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I have been waiting for a long time to debut these corduroy, paisley embossed Skinnies

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Sylvia at 40PlusStyle  challenged us to do a  21 day 10 minute meditation program beginnning Oct. 1.

It’s suppose to help with weight loss, but I love that it is guided meditaton for my ADD brain…

You can register and sign up today and if you want to chat about it let Sylvia know and she will add a section to her forum. 



I consider these and their green twins one of my best scores since I found them clearanced online at Kohl’s .


 I paired them with my Walmart polk-a -dot sweater.  I  decided to add the silver tassel necklace to create a vertical line which I think helps when you are a petite heigth.  It’s a  trick I use quite often and the reason I love scarves so much.  


I almost wore my nude pumps but resisted the matching instinct and opted for the subtle grey plaid print instead.  

I even resisted a matching Aigner purse in tan and burgundy… I guess that is what a year of blogging does to you… or that could be that the brown purse was ready to go and I was off to go grocery shopping… 

Dear Readers, I hope you all  had a great weekend.  We had a very low key one ourselves.  I spent hours reorganizing my closet for Fall only to see that next week we will be experiencing temperatures in the 80′ again…. Let’s see how clever I can get with all my sandals packed away…I did realize that I have a lot of clothes and so many ways to mix and match them that I could not buy a thing and never wear the same outfit twice for quite awhile…. So, I think that is my challenge for these next seasons.   I will however say, that I would like a few more shoes and would not hesitate to pick up a pair or two should I find ones that fit my wish list.  


I am grateful for the commitement and strength my husband has for our family.

I am grateful for weekends and the much needed break.

I am grateful that my husband is taking great care of himself and working out at the Y.

I am grateful for wonderful friendships and the strong women in my life. 

I am grateful for humor and the ability to laugh every day! 





the only disability is a bad attitude


Serve others in whatever way you can. Even a smile can lighten the load that you know nothing about.

Dear Readers, I hope you all are having a great weekend!   Letting these speak for themselves… Any resonate with you?  

I must admit I am one boot loving gal!

Nothing is better than Fall and Winter for a chance to throw on a pair of boots!


First up is the booties and shooties… 2 pairis of grey, 2 paiirs of black, dark brown patent leather , red (ninve west, I know squared toed, but not ready to give them up)


I just can’t help myself, I like multiples!

Brown, Navy and Grey Kathy Van Zeeland faux suede with 3 inch heels .

I’ve owned these for 3 years and they are going strong!


The Flats

Dark Brown, Black Twiggy London with fur lining, Black ( brand new found clearanced from last season), cognac  and one lonely hint of cowbpy for a gal from VA.


A trio of leather heels

Brown, Black and new Burgundy (again purchased off season from last year’s stock on QVC )

If you are counting, that’s a total of  17 collected over three years…  The frist three pairs of shooties were all thrifted and in brand new condition…My guess was the heel height wasn’t comfortable to the previous owner.  I, on the other hand as a stay at home mother, don’t have to work in them for 8 hours, so they are perfect in my world!

If I was a girl who had everything she wished for,   I would add in a lighter pair something like this


found on Amazon

Hey, that’s not bad, I’m only wishing for one more….

Dear Readers, there are so many reasons to love Fall/ Winter!  Another in my book is layers and my collection fo jackets and sweaters… And let’s not forget scarves!  Nothing beats boots for me though!

So what does  is it for you ?


I am grateful for my attitude of gratitude and how it always pulls me back to center!

I am grateful for a feeling that my cup runneth over today and wanting to dance’!

I am grateful that my two middle chidlren are studying and preparing for SAT and GRE testing and that I am looking at two future Doctors.

I am grateful that my children believed me when i repeatedly told them how intelligent they are and that they can do anything they set their minds to…

I am grateful that I see the success and plans of my children as my paycheck as a stay at home mother.

I am grateful for a super successful homeschooling day with Connor where he wrote beautfiul and complex sentences. even wrote more than I assigned and best of all enjoyed himself…. I never could have pictured this just three short years ago before homeschooling!!!!!!!  

I am grateful that my urge to shout this homeschooling success from the rooftops is satisfied here on my blog with you my Dear Readers and reaches farther than any rooftop,  since I have visitors from 83 countries.  

What a difference a Day Makes!

A simple Mom on the Go Formula…

A printed shirt , straight leg jeans and comfortable flats

Linking up with Vodka Infused Lemonade

I completely forgot to do my Pinterest Inspiration look this week, but please stop by for the

Pinned it and Did It Link Up to see those who are participating this week…


There are so many ways to take that same formula and re-work it for a variety of looks.  Later as temps get colder layering offers even more options.   There are so many color ways, so many prints, so many awesome flats… It never has to get boring.  


This entire outfit works due to the Jones New York top I thirfted.  I love that it isn’t a plain t-shirt with the gathered neckline, finished and gathered cuffs and again the shoulderline with gathers…   It also has plenty of stretch!  

My purse, shoes and belt were all thrifted from Goodwill as well.

Can you believe that I went without black jeans all last year????

I love these Bandolino’s from BJ’s and wished I had gotten another color…


If you are a regular reader, did you notice my tucked in shirt? 

