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Actually , I would say this sweater is more of a Goldenrod or Mustard than Yellow, but that didn’t sound good in the title….

I put together three looks on my trusty stand in, Scarlett to demonstrate how versatile it is to put together several looks with the same black and white color combo and my Land’s End thrifted boyfriend sweater.  




First up is  a polk a dot skirt and ruffled neckline top.   The texture and pattern here add interest to this look and would requie minimal accessorizing.  in fact I would not wear a necklace due to the ruffled neckline, but perhaps bigger earrings and ,maybe pull up the sleeve and add a bracelet or two..


I love this printed sheath dress and am so going to wear this with black boots in the Fall or Winter.  This dress stands on it’s own and needs no accessorizing , that ‘s saying a lot for a woman who  loves her accessories!  


So this is the third and final look and you can see that all three have some pattern in the black and white combo.  With the minimal stripes and lower neckline, a bold necklace was in order!  

And I found one pair of shoes that would work well for all three looks


My Anne Klein  peep toes with white wedged heels!  

Dear Readers, this color combo reminds me of  a bumble bee and as the daughter of two parents from Pennsylvania, my favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers!   I am so ready for football season1   There are so many ways you could play with this color combo and I hope I’ve inspired you to give it a try!   What other color do you like to pair with black and white?   

Leaving the Gratitude up to you my Dear Readers, as these posts are all prewritten while I am on vacation..

so leave a comment of something you are grateful for and I will read them daily while on vacation!  Really looking forward to this and would be grateful for your participation!   


I was very inspired when I saw this photo on Thrift and Shout and just knew i had the right pieces to make this look my own  and delighted with  another way to showcase my olive vest.


This is one master thrifter , Lindsey!


I thrited this dress at the beginning of my blogging journey, but haven’t worn it much!


A simple gold bangle and hoop earrings are all I needed with such a strong print!


My husband complimented my shoes while photographing this shot and I love these  slingbacks myself…I told him he needs to take me on a cruise so I can have 7 nights of dressing up  for dinner and excuses to wear all my heels.. He agreed as he likes dressing up as well!

Dear Readers, i hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend, I’m in Nags Head, NC and after a weekend of freinds hanging out with us, they will be leaving and then it’s quality time with my two youngest and hubby!  I’ve pre-written posts for the week and hope you’ll come by and visit...

i actually would love it if, you my Dear Readers, wouild be so kind as to leave a Gratitude of your very own in the comments section to inspire me, and others this week in my absence.. I will be reading them and hope you will participate!  

What is one thing you are Grateful for Today!   

Since I am on vacation,  I am pre- writing posts for the week and this is the first one!  

use Your Power wisely

As someone who loves the Serenity Prayer and understands that the one thing we need to control more than anything is our own thoughts, this one really makes sense to me 


I wake up daily and remind myself of this, some days it is harder than others, but always applicable and in my best interest to continue you to do so…

As someone who inspires others whenever the opportunity arises or the angels wisdom lights my way, I have said, that I may never know the impact I have and sometimes it is just dropping the pepple in the water and letting the ripples go out…. Other times the receiver gets the message right away and is grateful and shares that… Either way works for me! 

Yes, you ~

I met a Blackwater contractor who while in Afghnistan was in the middle of a raging gunfight on the streets when his eyes locked with a terrified woman and the only thing he could think to do at the time to reassure her was to smile at her and hold her gaze.  In that moment it was like the fighting stopped just for a hearbeat.   That story will stay with me forever as, I admire that man’s gift! 

Dear Readers, I hope you enjoy these inspirations and have a wonderful weekend!  I am on vacation for the next week but have prepared posts a head of time to put up using my tablet.   I will be asking you my Dear Readers, to take over the Gratitude section for me and would greatly appreciate if you would stop by daily and leave a comment for something you are grateful for that day!  I will be checking for those comments and it would mean the world to me if you felt so inspired as to leave a comment!  

Well, today (Friday)  I’m off on the first day of my Vacation!  I have pre-written posts so don’t forget to stop by and visit!


