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Mindful Eating…

Posted on: May 7, 2013

Tuesday’s Weight Watcher Topic was about developing mindful eating.  They talked about not eating with distractions like the television and sitting down together as a family to eat.   I brought a lot to the conversation because I watched a show about how the French practice mindful eating more as a culture than we American’s do.  


I would have worn these shoes with this outfit this morning to my WW meeting if I wasn’t afraid that it was going to be rainy and a little colder, but I was duped by our weather man and opted for my black boots which I had packed away and actually took the time to go unearth!!!!

The Show showed a single woman living alone so anyone can do it…. The woman used her good dishes and said that every meal is an event.  The show emphasized that French cooking uses a lot of rich sauces and breads, but because they ate mindfully, they actually consumed less.  The other important factor was taking time to chew each bite 25 times and really enjoy the flavors.   To be honest, I am too busy this week to think about trying this, but would love to give it a two week trial to see how I feel about in the near future.


I really like a navy and green color combo….thrifted jacket and dress and new navy pumps from Payless… Belt and Purse are both Liz Claiborne NY via QVC and not available as remember I am a clearance shopper!!

I did commit to adding back in the cardio this week and I am ready despite it being two weeks earlier than I really planned.  I love the strength training much better than cardio, so this will take effort on my part.  There is nothing better than cardio  for your heart and burning calories..   And the results of my weigh in was a 2 pound gain, but that’s to be expected when I woke up with PMS symptoms…. I am grateful to the woman who weighed me in for pointing out to me that prior to WW’s I probably gained twice that each month and she is right, as I allowed myself to indulge in chocolate cravings.   


I mistakenly thought I would be free of the sun, taking these photos at 5:30pm but didn’t remedy that and squinted instead… after all, their was a guy in my driveway working on my husband’s van at the time and I was embarrassed and trying to be quick.. Gotta love a car repair guy who comes to you and is reasonably priced!

Dear Readers, what do you think about the idea of every meal being an event and really taking time to experience the flavors of the food?  Do you already do this or are you are fast eater, moving onto all things on your to do list for the day?   Would you be willing to try this for every meal or even just one meal per day?   If so, what appeals  to you and if not what turns you off about this idea?   Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed…

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a wonderful thought provoking Weight Watcher meeting.  I am grateful for the wonderful conversations with members prior to the start of our meetings.  I am grateful for a fun day spent searching for a dress for my daughter and thrifting.  I am grateful that my daughter called me and was so happy to have found a dress at Cato.  I am grateful that she told her boyfriend that she needed to let me know before I showed up with an army of choices to ensure that she had a dress (she knows her mother well!)   I am grateful that I found some great winter items at the thrift store for my friends daughter for just $1.5o each as they were all green tags and half off this week…..I am grateful to my friend Sue for all her patience in searching for a dress for my daughter today!!!!  


10 Responses to "Mindful Eating…"

Tracey I love your dresses and your glasses! You look so good in glasses.
I love the idea of being more mindful of our eating. I need to try this, I feel like I’m always rushing.

Thank you and would love to hear results and thoughts if you do try this!

My husband and Kayla eat so fast, my little one barely eats at all, and then I am left at the dinner table by myself enjoying my food! If you are mindful of what you are eating and taking your time, you can enjoy your food and don’t overindulge. It’s interesting to hear about other cultures and how they do things (simple things like eating).

I am really liking you in your glasses too! Heather

Not overindulging is a major purpose of mindful eating. I wonder if you could find research online to print up and present it as a challenge to your family to try for a week…

I really like the navy and green combination too!

As far as mindful eating goes, I understand the point, I just have a really hard time implementing it. Sometimes I just love getting take out and sitting down to watch my favorite show. I realize that my food is usually gone by the first or second commercial break though, so, am I really paying attention to what I’m eating or how hungry I am? Well…no. And a few years back when my kids were young and I was going to WW meetings, it dawned on me that I’d gained weight not because of all the wonderful food I’d been eating, but because of all the crummy junk I’d eaten, like goldfish crackers and chicken nuggets, and it made me mad, because if I was going to be overweight, it might as well be from something worth it! 😉

Great point! This is why mindful eating can be so beneficial, to make it an event and really enjoy the taste of what we ingest… Thanks for commenting!

I’m trying to be more mindful with my eating, but it isn’t easy. Also, chewing each bite 25 times is next to impossible for me, but I’m working on that too. I just usually don’t have anything left in my mouth by the time I get to 20! I read somewhere that I might be drinking to0 much while I eat, but that’s how I get my liquids in for the day. It’s great to have such open communication with our daughters. It must be so difficult for mothers who don’t have that. Enjoy graduation!

Yes the chewing can be a challenge, but don’t think 25 has to be a magic number… There has long been a school of thought that drinking a glass of ice water before meals actually makes your body work harder and uses more calories to digest, so go figure…. What experts all do agree on is 6-8 glasses of fluids per day!
Yes, having children who open up about their lives, feelings, fears, successes and dreams is a true blessing and something I’ve cultivated!

Hi Tracey: Do you recall the name of that show you were watching? I’d really like to see it…


It was several years ago and I can not for the life of me recall it, sorry!

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