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I have skipped meetings so much in the past month, I have been counting points in my head and not recording them ( a big mistake)   and just not caring too much lately…   I think this has to change and change quickly… 

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Of course this is all up to me,but my head has just not been on straight, fighting the perceptiondof others that I should be happy where I am despite knowing that I want to be at a healthier weight- in the mid-range of healthy not just barely into normal ranges.  But that all stops now!  


  My head is now on straight, since I bought this BMI Monitor and proved to myself that my instincts are correct and the judgement of others has no place in my weight loss journey!  I have just about 6 weeks until my 48th Birthday and am going to kick it into gear… No more self sabotage!!!   


I am wearing a Jessica Howard dress I thrifted with a Green Cardigan found here (comes in sizzes xxs to 3x and 18 colors) ,   My green slingback wedges are from Chadwicks from last year and no longer available.

Dear Readers. I got so off track when our AC went out and it took us a few weeks to fix it and I haven’t even been exercising.  This has had a very negative effect on my sleep patterns and I have really been sleep deprived the past few weeks!  I am a woman who needs sleep so back to the exercize, which I love so this is not a problem for me… Once you get into the rut of not sleeping, it’s easy to use that as an excuse to not exercize, but then the cycle continues… So making the commitment to start today!  


I am grateful that despite my not doing the right things that I haven’t been gaining weight.

I am grateful for my upcoming birthday and the inspiration to get things going

I am grateful that my niece had a Dr. appointment and that after less than 5 hours of sleep, I took a nap today!  

I am grateful that I am so loving tea these days and have completely broken my addiction to diet soda!!!   

I am grateful that I made tacos and we have left overs for tonight… My husband was even able to stop home and have some before going back out for his evening appointment! 


I love this color combo…   


I’ve had this bllouse for a few years. It actually made it past the purge after my wieght loss and is yet, another sheer top.   The capris I purchased at Steinmart in December with a 50% off clearance coupon, so scored them for just $4.00.   I know there is much debate over capris, but in my world they are worn a lot… Of course, I always choose to wear mine with wedges or heels.  I rorlled them up and I think that works better.


This orange stone necklace was purchased on my Grand Cayman vacation.  
It is a great addtion to my accessories as I seem to have quite a few times when I use orange to accessorize.


Then again, I find quite a few option for my Dooney and Bourke orange purse as well!  

Dear Readers,  Do you  have a colored accessories that have unexpectedly become workhorses in your wardtobe?  I mean we all expect certain things to become workhorses, but what about those ones that sneak up and surpirse you?   Angie at You Look Fab wrote an article about this recently.   If this resonates with you please comment and share what your unexpected workhorses are?   Your comments are greatly appreciated!  


I am grateful to my niece for all her help with my cooking today and cleaning up as well.  She really is a great helper!

I am grateful that my husband’s tires were still under warranty and will be replaced free of charge.

I am grateful that I purchased a BMI fat monitor,  as I am going to use it to see my progress as I increase my workouts, both cardio and wieght training over these next six weeks.  

I love this color combo and it really was a great outfit for the day with grocery shopping… Grocery shopping for my family of six includes a trip to BJ’s then back to the house to unload and put perishables away.. Not done yet. back out to the regular grocery store for the reaminader of itemss, then back  home to put it all away…  

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I also have to make a list and accomodate everyones’s taste and diet preferences…  I’m  exhausted just thinking about  it all.  But, like all things in my life it has it’s positives,,, My seventeen year old son accompanies me and we have great one on one time together!!!


I am definitely getting some use out of my Nine West white purse…. This outfite a a great blend of thrifted and non-thrifted items. The striped tank and the Ann Talylor rasberry colored cardigan are both thrifted, while the Capris are Bandolino from Bj’s  and floral wedges from Aerosoles. IMG_1207

I really love the black and white with the pop of color… I want to redo this by changing to a bright green sweater and slingbacks…  The options for ways to just tweak this are endless!  

