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How appropriate that I chose this look on a day when our temperatures rose to 70 degrees?  

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I opted for a zebra print instead of the leapard  from the original and the black purse as well. 

IMG_6024 by levell333, via Flickr

This original is from Mix and Match Fashion that I Pinned in my Spring Looks but hey, I now own the cobalt pumps.

I love this with the leopard and saddle colored purse and would definitley repeat it that way as well.


My husband loved this look!  

Like a lot of men, he loves a woman in heels!  

These are my latest acquisition from Payless

Dear Readers, Today was definitely Hump Day, so making this a short and sweet post!  

Not ending this before I do my Gratitude Post, as on days like this it is even more important! 


I am grateful that despite having to take a cold shower, I was out the door on time!

I am grateful I am a strong , vibrant . loving woman!

I am grateful that I am at a wonderful stage in life as a mother when I can see my chidlren making such great choices for themselves!  

I am grateful if my weight loss inspires even one person to love themselves and take steps to better self care. 

I am grateful that my husband wanted to take me to see Terry Bradshaw toinght , even if  it didn’t work out. IHard not to hear his name and see myself as a child learning about football from my father and watching the Steel Curtain in their late 70’s hey day)

I am grateful that my husband was home early tonight and able to see the final game of the World Series and share the expereince of watching the Red Sox win with his sons.   


Many of my Regular readers know that I successfully lost weight with Weight Watchers and have been stuck at the highest weight that they recommend for my height.

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I wanted to be more in the middle range and lose a few more pounds, but that final 10  has remained illusive.

I remembered my leader telling me 6 months ago that I might have better success if I just set this as my goal weight and see what happens.  She suggested that quite often when members do that they end up being successful.  I ignored her then, but two weeks ago I was ready and said that my goal weight was 140lbs. This was after a six week hiatus of not going to meetings. I had weighed in at 143 previously , so lost three pounds during the break! 


I think there is something to this because prior to this I was gaining and losing the same three pounds with 140 being the lowest.  Now, I feel like I have to stay under the 140 mark.  Even with the onset of Menopause and the hot flashes and night sweats, I lost another .6 pounds and am 139.4 today.  It will be interesting to see how this works out and where I will be in four weeks when I make Lifetime!  That means as long as I stay under that  goal I can go to meetings for free!


Since I began losing weight for health,  and with the intention of losing this and maintaining it for life. I plan to continue going to meetings, so I am looking forward to not paying my $42.95 a month.  Although I have to say it’s the best use of money to lower my blood sugars and blood pressure to take that added weight off my knees.. etc.

Stay tuned,  if  I stay under the 140 mark for the next 4 weeks I will finally do the reveal of my before and after shots.

I’ve lost a total of 50lbs!  I worked out at the YMCA and lost almost half of it before beginning Weight Watchers

Dear Readers, I am excited about finally claiming a goal weight and the possibility of getting closer to the actual weight i want to retain. I know this attitude change and newfound hope to lose that final weight comes from the impending trip to ireland and the possibility of a cruise as well.

 Now as for my outfit, I decided to try another Loft Dress I bought on ebay with my navy suede boots today and I like this look much better than yesterday’s.  I always weigh at my meetings in a dress for consistency and loved wearing dresses two days in a row! 


I am so grateful that I went to my WW meeting today, as it really is enjoyable everytime!

I am grateful for wonderful conversation with a friend and the positive changes in her life.

I am grateful that my husband had a break today and was able to come home for almost two hours.

I am grateful that I made plans to go for a walk at the beach on Friday, exercise and girl chatting, in one!


In my humble opinion the biggest bang for you buck has to be DRESESS! 


First off gonna say right off the bat, I am not sure I am in love with the lighter shade of the top and the darkness of the burgundy boots in this look.  

Not changing it because so many bloggers embraced wearing pink at the beginning of the month to honor

Breast Cancer Awareness,   while I consciously opted to do so towards the end of the month

to bring it new momentum this last week.   

I tried this later by adding a burgundy scarf and it looked much better,but it was late and I didn’t get photos. 

Now, back to the versatility of a Dress….


This dress can be worn all four seasons.  It is a sleeveless Ann Taylor Loft I found on Ebay.   This is one way to wear it for Fall.  Another would be to opt for a cardigan, which by the way would work for Spring as well.  For Winter I could add any of my three motos in Burgundy, Cream or  Blush.  Summe,r I would  wear it in it’s orginal state and add a belt.  


I find a lot of dresses that are in brand new condition thrifting,  as I think some women just save them for a special occassion.  If you are a woman who likes dresses wear them often and forget waiting for something special!

