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Black & Blue

Posted on: March 7, 2013

Introducing my sense of humor… After enduring a day of rain and high winds that howled through out the night and disturbed my sleep… I decided to express my feelings in today’s outfit… All I could think of for inspiration was Black & Blue…


I had a strong desire to wear this new for Spring Jacket I purchased awhile ago from QVC’s  Motto line… I was happy to find it on clearance and still available since I purchased it a few months ago…   It is a lightweight, unlined, nylon jacket.  Here I have it with the belt tied in the back,  but you can see it better on the link…


Notice my new sunglasses that I purchased while on vacation in preparation for summer.   You see me wearing sunglasses a lot  in my photos because I have a sensitivity to the sun and can get headaches very quickly.  While I have brown eyes, mine are very light colored which my Optometrist said leads to the sensitivity…

IMG_2481I loved how the wind sometimes captures my hair or in this case my blouse … I was never much of a blouse wearer in years past, but have recently grown to appreciate them more.   This one is by Land’s End and found at Salvation Army thrift store along with a green twin… Blouses can be pretty expensive and it is surprising how many brand new looking ones  can be found at thrift stores.  Other than a crisp white one, I may never buy blouses brand new again, since discovering the wealth of quality ones in great condition hiding like treasures at thrift stores…

Dear Readers do you like blouses?  If so I challenge you to head to your local thrift store and see if you have the same success in this category that I have….  Do you like the black and blue color combo?  So many ways to wear this combo, hope I have inspired you to have some fun with it….

Gratitude:  I am grateful that I was able to go back to sleep this morning to make up for my late night and the disturbance of the wind…

I am grateful that the branch that fell on the roof last night that scared us all, was small and did no damage… I am grateful that my children all pitched in to help me clean the kitchen and cook dinner tonight..  I am grateful that Friday I am taking a road trip with my two middle children to look at Virginia Commonwealth University  they are both interested in (Ashley applied there for Grad school and is awaiting an answer). 


8 Responses to "Black & Blue"

Hi, Tracey. Love this outfit. I do love blouses (or button down shirts), but had never worn them until a couple of years ago. Now I can’t get enough of them and have way too many…because, like you say, you can thrift them for dirt cheap…on a really good day 99 cents. Even if I pay $2.50 -$5 for a good quality one it’s a bargain.

You do wear them a lot and have quite a wonderful collection for someone who didn’t wear them until recently..

You are right about finding great quality blouses at the thrift store. I am always so amazed at what people get rid of. I really like your jacket. The button placement gives it kind of a military like look. Have a great weekend! Heather

I too am surprised at the things people get rid of… so many like new items…

For being black and blue, you look pretty great!!

Hi Tracy (you know me – Lorraine – from 40+ Style)
I don’t really wear blouses but you look so stylish in this that am thinking of looking out for a striped one. I have always liked blue and white.

Like you I look in charity shops (as we call them) and also on ebay and have managed to find some lovely things. I am intrigued as to whether you have a budget that you set yourself or if you only look every so often. Also do you have much wardrobe space?

I find it’s become a bit addictive, especially as my local town has about 7 charity shops and little else in the way of clothes shops! I am trying to change my ebay addiction to selling rather than buying to make some space!

However, I think charity/ebay is a great way to hone your style without making too many costly mistakes!

Lorraine to answer your questions…I do not set a strict budget. It is hard to set a budget when my husband’s full commission job fluctuates so much. Due to my weight loss I have been replacing an entire wardrobe. I have reached a good stage and am cut back on thrift shopping. It is not an easy task as you mentioned it becomes addictive. I too want to sell items that no longer fit and have hopes to begin selling on ebay as well. As for space…I share a good size walk in closet that is double hung allowing longer items like pants and dresses on the top and tops on the bottom. I also stack sweaters and other items on a shelf that sits on the lower bar. I also store some items that are out of season under my bed. I have a floorto ceiling shoe shelving on the back wall of the walk in closet. I will be checking for things to purge when I do the seasonal switchover. I too agree ebay and thrifting help to avoid costly mistakes. I currently have a wish list of items that I want for spring which I plan to buy new but sometimes I get lucky and find them at a thrift store.

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