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Since it was too hot to debut my blush jeans a few days ago, I took the oppportunity to do so today(Sunday) for our family day at the movies… 

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Going to see IronMan 3 is the perfect afternnon outing on a day where it’s drizzling… We all had a great time and I got the biggest kick out of watching my youngest laughing so hard .  


I loved how the colors of my umbrella worked so well with this outfit…And I loved the compliment from the girl at a store we stopped into that started by complimenting my shoes and asking if they were comfortable.  These are my newer Franco Sarto”s purchased on Ebay and I highly recommend them for comfort.  After the initial compliment she went on to tell me she really liked my entire outfit.  My husband just smiled.  He gets such a kick out of this when it happens.  It also makes him do a double take and see me in a new light and pridefully compliment my style choices even though he had previously done so before I left  the house.   


My top is Willi Smith and thrifted.  I love this blouse because it has some great touches like contrast cuffs and even a contrast hem and of course those wonderful flattering seams.  The best part of all is the length which is perfect for wearing untucked.  The vest is from F21 and my must have purcahse for Spring to replace my love of moto jackets that will be on hiatus until fall (unless a cool evening alllows for their appearance)  


This new necklace was found at Burlington Coat Factory for just $7.99 and came with matching earrings.  

Dear Readers, I haven’t had the edgy feeling I like in outfits so much recently,but the vest and shoes here really gave me that vibe.  I like that the colors are quite the opposite of edgy and very feminine.  I highly recommend checking out thrift stores for blouses.  I am constantly surprised at how lke new and what great brands  are available  for just a fraction of retail pricing. I’ve never been much of a blouse wearer,but am totally sold on them lately.   Do you like wearing blouses?  What style of top is your favorite?  

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a fun weekend.  I am grateful for spending time with friends on Saturday night and the laughter and fun we had together… I am grateful for couple friends were we all get along.  I am grateful for time spent with the kids on Sunday.  I am grateful to my husband for all his hard work in being the sole bread winner for our family.  I am grateful for laughter and the recharging of my spirit.  I am grateful to my three youngest who cleaned the kitchen while I was out with friends Saturday night and the joy Sunday morning when all I had to do was unload the clean dishwasher.  

From the time I was a teenager I use to collect sayings and write them in little notebooks and journals… Fast forward to now and there is Pinterest for collecting them…

I believe a happy life comes from the balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit… Here’s a few thought provoking ones for the mind and spirit… Happy Sunday!   


Dear Readers I hope you enjoyed these and are having a wonderful weekend!   Any favorites?   All comments are welcomed and appreciated.  

Wow, it seems like this week is going by way to fast… Probably because I’ve been so tired and lacking in energy that I didn’t get much accomplished this week… 

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As a woman who loves completer pieces in her outfits…. I have really been hunting thrift stores these last few months for ways to continue that for Spring and more importantly Summer and the heat.  My idea was vests, lighter or crotchet vests.  This is one I found at Good will and was thrilled with due to not just the crotchet, but the added lace peplum.  Since wearing tank tops to keep cool is my formula and I have plenty of them… I really like the added texture and detail this vests gives  what would have been a  boring dull one.  Best part is that it worked with the heat of the day!


I’m also really fond of the white/cream trend and it is very easy to pull off in so many ways.  I prefer this to the white/white trend as I find it more interesting and artistically appealing… After all my style is a form of creativity and art in my life. Another way I add the completer piece for the warmer season is short sleeved sweaters and boleros.  


I applied Dream Curls by John Frieda Collection to attempt a beach wave look, which I really want to try this season.  It didn’t turn out as well as I hoped when just scrunching it as the directions said to, but I am not giving up.  I think I will attempt it another time by twisting or braiding my hair after putting this product on my damp hair. Wish me luck!


Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with friends, family laughter and joy!   Thanks for stopping by my little part of the  blogosphere.  I think my husband and I will go out with friends Saturday evening and on Sunday will take the kids to see Iron Man 3, as my youngest wanted to wait until his sister was home to share the experience with her.

