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I had fun on my first thrifitng trip with my daughter and spent way too much money.  I have done a really great job of getting what I need to fit my new body and new found style (last time this year I was over 30lbs heavier…) So other than my wish to find a green utility vest, I am going to give up shopping for June. 

Now on to the Reveal of this week’s finds which are all from Goodwill:


This is a  Navy , Jones New York sweater that I fully intend to wear with a tank top and white skinny’s to a night concert at the oceanfront and I’m sure in several other ways..


Love the soft colors here with the Navy background on this unlined Linen jacket by Emma James (Liz Claiborne)  I have a skirt that purple shade which comes to mind right away as a styling option..


When you are a thrifter you buy clothes out of season if it something on your wish list and you find a good one. I am embracing vests for the first time in my life and loved how casual this one is, something I don’t currently have. This one is by UO and has an inner snap section and outer zipper, so can be worn closed all the way or un zipped to reveal the snaps and you’ve just gotta love a hood with pattern fabric!


I joked when I found this blouse that it was the closest you’ll ever get me to Camo….It is by Charter Club, very lightweight and almost sheer so perfect for warmer temps or airconditioning.  I recently bought an olive skirt and also have a tan one that will look excellent with this.


I admired so many clothes this fall in retail stores with zippers,but didn’t invest in any as I was really working from scratch to dress my new body size and didn’t think the cost would justify it when I didn’t know how long the trend would last.  So at just a few dollars, I snatched this one up.  It is by Cache and I love this color!


I love these boucle jackets and even more so when they have a zippered closure and better still when they are a petite size.  Add in the purple color and there was no way I could resist this one…


This is a really cute H & M skirt in orange and I was so happy that it fit. I can wear pretty much any size 6 and some 4’s so held my breath when trying this one on!  Going to have soooo much fun styling this one!!!!


Loved this lighter colored suede vest and the cropped length.  Going to try this with a tank top or dress for this season and see if it isn’t too hot….


Love this vest and so happy to add it to my collection!  Khaki and tan is a favorite color combo of mine!



This one calls to my boho side and I love everything about this , the design, the scalloped hemline, the v-neckline, the 3/4 sleeved ending in scallops and of course the brown color. I’m literally giddy with delight over this one and will treat this one with tender care.  These crotchet sweaters can be so expensive and this truly is MY LUCKY FIND!

Dear Readers, I know how lucky I am to live near such great thrifting and that not everyone has that in their backyard.  Not all stores are created equal, so just wondered if over the summer if you are planning a vacation if perhaps it wouldn’t be worth your time to check out thrift stores out of your area if you aren’t happy with ones near you.  Any favorites of my finds for the weeks, and please you don’t have to agree with my favorite.  I usually don’t say which one I covet so as not to sway results from you….I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to what I come up with for you next week.  Should be a great June playing in my closet and no buying!  








Well really, lace, faux leather and ombre, but that just didn’t make as good as a title…

Linking up today with Tres Chic Fashion and LOOk What I Got 


I took these photos over the weekend when we had teimperautres in the 70’s…This lace top and the purse are both thrifted pieces. The moto vest is F21, the shoes are Payless and jeans are Diane Gilman.  The Necklace is from Burlington Coat Factory and the  bracelet is from my Grand Cayman Vacation, bettter view of that in the next photo…


I like how you can see the bracelet from this angle and also the side of my prescription sunglasses.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be rocking ombre jeans I could not have imagined it. but then again I was 40 pounds heavier…I am having so much fun with this new body size and pants which were my nemisis before.


While I liked the nude pumps, I also wanted to give my floral wedges a try with this.. These are my new Aerosoloes, which are on sale now for $19.99 

What do you think, do they work?

