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 I fully earned my one pound weight gain this week…. In fact I was very active in self sabotage for the entire week… I actually went to the store three seperate days and bought 3 Musketeer Bars… I have no regrets about this small gain because the lessons I learned were worth the work it will take to get that pound back off…

This is not what I wore to my WW meeting,but It’s The Trend of the Month Link up , so head on over and check out all the ladies in their Maxi’s!  I thrifted this maxi today (Tuesday) from Goodwill for $6.99!  Also Linking up to What I wore Wednesday and Random Wednesday.


When I first began this weight loss journey, I was allowing myself room for a treat like the Weight Watcher Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bar.  After I began the strength training I gave up allowing myself any treats… In fact to be honest I probably began undereating, causing this plateau… So once I had one candy bar, I wanted another one each day… I am proud that I only ate a thin sliver of the cheesecake I made my husband for Father’s Day….


So, here is the realization I had from this weeks, sugar attack.I ‘ve been on a DIET… That is not how I will ever succeed or maintain weight loss… Remember, I haven’t had huge problems with maintaining weight and in fact did WW after the birth of my youngest child and maintained it for over 6 years… I know what it takes to do so in a healthy way… I just have to do what I did back then… No more total deprivation!  It  will not work for long term success!  


Dear Readers, My stress this week was silly… I skipped a menstrual cycle for the first time in this aging process and it hit me like a ton of bricks… My body reacted by craving sugar…. that happens with stress!   I might have just allowed myself one candy bar if I hadn’t been depriving myself to maybe 3 times in the past 6 months…   So , lesson learned, no more Dieting…. It has to be a lifestyle change of keeping everything in balance... I say all the time that ” balance in all things works, going too far in one direction is what causes chaos..   ”  It’s one of the things I really want my children to grasp from me… 


Iam grateful for the lessons my father taught me to not beat myself up and to love myself and learn from mistakes.

I am grateful that I have self awareness and knowing  what motivates my actions

I am grateful to my oldest for unloading and reloading the dishwasher while I was out grocery shopping.

I am grateful to my niece for taking today’s photos…

I decided to show today’s look in two ways… This was what I put on to wear for family outing to dinner…

Linking up with Style Elixir


The black and white trend can be done in so many ways and today, I decided to mix patterns for a more modern version of the trend..


As my husband was taking these photos,  it occured to me that these shoes are very much what I would choose to go out with the entire family, but what could I do to take this to a date night look???IMG_0528

I decided a simple switch into my newest thrift store shoes would do the trick.. Am I living up to my blog name today???


Well, of course my husband wholeheartedly agreed!  

Dear Readers, this was such an easy and fun transformation…. Look for more of those kind of transistions in the future…So for those of you who are mothers, can you relate to this idea at all?   Would this little trick work for your world?  Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed!  


I am grateful that I have my ten year old niece every other week for the summer.. I miss her so much during the school year!!

I am grateful for the walk (exercise) I took with my niece to the craft store looking for some summer fun!  

I am grateful that my brother has freinds looking for a cheaper way for me to get an entirely new heating/cooling system, which we were told today, needs replacing….

I am grateful for my strong faith and the fact that this “bad news” didn’t even phase me..

I am grateful that while the air conditioning repairman was here that he added coolant to my husband’s van.  

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend celebrating the father’s in your life or if you are like me also cherishing memories of the father’s who have passed on and are with us in other ways….

It’s Visible Monday and Watch What I’m Wearing , so see what other fashionistas are up to!


I’ve never been a woman who embraced cross-body purses… This is something new and I am actually embracing it with delight… I feel like a kid, riding my bike with no hands…. 