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend… I have my neice for next week and am going to cook up some wonderful breakfast frittatas with her… I think I’ve posted the recipe before, but will do so again tomorrow in case you missed it.. I love them and instead of having them for breakfast, I use them for lunch.      I didn’t do anything fun or exciting this weekend, but sometimes it’s great to just relax!   I love down time!   I always say everything needs to be balanced.  Do you do a good job of balancing your busy life with some down quiet time????   


I am grateful for the weekend and down time with my family

I am grateful for everyone pitching in and helping to clean up today

I am grateful to be spending the week with my niece

I am the most grateful that I bought a book for my youngest and he immediately sat down and read aloud the first chapter as I was typing this post(.. (remember he struggled with reading and I homeschooled him these past two years to correct thatF!) 

It’s another Calvin Klein dress, but this one I thrifted…


I love button up dresses that I can unbutton and sneak a tank under to add extra color for contrast and interest.


The temperatures dropped last night and today it was actually cool enough to wear a sweater!  


I love having pink sunglasses as an option  here and the white purse to add in a third color and play off the sweater. 


Of course one last shot in front of my favorite tree! 

Dear Readers, I love pink and brown together for summer and do more red and brown for cooler seasons.  I think this dress will be a great crossover for fall and winter with multiple layer options and tights and boots or booties.  I love that about dresses.  Do you have color combos that you tweak llke this for different seasons?  

Have a Fun Filled Weekend full of laughter, family and Summer sun


I am grateful for the cooler temperatures

I am grateful for the beautitful butterfly who circled around me and accompanied me to the mailbox.  (something that started happening after my mother passed away on days that I miss her the most!) 

I am grateful to my youngest for his sweet demeanor and hugs.


When I first got home from the salon , I took photos but a storm was brewing  andthe wind was blowing… 


So I took a nap, (we had thunderstorms that kept me up til the wee hours of the morning) and tried again for photos!


So this one came out much better, than my first attempt… I love the color as my mother was a natural red head,  My father lovingly referred to her as “Rusty”. 


Not happy with the squinty photo and my hair isn’t perfect, but remember I did take a nap and it was still midly windy…  I love the new hair style and hope it help me to feel more inspired style wise for the remainder of Summer. 


This is my new Calvin Klein striped dress which I just love the ease of… My hair appointment was scheduled for 10:45 this morning, but at 9:15 the salon called asking if I could make it in by 10 as his appt had cancelled… I jumped at that as it meant more time with him , since my stylist had fit me in…This easy dress and no brainer of white accents made it possible for me to get there on time!  Gotta Love Dresses!


For the second shoot I added my new jacket as the temp was actually cool enough!   Love the stripe on stripe!


And of course a side view… which I am tickled pink over… I tshirt dress and no spanx!  I really have lost a lot of weight!!!!


Now I am getting really carried away as I had to show one with my sunglasses…

Dear Readers, any day at the salon is a good day!  When you have the same stylist for 8 years it’s even better!  Now onto a more serious note… On the way home from the salon, I was totally creeped out by a work truck that seemed to be following us.  It had first driven past me when I was standing on the curb outside Panera Bread waiting for my son, then my son mentioned it when we were closer to home… He moved over two lanes and so did the van.   He came up beside us, glanced at me, then cut back behind us again.  We were about to turn on our road, but I told my son we couldn’t let him follow us home… We turned into the Kroger(grocery store) and so did he, we drove around the lot not stopping and he went out of the lot , he didn’t notice that we were behind him as he exited the lot as a bigger truck was between us… We cut across and drove through the Home Depot lot while he circled back around to the Kroger lot.  We exited out a main road on the other side of Home Depot and made our way home without seeing him again… My 17 year old was really creeped out… All I could think of was poor Trayvon Martin at night time dealing with this on his own and without the safety of a car… 


I am grateful that my son was so observant and very quick witted 

I am grateful for the wonderful conversations that always happen with my hairstylist.

I am grateful that  my pants arrived and all fit

I am grateful that my son took two sets of  photos so patiently

I  don’t know what is wrong with me, but we are only halfway through Summer and I am bored with summer dressing… I was afraid this would happen since in the colder temps I became aware that my happiness factor increased with the addition of edgier pieces ( for a middle aged woman) such as moto jackets, boots or shooties with skirts.