Gratitude;  I am grateful that I am feeling better.   I am grateful that my seventeen year old is a cautious driver and comes home every afternoon telling me tales of the stupidity of kids leaving the school(today was a 4 car accident he witnessed right in front of him).   I am grateful to be back on track with my eating as the last few days I have been craving carbs and eating Fiber One Brownies… I am grateful for weekends and relaxation and fun with loved ones.  I am also grateful to my husband for completing the grouting and sealing of the tile and the shower being ready for my daughter.   I am grateful to my seventeen year old for keeping his word and bathing the dog!  

I have always liked florals,but there are times when some of the designs were aging and n0t something I would wear.  Thank goodness for the current  floral trend and the fabulous  choices galore!  


I purchased this top at BJ’s while grocery shopping as a Mother’s Day gift to myself.  I also picked up a pair of blush colored jeans, but with temperatures in the high 80’s today I opted to debut the top with the thrifted Loft skirt.


Waiting until after 5 pm to take photos was perfect as the winds had kicked up and were creating a nice breeze.  I added a smaller scarf in purple as a belt detail here for two reasons, to pop a darker purple color to work with the purse and to tighten the skirt waist as it is a little loose.  I loved typing that, a size 6 waist is loose.  It’s been a long time coming… Last time this year I was just starting Weight Watchers and was in a size 10 to 12…


Once again I am rocking a pair of peep toed sling- back wedges… Just a warning, I own 8 pairs that I bought over the last few years.  These white ones are higher than most of my others, but are still pretty comfortable.   Just in case you missed it, the purple purse is a Nine West that I scored for just $4 at Goodwill…

Dear Readers, I am feeling all over the map with brights, neutrals and pastels over the last three days, but that to me is the definition of versatility and the ability to mix them up as well. I have been feeling some anxiety about blogging and showing summer outfits since temperatures here get so hot and worse due to high humidity.  I wonder how I can keep it real, yet still be fashionable.   Then reality hit me and I remembered air conditioning which all businesses keep frozen so I won’t be limited to nothing but skirts or shorts with a thin top… I get cold easily and carry sweaters or light jackets everywhere I go so I am not miserably cold.  Do you have that problem in your area?  do you have nicer summers without the misery of the humidity?  Do you like Spring /Summer or Fall/Winter better for style?  


These are the bracelets I am wearing above that were made by be several years ago.  

Gratitude:  I am grateful for yoga stretching that helped my sore muscles.  I am grateful that I am feeling much better despite not enough sleep.  I am grateful to my oldest for cutting grass and adding weed killer to the yard despite the heat of the day.  I am grateful that my 17 year old stayed after school today for extra testing help despite his good grades and realizing he actually learned something helpful.  I am grateful for our mini lop rabbit who brings so much joy and laughter to us all.  I am grateful to my daughter for showing me a website to help prepare  Connor for testing and for cleaning up all the junk programs the boys had installed on my computer.

Yesterday I wore such a bright outfit, so today opted for the opposite….


  What a difference a day makes.  Not only did my look change drastically, but the temperatures rose to the mid 80’s .   


Connor, my youngest got the biggest kick out of taking this picture and capturing the wind blown hair, so of course as a mother I had to include this shot in today’s blog…


These shoes are yet, another pair of my favorite spring style of peep toed sling backs and were purchased last year from Chadwick’s while the sweater was purchased at the same time from the sister company, Metrostyle.…  The purse is one of my favorites and is a thrifted find. This necklace is also a favorite with light pink, grey and silver beads and was purchased from a jewelry party a few years back of which I can not remember the name.  I love the length of this and tie it in a knot quite often…

Dear Readers, I am still taking Ibuprofen and recovering from moving my daughter out of her apartment, which I find so astounding given that I was up to exercising close to two hours a day with stretching, Yoga, Fluidity and weight training.   For the first time I am feeling my age… Yes, I really am in my late forties…

Gratitude:  I am grateful that my husband is having a good work week.  I am grateful that my oldest is on a break before starting classes again for the summer and is able to join us for my daughter’s homecoming and be a part of the fun conversations.  I am grateful that my husband had a break between appointments and was able to come home for awhile and recharge with laughter and fun from his family to fuel his spirit.  I am grateful that my seventeen year old gets to go in late all this week due to testing instead of his crazy 5am wake up!   