I recently asked the wonderful ladies at You Look Fab to check out my Pinterest Page after Angie wrote a post about mixing Classics with Modern styles.   I was surprised at how many classics I saw in my looks… My quest for opinions  yielded some wonderful insights. They all agreed with my own insight that I had classics and boho going on with lots of color and maybe more modern in my footwear…


Three main things came from starting that discussion.  The first being a susggestion for a style descriptor:  Colorful, Classic/Boho. The second being that I am not going full-on  Boho and mixing it in with classics, which is something that felt good that someone else acklowledge that effort on my part!  And thirdly was a compliment that warmed my heart, describing my style as youthful, unpretentious, yet sophisticated.  I think it sums up my personality in a lot of ways , so nice to have someone say that my insides and outsides are matching!!!!


This Aigner Purse was part of last week’s  Goodwill finds and was just $3.. I love the worn look of it and feel it is part of my boho side peeking out!

Dear Readers, while the outside acklowlegement from othrrs for me is like a thermometer sometimes.  I felt like I was succeeding in those ways, but until you actually have confirmation  from other fashionistas,  you just can’t be sure… So I want to thank everyone at You Look Fab for their time and kindness.  You make a difference in the lives of those you share your thoughts with!  If you are looking for support and fashion information, I highly recommend following Angie’s blog and her wonderful information.  


I am grateful for Father’s Day and the chance to show appreciation to the father of my children as well as an opportunity to remember my own father!  

I am grateful for wonderful, caring and kind hearted children

I am grateful for the kindness and support of friendships

I am grateful for this blog and my dear readers!!!!

Cooler temperatures swept in with Thursday nights storm and left a beautiful , cool, breezy Friday!  


I happy to have temps in the 60’s as we seemed to have skpped over Spring and now I have a chance to show a Spring look…


Evidence of the breezy conditions…


Belt and Purse are thrifted… Checked green jeans by Diane Gilman, White Top by Chadwicks, Black sweater by US sweater Company, purchased at Burlington Coat Factory and the Floral wedges by Aeroles.


Dear Readers, sticking with few words today as you should be enjoying your weekend!!!

 Have a good One!  

After reading a new blog about the opening of a new Goodwill near me, I traveled the 30 minutes to it and was not at all disappointed. This was not just any Goodwill… It is 21,000 sq ft.  Read more at Got It At GoodWill.

Part of that store is an Outlet Store that sells by the pound, I will show the remainder of those purchases at another time. For now I will show you two bathrobes that were part of my $1.19 per pound lot. 


This is in brand new condition and by Sonoma.  I love these for after showering!


This Navy one by Croft and Barrow too was in brand new condition and is for my husband.  

The Following are all pieces  I found at the Retail Store


I have wanted a cropped jean jacket for a very long time!!!!

IMG_0385Yes I am a lover of animal print!  It is black and white with some blues and is by Ann Taylor


Banana Republic cardigan This is 50/50 Wool & Angora.  I really love printed cardigans as you will see…


In love with the browns and teal of this Ann Taylor Merino wool cardi!


Brown Zebra print by Loft in Pima Cotton finishes of the cardi’s


Loved the colors in this thin, almost sheer pull-0ver by IceBreaker, the tag also reads New Zealand Merino…

Check this out,  it is selling now on their website for a lot more than my mere$4.99!


Loft, dark brown pullover with lovely button detail at the shoulders…


Love this Red vest by Croft & Barrow as it is thinner (more figure flattering) and cinches in the back.


The five colors in this top will make it exremely versatile and is by Ziani  Couture. Only info I could find on brand is an address in New York and same sweater selling on Ebay for $21.00.. I paid $4.99


This Sheer tunic is perfect for summer evenings with shorts or capris


I was hoping for more shorts… These dark brown are by Jag. New,  this brand of bermuda’s runs for $59.00


I am loving this cute anchor top…

Dear Reader’s , No one else was looking at the winter clothes and the racks were packed full, so I concentrated on the printed sweaters I love,  and are expensive new…I would never be able to own this variety if I wasn’t thrifting them, so super happy.! Packing them away for now, but when you are a thrifter you can find wonderful things for all seasons at any time of the year.  Any favorites???   

