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Happiness Tools- Social Time and Going Outside.

Posted on: October 16, 2013

After a week of Rainy days , I felt inspired to write Tools for Happiness series because

I realize that winter is coming and the lack of sunlight and cold in certain regions can lead to depression.  

The first two posts can be found Here and Here


After 6 weeks of skipping my Weight Watcher meetings due to migraines, sinus headachses and starteing up homeschooling again, I went back today and lost 3lbs.

Social time is definitely an important tool for happiness.  I’ve always said that balance is important and taught my children to work hard and play hard.  I worry that my daughter worked so hard in college, but didn’t balance the social time.  I think this tool alone is among the most importantof them all. Stay at home parents and those who work from home or elderly who are homebound need this more than others , yet are at most risk of not getting enough of it.   Social time makes us better people and is better for marriages and work productivity. It doesn’t have to be expensive, my husband and I have more fun going to a friend’s house and sitting around their fire pit chatting late into the night.

So, Call up a friend you haven’t seen in awhle and make a lunch date or take an elderly parent or friend to a movie. It’s Football Season,  so invite  friends and family to watch a game together or anything else you love to do! 


This corduroy jacket is one I’ve had forever and really love, It has a good amount of stretch in it and is so comfortable!   The dress is by Max Studio and the empire seaming and A-line shape are perfect.  Dooney and Bourke purse was a gift from a dear friend!

The next Tool for Happiness is for you to Go Outside!  Twenty minutes a day in the outdoors is the recommended amount.  I say if you work where smoker’s get breaks, go outside away from them and  breathe in some fresh air.  I read awhile ago that standing barefoot in grass for 10 to 15 minutes a day helps boost your mood, so if your game go ahead and try that!!!  I vividly remember the winter we lived in MA when I came home for Christmas and threw off my coat and went for an hour walk to just soak up some sun. If you are living where winters are tough taking extra care to add in happiness is key. Going outdoors in freezing temps is not the tool for you, but one o fthose special lights to mimic the sun could be very effective replacement. I love that I live so close to some stores and it’s nothing for me to make an excuse to take a short walk for something at the grocery store and it really does feel good.  As a homeschooling mohter, some days this is our salvation!  We like each other better and work more effectively if things weren’t working out. 


Dear Readers , so far we’ve talked about, Gratitude,  Plannning a Vacation, exercise, meditation, sleep, social time and going outside as tools to increase happiness.  Out of those choices how many do you find yourself incorporating in your life.  Or is there one you would like to make a better effort and incorporating.  I must say that out of those I am in pretty good shape since the meditation helped my sleeping.

 Dear Readers, blow up my comments for the day with any suggestions you have for Social Time so others can read and benefit from all the ideas I know you have! 

Tomorrow is Pinterest Inspiration Day and more Happiness Tools so don’t forget to stop by! 


I am grateful that I committed to making it to my WW meeting today.

I am grateful to the boost my WW meeeting gives me- (social time) 

I am grateful for time with my friend after the meeting for thrifitng and a trip to TJ  Maxx.

I am grateful that my son had enough Papa John’s points for a free pizza, so no cooking tonight! 

I am grateful that I am writing these tools for happiness as it is thought provoking to take care of myself! 


4 Responses to "Happiness Tools- Social Time and Going Outside."

These are all some really great tips. I can’t agree more about getting outside even for just a few minutes. It can boost your mood tremendously. Also, social time is so important. Just for me going to Zumba is enough to get that little bit of social interaction and recharge my batteries.

With Zumba classes you get both the exercise and social time in one! You’ve had weddings and the events leading up to them lately that are wonderful family events that bring happiness into our lives!

Very cute dress and looks nice with the boots. I definitely need to clear my treadmill of clothes and unfold it….and then actually get ON it…more that just to climb OVER it to get back and forth to my computer…as usually happens until I just give up and fold it back up again. lol
I hear you on those same 2-3 pounds too. They just come and they go…on repeat. But you did remarkable if you lost 3 and hadn’t done a WW weight in for 6 wks!

Hey, I have one of those, but it’s convered in my husband’s clothes!

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