Dear Readers, Yesterday deciding  on a goal weight that is less than four pounds from where I am now, really jump started me to think when this goal is over, what is next?  My answer came in the form of the choice to increase my workout weights. I am really shocked that it was as easy as it was to switch from my 8lb hand weights to my husband’s 15lb ones.  I am loving how strong I feel and shocked at how many reps I can do.  In fact since today was hump day and I had these photos to use, I spent the day in work out gear and kept picking the weights up to do several sets over the course of the day. So, now going to concentrate on really refining my body and finishing up what I’ve started with the now refined muscles I can see in my stomach.  Not sure where this new goal will lead me…. I don’t want to look like a body builder, just tone as much as I can while keeping my femininity.   I also want to set a goal to do more Yoga poses as there is so many more challenging ones than what I am currently doing.  AAaaah , I can breathe now that I have a new goal! Readers, are you goal oriented, when you set and accomplish one goal do you look for a new goal afterwards? Are you working on any personal goals right now?  Think my next one might be doing some things to my home….


I am grateful for:

My new-found love of strength training

A day of not getting dressed

My daughter working out and finding ways to get better sleep

My 17 year old son sharing his day when he comes home from school

The assignment my oldest had to speak about his childhood in French and him choosing pictures and showing them to me and the memories that we shared over the photos. 

The amazing conversations that happen with my older children about things in the world 

Let’s start Weight Watcher day with New exercise move for core strengthening that I found on Pinterest

Magic Carpet Ride– check out the link to see video directions.  I have been doing this and can attest that this is a great move to add into your exercize routine and the towel works wonderful on my wood floor.  While I love the ones I found from Melt it off with Mitch, I also like variety and will definitely keep this in my repitore. 


Here is what I wore to my WW meeting.  I am happy to report that I lost 2.6lbs this week and am just 3.2lbs from goal.  I have really been sturggling on what to set my goal for as I know the mirror lies to me, the camera does as well and the weight I thought I wanted is not reasonable when I am strength training and building muscle.  I have been struggling with this since December and just accpeted that I will be 10 lbs above what I originally thought.  No big deal and I am allowed to change that if I so chose… not sure I will.


The wind caught my skirt a little here.... This skirt and white sweater are both thrifted, as is the purse.  My tank top is from Burlington Coat Factory last year and my shoes from Chadwicks last year….


Happiness factor is high any day I get to wear a dress or skirt and feel feminine and sassy.

Linking Up with What I Wore Wednesday and Wardrobe Wednesday

Dear Readers, Anyone going to try the core exercise?  Would love to hear your results if you do.  If getting down on the floor isn’t possible for you are you up for the Melt it off with Mitch moves instead?  How about planking which can be done even in bed as I do them that way? Do you have an exercise you already do that works for you? I was so motivated after my loss this week that I grabbed my husband’s dial style weights and increased from my 8lbs to 15lb and boy I am I feeling it!   Stay tuned in a few weeks when I reach goal, I will be humilitating myself with before and after pictures.  

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the inspiration from H & K Style Journey today by showcasing maxi dresses. I am grateful that I found two maxi dresses while out shopping today one at Burlington Coat Factory and one at Goodwill.  I am grateful for a good WW meeting where we talked about emotional eating and finding new things to do instead of using food to self soothe.  I am grateful that I lost weight this week and feel better about setting a goal.  I am grateful for spending time with a friend thrifting and trying on maxi dresses after my meeting..  

I felt like doing what I call a Nod to Patriotic Pride yesterday for Memorial Day.


We had beautiful temperatures in the mid 70’s which is my favorite weather!  

I began with a patern mix of red and white with checkered jeans and tank top and topped it with a white cardigan then added hints of blue in my sapphire necklace and navy watch band.  I always wear two sapphitre rings.  

I think it turned out well without screaming red, white and blue! 


Can you believe there was time where I didn’t wear red?  

This pose is fast becoming my 13 year old son’s favorite one and angle to take my photo.  He is the one that told me to stand this way and instead of taking it in front of me, taking it from the side.  I love his creativity and not just being a drone and taking my photos, but being part of the process and the pride he feels when he sees the results and when I post them online.


I still can’t get over my luck finding this red purse at a thrift store after months of searching and these shoes are thrifted  as well.  

