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I love this top that I found at GoodWilll with the cute little anchor print, perfect for summer...


A line skirt and t-shrit with sandals are a super easy breezy summer look… I had to add this belt to the Loft lavender skirt as the waist is quite loose on this size 6… Might have to alter this later…I used a corduroy belt that cane with another skirt. 


Feel like a tourist in this hat and sunglasses….


Love the flowering trees!  


So glad I now own a white purse as prior to this I would have had to use navy with this outfit and matching shoes and purses all the time is not how I want to style outfits. Nice to have a choice to add my white watch to bookend the purse…

Dear Readers, I have to go weigh in and am not looking forward to it as once again it’s that time of the month when I never have a loss… I had planned to go the Y to work out Monday, but felt too bloated and miserable so stayed home, curled up in bed,  and read a Nicholas Sparks book.  Haven’t done that in quite a while and really enjoyed it. Do you ever have those days when you just want to curl up and read or do a puzzle book or play on a tablet or laptop?   


I am grateful that I had the wonderful brainstorm to run to Sam’s Club to pick up rotisserie chicken and salad, so no cooking today!  

I am Grateful for the sounds or rolling thunder that seemed to hum along all day seranading me in my state of hibernation.

I am grateful that a skirt I purchased on Ebay and arrived in the mail, you will see pics later this week!

I am grateful to my oldest for noticing my hibernation and loading and unloading the dishwasher.

I am grateful for the awesome discussions regarding current events with my oldest

I am also grateful for the fun conversation with my oldest who is planning a trip to see a friend in California next month!

Movie theaters are always so cold for me and a perfect excuse to break out some colored jeans…

It’s time for Watch What I’m Wearing and Visible Monday so please stop by and visit these lovely bloggers! 



I love these yellow Liz Claiborne jeans, and the combo of yellow and cobalt.  I have a pair of cobalt ballet flats but keep wondering if I shouldn’t get a pair of heels…


I love the chevron sheer blouse.  Sheers are such a staple for me this summer.  


My chariot awaits… I accessorized with a cobalt pendant I picked up at Michaels Craft store and a simple sterling braid bracelt and the white Nine West Purse.  I am so happy to finally have a great white purse!  


Dear Readers, Do you find movie theaters cold and embrace pants even when the temps outside are down right steaming?   I also brought a goldenrod  Lands End boyfriend sweater which I draped over me like a blanket…. I’m not even going to discuss the movie as our friends picked it and it just wasn’t us… We both had the same thought that we should go watch another movie to get rid of that one out of our system… Next time we pick the movie!!!


I am grateful that my husband and I both felt the same way about the movie and had a great laugh that we both thought about seeing another one. 

I am grateful that my husband took my photos at midnight and I even got to stand in the street this time!

I am grateful that I have a kind husband who went over to his customer’s house along with my two youngest son’s to help the over 80 year old couple cut back their bushes and trees.   A good way for my boys to give back in this world! 

I am grateful the man they helped was so grateful and made a point of addressing the boys. 

I am grateful for the fun interaction at the movie parking lot who saw that we had dropped something out of the van and pointed it out to us.  When I thanked him, he said, “You’ d the same for me , right?”  If he only knew what kind of people we really are?  

So this week I’m thinking of Fall and preparing early…


This  ponte knit jacket is for my niece found at JC Penney’s clearanced for $9.99


This navy blue one with sparkles  is also for my niece from JC Penney for $9.99


This Christian Siriano ponte knit 3/4 ruched sleeved jacket is from Sam’s Club for just $19.99 and came in other  solid colors including bright pink and cobalt.  


I found these burgundy boots from HSN, clearanced for $29.95.  I  just couldn’t resist since burgundy still looks to be strong this fall/winter as well.  I didn’t want to invest a lot in this color as it may not last  and I have lots of boots.


These boots from ShopNBC For $59,00 are meant to replace my black ones from last year that I literally wore out.  I have a pair of Twiggy London real leather ones with faux fur lining , but needed these to fill in when it isn’t quite cold enough for fur lining.  

Dear Readers, When you have a love for boots like I do and so many pairs it is not imperative that all the boots be top of the line or real leather.  Not that I wouldn’t want that and prefer it. but this year I am helping to get extras for my niece and my daughter needs a more professional wardrobe and shoes so a lot will go towards that  in the coming weeks.  Are any of you preparing for Fall already?   Would love to hear your thoughts?  Hope you are having a fabulous weekend 

Heat advisories were in affect for the day as the heat index again soared.  In some parts of the area as high as 108!!!!

So how does a fashionista respond to this?  


By dressing in ruffled animal print and the olive vest she promised to style on Friday’s ! 


You might get use to seeing me in hats as this little lady has always protected her face from the sun…

I love any chance to wear these Franco Sarto Shoes I found on Ebay and this is the debut of my Aigner Purse aquired at the Goodwill Outlet Center.  


Ruffles and the tied waist meant very little accessorizing necessary.  I opted for plain hoop earrings then stacked on three vintage bracelets from an Ebay lot.