 I also recommend checking out sales racks and of course TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory where you can find many for $25 and under. I am not a big Target shopper but see many bloggers who are and with my last Goodwill haul of Target dresses, it would be a good option as well.  I need to stop buying dresses, as the thrifting this past year have netted me more than I’ve ever owned. 

Dear Readers,  do you like wearing dresses for every day use or are you still wearing them for special occasions or have you given up all together.  I know some body types have a more difficult time with dresses and at my pre weight loss weight I cried trying them on, but found an empire waist with an a-line skirt did work.  

One more money saving secret… those aren’t tights, they are Forver 21 leggings I found over the summer

for just $3.50 and bought every color they had.   Cheaper than colored tights and warmer!

 Even regularly priced at just $5.70, they are still a great deal! 

If you have another great place you find dresses for a great price by all means share for others to see! 


I am grateful that my homeschooler who stayed up late watching the World Series with Dad, still managed to do his work for the day.   (He slept until noon!) 

I am grateful the dog who has been waking me up early (hearing my 17 yr old in the mornings)

actually slept until later than I did today!  (10am!) 

I am grateful that the Hawthorn Berry caspsules I ordered for Hot Flashes arrived today. 

I am grateful to my Dear Husband who is working so hard to try to qualify for the cruise.  

I am grateful that I am finishing this post before dinner and can relax the rest of the evening.

I am grateful to the kindness of commenters who take the time to give me a boost for the day! 

Your first waking thought in the morning is to put together this look

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Or it could just mean I am trully obsessed or addicted and need to see a therapist, stat…


I just love my purple leoapard spotted jeans by Diane Gilman, I dare say this is my favorite jean. 

I thrifted this purple poncho by Old Navy and love that it is a great length for my petite height and doesn’t overwhelm me. 


Happiness Factor is super high with this enseble.  

I tried cuffing the jeans but liked the longer leg line it gave me without it. 


I tried to get a close up of the necklace to show that it is actually a pin of my mother’s .  

Purple was her favorite color and I’ve gotta say i love it myself!  

Dear Readers, I had fun putting this “wake-Up” inspiration together.  I am so happy Fall and layering has arrived. I can’t wait to start putting together more skirt and dresses look and getting all my boots into circulation.   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!   Can you beiieve we’ve had nightly lows in the low 40’s and Halloween is expected to be close to 80 again…. 

IMG_2046As an added bonus,  Here is the first way I wore my newest boots by Issaac Mizrahi via QVC


I am grateful for my mind and the inspiration that came naturally for today’s outfit.

I am grateful that my oldest wrinkled his nose at my look , as he does at any of my more bohemian ones.. 

I am grateful that my youngest without prompting, immediately complimented my outfit. 

I am grateful the my husband made the family breakfast while I slept this morning.

I am grateful for Football Season , even if my team lost ….It never ceases to bring me memories of watching games with my father while we peeled carrots and potatoes for Sunday roast. 

I love that green is such a strong color for the season,  as it is one of my favortie colors

that stems from something very personal….

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My father’s favorite color was green and it may seem silly but at the tender age of 13 when he died I found comfort that his hearse was green.  I snagged a green shirt of his before my mother sent his clothes off to his cousin and slept in it, later gave it to my sister and told her to use it as a smock for her arttwoek since my father and her shared that talent and spent so much time drawing toghether.  

Funny how even a color itself can hold such memories! 


I announced on my blog that TJ . Maxx had gone online as soon as I found out.

This fabulous dolman slleeve top with green houndstooth print around the collar and down the sleeves is one of three things I purchased from my first TJ Maxx online ventrue.

image of Lurex Stripe Dolman Dressimage of Jacquard Dolman Sleeve Sweater

My top is no longer available , remember I buy things on clearance most times…. So I decided to show you this dolman sleeve dress on clearance with two color choices  for just $20.00 and  this top which comes in three colors for just $15.00

So Dear Readers, Do you like a Dolman Sleeve? .

Just a reminder, I do not receive any benefits to suggesting anything on my blog and do so for your convienence.


I love that I just happened to have the same shade of green long sleeved t-shirt to layer under this.  

The paisley skinny cords were purchased from Kohl’s clearanced for just $7.20.  I love getting things off season at such great prices. I may have had to wait a few months to wear these, but it was well worth the savings.  

 Dear Readers, thank you for letting me share my love of green and the memories that go along with it. One of the reasons I can’t wait to see Ireland is due to the vast green lands!  I will definitely have to take advantage of that for background photos and plan outfits that will work well with that background!  

