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Totally Committed to Exercise…

Posted on: April 28, 2013

The past two weeks I have committed myself to a really strong exercise program.  I have  a four  way approach.  I begin each day with a good 20 minute stretching routine.  When working muscles as hard as I have been this truly makes all the difference.  When I start the day off like this my muscles feel great and are ready to workout by the end of the day.. I also do these stretches before bed at night since I exercise late night.  Hey, gotta do it when it works for your lifestyle… As a homeschooling mother after the kids are in bed is what works for me!

Linking up today with Visible Monday and Watch What I’m Wearing 


I begin my workouts with my fluidity ballet bar 30 minute workout.  The best description I can think of is that it is a combination of Yoga and Pilates.  It works my entire body and other than water aerobics, is my all time favorite program that I have ever tried.  Small movements create maximum effects!


I take a five minute water break and then pick up my 8lb weights and do every exercise for arms and shoulders that I could think of.  I follow that up with some moves from Melt it off with Mitch where you hold the weights out in front of you and swing them back and forth, high and low.  This does incredible for the abs.  I also do up and down with the weights next to my sides for oblique work.  This is followed by squats, as many as I can muster… Right now 30-40 and I do two sets of these, second one right before finishing with the weights.  My last thing for weights is stomach crunches on edge of couch using arms with weights as well.  i do crunches, flutter kicks and open and closing of legs all with weights in my hands.  If  I was braver I would make a video of this, but not that brave!


Finally, I mix Yoga poses throughout my day.  There are so many opportunities to hold a tree or warrior pose for a few minutes.   Waiting in the kitchen for my water to heat up for tea and for the tea to steep is just one example.   If working with homeschooling is stressing, he goes on the trampoline and I do Yoga.   Just fitting it in several times a day.  If I feel like I want more after the weight workout, I frequently have a water break and do a few yoga posses..


 Dear Readers,  The hardest part about this routine is stepping on the scale and seeing either a gain or staying the same.  I know this is normal and I am committing myself to 6 weeks of this strength training  and will then switch to cardio and eventually a mix of 3 days of each… I love how strong I am feeling and my muscles crave the next workout.  Remember for me this isn’t about weight loss it’s about health.  I began this journey as I was pre-diabetic.  I may have been thin for the majority of my life, but I have never eaten or exercised for health!   Dear Reader, How do you fit in exercise?  Do you prefer cardio or strength training? Have you found something you feel excited about like Zumba ?  Would love to hear your thoughts!  

Special Note:  My youngest, Connor, newly 13 took my photos today.  On some days he just points and shoots wanting to get it over with.  Other days, he suggests poses or tells me to pick my chin up or down… This time he told me to stand still and took the first photo shown, then moved to my side to take the next shot!  Pretty creative!  My outfit is simple, my Diane Gilman purple leopard jeans, sweater from Walmart (on clearance last year for just $3),  shoes thrifted and purse from Avon last year…

Sunday’s Food Choices

Breakfast- Strawberry & Banana smoothie w/yogurt & flaxseed meal  (6pt breakfast)

Lunch– 2 laughing cow cheese lt. swiss wedges spread on 2 Celery & Apple  ( 3pt lunch)

Snack-yogurt (4pt snack)

Dinner– Quino & brown rice & mushrooms and onions   & mixed salad greens with feta & lt Ital dressing   (10pt dinner)


12 Responses to "Totally Committed to Exercise…"

Your commitment is wonderful to read about, Tracey. You’re an inspiration! Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.

You look really slim today! Keep up the good work.

thank you! building muscle is a key to keeping slim!

In case you are interested I forgot to add the Youtube links for Fluidity and Melt it off with Mitch….

Those shoes – – those shoes are to die for! Love the jeans and sweater, too.
Let’s make a deal. If you make a video of your workout I’ll make a video of mine. You’re guaranteed to look like a prima ballerina compared to me ;-P

Spashionista (Alicia)

so funny, maybe some day I will but have to work up the guts!

I forgot to add the youtube links for the fluidity and Melt it Off with Mitch, but went back and did so!

Carry on, kiddo. You’re doing great things for yourself and family.
Looking cute, as well. That’s a lot for any mom to accomplish,

thanks you so much for your kind and encouraging words!

Do you have one of those fluidity bars Tracey?

Yes and it is literally the best investment I have ever made in exercize equipment. since I leave it tucked into a corner of my den, I walk by it often and even when not doing a full program do a few extra pilates or moves… I can’t stop myself! Love, Love, Love this exercise as it works so many muscles at once! If you want to see what I mean try doing what I did, check out a video on their website and use a chair to try one or two of the moves…

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