I hope you all have  a Wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!  

Do You have anything special planned for the Father or Husband in your life?   

This is a recipe for Olive Garden’s Peaches and Cream Cheesecake, and my husband’s favorite.  I use to work for the O. G. and have been making this for him for 23 years now!!!!   A wonderful treat for my hardworking husband on Father’s Day!  


I am grateful for the rain that swept in late today and took temperatures from the high 90’s to mid 70’s!

I am grateful that Friday  is the last day of school for Nicholas and the last day of testing for homeschooling Connor!

I am grateful that the electricity flickered but did not go off during the fast moving storm and winds.

I am grateful that my sinus pressure headache subsided late in the day. 

So, this morning started of with unexpected chaos( no worries,nothing big) , which resulted in fast dressing and getting out the door… So my planned outfit for the day went to the wayside in lieu of something appropriate for my day and the heat….

Linking up today with Look What I Got

IMG_0407So, not a stripe in sight, but this is my real life….I am wearing a pair of my newly thrifted shorts, which I intended to show for MY LUCKY FINDS on Friday… They are by Merona and were just $3.99. I realized that in rebuilding a wardrobe for my weight loss, that I had sorely left out shorts …Vest and Purse are also thrifted.  I never realized how much I rely on Navy as a color in my warm weather dressing….It makes perfect sense for me to get so much use out of my blue Mootsie Tootsie sandals….


I was happy to see that April’s Lucky Magazine Featured “Instant Good Hair Day!” showing cloth headbands like this.  In fact  they  called it ” one part Old Hollywood glam, one part East Village cool, these instant chicifiers for hair ruled spring runways from Marc Jacobs to Dolce & Gobbana.”   My Necklace is a real shell with sterling silver wrapped around the edges and was purchased many years ago when I had my store and went to an industry conference.  It remains a favorite of summer. 


Dear Readers, Since I commited myself to showing stripes this week , I hope you won’t be disappointed if my dress form, “Ruby” stands in to show what I would have worn if  my day had been less hectic..


and a close-up  of my shoes to show the eyelet material..


. Do you notice a color that is more common in your summer wardrobe, that kind of sneaked up on you like the realization about Navy has for me?  If so what color?  If not , do you have a color that is more common during warm months that you are fully aware of?  Share away, your comments are welcomed and appreciated!  


I am grateful that I was able to keep my schedule for homeschool testing and to find some  creative wrting prompts for our summer writing.   

I am grateful for the much needed ear today and compassion as I had a hormonal melt down… not a common thing for me..

I am grateful that I liked these photos and outfit despite breaking my stride to do stripes. 

I am grateful for the support regarding my weight loss journey and goals. 

I am grateful to my youngest who took my pictures barefoot and stood on hot pavement (his choice I would have preferred shoes…) 

Today was Weigh in Day and since I broke my no buy month(going to take a break next week for sure!)  and went thrifting to a brand new Goodwill about 30 minutes away, I wore shorts to my meeting and thrifting… Being true to my word I came home and photographed  what I originally planned for the day….

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Rolled UP Pretty


I love this dress and wore it for Fall and Winter with a jacket and even as a skirt with a sweater… It is a size 8 and too large, so after this wearing will be heading to the alter pile as I hope my tailor can fix this one since I love it so much… Taking up the shoulders and nipping in the waist looked good, so I am hopeful!  