Writing about green and Ireland and making the words my signature orange, made my wonderful ADD brain think of one of my favotire Irish Rovers Songs….

The Orange and the Green 


I am grateful that today was a much better day with the hot flashes( not gone but much better)  and that the wicking work out gear I bought as PJ’s worked well for the night sweats last night.   FYI also taking Estroven with Melantonin for night and Mood & Memory version for daytime.  Have ordered Hawthorn capsules which where suggested to work as well.  

I am grateful that I am opting to go to bed earlier in order to make sure I get enough sleep and that my children are pitching in to clean the kitchen! 

I am grateful for my ADD brain and that I finished wrting this blog listening to a variety of Irish Rovers songs, which are all just so whimsical and fun!

I am grateful that I came up eith a new plan for homeschooling that my son seems willing to embrace – I made  a chart on the white board with how many lessons in each subject he must complete in a week and have asked him to decide his own daily schedule making sure it is all done by Friday.  I know that when my children took responsibility for their own education they all took pride and did better! 

Dear Readers, Have a Wonderful Weekend and I hope you all spend it to bring joy to your lives and recharge for the next week!!!! 

I’ve really been itching to show this Inspiration because i am not at all skilled in the

versatility of styling a simple white blouse!

That’s something I want to change for this Season!

Linkiing Up Today with Style Journey and  Vodka Infused Lemonade


A striped skirt, crisp white blouse and jean jacket, now that’s an Outfit Formula

that anyone could take and make their own.

I just happen to have my Target thrifted skirt in the same colors, but don’t let that stop you!

The Closet Shopper

This is Tracy from A Closet Shopper and another over 40 Fabulous Blogger!

This works well for Fall Temperatures, but I could winterize this easily.


I already made it a Fall combo by adding navy tights…I also added a belt to book end the boots.

My maximalist personality wanted to add a green bubble necklace and leave off the belt ,but i restrained myself.

For winter I would wear taller boots and a scarf.   


It was windy taking the photos, a true Fall feeling day!  We’ve waited long enough! 

There really is something special about a crisp white blouse and I hate to admit it ,but it’s one of the most under used tops in my wardrobe.  I have vowed to change that and in fact am thinking of begiinning a weekly post of how to style a white blouse .

Dear Readers, I have a year of blogging under my belt and have done a great job in recreating a wardrobe from scratch. i feel like I’ve reached a stage where I want to begin living up to the name of my blog and show more versatility and ways to really mix and match items in my closet more.  This means I am going to make a shift in buying and thrifting.  I am consdiering a low monthly budget to stick to and can either use ti thrifting or on a retail priced item.  I feel it’s time to follow my oldest son’s methodology of studying the trends and really sitting with them awhile to find what I want to add into my classics.  I will be thinking this new direction over for the next few months and probably roll it out in January.

 If there is anything you my dear readers would like more of from me, please speak up while i’m in this planning stage!


Feel like this is one of my signature poses and was missing so had to add it in! 


I am grateful that my daughter had a succesful interview and regardless of whether she gets the job, the training she is going through is relevant to her field and valuable.  (She has to take a test next week)

I am grateful that I pushed forward and accomplished a full homeschooling day despite this new onset of hot flasshes and night sweats,,, day 4

I am grateful to forum members who offered me some suggestions like Hawthorne Capsules , going to go buy some right now. 

I am grateful to have gone this long without hot flashes as my sister had them much younger than this!

I am grateful to be a stay at home mother so I can nap if need be due to sleep interruption. 

I am immnesely grateful and may say this too many times, but can’t help it… for discovering the Sequential Spelling series and how well it is working for my son and the relief I feel to know that I am doing everything to make up for what the school failed to provide- phonetics and sequential spelling ( not the place to get on my soap box , but bursting to say that I firmly beleive that schools are creating “learning disabilities” in reading due to their style of teaching it!)  

 I am grateful that my almost 18 year old (Nov 17) is fully enjoying his senior year and feels like he is learning  things of value for the first time ( sports anatomy class and college englsh writing) . 

Angie over at You Look Fab offers great advice on outfit Formulas

And today’s post is my demonstrating her newest one,

A Hooded Sweatshirt Under a Blazer

Linking up with  The Pleated Poppy today!


I must confess, I don’t own any hooded sweatshirts that would work for this look. The key is that it has to be a thinner version, but that didn’t stop me from jumping right in to join the fun of trying out the formula..

I borrowed this jacket from my daughter!  