Last week I showed some color combos that I found interesting and thought I would like to use as inspirations since they used combos that wouldn’t necessarily come to me naturally.  The main reason I picked these was that these incorporated three colors instead of my tendency towards two color combos.  

Linking Up with Trend of the Month- Yellow and What I Wore Wednesday

Here is today’s Inspiration:

I would have paired the orange and yellow together, but not the hot pink scarf or blue purse.   


I chose a more coral colored top than the original orange and paired it with my new Liz Claiborne yellow skinny jeans. I opted for this scarf which I felt married well with the top and pants, while also adding the additional color purple , which guided my purse choice.


I wore this outfit to BJ’s grocery shopping today and the girl at the door checking receipts admired my outfit and told my I was bright today!   I told her that was what I was going for!  

Shoes-Franco Sarto via Ebay

Pants- Liz Claiborne-  Recent clearance from JC Penney

Top- Zac & Rachel via BJ’s

Scarf- Steinmart last year

Purse- Nine & Co via Goodwill 

Dear Readers, I like challenging myself with Pinterest combinations and stretching my closet through different color combos than is my natural instinct.  Outfit Inspirations can really come from anywhere ,but Pinterest really is the most convenient for me.  Are you addicted to Pinterest?  My newest board is Inspirational Sayings, something I have collected since my teen years in little notebooks or journals…What is your favorite thing to Pin?

Gratitude- I am so grateful that I was able to go back to bed this morning and had a good 3 hour nap!  I am grateful that my daughter is starting to unpack and seems happy with her progress.  I am grateful that my family is healthy and happy!  I am grateful that I get to cook dinners for my daughter for the next year!   I am grateful that my three youngest are all sitting on the couch in the game room together as one of them is playing a game and just hanging out together, love the camaraderie and supportive nature of their conversations..


I almost didn’t get a post done for today, as I spent the day moving my daughter’s things into the house and just taking a break as I am physically exhausted… I love that my daughter is home and our girl conversation was so wonderful today… It really is hard to live in a house of boys… 

Lucky for me, I had this one last outfit photos that hasn’t been posted, yet...


I wore this several weeks ago to a WW meeting as it is lightweight and a perfect weigh in outfit…I love casual everyday dresses and in fact own this one in pink and black as well.  


I wrapped a rainbow scarf around my waist then twisted it and tucked in the edges.  I was disappointed when I saw the pictures and realized I hadn’t wrapped this as tightly after I had put it back on from trying on clothes at the thrift store and before taking these photos…I think that is why I didn’t post these pictures back then, but today it works…IMG_3228

I kept the shoes and purse more neutral since the sash and dress were so bright.  These wedges I purchased last year and are a small floral print.  Wedged sling backs are among my favorite Spring and Summer shoes…

Dear Readers, Sorry for the quick lame post, but exhaustion has set in after three days of little sleep. In fact so much so that I decided to skip my weigh in today.  I am opting to sleep in and if for some crazy reason I wake up at 6 a. m. like I did yesterday, I am not getting up and am going to stay in bed for however long it takes me to fall back asleep!  Hopefully then, I’ll have the energy to shower and get dressed for photos and a few errands… In fact going to post this Monday night so I don’t have to wake up and worry about this either…

Gratitude:  I am grateful to my son’s for all their help in moving my daughter’s things in from the van.  I am grateful for everyone also pitching in to reload my husband’s work stuff back into the van.  The saying many hands make light work was extremely evident!  I am grateful that my daughter was cheerful and happy today despite feeling out of whack with the piles of things to sort in her bedroom.  I am grateful that my husband ran into the elementary school counselor who we adore who offered my daughter an internship and help with getting a substitute position.  I am just so grateful for the love of my family for each other and the joy that brings to my heart as their mother!  

