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Olive Vest, 2nd Showing…

Posted on: July 4, 2013

Here is take two of the Olive vest that I coveted and finally ordered from Kohl’s


I knew after wearing this with a skirt, that my next pairing was going to be with this polk a dot dress thrifted dress.  While on the topic of thrifting, the purse and shoes are also thrifted.. Great example of merging thrifted items with new purchases.


This outfit has that perfect blend of lady-like feel with the stiletto heels and the ruffled bottom on the dress to make me feel like dancing.

Even better is the Ying?Yang feeling I so crave to balance the lady-like features , provided by the more masculine utility vest.


When I get that blend of femininity and masculinity going in my outfit, is when I feel the most like myself.  I worried about how to make this work for warmer months and really love this look.  “I really nailed it” is what keeps coming to mind.  If only I could feel this good in every look I create.


I am a stay at home mother, so this look isn’t practical for my every day life, but  whenever I can this is the real me, not a role I play!

Dear Readers, Do you have a signature combo that you put together that makes you feel most like your insides match your outsides?  If so, what is it and how do you create it?  I so embrace both the fact that I am a strong, confident  woman with my sassy, yet sophisticated  feminine side.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, did you do anything special? 


I am grateful that my husband had July 4th off!  

I am gratefult that the guys went go-carting, to golf driving range and then we met up for dinner and the movie “Now You See Me”, a full day of fun!

My husband and I are both surprised and grateful that we were all on the same page about our day’s activities and skipping the fireworks, 

I am grateful that today, July 5th  is my daughter’s 22nd birthday today and  for the chance to celebrate her.

I am grateful to my husband for reinstating our nightly walks (when he gets home early enough) and combined with two on my own, that’s 4 walks in three days and I am feeling it.  


6 Responses to "Olive Vest, 2nd Showing…"

Pretty dress. The bottom reminds me of a skirt I used to have that I always loved. It looks great with that vest the the shoes too.

Thank you. Out of curiosity, have you been getting rid of a lot of clothes due to your weight loss? It is so great to lose,but to redo your entire wardrobe is agonzing…

Yes. I’ve gotten rid of TONS of stuff. So much of it was good brand things that were hardly worn. I didn’t even think to take them to a consignment store. I just made loads and loads of trips (especially when we were moving a couple of months ago) and was just thinking of getting rid of stuff in a hurry. I probably could have made a little money reselling. John tried to sell a couple things on eBay recently, but they didn’t sell. So it’s not worth the hassle to go through that I guess.
The thing is….I have so OVER bought that I had things that still had the tags on that were a tiny bit too small when I bought them and then before I knew it…they were too big! And I didn’t even have the chance to wear them. It’s a shame to have to get rid of so much, but I”m NOT keeping too large sizes because I don’t EVER want to go back there again. So I’m not complaining….. I’m just glad to be the size I am…even if it means having to buy more clothes in smaller sizes. This time around I’m going to try not to buy SO much and wear fewer items.
Oh, btw…. I’m now fitting into size 8 pants!!! Yay! Not all 8’s fit. It depends. But a lot are and I’m overjoyed. I never even imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever be this size again in this lifetime. And all it’s taken is a little mindfulness, some consistency, and learning that this is my new lifestyle.
I’m so proud of “US”. 🙂

It is such a good feeling to get into a size that you thourhgt was a part of your past. My biggest regrets are that part of my mourning my mother was to dream of weigth loss and buy for what I thought my goal size was, and now have them be too big…This was not thrift shopping…I’ve also currently invested in great colored jeans that might not work once I lose the final pounds and that is eating away at me… I am so greatful that when I menitnon this to my husband that he tells me he could care less, just get new jeans..With trhifting I’ve done this new wardrobe much cheaper, but have now reached a stage where there are more current trendier pieces on my want list. Trying to hold off unitl I reach goal to make sure of size…You should be so proud of yourself as you have done so well and the pictures show that. Mind saying how much you’ve lost?

I have lost about 23 lbs from where I started in January of this year. And where I was at that point was pretty much the norm for me over the last few years. However, about 5 years ago I had ballooned up briefly and was much heavier. From that point I’ve currently lost about 40 lbs. But that wasn’t my norm to be that heavy.
I don’t seem to be getting anywhere on this weight loss lately and so I’m going to have to try out new stategies. I’ve read that interval strength training is very advantageous to health and weight. But I soooooooo hate exercise of any sort…and sweating. So I’m just going to try to continue getting hubby and I out for our little walks for now. He won’t do anything more than that. It would be nice to have a good motivations workout buddy. My daughter would do it with me, but I only see her once about every other week.

WW always says if it’s not working find one thing to change and see if that makes a difference. I love exercising as it really is a great mood booster. hate sweating… Had a wonderful 3 days but messed up . so going to join the YMCA in the morning… I’ve been doing a lot of walking this week and still not getting results.. frustrating.. You’ve done a wonderful job with your weight loss and plateaus are part of the journey. I hope you can find some exercise that works for you.

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