I bought this Ann Taylor Loft dress on Ebay and like all Loft items, love it… will be layering this for cooler temps!


This is a sheer hi-low blouse I found at Goodwill , brand new with tags from Ross.  I am going to wear this with my green skinny jeans for Fall and can also layer it under my new green leather jacket.


Another sheer top, which really speaks to my boho side.  I have a light blue pencil skirt that perfectly matches the lighter shade here.. With teal being big this Fall I can also pair it with my teal suede jacket.   I also see this under my creme moto vest or jacket and the background it olive so my vest or jacket as well…  


I literally gasped when I found this New York and Co red suede jacket as I have a red leather that needs to be sold from my weight loss..

Well worth the $12.99 pirce tag at Goodwill


Purple Dressbarn sweater with shawl collar and faux wrap with side button detail,half off so only $2.50.


Ann Taylor Loft creme v-neck that I purchased since white and cremes are going to be so big for this upcoming Fall/Winter.

Half off ,so $2.50. 


This cable knit v-neck in a dusy red shade looks more similar to a faded barn color by Eddie Bauer,  new with tags.

Again, half off and $2.50.   


An absolutely pristine white,  J. Crew Cardigan in 100% mercerized cotton for $4.99


I absolutely fell in love with this Christiana Zinn Denim jacket created by Season 4 Project Runway”s Kevin Christiana 

I was cold from the AC and wore this until I reached the cashier and was even happier when I found one selling on Ebay for $59.99

I paid just $6.99


This detail on the back says it All!  now you know why I was so delighted with this number! 


Pointed toe metallics perfect for Fall !  


And a totally unneccessary purchase, but Liz Claiborne NY orange called my Name!  

Dear Readers, after over a month break from thrifting it was nice to go back and  I loved that I had great luck for Fall items.  I was pretty much the only one on that 90 degree day looking at sweaters and jackets…..The best time to find the great items that haven’t been picked over is off season!  So, any favorites among this weeks finds?

Come back next Friday and Ill be posting the items I picked up for my budding Fashionista, 10  year old niece!  


Calling all Readers to fill in for me and keep the Gratitude going by posting something you are grateful for today!  Would love your participation and will be reading them while on vacation, so please share!   Come on it will feel good, just one thing you are grateful for, you can do it.

Thank You!  

I was walking to the store with my niece who was dressed very much like me with capris a tshirt and light sweater when she declared, “I am cold!”  I had to laugh at the irony of that in Mid August when we are typically sweltering with high humidity! 

IMG_20130814_171551 (1)

I also had to laugh at my hair after my crazy 6 am wake up and watching both my niece and friends 7 year old,,, I think by late afternoon my crazy day was beginning to show!  Okay the real truth is this was the last photo shot and I removed the sunglasses from the top of my head, leaving my frazzled hair as it was… but it really was a hard day with little sleep, so felt good to say it ! 

IMG_20130814_171405 (1)

I was happy to be able to wear these bottoms as they had been too tight recently!  I have lost 3lbs in 3 days and the unreal part is that my monthly visitior arrived yesterday… Weight loss during this time had never happened with me before!!!!


Can you believe two photos in one post with no sunglasses!  

Dear Readers, recovering today from the shocking court system where a judge gets a case involving molestation just 9 minutes before court…A three year long case and the insanity continues as reunfication is ordered… For a child who just completed trauma therapy because the idea of reunification with her perpetrator father traumatized her…The insanity continues…. If the child is under 8 and too young to testify , they are commonly reunified with the offending parent… As someone who loves this child and has been on the frontlines and saw the changes in this child and knows the truth, that she was indeed molested, which has held up through all the counseling, with her story never changing…My heart is heavy.   

Sorry to post this but have been dealing with this insanity for 3 years…for a child who although not related by blood very much sees me as Auntie Tracey!  

And today, I have to grocery shop, bake and pack as we leave tomorrow for Nags Head!


I am grateful for my strong fatih and the fact that the courts have been able to post pone this for three years, giving her time to grow.

I am grateful that if she is retraumatized by the baby steps to reunification that it will hault and she will get therapy with a therapist she already knows and trusts. 

