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Heading to the beach for a night of music is good for the soul….

Linking up today with Watch What I’m Wearing and Visible Monday, so time to explore other wonderful bloggers!


I went looking for easy breezy, loose clothing to fit the mood I was in and the vibe of the beach....My first thought was I wanted to wear this sheer boho style top I had thrifted recently… I added the Walmart colored half-tank (bra)  and the easy breezy cotton skirt in a color very appropriate for a night walkig on the boardwalk…


My boho side really comes out when I think of nights listening to great music and the hoop earrings, double bracelets and hobo style crossbody purse all play into that.  A comfortable walking shoe is a must and these well padded Naturalizers are perfect.


I noticed that I look very relaxed in these photos, a girl’s night at the beach listening to music will do that !

Should have taken photos with my cart on wheels and the chairs.. no carrying things on my back and flairing up my sciatica!!!

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderfully, relaxing weekend and are gearing up this week for more with the July 4th celebrations… This is a great week for us as our daughter turns 22 on July 5th.  I went arrived at the hospital in labor with her at 9 pm on July 4th , so we joke about her being my fireworks… Summer is finally in full swing… all we needed was two weeks with school out!!!!  What is your favorite Summer activity???? 


I am grateful to live in Virginia Beach and have the wonderful free movie concerts weekly.. too bad I go on Friday nights cause they have Fireworks every Saturday night..

I am grateful for my sister-in-law and our wonderful conversations. Wish I could move her from Boston to here!!!!

I am grateful for breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs… a neccessary part of relationships ,but when new understanding happens well worth it!

I am grateful for a quiet Sunday as, my husband  and two youngest boys are off kayaking for the day..It’s a real guy’s day where they paddle out to a sandbarge, throw a football around, eat snacks and nap before paddling back.

I am grateful that we only have 3 kayaks and I get to bow out and have some quiet time… being a homeschooling mother these days means fewer of those… not complaining love homeschooling!

This tunic truly is a beautiful piece that needs no accessorizing 


I ordered this beautfiul tunic by  Daniel Kaviat when I saw it on  ShopNBC , prior to the weight loss in my goal size.  This was the piece I wanted to hold onto … I may wear it once or twice a year , but that is perfectly fine with me..  In researching this brand I found his facebook page where he listed being on ShopNBC in June of 2010, and nothing after that …..


When evening temperatures were in the 60’s last week,  I practically ran to my closet in excitement of a chance to wear this!  

I have to say,  I am rather proud of myself for ordering this in black and white because it also came in a pink and purple which were both gorgeous as well.  Since I didn’t wait for a clearance on this and wanted it to be around for awhile, I know this choice of color was a sound one. 


This is a wonderful Peachskin material and this design is beautifully embroidered.  The sleeves are even the perfect length!!!


I typically do three photos, but with something I love this much, why not show it once more… Ok done with my tunic lovefest!

Dear Readers, Do you have that one special piece that you adore every detail of and that you hope remains in your closet for awhile?  

If so, what is it?  If not is there such and item you are coveting but have not purchased, yet?   

This is not what I wore to go to beach musci festivals last night.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


I am grateful to have had a night out at the beach listening to music last night with a freind.  Who cares that we only had a bout an hour of music before the rain came in?  

I am grateful for friendships and the love and supportiveness.

I am grateful for my parents who both left this earth too early, but left me a legacy of amazing lessons that I have to fall back on or sometimes even catches me when I am falling.  I know to well from others around me that that their love is a safety net that not all are blessed with. 

i’ve been wanting an olive vests for months now and thanks to Audrey’s post,  I researched and found one that had enough feminity to make it into my closet.  This one is by Vera Wang for Kohls


I chose to pair it today with purple as that is one of my favorite colors with olive.

IMG_0726 I took these pictures at 6:30 since my mail comes late and i couldn’t wait to style it and the lighting is not what i am use to… I know now not to stand here…. There was a nice breeze today!  


The vest ties at the waist, but for today I chose to wear it open and pull the ties to the back. IMG_0713

I’ve been waiting a long time and my head is full of ways to style this so instead of my Lucky Find’s for the next few Friday’s i will post looks with my newly coveted item...

Dear Readers, I am really loving vests for summer and so glad I prepared early and thrifted a few.  When it comes to certain pieces that are very on trend and current that I see as a very versatile piece it is well worth buying retail… I hope to show how versatile this piece is in the coming weeks and hope you’ll join me in that journey.  Even if an olive vest is not soemthing you have or want, maybe you can see some ways to mix colors or perhaps you have an olive jacket that could be subsituted. 


I am grateful for the wild rabbits that grace me with their presence outside my kitchen window or in the front yard.  I’ve lived her for 11 years now and my delight each time has never wained.. 

I am grateful for a fun evening with my two youngest eating at Chik Fil A and then seeing Monster’s Umiversity followed by a late night run to Walmart.

I am grateful that I will soon have the funds for the much needed cooling/heating system tomorrow!  Thanks to my husband’s hard work.

This top is probably the oldest item in my closet…. Now mind you,  with my weight gain and now loss, I’ve done a complete rehaul of my wardrobe… But there are just some pieces that are so special that you hold onto them and this is mine.


For a gal who is a native of Virginia Beach, anything sea or beach related holds a special place in my heart.


This is all made up of tiny seed beads.


I love this skirt and it in fact have one in white as well. It’s elastic waist, cotton fabrication and crotched insert at the bottom just makes it a perfect summer skirt.  I do have to steam the crotchet bottom flat each time it gets washed, but well worth it to me!