Not something I do too often…..


Dear Readers,  It’s tough depending on a 100 % commission job…. There is no consistency and when things are good it’s great,but being careful to stock some in savings is key… A bad first quarter,,,. a week’s vacation last month, a bad start in September, a forced 8 days off  (he tried self generating business, but had no luck..) and two weeks with  no paycheck is enough  to  put a strain on any family… Just praying this turns around quickly , as it can  happen that way…. So many upcoming expenses with a senior in high school and upcoming college applications.


I am grateful that I didn’t gain any weight this week with the stress I’ve been under.

I am grateful that my husband is so calm natured to offset my anxiety.

I am grateful that my Senior in high school is having such a great start and is more focused this year.

I am grateful that he loves his classes and comes home daily ,telling me he has learned more this first few weeks, than ever before.  ( He is loving marketing, sports anatomy , physics and his college english class)  

I am grateful to be a stay at home mother, who is there when he gets home every day (something all the kids valued in High School)

I went for a black and white look today and thought I would be a purist and not add a pop of color…

Then,  my orange purse caught my eye and I wondered, 

“Can I wear black, orange and white and not look like Halloween? ” 

get-attachment (37)

I added the hat for my bad hair day , after a lengthy homeschooling day

My hat belongs to my daughter who didn’t want it anymore.


get-attachment (36)

I am debuting the second pair of my new oxfords and gotta say DH is not fond of them…

In fact he kept looking at them and finally said, ” They are great for blog photos,but unless it’s a costume , not for real life.” 

Oh well, I guess they won’t be going out for date night… 

get-attachment (35)

Not great lighting at the time I took photos, but real life doesn’t always jive with blogging..

I purposely used the word jive because I feel like I should be on stage dancing with the combo of the hat and shoes…

Dear Readers, So thanks for the compassion, it was much needed and appreciated. . .  I still have no relief or outcome, but tomorrow that changes…( Weds)

I know the hat made this somewhat “costumey”  , but other wise, Did I succeed in adding in the orange without feeling like Halloween? 


I am grateful for the support of friends.  

I am grateful that this day is almost over and I am heading to bed, 4 hours of sleep last night…

I am grateful that I had such a fun outfit that made me feel like dancing….

I am grateful for my angels that guide me.  

That’s what my helpful seventeen year old son and photographer

declared as he stood there in his short sleeves feeling the 15 mph winds .  

get-attachment (32)

I am pretty happy about my look today…

I like the teal with yellow  and the opportunity to don my booties for the first time this season. 

get-attachment (33)

I am so glad that I icked up thei Nine West bag at the Williamsburg Outlets,

as it is a great color for this season and it was a great way to add another pucnh of the teal to play off the top and necklace.  

get-attachment (34)

Dear Readers, A tough Monday to start off the week and the worst part is that I can’t freely talk about it as the emotionally draining problem is related to my husband’s job. It’s been going on for a full week now and I feel like my angst has greatly impacted my blog writing as I have felt empty.  I have very strong feelings about things and don’t want to say anything that will hurt him in any way.  Biting my toungue is a tough thing for me.  I was raised by parents who really drilled into me the philosophy that “All it takes for bad things to happen is for good peope to stand by and say nothing. ”  I’ve instilled this in my children and have been so proud of how they have stood up to their peers when they saw bullying or injustices,  without ever stopping to consider that it could have resulted in social suicide.  I think this is a lesson for me in how much we can stretch ourselves for others.   So hang in there with me as I hope this passes soon and i can get on with things! 


I am grateful that I am a woman of character and strong morals.

I am grateful to my husband for how hard he works for our family.

I am grateful that  Monday is over, it was a tough day !

I am grateful for the love and support of my children.

I am grateful for the phone conversation with my sister-in-law, whom I love dearly!  

I am grateful for my gratitude list and the opportunity it gives me on tough days to take a breath and look for light among the chaos. 

I hope you all had a sonderful weekend!

It’s time for Visible Monday, so many bloggers to see and enjoy! 

get-attachment (30)

This was what i wore for a Girl’s Night Out to an art show.

All I can say is, I am completely sold on Ponte Knit blazers and want to yell from the rooftops about how comfortable they are.

I now own 4 of them and know they will be workhorses for this Fall/Winter Season.

get-attachment (31)

Trouser Jeans are such a nice break from Skinny Jeans.

 Ponte Knit Jacket – Christian Sirianno

Trouser Jeans – Diane Gilman

Shoes and Top both from Goodwill

Purse – Steinmart

get-attachment (30)

I am finding it much easier to leave off necklaces when the top has details like this one with the colors and buttons.

Dear Readers, I saw a preview for a news story this afternnoon about a little boy with a terrible disorder that makes him allergic to most foods. In fact there are only five foods he  can eat.  That made me stop and think, If I was only limited to 5 foods that I could eat, what would I choose?  My Immediate Answer was,

Bacon and Chocolate

Then my practicle side said I’d need something to sustain my body and I chose the remaiing 3

Chicken, Mushrooms and Onions.  