I am grateful that My friend is a strong , amazing mother!  

I am grateful for the power of prayer when life seems to not make sense.

I am grateful for my belief in Divine Order and hope in the not so far away future to be able to see the purpose of this situation.. I have high hopes for this as every thing in my life to this point has come into clear focus.   

Today was weigh in Day and a good one indeed… I realized yesterday that the reason I have been stuck in my weight loss is due to unhappiness with something in my personal life and letting it get in the way… It’s almost like self punishment… that reaization is powerful and means I can stop doing that! 

IMG_1395 I love this bright orange skirt and with a purse this color, no wonder?  Best part of this outfit and why my happiness factor is soaring is that the necklace is actually a pin that belonged to my mother that I put on a chain of my mothers and made as a one of a kind… I love how quirky it is and how I can feel my mother’s presence!  


A simple gold bangle and hoops finish this off nicely and is all plain enough to compliment the coloring ,without competing for attention!


Yet, another easy outfit that works for these hot temps!

Dear Readers, Back to my weight loss journey… after recognizing the reason behind my self sabatoge , I instantly made the change yestreday to eating protein and probiotics for the day and lost 2lbs overnight, getting back to my last weigh in amount… So going to stay on track for the remainder of the week by bringing  food to help with the vacation… I may have a few drinks and hope that I can at least maintain for the week of vacation… Wish me Luck!  

If you are guilty of self sabotage in any aspect of your life, I hope you will learn from me and have your own Breakthrough!   


I am grateful that my oldest left on time and with no problems for his week in CA.

I am grateful that I was able to lose two pounds by changing my head first,  Remember it’s a mind, body, spirit balancing journey.

I am grateful that my 17 year old succeeded in securing himself a parking spot in the Senior lot for school next year and will no longer be parking in the neighborhood streets and having to leave super early in the morning in hopes of finding one. 

I am grateful to my dear niece who helped me out this moringinng by making my smoothie, then surprised me by unloading and reloading my dishwasher…  I told her if she doesn’t do this for her own mother without be asked that she should cause her mother would probably feel her forehead to see if she’s sick

I am grateful for the hearts of my two middle children, 17 and 22 who encountered a young  woman asking for money who seemed to not be use to this and for helping her with what they had and feeling such compassion for her. 

If you are a regular follower you may recogiize this skirt as i have worn it before and just love the graphic print!  


This is the first time I’ve paired it with green and I tied the shirt as it was longer than I wanted for my petite frame.  


I liked this version so much I decided to take it off after the photo shoot and pack it for my beach house vacation trip beginning Friday…


A tank top , skirt and sandals are a favorite summer silhouette and perfect for these 90 degree temps. 


I did wear it with olive, once


I also wore it with Yellow.,,,

Dear Readers, I thought I  had worn this more often, but photos don’t lie… I think I will take this with a white tanck and white sheer vest to wear on my trip for a new variation…. I think I will keep this one out for winter to pair with my navy boots.  it is that time, to start thinking of what i will pack away for Fall/Winter and what i will keep out… Of course i really won’t have to make those changes until the end of September.   When do you begin the switch over?  Do you switch over do you have the closet space to not have to do this bi-annual chore?  Are you dreaming of Fall yet or still enjoying the last of summer?  


I am grateful to my niece for helping take photos for three days worth of blogging, so I could hand off my son’t camera to him for his trip to CA.

I am grateful for the midday phone call from my husband, they are always a nice surprise!

I am grateful the my niece loved the two pairs of boots I surprised her with today!

There is something so easy about just popping on  a dress with an elastic empire waist line and some volume on the bottom that doesn’t hug your body, but floats over it!  

Linking Up with Visible Monday and Watch What I’m Wearing!


With temps rising back into the 90’s this was a perfect dress to wear thrifting.  My first thrifting trip on Saturday in over a month.


I bought this dress before the weigth loss and it is one of the few things that I was able to keep.  A $14.00 purchase from Burlington has gotten a lot of use and I am so not done with this little number…  Every time I put this drees on my husband declares how much he likes it, so bonus there!!!  


