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I Ate Chocolate Molten Cake with No Guilt!

Posted on: May 21, 2013

A very busy start to the week with lots of errands and beginning test preparation for homeschooling, Connor.  Even as busy as I was, my thoughts all day kept wandering back to something that happened this weekend that shined a light on something I am inspired to write about and feel blessed to have a forum to do so….


While out to dinner this weekend with friends my husband and I decided to order a dessert to share, not something we do often, but we were both in the mood.  I had been experiencing terrible sinus pain all day and had only had breakfast that day.  When dessert came and I took a spoonful our friend remarked “but you are on Weight Watchers, what are you doing?”   When she said that  it hit me that there is so many misperceptions about how to lose and maintain weight.


I replied to her outcry that it was because of Weeight Watchers that I could have three or four bites of dessert with no gulit or worry.  The thing that makes Weight Watchers work is that it is not a diet.   It is about eating consciously and making wise choices.  Real life happens and you need a program that allows for that.  It’s all about Balance…


If you know that you are going to eat more for dinner then you can make up for it in your other meals for the day. Some days I have a 5 point yogurt and fruit smoothie… Other days it’s eggs and milk for 7 0r 8 points.  Lunches can range for 8 points to as low as three if I opt for 2 laughing cow cheese wedges with celery and carrots or fruit. There is even a wonderful Zero point vegetable soup to help.   The key is lower points for the other meals creating a balance for the day.  I see it as conscious eating where I can make almost anything work…There is such confidence in my choices and no worries that if choose  to indulge some days in  a chocolate molten cake with a scoop of icecream shared with others. that I am still in control.

Dear Readers, I hope this post was insightful and thought provoking.   I am tired and my kids are calling me to cook dinner, so feel my writing wasn’t as brilliant as I could have done, but think my point is clear… If not, bottom line, Being in control of your food means no worries, and no guilt feelings that you cheated …It’s about Balancing out what you eat and choosing to eat healthy most of the time.  My prayers go out to all those suffering loss and devestation in Oklahoma. 

Gratitude;  I am grateful that my homeschooling son did a great job on his first day of  test preparation practice.  I am grateful that my two middle children were both home and joined in to help with the homeschooling (this is a rarity because it is usually done while the 17 year old is in school and my daughter is now home from college, but Connor slept late today…) I am grateful that I completed everything on my list of things to accomplish today. I am grateful that my husband had a little break today and popped in for a few hours.  I am grateful that my daughter didn’t tell me “No Way”  when I brought home green and teal dress pants for her to try as we begin building her a wardrobe for subsituting.   (she may send them back, but at least she was more open than I anticipated!)  

Outfit Information…. 

I wore this to the bank this morning and teller complimented my top and manager complimented my shoes…. what fun!  This outfit looked so much better when I went to the bank compared to the wrinkles it developed later in the day…

Mint top- bought two years ago from Chadwicks on Clearance (cotton/silk blend ) 

Shrug- thrifted

Skirt- Chaus via Ebay

Shoes- Payless last year….

Purse- Aigner, thrifted

I feel guilty sometimes that I can’t point my dear readers on where to buy the same items I wear since I purchased a lot on clearance from Chadwicks in anticipation of my weight loss two years ago or due to my thrifting scores… I look at other bloggers for color combos or silhouettes and hope that is something my dear readers do with me….


7 Responses to "I Ate Chocolate Molten Cake with No Guilt!"

I love that shrug!!

When I tried that shrug on at the thrift store a woman admired it and told me I’d better get it or she would… I am starting a collection of thrifted shrugs as they run $20 new…

Great look and it’s always nice to get compliments! A friend of mine did WW and that’s what she loved about it. You could eat what you wanted due to the point system so she didn’t feel deprived. Glad you enjoyed your cake! Heather

Beautiful outfit. And you’re so right about food. My wife was on WW for a few years and I learned their lessons which make perfect sense.

It is so funnny how when one family member is on WW how the expereince spreads out. Thanks for your commments.

all things in moderation is a great motto, not only for dieting, but for life. we’d do well to remember it more often!

Exactly, one of my sayings is anything to extremes is usually unhealthy.

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