It never ceases to amaze me how many brand new shoes are available at thrift stores. These are by Madline Stuart and in brand new condition, I mean there is no way they were ever worn.  I find that quite often…For anyone thinking all the shoes at thrfit stores are not something they would want due to someone else wearing them, I challenge you to see if your stores have what I have  found.


One last side view photo to really showcase my shoes…

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful extended weekend and refreshed your spirit.  I love havng the extra time with all the children home.  I am so going to cherish this time as I know my oldest plans to move out soon and my daughter will be back in graduate school next year.  I do have to say it has been kind of fun having just the two  younger boys and it feels very much like it did when we were first married and had just the two kids (my oldest was adopted by my husband).  I love how we spread the kids out every four and a half years.  Dear Readers, have you ever done what I did and mistakenly think that a color like this red doesn’t work for you only to discover later that you were wrong?  Looking forward to tomorrow and weigh in day and the inevitable dress outfit that will result…

PS. I eventually fixed them but initially put up yestesteday’s post with several typos due to the migraine I had when I wrote it…

Gratitude:  I am grateful that I had migraine medicine available and that it worked to eradicate my headache.  I am grateful that the boys helped my daughter with rearranging her bedroom, so she can set up a desk for her new computer (graduation gift).  I am grateful that this Memorial Day weather was so beautiful.  I am grateful that my husband who worked on this holiday only did so for a very short time and had the remainder of the day off.  I am grateful that we initiated the new grill and had a cookout for dinner(and that I didn’t cook!)  

Casual weekend wear to go grocery shopping and over to a freinds house to hang out and sit around the fire pit….

Happy Memorial Day

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These photos were taken right before heading out shopping and it was much earlier in the afternoon that I normally take photos which is apparent in the way the sun shows up in these picures… 

I really like wearing brown a lot and was happy to debut my new jacket.  It is much more casual than other jackets I own , in fact so much so that my husband noticed it… The jacket is a Charlotte Russe that I thrifted and the purse is Relic and also thrifted.. Jeans are my favorite designer, Diane Gilman and tank top is a Walmart one from last year.  My mules are by Aerosloes and purchased last year from Burlington Coat factory…

IMG_0086I saw these photos and for some reason it really brought to mind memories how my favorite feature  has always been my cheekbones. 

I am so happy to see them back as they disappeared for years when I was heavier… They are like a dear olf friend.  I am still getting use to the year of weight loss and the results…


I loved that the weather was cooler these last few days and felt more like Spring, which allowed for jeans and sweaters or jackets.  

Dear Readers, Do you have a favorite feature that has stayed through out your life time span?  Or do you have one that is current and changed from something else?  I am really curious about  that…. So indulge my curiousity if you wish to share a comment!  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and if you are lucky enough to have the day off, that you have wonderful, quality family time.  I love this holiday and the opportunity to take pause and be grateful for those who have given us the freedoms we take for granted.  I also resonate strongly on this day because it fills me with pride that my father and now mother are buried together at National Arlington Cemetary.

Gratitude’  I am grateful that I took these photos Saturday, as I didn’t get around to pictures on Suanday… I am grateful for time with friends and the fun of hanging around a back yard fire pit.  I am grateful for finding a bathroom vanity with plenty of storage space.  I am grateful for my parents and the wonderful example of love they left as their legacy.

A rainy Friday trip to the thrift store with my daughter and again with cooler temperatures means another opportunity to wear jeans, which will not be possible too much once our summer heat and humidity hit!  


It was really raining during this shoot and my dear seventeen year old photographer did not have an umbrealla so it was a quick shoot where I find it hard to give a geniuine smile while my son was miserable...

My daughter and I had a really good time thrifting and she tried on a ton of things.  Surprisingly she ended up buying 9 items.  She is usually so picking and hardly ever gets more than three or four items per trip… She purchased two sweater dresses which will work for subsituting if she does reach that goal.  She also found a great blue dress with a v-neck line and A-line skirt that even had built in shapewear and was perfect on her.  It was the exact style she wanted for her graduation.  She has a wedding to attend and maybe she will let me photograph her wearing it????

My Jeans, striped tank, purse and shoes are all thrifted… Sweater is via Metrostyle last year and no longer available.