I faced the opposite way than I normally pose to show off the bow sash I created using an obi belt from a jacket.  I didn’t really like this outfit until I added this special touch.  It then beame unified and had the femine flair I love.  My hair looks so full here…

Dear Readers, Do any of you have a special peice or two that have stood the test of time and been in your closet for longer than you wish to admit?… I honestly can’t remeber how long I’ve owned this one…I do know it’s over 10 years…Does wear you live influence things you love in fashion or jewelry such as my living at the beach does?   Would love to hear from you?

PS.  Stomach virus subsided late today (Wedneday).


I am grateful for the miracle yestereday when a co-worker of my husband’s survived a horrendous car crash which upon seeing photos of the car truly is a miracle!

I am grateful for the hours the three youngest kids and I spent looking over old photos last night!  It was such fun and we laughed so much!  

I am grateful for the wonderful conversations with my children where we talked about being open in your perspective to take in information from others and get a clearer picture, than your own inital small thinking… We also talked about how sad that we know people incapable of taking that information in and staying stuck i their own misguided truth. I truly love conversations with my older children…

I am grateful that we live so close to a grocery store that even on a hot evening I can get in some one on one walking with a child, today was my youngest… I treasure these as they are a favorite memory of my childhood with my father.  one legacy he left behind in his short 42 years of life. 

I couldn’t wait to style this skirt again…


Pattern mixing again…. I love this shirt from Chadwicks that I’ve had for two years and am happy it survived the weight loss due to it’s stretch and recovery…


Happiness factor is really high with this casual Mom on the Go look that still looks put together and fashionable.

I love exuding a look of a Mother who takes good care of herself!  I appreciate this concept so much more after not caring for myself and gaining weight and the years I was sad watching my mother deteriorate.  I hate typing that as it seems so unfair to my mother, that is not at all her legacy.  


I wish for more easy skirts like this Merona one I thrifted.  This purse is also from Goodwill and so perfect for summer! 

My Navy, Mootsie Tootsies are the closest to a flip -flop I get, with the much desired added padding for this realist in her late fourties…

Dear Readers, suffering from a stomach virus and missed my WW meeting today.  So glad I had this prewritten post ready to go… Having a migraine on top of stomach issues… Tomorrow should be better!  

You Look Fab’s Angie really turned us all onto the Kimono style jackets for this season.  She went on to add a second article about wearing arty ones with denim.  I had been meaning to pull out this one I purchased from Steinmart last year and wore weekly last season, before blogging, so no pictures….


I was really happy in debuting this and realizing that the trend of small florals is here , so this works for both! 

I love the initiative my youngest takes in photographing me and this taking it from the side rather than front is all his own!   He seems to do it only when I am standing against my favorite tree..


There are so many colors in this that it really is a versatile piece.  Last year I wouldn’t have dared to wear it open like this.  I was 42 lbs heavier and needed to tie it to create a waist…


I tied it here and still love how it drapes. The headband was a neccessity this humid day… My daughter came home from work, too her hair down declaring , ” You can tell it’s HUMID!”.   I told her she looked like she had a lions mane…


I usually take a side shot and didn’t plan on it after using the tied and untied versions… My young photographer, pointed out my lack of a side view and suggested that I include it… Gotta love when your child helps you and doesn’t just see you as a pain for asking for help with photos daily…

Dear Readers, If you haven’t tried one of these great Kimono styled jackets, I highly recommend them. I would love to get a more arty one that has the Japanese theme to it.  


I am grateful that despite our need for a new heating/cooling system, that we are able to with the use of water turn it on for an hour or so and remove the terrible heat and humidity and it styas cool the rest of the afternoon… Scared of how much my water bill will go up….

I am grateful that my daughter is going to make a pot roast in the crock pot and give me two days off of cooking dinners!!!!

I am grateful for summer, quality time and conversations,   late nights, cooking on the grill, lazy days and sleeping in…

I decided to start this week of showing you the fun I had last week with my niece… 

It’s Visible Monday and Watch What I’m Wearing , so please  go check the creativity of these lovely ladies!!! 


This was what I wore the day we took a walk and a woman stopped to compliment us…


My niece has her own really great gladiator sandals, but she has this habit of kicking them off and wearing my shoes every chance she got… Apparently she does the same at home with her mother… Funny thing is that her foot is a half size larger than mine… This was what she was wearing that garnered the woman to stop and compliment us. At the time of the compliment and our walk she was wearing her own shoes!!!


This is the most bohemian look I’ve put together yet… This day my niece and I walked to the craft store to get some supplies for the summer.   I still can’t believe I bought these Birki’s a few years ago( I use to make fun of them) ,but at my age they really are great walking shoes… I wish I had gotten them in tan instead of stark white…. 


My niece arrived wearing blush colored jeans that made a great look on their own,but when she menitoned loving longer skirts,but not being able to wear them to school… I grabbed my pink one (elastic waist makes this work for her) and told her she could have this one… She couldn’t wait to put it on and  really seemed to love it…  Here are her own shoes!!!! 


Little miss says her favorite color is cobalt and she loves pairing it with yellow.  Once again,  she took off her gladiator sandals and was photographed wearing my shoes…. I never even noticed this until I got behind the camera… 

Dear Readers, as you can see we had a fun fashion week taking each other’s photos.  I don’t know enough about her style to shop too much for her, but did find her a few tops at the thrift store last week.  I am hoping to find her a pair of flat  boots that are appropriate before school starts.  I saw a  few girls in her class picture wearing some and have high hopes that I will have some luck there.  Since I find brand new quality shoes all the time, I am really hoping that works out!!!  


i am grateful for a great week with my neice and look forward to spending more time with her the 1st week of July. 

I am grateful that the migraine medicine I took finally got rid of my headache…

I am grateful for the dog whining when my daughter put on her uinform to head out to Petsmart and the memory it conjured up of her  similar reaction when she was a baby and saw me in my Olive Garden uniform….

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