I lost 1.2 lbs this week… I am still struggling to come up with a goal weight and body dsymporphia and very confused… So many people in my life are telling me I look great and don’t need to lose more… I know what  my body was like prior to the weight gain and have felt like another ten pounds would put me where I want to be.  I recently checked a BMI calculator (note I did two, one by the Navy which does lots of measurements)  and am in the Acceptable Range, but just barely.  That just barely confirms what I”ve been feeling and now I feel more secure with going ahead and saying another ten pounds and I’ll be done losing.   That puts me ten pounds above where I was when the weight gain began and I am confident that this is the right choice as looking back on photos, I looked too thin… 


I am very happy with this decision to lose another ten pounds and excited to get there.  Just for perspective I am 5’3″ and currently weigh 140lbs.  So, my goal is 130, but I am also looking to loose another inch in my waist and hips, so am going to use measurement as a tool as well, not just the scale….I may have to cut back my strength training to lose this final weight as I can’t seem to find the right amount to eat and do the exercise, which is why I’ve been stuck for the last few months… I probably need to eat more, but can’t seem to feel comfortable with that, as my choices seem to go in a bad for me direction like sugar!  

Dear Readers, I have lost 42 lbs and can’t wait to finish this journey!  My Birthday is in September and I would love to be done and working on maintenance and strength training. Please support this decision and don’t try to convince me that I don’t need to lose more!   I have struggled with this decision and am confident this is right for me! 

 I can’t wait to share with you My Goodwill trip today.  It is a brand new 21.000 sq ft store and outlet center (clothes by the pound) and was so much fun.  After the drive and shopping it ended up being a 6 hour trip and I am exhausted...


I am grateful to this wonderful blogger, who posted about the new Goodwill about 30 minutes from me.

I am grateful that when I asked my friend if she was up for an adventure, she said yes right away and drove to Hampton Goodwill

I am grateful to my dear husband who told me “happy hunting”  when I left this morning and came home to find me in the laundry room and immediately asked how it went and patiently let me show him my score and told me it looks like I did well.  

I am grateful to my family for cleaning up for me last night after I went to bed and waking up to a clean kitchen! 

I am grateful to my daughter for giving her father a break and spending her day off cleaning the turtle tank! 

I saw this concept in June’s Instyle Magazine and thought, I could do that!  You’ve gotta love inspiration, we need all the help we can get as bloggers to keep going each day…

Linking Up today with Style Elixer, so check out the other wonderful bloggers!

IMG_0366This was the quickest photo shoot ever!  It was cloudy and the thunder was rolling and lightening bolts were regularly filling the sky…Literally two seconds after this photo , the rain began!  


This look is mostly thrifted, except for the green wedges by Chadwicks (bought last year), the necklace from Ebay and the navy belt is from a corduroy skirt that no longer fits… The top is by Liz Claiborne, thrifted for just $2 from Goodwill and the skirt is one of my most recent purchases and is by Merona from Goodwill.  This purse is among one of my most favorite ones from thrifting and perfect for summer.  I’ve always loved the color green and am so happy it is in for this season!


I love these easy casual skirts for Summer, they are so comfortable and practical for My Mom On the Go lifestyle.  I wish I had more of these elastic easy waist ones… Maybe I could make a few???

Dear Readers, So this is Day two of my week of stripes.  I have to say , never having tried stripe on stripes before ,that I rather liked this and would do it again!  Come back tomorrow and see what I do next with stripes… It’s weigh in day on my journey to find my goal weight, which I keep changing my mind about.. more on that tomorrow!  Have you ever worn the Stripes on Stripes look?  Would you be willing to try it now??  


I am grateful that the testing to meet state requirements for homeschooling  is going well.  We are halfway through!  

I am grateful that the rain held out just long enough for me to get a few photos. 

I am grateful for the rain and the cooler temps, with less humidity

I am grateful that my husband was able to sleep in today and go to work later.

I am grateful to readers who take the time to leave comments that cheer me on in this blogging journey!

I am grateful that the Tornado Warning that we were under didn’t turn out to be anything, despite the fact that at one point it was heading directly toward my area! 

This week is the final week of school for my seventeen year old and the last chance to have a quiet home to do the end of year tesing required for my homeschooling 13 year old… So, I need an easy dressing week and thought after My Lucky Finds post featuring several Striped pieces that I would start there… Oh and how about heading over to Refashion Runway for the first week challenge which was Stripes… I also felt very inspired by a post on 40 Plus Style on dresses and the week long dress challenge on You LOOk Fab forum last week.  So, I married those two inspirations together and will be featuring a week of Stripes in Dresses and Skirts!  

