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Date night was a quick bite to eat at Chik Fil A and then the movie Heat.  Anything with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCArthy can’t be anything but fantastic… Love comedies! 


I think this crotchet top that I thrifted has to be one of my all time favorite finds and will have a place in my closet for many years to come.

I love the movement it has when I walk or dance!  


Note the jean jacket over my arm and I was happy to have it.  The theater we chose was the coldest one ever!  

My purse was given to me by thrifting buddy and the shoes were thrifted as well,  


I really love this outfit and hope I can think of another way to wear this top before summer ends .  I may try to wear it in fall with a jacket over it as the jean jacket worked well.  I felt like a million bucks in this when my daughter loved my top as much as she did… She never compiments me for anything…

Dear Readers, I think this top might look nice with my yellow jeans next… Now the question is keep the brown top underneath or try it with a yellow one?   Hmmm, love playing in my closet!   Would love to wear this with a skirt as well.   I think with as good as this feels that this will be a piece I show in at least three ways… Coming Soon!

I really love clothes with movement when I move, is it me or does anyone else get excited over this?  


I am grateful that I slept most of the day away with this fever continuing…

Iam grateful that I had this post rewritten from this weekend, but it’s the last one, so hope I feel better!

I am grateful that my children are old enough and like to cook so I dont have to when sick…

I am grateful that our friends are able to  join us at the beach house when it looked like it was a bust..


This is an outfit I wore last week when a rare cooler evening allowed for it…


Sheer ruffle front blouse is the boho part and for me feels romantic.   The bangle bracelets, gold hoop earrings and even the shape of this purple bag help the boho vibe as well.


Moto vest and cage sandals bring in the edgier part that I have been missing with a lot of the Mom on the Go summer looks I’ve been doing lately.  


Gettting this combo right makes for a super high happiness factor and makes my outsides match my insides!  

Dear Readers, I spent the day running a fever and having mild sinus problems.  I hate summer sinus issues that ruin fun and make a waste of a day… It’s midnmight and still running a fever so skipping my WW meeting tomorrow.  Hope you are all well.  My morning started off with the doorbell ringing which we all ignored as none of us were dressed.  That didn’t work and they rang the bell again… I opened it to two ladies with bibles in their hands and just held up my hand and said, “Ladies, I am sick today.  Have a great day!”   I am never rude, but boy did that irritate me that they rang the bell twice like that.   My home is my sanctuary!  


I am gratefult that I had put this post together over the weekend!

I am grateful that my husband had a long break in the day and he took the two younger boys to the YMCA and gave me a quiiet afternoon.

I am grateful for the nap I took at dinner time when I just couldn’t resist any longer.

I am grateful that my headache remained at a very tolerable level.

This is what i wore for shopping with my daughter,which turned out to be a full seven hour day!  

Linking up with Visible Monday  and Watch What I’m Wearing 


You’ve see this skirt twice before and each time I wear it I get compliments… Not bad for a 5 dollar investment from Goodwill…

Speaking of Goddwill the purse and jean jacket are both thrifted finds as well. Glad I wore the jacket as the AC in stores was cold!  


This is another way I wore it and my favorite!


And the first way I wore it… A rare picture without sunglsasses….


I love Navy and Green together and still have other styling ideas for this…. And when Fall arrives you can bet I’ll be wearing this with my Navy suede boots!  

Dear Readers, when I began this blog I named it Versatile Style in hopes of showing different combinations for pieces (added my name to it when I discovered a tile place by that name).   I want to do a better job of sticking to my true intention now that I have a great wardrobe to work with….   I neglected my Gratitude section in the last few posts as I was tired, but didn’t like that feeling so may skip it on a busy day, but not too much…


I am grateful that my daughter was receptive and heard me when I talked to her about changing her behavior.

I am grateful for my mother and the example she set for me 

I am grateful for a wonderful bonding fun day and quality time with my daughter

I am grateful to my wonderful husband who popped home and had the boys clean the kitchen, so I would come home from the shopping marathon  and not have to do it. 

My reason for being and my life calling!

Need to remember these daily

Things I know and believe bring my happiness and that I want to pass on to my children 

There comes a time in your life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all life is too short to be anything but happy.

If only we knew this in our twenties….

Happy Sunday! 

Our First stop was Burlington Coat Factory  where Dear Daughter concentrated on tops!  She must have tried on 30,but was very decisive and had immediate No’s , Maybes and Definite Yes ones.

 I am not going to do individual pricing on these because quite frankly I am too tired….I began editing these photos at 6:30 am on Saturday morning after a crazy wake up call with barking Canine dogs and policemen shouting in my side yard, right outside my bathroom window at 5:30 a.m.  They apparently caught a shirtless teenager who my son thinks he knows.

So , yet another night of too little sleep… Today’s going to be a nap day.  


DD declared, “This fit is to die for!”  after trying this one on! Navy studded and shirred top, right up her alley. 


I bought her a white one like this last week. She recently bought Cobalt Pumps.


Stripes and side shirring were the appeal here.


