notice if I have bad foods in the house that’s what I will eat. Having kids makes it hard to stick to healthy foods and not fruit snacks and chicken nuggets. The cold weather makes me lazy, so I don’t usually start getting super active until the weather breaks so I can go outside and bike ride. I love the dress as a skirt today too! Heather

I have a friend who is itching to get back on her bike. In the meantime she is using weights and an exercise ball..
Yes, having kids makes it harder, those cookies I dived into were for my son’s school lunches and we buy them at BJ’s so there is 4pkgs!

Looking good! Keep up the great work!

You look so good! Keep up the good work – the longer you wait (weight?) the harder it is to take off.

Spashionista (Alicia)

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