 Unfortunately these temps don’t leave much room for such creativity and I am craving it… Being a person who looks for solutions,  I decided to shop some clearance sales and headed to the Kohl’s website… If I can’t wear winter fun clothes, I can shop for them…

ELLE Paisley Skinny Corduroy Pants

Paisley Skinny Cords  for just $9.60

Since burgundy it still going to be in for this fall/winter season I couldn’t resist these at that price!

Jennifer Lopez Coated Straight-Leg Jeans

Coated Jeans by Jennifer Lopez  for just $ 12.80

I wish these were skinny’s instead of straight legged, but willing to give them a shot .  I so wanted coated jeans last fall but with so much to replace due to my weight loss they just didn’t make it into the budget.

Rock and Republic Banshee Plaid Skinny Crop Jeans

Plaid Skinny Jeans by  Rock Republic for just $17.60

The word is that plaid is going to be really big for this upcoming Fall and I loved these and can’t wait to pair them with black jacket and booties !

And I also found these skirts on Ebay!

Ralph Lauren Kelly Green A Line Chino Skirt 6 | eBay

 I love this green Ralph Lauren A-line for just $8.77 (including shipping) , which is on it’s way and will have it’s debut soon! 

Womens Skirt Size 6 Kenneth Cole Blue Black Purple Summer Skirt EUC | eBay

This Kenneth Cole  was just $5.90 (incl. shipping) , arrived and is perfect!  I tried styling it with both my burgundy moto and newest grey jacket for winter and loved them both with it!

Dear Readers,  I think I need to figure out how to get back into having fun with summer styles, but this week, it was great to take a break and think of winter… Before I know it the magazines filled with all the Fall trends will be here and I can delve more into that!  I think I need to come up with some kind of challenge to keep my spirits up for the next few weeks… Maybe I will have to look at some Pinterest Inspirations or find a piece to style several ways… Will think of something over the weekend!  



I am grateful that my 17 year old was only joking when he called and told me he had bought a cat today!  

I am grateful that I spent the day in my new workout gear and worked out for the first time since the AC problem…

I am grateful that my hair appoinment is finally here and I will be there Thursday morning!

I am grateful that my daughter kept 3 out of the 4 items I bought for her recently!!! 

All I thught when I saw this photo was,” i AM SO HAPPY TO BE GETTING MY HAIR DONE TOMORROW!) 

IMG_1133These hot humid days have wreaked havoc on my hair and this day I just gave up and pulled it into a side pony tail…I don’t like having to resort to that! 


I love these three vintage bracelets that came in a set I purchased on Ebay.  I love all the warm metals and copper and tend to always wear these three together.  


I fianlly dd my middle of the street photos, but picked a time of night when the lighting wasn’t that great! Par for the course and the perfect thing to post on Hump DAY! 


I chose all purple accessories in the necklace, ballet flats and purse.  Another Mom on the Go Look…

Dear Readers, Yesterday after my WW meeting I came home and had a terrible headache from sinus pressure and never got photos, so this was one from the weekend.  I did lose 2.0 lbs after missing two meetings.  That was with ti being my time of the month where I gain 2-3lbs so not bad… Now for my pity party,. so you may excuse yourself and not read on… I was addressed by a woman in my meeting who asked me if I wasn’t setting my goal too low, that I look fine and might need to adjust my thoughts… Then the leader talked about thet exact issue making eye contact with me… So frustrated, after not going for two weeks to go back to that.  I am doing this weight loss journey once and plan to maintain it for the rest of my life… being at the highest weight acceptable by their own standards is not and will not be my goal…Should not have to justify this to anyone!  If I was at the low end of the weight for my height then they should be concerned, but this makes no sense…  

Going to go to the Y and kick up my cardio and see if I can’t just lose this final few pounds and move on to maintenance! 

I love this top that I found at GoodWilll with the cute little anchor print, perfect for summer...


A line skirt and t-shrit with sandals are a super easy breezy summer look… I had to add this belt to the Loft lavender skirt as the waist is quite loose on this size 6… Might have to alter this later…I used a corduroy belt that cane with another skirt. 