Dear Readers, My niece and son both told me I looked ready to go on a Safari , so hence my post title… I usually go for bright colors or even white when the weather is irritating me.  For some reason I woke up this morning really missing my animal prints, as I don’t wear them as much in warmer temps…It’s funny sometimes what inspires an outfit, isn’t it?   I hope you all are staying cool and getting ready for a fun weekend!   Hope you use it to recharge!  Any special plans this weekend?  Your comments are welcomed and appreciated! 


I am so grateful that I at least have some AC, even if it is the window unit  for now…

I am grateful for my husband who worked late this afternoon for taking my youngest and niece to the Y. It’s not often that I get that kind of break!

I am grateful that I finally have a working debit card.. (Fiasco where they sent me two that went to my daughter’s account)

I am grateful to a friend of a friend who is selling me a week of Shakeology to try before I decide to purchase a full month.. Gotta say, I tried one and the brain fog that accompanies menopause was lifted!!!! Keeping fingers crossed. 

I am grateful to my son who went on a search to Trader Joes, WholeFoods, 2 grocery stores  and a Target store looking for Yerba Mate Tea in 3 flavors without complaining. 

A rare day with no outside errands was a welcome relief with this heat wave… I did however,  have to open the door to the Fed Ex guy for a delivery from my daughter and see neighbors while getting the mail and taking traxh cans in from the street….


I didn’t even make it out to take photos until 8pm… It’s not like I had nothing to do today…Paying Bills and Laundry, bathing the dog, etc…


I love this necklace from Avon that I’ve had for a while.  Thought it worked here to mimic the flowers in the tank and matches the color of the buttons on the red thrifted vest.


Dear Readers, I am so looking forward to my hair appointment on the 25th, as this heat and humidity is wreaking havoc on it.  Having it shorter will help some, I hope… Just ready for something new.  Do you have trouble with your hair during this heat wave, if you are among those of us suffering from it???  I don’t have any tips, other than using a flat iron or doing as I do and putting a headband on or pulling it back…


I  am grateful my son helped bathe the dog.

i am grateful for a relaxing day that even included a nap.

I am grateful to have completed my packet and  sent it to the Superintendent for homeschooling before the deadline August 1sr. 

I am grateful that my sister had my niece today, but that I will have her tomorrow and Friday! 

We had temps in the 90’s but the heat index sent it to scorching… There was a nice breeze which helped for the little bit of time I spent outsdie today, taking photos, grocery shopping and geting the mail….

Linking up with What I wore Wednesday 


What else would I choose but a loose fitting skirt?   If you know my blog at all you could have guessed this one!

Hey, any excuse to carry my Dooney & Bourke purse is a good day!


Loose fitting floral top is thrifted as well as the orange skirt by H&M.  

Floral wedges you’ve seen before by Chadwicks of Boston, last year.


The hat I purchased on my February vacation to the Caymans, and was a perfect addition for today’s heat. 

Assorted Bracelets came as a set from Burlington Coat Factory for just $5.99. 

Dear Readers, I hope you are finding ways to beat the heat if you are experiencing these kinds of highs.. One of my favotite treats is freezing  Yoplait Chocolate Whips Yogurt…. It’s a divine dessert and only 4 Weight Watcher Points….


I am grateful that I was able to spend the day with my niece today

I am grateful that my husband had a great day at work yet still got home early enough to get in a workout at the YMCA

I am grateful for leftover chili and not having to cook,,, even enough for tomorrow!!!!

I am grateful for the guy in front of me for doing a double take and checking me out without making eye contact or trying to talk to me..(harmless fun for a woman who lost weight this year!) 

I love this color combo and wore it a lot last summer before beginning my blog, so thought it was high time I put a look together.  

IMG_1017This Tiana B dress was purchased from QVC shortly after I began my weight loss journey in anticipation of reaching this size!  I opted to pair these two very saturated colors with the white purse to help break it up.   I think it was the right choice and am happy to debut the Nine West purse I got at Wilson’s in Williamsburg Prime Outlets. 

IMG_1019I love opening up the top buttons of dresses like this and wearing a tank underneath.  This patterned tank worked perfectly with the polka dot belt I scored from Goodwill.

IMG_1015I made the mistake of wearing tennis shoes that have that “Rockfit feature) which makes walking a better work out for your core and butt, Mine has an additional result of making the inner upper arms hurt…The mistake was because I wore them to help move my friend when I was on my feet for 12 hours that day… Feeling it in my abs, butt and arms today! ( Monday night)  


Loving my red thrifted heels, and by the way my husband complimented them while taking my photos…

Dear Readers, I feel like this is the most daring color combo I have put together to date and am loving it!  Do you have a color combo that is your most daring?  Would love to hear answers to that question so please comment if you can relate.  


Since I was behind and did my Monday post late afternoon and this one, I don’t have much to add to the Gratittude section but gonna give it a try.

I am grateful to my boys for cleaning up the kitchen after dinner

I am grateful to my husband for taking both sets of my photos for the day

I am grateful to my husband for taking the boys to the YMCA and giving me some time alone

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