I love the casual ,but put together look of this formula.  Since I chose a ponte knit jacket with 3/4 sleeves,  I opted to style it by cuffing the sweatshirt sleeves over the jacket.  Throwing the hood over the jacket finishes off the look.


I think with the coloring and pattern of this outfit , it really is a spectacular fall combo! 

I had a lot of fun trying this out and think I would definitely do it again,.

I wonder what black or colored jeans would do for this combo?  Trying those ways would make a fresh take on the formula and I could create it several ways without looking repetitive.


I love a chance to wear Red lipstick and carry a red purse!

Dear Readers,  So what do you think of this forumla?  Could you do this for a Mom on the Go or weekend casual look?  Any ideas on how you would make this your own?  


I am grateful that I got my photos done early today and that I skipped a post yesterday, needed the break!

I am grateful that my daughter got so excited about a job opportunity I pointed her way.

I am grateful that I went back to bed after initially waking up and caught another 2 hours of sleep.

I am grateful that  I maintained last week’s weight which it the lowest I gone to in this game of gaining and losing the same 3 pounds over again.  Maintaining the lowest two weeks in a row is a first!

I am grateful for the You Look Fab Forum and all the things I learn from Angie! 

I spent last week writing about Happiness Tools, 

things you can do to create more joy in your life.

I was motivated by the coming of winter when so many are faced with less sun and colder temps , that can lead to higher rates of depression. 

My Previous Posts can be Found, Here, Here, Here and Here.

Linking Up with Visible Monday and My Style Monday!


Movie Date Night – My 17 year old said, “Looks like Fall!” I hugged him and told him that was a perfect compliment!

To complete the Happiness Tools Series I would like to mention three more that have been a huge part of my toolbox for most of my life.   They are Music with Dancing, Loving Myself,  and the God Grant Me the Serentiy Prayer.

Music and Dancing has been one I use whenever I need a pick me up.  My kids just laugh at me,but they love seeing me happy, so sometimes join in.  After my mother died I was in a lot of pain and turned to spiritual music of Claudia Carawan who I was lucky enough to meet and see my friend put together a music video for More Than You Know.  The woman at the gate and tiniest ballerina are my best friend and her daughter ( now 7).   

My husband and I use to do dance party nights with our children and it was always so much fun! I like this tool as it is one to use whenever needed and gives immediate results.  Whether alone or with others,it still works.


There is a fine line in fashion between Bookending and being too Matchy-Match

Others may think my boots and jacket crossover to be too matching, but I really have to say that I like matching!

My Next Happiness Tool is Loving Myself and this was my father’s legacy! He took me for walks and talked to me so much about wanting me to have that in my life. Loving myself is all about accepting all the parts of me and if I make a mistake to not beat myself up, but to forgive myself and move forward.  They say people who talk negatively to themselves do so a hundred times a day.  I can’t even imagine how painful that must be although I do see others doing so.  Being as kind to ourselves as we are to others is a huge key to happiness!  

We can get off track and forget this sometimes if we carry the burden of something others have said with us. I don’t let what others say bother me much and use the phrase, “Consider the Source”  meaning would I seek their opinion.  There will always be people who because of their own journey try to dump on you, Steeling yourself from this is key to being happy. 

If I teach my children only one thing this would be my desire!


Dear Readers, My Last Tool for Happiness would be to remember the God Grant me the Serentiy Prayer. Remembering to control what I can control and releasing everything else is the greatest gift my mother gave me. There is another great gift from her, but it doesn’t fit this discussion so will save for later.   Letting go of things not in your control and accepting that there are those things that aren’t really is a huge tool that I wanted to share last with you , as like the dancing one it can be used with immediate results.   

I hope you enjoyed this series as I have enjoyed writing it !  

Here is a Link to the Article I used for the previous tools I listed


I am grateful that my husband had a successful work week with three deals and is trying hard to make up for last month and get back into earning us our first ever Cruise Vacation.

I am grateful that my husband texted me Saturday and told me to dress up for a movie night.

I am grateful that as soon as our movie ended and we were in the car, we listened to the radio of when the World Series play off game took a turn and the Red Socksscored four runs taking the score to 2-5 and the joy as my Husband’s team made it to the World Series.   it was incredible to hear that crowd! 

I am grateful that it’s football Season and my husband and I spent the day watching game of our rival teams! (next week we will be on opposite couches as our teams play each other!) 

 I was missing my mother like crazy last week, don’t know why ,

it’s been over four years and it just happens out of the blue. 

While searching on Ebay, I came across this necklace and felt her presence, as she comes to me in butterflies. I loved that while walking with my niece this summer we had a butterfly follow us  most of the way and she got to feel that with me! 