Feel like a tourist in this hat and sunglasses….


Love the flowering trees!  


So glad I now own a white purse as prior to this I would have had to use navy with this outfit and matching shoes and purses all the time is not how I want to style outfits. Nice to have a choice to add my white watch to bookend the purse…

Dear Readers, I have to go weigh in and am not looking forward to it as once again it’s that time of the month when I never have a loss… I had planned to go the Y to work out Monday, but felt too bloated and miserable so stayed home, curled up in bed,  and read a Nicholas Sparks book.  Haven’t done that in quite a while and really enjoyed it. Do you ever have those days when you just want to curl up and read or do a puzzle book or play on a tablet or laptop?   


I am grateful that I had the wonderful brainstorm to run to Sam’s Club to pick up rotisserie chicken and salad, so no cooking today!  

I am Grateful for the sounds or rolling thunder that seemed to hum along all day seranading me in my state of hibernation.

I am grateful that a skirt I purchased on Ebay and arrived in the mail, you will see pics later this week!

I am grateful to my oldest for noticing my hibernation and loading and unloading the dishwasher.

I am grateful for the awesome discussions regarding current events with my oldest

I am also grateful for the fun conversation with my oldest who is planning a trip to see a friend in California next month!

Movie theaters are always so cold for me and a perfect excuse to break out some colored jeans…

It’s time for Watch What I’m Wearing and Visible Monday so please stop by and visit these lovely bloggers! 



I love these yellow Liz Claiborne jeans, and the combo of yellow and cobalt.  I have a pair of cobalt ballet flats but keep wondering if I shouldn’t get a pair of heels…


I love the chevron sheer blouse.  Sheers are such a staple for me this summer.  


My chariot awaits… I accessorized with a cobalt pendant I picked up at Michaels Craft store and a simple sterling braid bracelt and the white Nine West Purse.  I am so happy to finally have a great white purse!  


Dear Readers, Do you find movie theaters cold and embrace pants even when the temps outside are down right steaming?   I also brought a goldenrod  Lands End boyfriend sweater which I draped over me like a blanket…. I’m not even going to discuss the movie as our friends picked it and it just wasn’t us… We both had the same thought that we should go watch another movie to get rid of that one out of our system… Next time we pick the movie!!!


I am grateful that my husband and I both felt the same way about the movie and had a great laugh that we both thought about seeing another one. 

I am grateful that my husband took my photos at midnight and I even got to stand in the street this time!

I am grateful that I have a kind husband who went over to his customer’s house along with my two youngest son’s to help the over 80 year old couple cut back their bushes and trees.   A good way for my boys to give back in this world! 

I am grateful the man they helped was so grateful and made a point of addressing the boys. 

I am grateful for the fun interaction at the movie parking lot who saw that we had dropped something out of the van and pointed it out to us.  When I thanked him, he said, “You’ d the same for me , right?”  If he only knew what kind of people we really are?  

So this week I’m thinking of Fall and preparing early…


This  ponte knit jacket is for my niece found at JC Penney’s clearanced for $9.99


This navy blue one with sparkles  is also for my niece from JC Penney for $9.99


This Christian Siriano ponte knit 3/4 ruched sleeved jacket is from Sam’s Club for just $19.99 and came in other  solid colors including bright pink and cobalt.  


I found these burgundy boots from HSN, clearanced for $29.95.  I  just couldn’t resist since burgundy still looks to be strong this fall/winter as well.  I didn’t want to invest a lot in this color as it may not last  and I have lots of boots.


These boots from ShopNBC For $59,00 are meant to replace my black ones from last year that I literally wore out.  I have a pair of Twiggy London real leather ones with faux fur lining , but needed these to fill in when it isn’t quite cold enough for fur lining.  

Dear Readers, When you have a love for boots like I do and so many pairs it is not imperative that all the boots be top of the line or real leather.  Not that I wouldn’t want that and prefer it. but this year I am helping to get extras for my niece and my daughter needs a more professional wardrobe and shoes so a lot will go towards that  in the coming weeks.  Are any of you preparing for Fall already?   Would love to hear your thoughts?  Hope you are having a fabulous weekend 

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