I just wanted to add this close up because I am so proud of myelf for how comfortable I am with patten mixing.  It was just a few months agao that I even attempted it, but now I can do it without even really thinking about it… One of the great benefits for me so far as a blogger…  Also note that I stuck to the black and white with no pop of color in sight… that is a tough one for me, but I am liking stretching myself in that way.


This was yesterday’s look and when I posted it on a forum I mentioned that part of my happiness factor with this is the green wedges that I purchased last year.  For me these shoes represent the success of begining the journey to taking care of myself.  They aren’t just a basic color like white, tan or black that I might have had, they were an unsual color that meant a step up in self care.  This was part of my recovery after years of not taking care of myself in what I call the weight gaining years (when I was caring for my mother for 4 years and mourning her for another two years)  It just feels right to share this with you my Dear Readers, as well as the ladies on the fashion forum..


Dear Readers,  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and appreiciate you taking time to read my blog and comment.  It seems like every time I question if I am reaching my goal to inspire others, that a reader will leave me a comment that touches my heart.  It is really uncanny the timing of when this happens and how it is so needed.  So Dear Readers, I thank you for that!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! 

Gratitude:  I am grateful today for my son for taking the photos in the rain and not even giving me  a hard time about it.  I am grateful for a fun thrifting trip and time alone with my daughter.  I am grateful to my husband who bought me flowers.   I am grateful that my husband was home early and took my youngest out alone to run errands (alone time with parents and only one child is precious and we strive to give them each that).  I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation with a dear friend and the plans we made for a girls lunch on Sunday!  



I love this color combo especially after seeing the pictures outside with the colors of nature…

Linking up with Mom Pretty Monday


What I don’t love is what my hair was doing during this entire photos shoot,… Think it might be time to cut my bangs… Regardless not letting that little thing about my hair ruin my love of this outfit… 


I liked this pose because you can’t see my messed up hair!  This green sweater is one I purchased in several colors last year because as I’ve alluded to already, I love the third completer pieces even in warmer temps and they are needed for airconditioning for this lady who gets cold easily… This sweater comes in so many colors and is a QVC, Denim & Co essential and is currently priced at $26.00.  I love that they are 70% cotton and 30% nylon.  My one regret is that I bought them last year anticipating my weight loss goals but really wish I had them one size smaller… Oh well, I think I’ll make them work for this year, but look into replacing them for next year.


This pose my 17 year old took from down low on the ground as he was in a goofy mood taking shots from up high, the side and even turning the camera around to get his own face…

I told him I would use it as long as it didn’t make me look wider…

My yellow jeans are by Liz Claiborne via JC Penney and were purchased on clearance so no longer available.. The shoes and print top were both from Chadwicks last year and again no longer available.  This purse was thrifted and I just had toget it for summer!!


Since I really loved this color combo, couldn’t resist one last pose….

Dear Readers.  Are you looking forward to this holiday weekend?  Do you have any plans?  My husband is itching to use his new grill, so think we will have just a fun family of 6 event… I am so happy to have my daughter back home and will cherish this time as I know big changes are on the horizon as my adult children continue on in their independence… My dear fellow fashionistas, what color should i try next with these yellow jeans?  I have a few ideas, myself, but would love to hear you all weigh in , so make a girl happy and leave a comment!  Have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, fun and family and friends!  Make some Memories!!!!

Gratitude-  I am grateful that my son finished the reading practice test and did incredible!  I am grateful that the testing I have to do for homeschooling arrived today and after peeking at it, I am confident he is well prepared for this…I am grateful that my 17 year old had fun taking my photos today, as I know sometimes he finds me a pain in his neck… I am grateful that after getting up way to early this morning that I had a good long nap and felt incredibly recharged!   I am grateful for the long weekend and time for more of these daily fun conversations with all of my children.  I am grateful that when my 17 year old had to pick an experience that helped him to grow for a paper, that he chose giving a Eulogy at my mother’s funeral when he was just 13 ( he really did an incredible job and made me so proud!)  

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