SShhh! Don’t tell her I have this in bright orange….


Every Irsih Gal needs a geen top! 


Happy to see she got something other than a solid or stripe. 


Black sweater with side shirring… She is starting from scratch so basics are necessity! 


She has purchased and I have thrifted a few cardigans lately…

The total Cost for these Items at Burlington were $106. 

These Next three are from Kohl’s 


Lauren Conrad for $20… after the 20% off coupon I found online

So Jealous as I have been wanting one like this, but gotta say her body totally rocked this one! 


Chaps top clearanced for $10.40 after coupon


Navy blue is well represented…

Our Final stop was a place she first discovered while at colllege in  Farmville and ultimitaley purchased her graduation dress.

That wonderful store is CATO where she had great success.


And I had success too, this is my new denim vest for $21.00 and my only purchase of the day! 


Great Layering sweater!


Surprise , surprise,, the girl who rocks jewel tones chose a pastel! 


Apparently DD has a boho side!


Grey straight leg pants in tuxedo style with lace… Not much to love about pants in her opinion, but with these details strong like! 


Lighter dress pants instead of all darks..


Lace peep toe booties!  

Total Spent at Cato was $120

Dear Readers, all my conversations in the three days leading up to this abou ther attitude seemed to work and we had a delightful day!

I did my part to by walking away during the picking out phase and only participating in the fit part, and of course hanging things back up…

I was quite proud of her choices and realized three new things about DD from this trip…First , I already mentioned she has a boho side, second that she is more a minimalist and third that although similar heights we are opposites,,, I can wear petite tops but not pants… She can wear petire pants,but not tops…  She also bought several basic tank tops for layering and even went home and ordered more from Kohls since her small size was not represented in store.

Now, she still needs skirts and a few more pants and jackets ( she only has one).  Her other requests are for Mary Jane Pumps, a great workhorse shoe, tights and belts. She also has a desire for a lace top in creme.   

She does have several  other tops that we purchased over the last year for her internship. 

What I feel is missing is prints which may be able to come in with the skirts and jackets. 

And the best part of all is that she still has $100 in the budget I allocated to the day.  Over the next few months we can fill in any holes she discovers.  Just a reminder she had nothing but jeans and tshirts for college life prior to this.. Welll not quite true she loves dresses and has about 8 to 10 fantastic ones!   This wardrobe is to take her to the next level of subsitute teaching for this next year and on to grad school the follwing year, so we have lots of time to refine it.  

Dear Readers, If you made it this far, thanks for joining my journey with my one and only daughter!

I don’t know about you, but it felt like the month of July flew by!   I liked a lot for this month including all of the last week! 







I won’t repeat the ones from the last week,but really like all of those! 

 Dear Readers, Hope August creeps by but have a sinking feeling with the busy schedule and my adding in workouts at the Y and the vacation week mid month, that this is going to fly by and it will be back to sending my son to school for his senior year, while home schooling my youngest through 8th grade…

Have a wonderful Weekend and thank you for stopping by!

I am spending the day shopping with my daughter since it is TAX FREE WEEKEND, If any of you have a daughter who resists your every suggestion and has decided she wants to be nothing like her mother, you will understand both the joy and tribulations of this kind of day. I am so looking forward to the day when my daughter’s brain stops growing and she can see how silly she is sometimes.  I saw it happen with my oldest son and am just reminding myself we only have a couple more years to get there!!!

I received new catologs in the mail from one of my favorite online shops , which are sister companies and thought I’d share things on my wish list and ones that I thought were some  you may find helpful. Just a reminder I receive no compensation for these recommendations.  

First up Chadwicks which has a 20% of Coupon Code CH45541   expires 8/28

Classic Jean Jackets in fun colors for $39.99  I’m not investing in any of these as I have so many jackets now and am really trying to save money towards some new leathers for fall and winter. 

These classic leather blazers  for just $99 come in6 colors and in sizes for Misses, Womens (to size 24), Petites and even Talls!   

The next three are on my wish list 

This Corduroy Shirtdress in Burgundy , but it also comes in Black and Brown for $39.99

Wool Blend skirts, my choice is houndstooth for $39.99

Cap Toe Pumps in Green for $44.99
Now Metrostyle with 20% off code  MS51660 expires 8/28

Python Leather Jacket is now $29.99 but only available in sizes 4,6 ,8

I am swooning over this green leather bomber for $99.99, comes in other colors too

Leather front, ponte knit back leather vest is so on my wish list for $79.99

There are so many other things to love on both these sites and the clearance sections are always fun.   Hope this was helpful to you, my Dear Readers!!!   If you know somone who is petite or tall not all their pieces come in those sizes but they do have a good selection so it is worth passing this info on…

I am heading out for my first day at the Y, which consists of a ( am deep water aerobic class, followed by regular water aerobic(standing in chest high ) and thena finning class to finish it up.  The finning class is my absolute favorite.   Since this is my fist day I may skip the second class and just lay out for an hour.  I did this when my mother first past away three to five days a week and have missed it.   

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