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Happiness Tools- My 3 Personal Ones

Posted on: October 20, 2013

I spent last week writing about Happiness Tools, 

things you can do to create more joy in your life.

I was motivated by the coming of winter when so many are faced with less sun and colder temps , that can lead to higher rates of depression. 

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Movie Date Night – My 17 year old said, “Looks like Fall!” I hugged him and told him that was a perfect compliment!

To complete the Happiness Tools Series I would like to mention three more that have been a huge part of my toolbox for most of my life.   They are Music with Dancing, Loving Myself,  and the God Grant Me the Serentiy Prayer.

Music and Dancing has been one I use whenever I need a pick me up.  My kids just laugh at me,but they love seeing me happy, so sometimes join in.  After my mother died I was in a lot of pain and turned to spiritual music of Claudia Carawan who I was lucky enough to meet and see my friend put together a music video for More Than You Know.  The woman at the gate and tiniest ballerina are my best friend and her daughter ( now 7).   

My husband and I use to do dance party nights with our children and it was always so much fun! I like this tool as it is one to use whenever needed and gives immediate results.  Whether alone or with others,it still works.


There is a fine line in fashion between Bookending and being too Matchy-Match

Others may think my boots and jacket crossover to be too matching, but I really have to say that I like matching!

My Next Happiness Tool is Loving Myself and this was my father’s legacy! He took me for walks and talked to me so much about wanting me to have that in my life. Loving myself is all about accepting all the parts of me and if I make a mistake to not beat myself up, but to forgive myself and move forward.  They say people who talk negatively to themselves do so a hundred times a day.  I can’t even imagine how painful that must be although I do see others doing so.  Being as kind to ourselves as we are to others is a huge key to happiness!  

We can get off track and forget this sometimes if we carry the burden of something others have said with us. I don’t let what others say bother me much and use the phrase, “Consider the Source”  meaning would I seek their opinion.  There will always be people who because of their own journey try to dump on you, Steeling yourself from this is key to being happy. 

If I teach my children only one thing this would be my desire!


Dear Readers, My Last Tool for Happiness would be to remember the God Grant me the Serentiy Prayer. Remembering to control what I can control and releasing everything else is the greatest gift my mother gave me. There is another great gift from her, but it doesn’t fit this discussion so will save for later.   Letting go of things not in your control and accepting that there are those things that aren’t really is a huge tool that I wanted to share last with you , as like the dancing one it can be used with immediate results.   

I hope you enjoyed this series as I have enjoyed writing it !  

Here is a Link to the Article I used for the previous tools I listed


I am grateful that my husband had a successful work week with three deals and is trying hard to make up for last month and get back into earning us our first ever Cruise Vacation.

I am grateful that my husband texted me Saturday and told me to dress up for a movie night.

I am grateful that as soon as our movie ended and we were in the car, we listened to the radio of when the World Series play off game took a turn and the Red Socksscored four runs taking the score to 2-5 and the joy as my Husband’s team made it to the World Series.   it was incredible to hear that crowd! 

I am grateful that it’s football Season and my husband and I spent the day watching game of our rival teams! (next week we will be on opposite couches as our teams play each other!) 


15 Responses to "Happiness Tools- My 3 Personal Ones"

Hey, Tracey. I’m loving that jacket, and it looks great with the dress. You know, I never totally got away from matchy/matchy either.

Thanks, I think the younger generation sees matchy/match as something negative, but it’s comforting and visually pleasing to me!

Dance is a great happy tool! I couldnt agree more. Love my Zumba classes.

Well with Zumba class you could be getting the benefit of several Happiness tools including exercize and socializing!

Tracey, I love this outfit. I like to match as well. I find it’s more of a classic look which appeals to me. I do like to try trends on occasion too though and you’ve done a wonderful job of achieving both classic and trend in this look …. classic with your matching boots/jacket AND trend with your smart pattern mixing in scarf/dress.

Thank you so much! Your point about classic and on trend is perfect!

I think this is my favorite outfit of yours so far, Tracey! I love it and the jacket it great! I also love your attitude…keep spreading the joy!!

This is such a great look and screams fall

Yup, I must be part of the older generation because I LOVE that your boots go so well with your jacket! What a beautiful rich fall color!

Interesting that you pointed out music and dancing as a pick me up. This past week I was in a horrible mood until I blasted some old 90’s music in my car and drove home with the windows open and the wind in my hair. (You can do that when it’s still 80 degrees outside in the in fall.) It really does help, and I need to remember that trick more often instead of turning to chocolate! 😉

Yes, think my age group doesn’t mind the matching!
Thanks for sharing you music story and sure beats chocolate that goes to my thighs anyday!

I like the scarf and the pattern together ~

Popped by from Vis Monday

Oh, dancing is such an uplifting expression! Your posts always remind me that the little things aren’t so little after all! Thank you for that.

I think you look stylish in this outfit. I love the different fabrications that all play within a similar colour palette. And, I’m totally in with matching your jacket to your boots. You look awesome! I know I do it too.

You look fabulous in your leather jacket! Not at all problematic when you match your boots for winter. Pretty dress and beautiful accessories on you! I just bought similar and meant to show it this week … also close-but not-quite-matching booties, but am up to my butt in plumbing and heating issues! Send good repair-vibe thoughts, please!

Sending good vibes that your housing issues get resolved quickly and without huge expense!

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