This necklace was just something that I was attracted to, and my daughter is making fun of me about.

She is saying it looks like a symbol associated with Superman movie….

Now for my Goodwill Finds


Prior to losing weight, I steered clear of maxi dresses, I just thaouthg as a wider petite it highlighted that! 

I love this fun one that even has pockets!!!! 

Keeping my fingers crossed that somehow my husband earns us that cruise, so I can wear this! 



This is one of three dresses I picked up for just $3.50 each


They are from Target , brand  new with tags.

Made from a wonderful Rayon and Spandex blend


I am giving an orange one (I bought two of this one) and the cobalt one to a dear friend who is a single mother, looking to start a job soon.  i plan to style mine over the Fall/Winter with layers .


I loved the number of colors in this top that would make it a very versatile addition to my wardrobe.



I just can’t resist picking these vests up when I find them as they are expensive in retail stores.

At Goodwill they are priced at $4.99 but if it’s the colored tag of the week it’s 50% off.

It’s a good thing I give some to a dear freind, as this could be getting out of hand!

Dear Readers, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I’ll be back next week wrapping up my Toods for Happiness Series.


I am grateful that a friend and I went down to the beach boardwalk for a long walk and nice chat.

I am grateful that on the way to her GRE at 6 am   this morning, my daughter had to turn back and grab her car due to car trouble, allowing me a quick hug and wishing her luck on getting a seat.  (this test is one specific to her major to boost her chances of getting into a Phd program and she missed the registration date, so with seats left it is first come first served…) 

I am grateful that my daughter plans well and her plan to get there super early allowed them to turn back and grab the car with plenty of time to still get the testing site way early.

I am grateful that while on my walk at the beach, that my son cleaned up and I came home to an empty sink! 

I was really wanting some colored pointed toe pumps to add a pop of color to outfits.

so I  went online to Payless 

Womens Comfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Janine Pointy Toe Pump

Cobalt fits right in with my wardrobe

Womens Comfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Janine Pointy Toe Pump

These are actually more of a darker red-orange in person

Womens Comfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Janine Pointy Toe Pump

These Comfort Plus line really is just that, comfortable 
I have the rounded toe version in nude and navy . 

I highly recommend these if you are looking for comfort at a good price point! 

Isaac Mizrahi Live! Gored Leather Riding Boot w/ Buckle Detail

Issaac Mizrahi Grey Riding boots .  I love the grey to wear with grey leggings and my snakeskin skinnies to extend the leg line without breaking it up and making me look shorter, the way black boots can…


These navy and tan hiking boots are my favorite thrift store find in a long while!  I need hiking boots for the Ireland trip and was literally pouting over spending money on a pair of ugly brown ones that I wouldn’t get much other use out of.  I went to the Salvation Army store with a friend and heard my ‘angel guide’ telling me to go look at shoes and to keep going when I wanted to stop looking, even directed me to the top of a clothing rack that had shoes.   After years of this voice leading me to success I followed.  You can not even imagine my delight as I picked up these boots and saw they were half a size larger than my size!  An 8 is what my daughter wears, so she can use them too!  Just $12.99 and these brand new boots from an Alaskan Outdoor company, Noatak were mine.

I love them so much that I couldn’t take them off once I got home and wore them until I went to bed….. This Ireland trip is really sinking in!  


These purple pumps were found this week  at Goodwill for just $5

A great addition for my desire of colored pumps.

Dear Readers, I love getting new shoes!  Now the pressure is on to style them all right away!!!! Unless I find them thrifiting, I am not planning to add in any more right now.   Are there any shoes on your wish list right now?  If so what are they?  

I will be posting Lucky Finds Clothing Edition tomorrow and more Happiness Tools next week. 

Have a wonderful Weekend and Don’t forget to Take Care of Yourself and Up your Happiness Levels!  


Okay I know this is my inner 8 year old speaking, but I am grateful to share my hiking boot find with you as I’ve been bursting from having to wait….

I am grateful to my kids for reminding me of my weight loss goals.  

I am grateful for a good night’s sleep, I actually did 2 guided meditation sessions yesterday and slept unitl 10 a. m. 

I am grateful for a later start to my husband’s day and the extra sleep he had today and that we had time to eat breakfast and chat this morning (thursday) 

I am grateful for YouTube and all the people who post educational videos as they are helpful in

homeschooling an audiory learner. 

I am grateful that I fought through my son’s stubborness to write sentences and that when he finally succumbed and went to work that he called each sentence out to me as he wrote them and sounded so proud of himself. 


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