My body and brain may be exhausted from the weekend events and moving my daughter out of her apartment and back home, but my spirit is elated!

 My daughter graduated with a Bachelor of Science – Psychology from Longwood University!  


I was so proud at this moment after they has just said, “Ashley Michelle Jennings, Cum Laude!”   Ashley wanted so badly to match her grandmother’s achievement (my mom)  and graduate Magna Cum Laude and she missed it by just .3.   At that moment I heard the Cum Laude and felt huge pride, but worried that my daughter with the strong drive might be thinking that she had just barely missed her goal…


This is Ashley coming across the back after receiving her diploma and walking towards her family who had gotten up at 6:30 am and scored front row seats.  She was smiling at me as I was saying “Cum Laude, baby!”  and I got to hug her after this..

graduation 5This is the other advantage to front row seating… A picture of her as she marched in the processional and more importantly that moment that every child hopes for when reaching such a milestone, among   a sea of over 8000 spectators, the absolute knowledge, that your family is among them… We are the parents who have always for every event in our children’s lives gotten their early to ensure this happens for them…

graduation 4

I have always joked when taking pictures of Ashley with her brothers that her destiny in life is to be surrounded by handsome men… She laughs now as an adult and says that sounds funny… From Left, Ryan my oldest(26), Ashley(21), Connor (13), my husband, Tom and Nicholas (17).  


The proud parents and their graduate… This dress was such a find for her as she really struggled to find to a dress that she liked and really was perfect!

graduation 3

Connor really was hamming it up and having so much fun taking photos of himself in her cap... So funny as he did the same thing 4 years ago after her high school graduation.  I see this and really feel the pressure as a home schooling mother to ensure that this is in his future.

Dear Readers, There really is nothing better than spending time as a family celebrating an amazing milestone!  I kept saying the entire day,”Pinch me! Can you really believe we are here at this moment?”   I think the hardest part of that day was the walk I took with Ashley, just her and I, from the car to the gymnasium before the ceremony.  She was sad about leaving Longwood University and we were remembering everything from our first visit  and so many other moments on Campus.  Her sadness and fear of what is next went straight to my already hurting heart as, I so wished I was sharing this moment with my own mother.  As I did the solitary walk from leaving her to the ceremony space I had to choke back the tears that so strongly kept coming in strong waves.  Ashley will be home for this next year, and her goal is to retake the GRE exam, get a job as a substitute teacher to make her more appealing as a Teacher Assistant and applying to grad schools.  Dear Readers, thanks for letting me share this time and my joy!

Gratitude:  I am so grateful that the rain and thunderstorms that threatened to ruin the ceremony hit twelve hours later than predicted.   I am grateful that my perfectionist daughter was happy with graduating Cum Laude and not lamenting over that .3 miss… I am so grateful that Ashley didn’t get into grad school immediately and will have this year to regroup as these past four years were very tough on her and I see her back to herself these last three weeks.  I am grateful to my husband and son’s for getting us those awesome seats.  I am grateful for the love and laughter of my family and the fun car ride home where I watched Ashley’s sadness at leaving Longwood take a back seat for now.  

And lastly what kind of fashion blogger would I be without this…


Me in my DVF dress that was originally thrifted and a gift from a friend, my shrug is thrifted and my navy pumps are from Payless. 

It’s Monday so time for linking up with Visible Monday and Watch What I’m Wearing!

