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Native American Pow Wow

Posted on: November 10, 2013

Saturday was my second year attending the Pow Wow our local Native Americans put on each November at our Mall. 

This event called for my Boho side to come out and play! 

I tried to do a modern twist by adding the striped top to the long boho skirt and teal vest. 


This sweater knit purse was perfect to complete my boho look and light enough to carry. 

This year’s Pow Wow was amazing! I danced so much more this year. Every opportunity when they invited us to join, I did!  My body is feeling it today. What I love about the PowWow and my respect for our Native American culture is that is  deeply spiritual.  I love the beat of the drums and feel the connection to my heartbeat.  We danced the first dance to honor Veterans and family members of Veterans were encouraged to participate. I danced for my father and felt pride in his being burined at National Arlington Cemetary. The most fun dance is the one where holding hands we follow the lead dancers as they lead us in and out of stores and all through out the mall. I think the kids loved the end when we bring let go of hands and all move to the middle of the circle with our arms held high above our heads and making lots of noise! 


My favorite part of the Pow Wow is when the MC talked about the reverance for women in their culture as being nearest to our creator,  since they themselves are creators of life. The Native American Women did a dance and one woman stood out to me and for some reason brought me to tears.  I didn’t know why, but pointed her out to my friend.  More on that to come later. Back to the respect of women in the Native American culture… The MC told us in his tribe the chiefs wore antlers not the feathered headdresses we see in movies. If the chief was actinng out and the women of the tribe decdided he was not honorable, they could remove his antlers thereby removing him as Chief. 

Can you imagine if women were responsible for choosing our Leaders and Removing him if was not acting HONORABLE ???? 


I had so much fun dancing and just walking around the mall with my skirt swishing and flowing out! 

About 3/4 of the way through the four hour PowWow the women who brought me to tears, came over to talk to my best freind who is Native American and told her that she was called upon by a  guide which she calls by name to tell her that her 7 1/2 year old daughter has a animal totem of a horse, more specifically a white Pinto , which she saw behind her when she danced. She also said that this totem was a life long one for her as they can come and go ,but this one would always stay with her. The child came over and heard the whole discussion and was delighted.  She further explained that the horse represents strong female energy and that her daughter was going to be a leader for women.  Nothing she said surprised me in the least because her mother and I have joked about her running like a horse and that this little girl is a born leader and teacher. The woman ended her conversation by saying that she is surviving cancer.  I loved that terminology as it was apparent that the turban on her head coverd baldness from treatments.  I can’t go too much into their story but this little girl and her mother have been through hell these last four years within the court system that doesn’t protect children under 8 who have been  sexually abused.  After the Pow Wow was over this child declared it , “The best day ever!”

The Pow Wow ended with a young  man  who told the story of his father dying from cancer on the couch in the living room , but just before passing called this son to his side and whispered a Native American Prayer into his ear. He claimed it was the day he became a man and that moment as one that carries him through and that he falls back on often.  I could not help crying at his story and neither could my friend as she has been unable to speak to her father for the past few weeks and fears he has been hospitalized. I cried becausse the last moments I had with my father were right before I went to bed , as he was working on a Good Year Blimp model with my younger brother.  My father wasn’t feeling well, but he had promised and kept his word.  The two of them were laughing and having so much fun. This moment and knowing how much his family meant to him has carried me through these last 35 years. Losing him when I was just 13 taught me to never take for granted people in my life and so many other important things that make me , ME!


Couldn’t help twirling!

After telling this story this man along with the other men in the drum circle sang the prayer and at one point the son lost it and the rest of the men sang louder until he found his voice again.  I looked at my friend and said, “They carried him!”  What was also so amanzing is that the audience moved closer and closer the more emotional this man became and off  to the side the women were dancing in support.  I hugged him afterwards and told him I related to his story and thanked him for finding the strength to perform that for us today.  He hugged me so tight and said , “God bless you and thank you for sharing yourself. ”  

Dear Readers, If you made it through and read this entire post, I salute you! I know it was long, I tried to make it as short as possible.


I am grateful that I danced so much with my friend’s daughter who calls me Auntie Tracey. 

I am grateful that I had an extra surprise as I got to see my brother and niece were at the mall . 

I am grateful to the elder woman who spoke about the animal totem and joy she brought.

I am grateful to my children for cleaning up the kitchen and den for me! 

I am grateful for the woman at the mall who puts on these events and all her hard work.

I am grateful that my husband liked my boho outfit! 

I am grateful to be able to share my fabulous day, but feel I just didnt do it justice as it was a very peaceful and spiritual day! 

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Hope you all have a wonderful Day!


8 Responses to "Native American Pow Wow"

Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories of your day. And you wore the perfect boho twirling outfit. 🙂

I loved reading your stories today! You look fabulous and it sounds like you had so much fun! I love that cute sweater bag too! Susan

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day. I can see how amazing and special it was for you.

This was a beautiful post with beautiful stories all around. You can tell this was a special day for you!

I think you did a great job of bringing out your boho skirt for a day of swishing! I like how you grounded the look with your striped shirt, vest, and suede boots. The local Pow Wow sounds like it was such a unique and meaningful experience!

Thank you and I chose the striped top to modernized a boho look…

I so enjoyed reading about your special day! Your outfit is great & seems very free-spirited! 🙂 So glad you had a fun & meaningful time! Thanks so much!!!

Free spirited is exactly how I feel in boho long skirts! Thank you for commenting!

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