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Posted on: October 24, 2013

I’ve really been itching to show this Inspiration because i am not at all skilled in the

versatility of styling a simple white blouse!

That’s something I want to change for this Season!

Linkiing Up Today with Style Journey and  Vodka Infused Lemonade


A striped skirt, crisp white blouse and jean jacket, now that’s an Outfit Formula

that anyone could take and make their own.

I just happen to have my Target thrifted skirt in the same colors, but don’t let that stop you!

The Closet Shopper

This is Tracy from A Closet Shopper and another over 40 Fabulous Blogger!

This works well for Fall Temperatures, but I could winterize this easily.


I already made it a Fall combo by adding navy tights…I also added a belt to book end the boots.

My maximalist personality wanted to add a green bubble necklace and leave off the belt ,but i restrained myself.

For winter I would wear taller boots and a scarf.   


It was windy taking the photos, a true Fall feeling day!  We’ve waited long enough! 

There really is something special about a crisp white blouse and I hate to admit it ,but it’s one of the most under used tops in my wardrobe.  I have vowed to change that and in fact am thinking of begiinning a weekly post of how to style a white blouse .

Dear Readers, I have a year of blogging under my belt and have done a great job in recreating a wardrobe from scratch. i feel like I’ve reached a stage where I want to begin living up to the name of my blog and show more versatility and ways to really mix and match items in my closet more.  This means I am going to make a shift in buying and thrifting.  I am consdiering a low monthly budget to stick to and can either use ti thrifting or on a retail priced item.  I feel it’s time to follow my oldest son’s methodology of studying the trends and really sitting with them awhile to find what I want to add into my classics.  I will be thinking this new direction over for the next few months and probably roll it out in January.

 If there is anything you my dear readers would like more of from me, please speak up while i’m in this planning stage!


Feel like this is one of my signature poses and was missing so had to add it in! 


I am grateful that my daughter had a succesful interview and regardless of whether she gets the job, the training she is going through is relevant to her field and valuable.  (She has to take a test next week)

I am grateful that I pushed forward and accomplished a full homeschooling day despite this new onset of hot flasshes and night sweats,,, day 4

I am grateful to forum members who offered me some suggestions like Hawthorne Capsules , going to go buy some right now. 

I am grateful to have gone this long without hot flashes as my sister had them much younger than this!

I am grateful to be a stay at home mother so I can nap if need be due to sleep interruption. 

I am immnesely grateful and may say this too many times, but can’t help it… for discovering the Sequential Spelling series and how well it is working for my son and the relief I feel to know that I am doing everything to make up for what the school failed to provide- phonetics and sequential spelling ( not the place to get on my soap box , but bursting to say that I firmly beleive that schools are creating “learning disabilities” in reading due to their style of teaching it!)  

 I am grateful that my almost 18 year old (Nov 17) is fully enjoying his senior year and feels like he is learning  things of value for the first time ( sports anatomy class and college englsh writing) . 


12 Responses to "Pinterest Inspiration"

I don’t know where I would be without my white blouses. When all else fails, just put it on under a vest, cardigan, v-sweater, blazer, etc. I have them in all sleeve lengths. I love your blue and green combinations.

Isn’t it funny that it just skipped my mind that a white blouse can be worn with just about anything? So glad I woke up! It truly is a failsafe…

I really like your recreation of this outfit! Great striped skirt.

A crisp white blouse is the best
You did a great job re-creating Tracey’s look
I love her to death and actually got to meet her when I was in California last fall

I just discovered her blog after I saw that photo on Go chic or go home. I can’t wait for the day I get to meet a reader or blogger.

Lovely skirt! Way wonderful!

Did you also see that I am hosting a new Fashion Blog hop on Friday’s now? It is up and running and I would love to have you aboard. Check it and see? ♥

Thank you so much for this. You are too sweet. It’s so funny, I was looking at my old blog posts the other day and stopped on this one and was all, damn I like that. Haha. You look amazing. Love it with tights.


What a great skirt and I love how you layered the look.

Great job recreating the look. Love that denim jacket — the fit looks amazing.

This is an ADORABLE outfit Tracey!! You look amazing too.

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