Simple accessorizing with metallic ballet flats from Aerosoles and Onyk pendant necklace with a silver cuff  One of these days I’ll get better at photographing my earrings as they are  clear glass balls with black and white desiign and I love them! 

Dear Readers, Today marks the begiinning of  crunch time to get ready for leaving for our Beach house vacation on Friday.   Besides, packing and watching my niece this week, I am trying to pre-write posts for the time away and have to finish that by Tuesday.  Wednesday I will be watching my friend’s daughter while she goes to court so all around a crazy week with me cooking on Thursday for food to bring along… Just realized it would sure help if I had a bunch of these easy, breezy dresses to photograph!   


I am grateful for the weekend and fun I had thrifting with my friend, Hang in there I will post my finds on Friday!

I am grateful that my husband shot three sets of photos for me today!

I am grateful that my husband took my boys to help an elderly couple and the lessons they learn about charity along the way!  

I am feeling better today, (Thursday) and even managed to go make some returns and buy a few school supplies… Not 100% but did resist a nap today…. It is 7:30 pm and I am fighting the overwhelmiing desire to go to sleep… Will go to bed early, but if I went now I would be wide awake by 4 am… and would have to nap tomorrow… So soldiering on!  


I was doing a test run of looking for a casual outfit to wear on vacation beginning next Friday and really think this is one to take…It fit my desire for casual but put togehter and will work for a morning walk to the Pier for breakfast or to the ice cream shop across the street from the house.

It’s nice that we have been to the beach house a few times and know the lay of the land!  


This entire outfit inspiration began with the plaid colors of these canvass boat shoes..


So nice to be ahead of the game and have one outfit choice decided a week before the trip!  

Next up what to wear Saturday night when we have friends joining us for a party.

Dear Readers, do you try on outfits before packing to make sure you like the ensemble or want to tweak it???  

I ordered this dress with my green leather and pumps and they came in today… I already put the dress on and found 7 ways to style it.. Love the full skirt and how it swishes around me!  Just read in Glamour Magazine’s September edition that full skirts are on trend for fall and winter.  


I am grateful that my Metrostyle order came today and that the fit on everything was perfect! 

I am grateful that I felt better today! 

I am grateful that my husband, who lost his tablet when it flew off the hood of the car, had most of the pictures he uses for work backed up on our hard drive…  Wishing whoever found it would be honest and get it back to him as there is a letter in the case with his name and address.

I am grateful for amazing conversations with my kids today, I ‘ve  been so sick and  they had a lot saved up for me!  

I love this dolman sleeved sweater in the blush pink color and really should have worn it more often.  There are things in every woman’s closet that get neglected…. 


I wore this grocery shopping on Sunday.. Can you believe that I had four outfits back logged for this week when I needed them most due to this nasty fever that has been plaguing me?   I even pre-wrote the other three posts for the week before getting sick Sunday evening.  I love how the puzzle pieces of life reveal themselves.


I opted to wear a wrislet that just fits my phone,BJ’s card, debit card and cash instead of a purse and it worked quite well.


It was a beautfiul sunny day… And my thrifted skirt and Aerosoles ballet flats complete the look

For accessories, I chose this pink  and grey long necklace that I notted and have worn quite often  and the silver starfish cuff bracelet I picked up  on my Cayman vacation trip.

Dear Readers,  I am so glad I got sick this week instead of next week,  as next week I have my niece and have to say goodbye to my oldest as he leaves for a week in CA visiting his best friend from childhood.   Friday of next week we head off for our Nags Head, Nc week at the beach house owned by my husband’s boss.  A great week to end the summer and come home for a week and a half before school starts up again.  I am really looking forward to homeschooling and beginning high school math and science for my advanced guy… while still working on the reading and writing to get him up to par… 


I am grateful that this morning I am feeling better,although a nap is in order after poor sleep last night.

I am grateful that the kichen was cleaned by my children and husband last night

I am grateful that my  oldest son booked his flight and is set to go on his California adventure 

I am grateful that my daugher is quitting her summer job next week at Petsmart and going to take a week alone  to cram for her GRE and get ready to subsitute teach. 

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