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Weigh In Day

Posted on: November 6, 2013

As per usual time for a Dress to weigh in at my Weight Watcher Meeting

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy And Wardrobe Wedenesday


Our Leader joked about it being a pink day ,as their were so many of us sporting that color today! 

My weight stayed the same and I am happy about that as I ate Halloween Candy!

We had a great meeting talking about slowing down and eating slower. This is great advice and when you do eat slower putting your fork down between bites and taking  a sip of water, chewing your food 20-30 times eating becomes a different experience.   I call this conscious or mindful eating and highly recommend it.  It is a trick of thin people and one  I used before my weight gain.  You will be surprised how much it increases the pleasure and flavors .

IMG_2363  Wish I had a stylist fixing my one wisp of hair out of place during photo shoots…

Another buzz around our meeting is the advice of Dr. Oz to eat Breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a Princess and dinner like a Pauper.  This is referencing the amount of food eaten at each meal with breakfast being the largest since you have all day to burn off the calories.  I think this is probably more important for those of us on the other side of  fourty and challenge you to try this and see if it makes a differenece for you! 


My Target dress I thrifted, Vegan Leather jacket fournd at the Wilson’s Outlet over the summer, Vegan Suede boots bought two season’s ago and my Navy purse.  i’ve had this purse for 4 years now and cherish it as it was my first leather purse purchase when I began taking better care of myself.  

The final disussion in our meeting was one my leader, Melissa does every year about this time of year. She talks about the holidays and what mindset we are going to choose to get through them Her choices were to stand strong and do your best to maintain and not have any gains, to be ok with gaining just a few pounds, or to say , it’s the holidays I am going to thoroughly enjoy it and get back on track afterwards.   She then took out 5lbs of Fat that her trusty butcher provides her with.   A brilliant visual for us to decide which choice we want to make regarding the holidays….

I took a picture to share with you and to remind me that I don’t want any gains over the holidays, but for some reason my cell phone was messing up and I couldn’t get the picture to show you!  

Last year I gained 5lbs between Christmas and New Year’s but not this time! 

Dear Readers, We also talked about how much weight we have lost and the fact that we couldn’t pick that amount up and carry it around with us all day.  I know for a fact that I can hold 50lbs in my hands and lift 25lbs with each arm, but to carry it around for any length of time, NO THANK YOU.  It is a reality check that I had that much more on my tiny frame!  


I am grateful for my WW meeting and lucking into finding this wonderful Leader!

I am greatful that I saw the Leader at the Goodwill store and was able to tell her how brilliant she was today!

I am grateful that I found a great desk chair with lumbar support to replace my old one (Just $5.25) 

I am grateful that after GoodWill my friend and I went home and changed to warmer walking clothes and went for an hour walk at the Oceanfront. ( I wore my rock fit type tennis shoes and really boosted that walk and am feeling it!) 

I am grateful that I ate well all day , as most Tuesdays I use as a cheat day! 


11 Responses to "Weigh In Day"

That’s a great dress. And perfect with those amazing boots!


Thank you! I told my WW leader yesterday that this is my third season with these boots and it’s like Chritmas each time I unpack them as I have them in 3 colors…

I agree with your leader that breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. You look great in this awesome dress. I love pink and gray!

You look so pretty! I have only been following you for about two days & already bought some long boots to wear with dresses or skirts because of you! I have never worn long boots before!! Also, I am on WW so your loss is inspirational for me. I have lost 31 lbs so far …Thanks for a wonderful blog 🙂

Thank you so much for commenting! You made my day! congratualtions on your weight loss!

When I was younger and weighed less, I ate like a bird at dinner and never snacked in the evening. I’ve always been a “morning eater”. But since I am older and married 11 years ago to a man who has always been overweight as an adult, loves my cooking and loves dinner, eats 2-3 platefuls and continues snacking all evening, it’s been a real struggle. I am trying to get back to my natural way of eating now. I can testify, from our example, that big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner is the way to go for a healthy weight. Now I sometimes eat 2 breakfasts in the sense that my morning snack might be as big as my breakfast.

Eating smaller dinners is a diffiicult switch when other family members have a family history and expectation of bigger dinners. I cook for my family and sometimes eat smaller portions or an entirely different dinner for myself all together!

Love that dress and those boots!


Love this chic looking pink/gray ensemble.
These healthy eating tips are sooooo true and ones I really neeeeed to practice. We eat much too quickly (and therefore eat too much) and I would definitely do better to eat my large meal early and then lighter the rest of the day….if I could train myself to do it. When I’ve dieted before I would eat my dinner meal around 3pm and then only a light snack in the evening and it worked wonders! It’s more difficult do do now that someone else is involved in how I plan meals. (And I’ve gained 4 pounds in the past 2 weeks! Yikes! This coming week must be about putting my focus back on healthier eating. I hate having this struggle, but I’m not going to let it get the best of me this time. Thanks for your encouraging helpful blog words! 🙂

It is a struggle that we face several times a day. Facing it consciously is key. Thanks for your comments!

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