My Local Salvation Army has a 50% off on clothing on Wednesdays and is super busy!  This week’s Lucky Find’s are a mix of that trip and a Goodwill one as well…

First off Salvation Army: 


This aqua or teal color is my new favorite for spring and a 3/4 blouse is perfect addition!


I can’t help myself, I have an addiction to jackets… Since I very much love outfits with completer pieces this makes sense! 


Another 3/4 length sleeved blouse and since orange and navy combo is a fave of mine this addition makes perfect sense!


I think this is going to fill in as a chambray shirt for warmer temps and should prove very versatile!

The remainder are from Goodwill and also at 50% off as they were all orange tagged and the color of the week…


Love this striped skirt and it even has blue stripe so will definitely wear the chambray top with this!


This crotchet shirt has a little sparkle in it and is perfect for beach concert nights.  I like that the neck ties, so doesn’t have to be too low-cut.


This Ann Taylor Loft number was full priced and well worth just $6.99 and will be what I wear to the Family Banquet the night before my daughter’s college graduation…  Will style it with a cropped brown crocheted bolero and slingback wedges… pictures next week…

Have a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends and laughter!  To all the mother’s or those who fill the shoes in some way, Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope your family makes you feel as special as you deserve!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful that I had a super productive day and accomplished so much on little sleep.  I am grateful for the new Target at my favorite mall that is super close to home… I am grateful that I didn’t gain any weight despite eating pizza last night… I am grateful that my oldest was able to give away his work shifts after the manager ignored his request for time off and will spend Friday and Saturday with us before heading home to work the restaurant industry for Mother’s Day…I am grateful that we are leaving Friday and that I will see my daughter soon and get to spend a night with her before graduation… I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my younger brother and the comfort talking about this milestone and my mother… 

Since I had a day of cleaning and did not get out of my pj’s today ( Wednesday)  I decided to let myself off the hook from faking it and scrambling something together for photos, especially since it now 5pm….

I decided to share with you some recent Pinterst color combos that I like in hopes that you too may see a combination that is new for yourself and look at your closet in new ways and increase the versatility of items you already own…

I really love these two colors together and think it is a fresh take for spring… Not sure how I will pull it off, but remember this is about how the colors work together not about mimicking the outfit… There are so many ways to pull this off.  For example a pair of brown pants with an coral  top and teal jewelry  works if that’s what you have in your closet.

I definitely wouldn’t have dreamed up adding purple with this shade, but like the results… Wonder how I will pull this one off?  Maybe you should could come back next week when I start trying these… After I show graduation pictures  at the beginning of the week of course…

Look how many colors are combined here… not sure I would ever combine all of these but an interesting jumping off point to really do something outside my norm….

As a fan of both these shades, I really liked the different ways this shows the color combination.  Remember as I said with the first one you can always add these colors through jewelry a scarf or even a cardigan or simply a belt or purse…   

Thought this was interesting given my post with the green and navy yesterday… I am use to doing two colors in combos but like the idea of adding in a third…   

Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed these and find yourself wondering if there isn’t one that you could use for inspiration…. I also apologize for not linking back where these came from and hope you will go to my Pinterest Page if you want that information…Do you stick to two colors a lot or expand to three color combos?  Any feedback on your reaction to this post and if it was beneficial to you would be greatly appreciated… All comments are welcomed and appreciated…Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for My Lucky Finds which I did over the weekend to have ready since I will be packing and overseeing the kids pack what they need since we leave Friday to Farmville, VA (yes to all you Facebook game players, there really is a Farmville!)   

Gratitude:  I am so grateful that I thought of doing this color combo posting as I was at a loss when I first sat down at the computer… I am grateful to my oldest for running my youngest back to Target to exchange the shoes I bought yesterday for a larger size.  I am grateful that Nicholas reminded me that he has earned a free Pizza from Papa John’s so I am off the hook for cooking them dinner tonight!   I am grateful that the boys pitched in to help me cleaning up today as many hands make light work( not really but lighter for sure!)     

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