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Day 3 Stripes in Dresses and Skirts

Posted on: June 12, 2013

Today was Weigh in Day and since I broke my no buy month(going to take a break next week for sure!)  and went thrifting to a brand new Goodwill about 30 minutes away, I wore shorts to my meeting and thrifting… Being true to my word I came home and photographed  what I originally planned for the day….

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I love this dress and wore it for Fall and Winter with a jacket and even as a skirt with a sweater… It is a size 8 and too large, so after this wearing will be heading to the alter pile as I hope my tailor can fix this one since I love it so much… Taking up the shoulders and nipping in the waist looked good, so I am hopeful!  


I lost 1.2 lbs this week… I am still struggling to come up with a goal weight and body dsymporphia and very confused… So many people in my life are telling me I look great and don’t need to lose more… I know what  my body was like prior to the weight gain and have felt like another ten pounds would put me where I want to be.  I recently checked a BMI calculator (note I did two, one by the Navy which does lots of measurements)  and am in the Acceptable Range, but just barely.  That just barely confirms what I”ve been feeling and now I feel more secure with going ahead and saying another ten pounds and I’ll be done losing.   That puts me ten pounds above where I was when the weight gain began and I am confident that this is the right choice as looking back on photos, I looked too thin… 


I am very happy with this decision to lose another ten pounds and excited to get there.  Just for perspective I am 5’3″ and currently weigh 140lbs.  So, my goal is 130, but I am also looking to loose another inch in my waist and hips, so am going to use measurement as a tool as well, not just the scale….I may have to cut back my strength training to lose this final weight as I can’t seem to find the right amount to eat and do the exercise, which is why I’ve been stuck for the last few months… I probably need to eat more, but can’t seem to feel comfortable with that, as my choices seem to go in a bad for me direction like sugar!  

Dear Readers, I have lost 42 lbs and can’t wait to finish this journey!  My Birthday is in September and I would love to be done and working on maintenance and strength training. Please support this decision and don’t try to convince me that I don’t need to lose more!   I have struggled with this decision and am confident this is right for me! 

 I can’t wait to share with you My Goodwill trip today.  It is a brand new 21.000 sq ft store and outlet center (clothes by the pound) and was so much fun.  After the drive and shopping it ended up being a 6 hour trip and I am exhausted...


I am grateful to this wonderful blogger, who posted about the new Goodwill about 30 minutes from me.

I am grateful that when I asked my friend if she was up for an adventure, she said yes right away and drove to Hampton Goodwill

I am grateful to my dear husband who told me “happy hunting”  when I left this morning and came home to find me in the laundry room and immediately asked how it went and patiently let me show him my score and told me it looks like I did well.  

I am grateful to my family for cleaning up for me last night after I went to bed and waking up to a clean kitchen! 

I am grateful to my daughter for giving her father a break and spending her day off cleaning the turtle tank! 


14 Responses to "Day 3 Stripes in Dresses and Skirts"

This is a very pretty dress and I love how the purse picks up the color of the green stripe in it.
You do look amazing, but I support you in whatever your decision is for your weight. And remember…you can always adjust that number if you find you are comfortable with losing say just 5. I am 5’4″ and am at about 149 (naked, first thing in the morning…on home scale). I’m not sure how much more I can “comfortably” lose, but I want to continue to try. I’m happy to have lost the 22, but would really like to lose 10 more also. If I can lose about 7 more I would be able to wear a size 8 I think and I’d be over the moon with that. 🙂
Can’t wait to see your new Goodwill finds!

Thank you and yes, I will be open to changing that goal, should my body meet the standard I’ve set. I was literally 120 or under the majority of my life, so being a size 4/6 is my comfort zone. Right now I am a solid 6… You look amazing and seem to have lost it rather quickly! thanks for your support!

Hi Tracey

As you know I did the WW journey and struggled to come up with a goal weight. At 5’5″ I was around 126lb for most of my life but now I am in my 50s so I settled for 140lb (I lost 23lb to get there). Like you I didn’t want to be just inside the ‘normal’ category but I didn’t want to have a goal that was not sustainable, so I would ideally like to lose a few more pounds. I also had a friend in the obese category who kept telling me not to lose more but you have to do what you feel is right and ignore comments from others as you don’t know their motives. You know your body! You have done so well!

Lorraine, that is exactly what I have been dealing with. Others do have their own motives and are not a good guage. I know myself and have to be true to what I know and feel.It’s It’s so difficult when so many around you, not in the obese category, say the same thing and it causes you to take pause and double check yourself… I have been doing that for a few months,but no longer!

I can tell since following your blog how much you have grown and become more confident about yourself. You are such an inspiration to others with your honesty and your struggles and achievements with your weight loss journey. I think you look absolutely fabulous as you are on the outside and on the inside! Heather

Thank you! I have been at a stage ol liking where I am but not loving it and know that I have been there for a good portion of my life and want that back!

congrats on the weight loss this week! I know it’s tough but every little bit helps. says the girl that just ate a cheeseburger haha.

but honestly, you look fab in this dress. your waist looks tiny!

Thank you! It doesn’t go on overnight and doesn’t come off that way either!

Sounds like a great trip to the Goodwill! I’m so glad I found your blog, wait, I’m so glad you found my blog! You are the inspiration I need to lose weight. Getting ready to spend the evening reading your old posts!

Thank you and I was happy to find your blog as well!

the striped dress does look like the perfect piece! I’m sure the adjustments you need will be simple and it will be perfect in no time!

Thanks, there is a funny story about a store fixture falling on my head when i tried to purchase this. I was left with a nasty bump and nausea and had to leave. Store apologized with a gift card and I sent my husband back for the dress I couldn’t get out of my mind…

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