So proud of myself for thinking of this way to make the week easier… Remember it’s Visible Monday, so go see the wonderful bloggers at Not Dead Yet Style!  


I showed this dress once before on my vacation with the scarf part of the dress worn over my shoulders… this time I chose a strapless version…


This look definitely will be repeated for a concert at the beach night.. And later I’ll show it as a skirt…


And just for fun, I thought I showed the volume, that I love in dresses that swish when I walk and make my happiness factor soar… wondering if I can expand this with a jean jacket and boots to carry it over to colder seasons???

Dear Readers, Well this is just the first of my striped looks for the week, I hope you will come back and see what’s next.  Do you like stripes?  Do you wear them as dresses or skirts , prefer them in tops or both options???  I could start sounding like a Dr. Suess rhyme and say all the ways I like them, but will spare you my silliness.


I am grateful for my vacation trip in February  and my one fashion purchase of this dress…

I am grateful to my husband for teking these photos.

I am grateful to my son’s for ptiching in and putting their sweaters and sweatshirts in spacebags and getting them out of the way.

I am grateful for Sunshine and lazy Sundays!  

I am grateful for leftovers and a night off from cooking.

So much discussion goes on in the blogging and fashion forums regarding Capris and there are a considerable amount of people who think that they should just go away… I live in a beach community where Capris are worn by so many women and I happen to like them….Here is what I wore Grocery shopping this weekend.

It’s Watch What I’m Wearing  time!  So go peruse some other wonderful bloggers….

IMG_0311My biggest pet peeve about wearing Capris is women in my age range and older who continue to wear them with tennis shoes…. aaagh!  I saw so many at  the three stores I went to yesterday and resisted the urge to ask them if I could help them create a better style…If one is going to wear capris I highly recommend doing so with somewhat of a heel.  I perfer wedges during this season and for my real life duties as a mother.


Among the chatter about Capris, there is more tolerance for these skinnier versions than wider legged versions.I paired these with a tunic top (which I am not liking in this pose at it makes my stomach look bigger… I know I am bloated but that’s not reality!) with much caution as I am really watching proportions due to my petite height.  I would have preferred it be a tad shorter…Notice the sweater in my hand…. This is something I do a lot as the AC in stores is too cold for me.  These colors give me energy to face the task at hand of groceries…


I love headbands on hot humid days to tame my hair.…Hey, it’s just a substiute for my love of scarves in this heat..My apologies for the full sun photos, but gotta take pictures when I can.  I was heading out the three stores and knew I would be too tired afterwards to feel like psoing… Grocery shopping for my family of 6 is work!

This is the other time I’ve shown Capris and this version is not the skinny’s but I was happy with this outfit…


Dear Readers, have you stopped wearing Capris?  Or are you like me holding on and making them work?  Would love to hear yuou thoughts…  I hope you all had a wonderfully refreshing  weekend .  Come back tomorrow as I reveal my theme for the remainder of the week’s outfits…


I am grateful for my silliness and the love I give my children.. My two sons went to BJ’s with me and got Churos, traditionally if a child isn’t with me, they don’t know about or get a treat…Not that we do treats every time… Anyway my son mentioned to me that my daughter had wanted a churo, but didn’t want to go shopping with us… So, I bought her one and sought her out in her bedroom presenting it to her by telling her that I am so proud of her accomplishments and being a college grad that she gets to surf that pride for awhile.  She smiled and giggled at me and we just had a moment that I know is precious…

I am grateful for our family evening sitting around the fire pit making S’mores, with my youngest telling stories (still can’t believe he remembered it in such detail) and my other son showing us the neatest art videos on You Tube and just having fun interacting with each other.  

I am grateful to my husband for surprising us with the firepit he scored for half price since it was the floor model! 

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