So Dear Readers anyone else want to play, What would your choice of 5 Be?  


I am grateful for a weekend filled with girl fun, an art show and thrifting.

I am grateful that I found my daughter’s “Ice Princess dress ”   she wanted for Halloween on my thrifting venture and on the first try!

I am grateful that my weight loss has resulted in lower blood pressure , which I keep checking to make sure this change is real and lasting, and guess what It Is!!!   

I am grateful that my weekend ends with the Football Game tonight ( sure hope they can pull out a win…)

Thought I would share this fun sewing competition with you, My Dear Readers. You van vote for your Favorite! Have a great Weekend

The Renegade Seamstress

Welcome to Season Two of Refashion Runway!

Refashion Runway Season Two3

We’ve started this season with a trend we’ve been seeing on the fashion runways lately, Plaid. I know you will truly be wowed by what these ladies were able to create in just one week.

Please remember to vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. Voting will be open until Friday, September 27. Your public votes and the competitor’s score of each other will be combined to determine a winner. We will announce the winner of this week’s challenge next Saturday. Also, the refashion with the lowest score will be “going home”, but we won’t send her home without some great prizes, I promise! Remember, this is a “Friendly Sewing Competition”. :)

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the show!


First, let’s check in on Desarae from Gladness of Heart:

“I love plaid.
I did not…

View original post 1,600 more words




get-attachment (27)

With temps in the 70’s today and cooler in the evening, I took full advantage and went for a Fall Look! 

Sweater:  Ann Taylor Loft – has cute button on the shoulder seam(covered by the vest)  Goodwill

Brown Zippered Jeans- Diane Gilman via HSN

Mules: Aerosoles  (don’t know if Mules are current trend but I like them!)

Moto Vest: F21 

Purse: Relic- Goodwill

get-attachment (28)

Skinny jeans are not the only style I like.  These are straight , but i also have trouser jeans and bootcut jeans. 

I like having a variation so that my outfits don’t share the same silhouettes and begin to look like a uniform.  

get-attachment (26)

I felt very relaxed and great in this outfit today!   

Dear Readers. I  began unpacking my boots this week and now own 9 knee high boots..  Crazy me saw a pair of grey riding boots on Pinterest the other day and instantly thought,” OOOh, I want those”… I talked myself out of it, as I really do have enough and want to concetrate on what holes are in my husband’s wardrobe for right now.  Please give me strength to resist TJ Maxx online!!!  It just occurred to me that some of you may not be lucky enough to live near one and are actually going to gain access for the first time… If that’s you please let me know of your successful shopping endeavors and I can live vicariously through you, while I stand firm in not shopping right now!  


I am grateful for a phone call from an old friend and that I will be seeing two dear friends tonight!

I am grateful that my son came and sat with me to discuss a homework assignment on answering questions for a mock college interview as we had a lot of fun coming up with what his answers would be.

I am grateful that my husband has been hitting the gym, steam room and hot tub at the Y these last few days,instead of letting stress get to him.

I am grateful for my youngest telling me I’m the greatest Mom and that he loves me today.  

Have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, fun , family and friends!

Once again joining Heather for Pinned It  and Did It Linkup

I seem to have a thing for reversing things from the inspiration photos. as my dress is black with white stripes, while the original had white with navy.

get-attachment (24)

I planned this inspiration thinkng we would have warmer temps, but I think my creativity of adding in the white blouse was a success… In fact,  I’m not good at wearing my white blouse enough and am thinking I could do this with other dresses as well….

The Original Inspiration:

Banana Republic Olive Vest

This is from Vodka Infused Lemonade who is also hosting a link up today, so stop on by!

Notice the quilted vest she is rocking, a big trend for Fall.

I used what I had in my utility vest.

get-attachment (25)

I also choose a lower vamp bootie and feel this works better for going bare legged as a Petite woman.  I love wearing regular booties with  tights in the same color which helps to extend the leg line.

Just for fun,  I am trying it out with the grey low vamp booties instead of the predictable matching black…

get-attachment (23)

Dear Readers, I am really liking the challenge of finding inspiration outfits weekly on Pinterest. If you don’t already do so, I highly recommend it.  Recently on the You Look Fab Forum a contributor mentioned that she uses Pinterest to look up ways to wear pieces before wearing them to verify their versatility.   When making my own purchases , I always think of at least three ways to wear it because if I can do so right off the bat, then I know that I will end up finding several more once I  am  in my closet.   I really liked this idea of checking for outfit inspirations prior to purchasing.   The thing that prompted the contributor to do so, was that she was looking at lavender jeans, a new color to her.  This makes a lot of sense when adding a new color into our wardrobes…   I hope you found this as helpful as I did!  


I am grateful that my husband used his time off today to take the younger two to a Train store he found awhile back and wanted to share with them….

I am grateful that my Senior in high school had a break from homework today, as he has been having a lot.

I am grateful to my youngest for his apology to me for going back to bed when I asked him to homeschool.  he had been up several time in the night and ended up sleeping for 3 hours… I just love that as soon as he woke up he came to find me and explain and took responsibility for his actions!  

I am grateful to the dedication my husband is showing to our marriage.  

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