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I stepped into my closet with the intent of wearing one thing and came out with something entirely different!

I wanted to wear these brown pants by Kasper that I’ve had forever and now fit into…

I immediatly thought I’d add my Blush Moto and go for a pink and brown combo


Instead my orange pumps caught my eye and I felt like they were calling out to me. 


I went for the orange and white print tank top and subsituted my initial idea of the blush moto for my creme one. 


I considered adding a long necklace ,  but have been itching to wear more scarves .

I tried the scarf and liked it a lot as it made sense out of the brown pants.

I tried a necklace just to see , but nothing seemed to work as well as the scarf. 

IMG_2420The shoes are a deeper shade and I thought of choosing the red-orange Dooney and Bourke purse, but opted for the lighter shade in the Liz Claiborne one. 

Dear Readers, I love this color combo that feels very much like Fall and the colors

of the falling leaves that blanket the ground.  I loved wearing this outfit and the chance to break out the orange pumps. I also love brown and red for this season!  Do you have color combos that speak to you for certain seasons? 


I am grateful for the fun grocery shopping day I had with my husband on Sunday when I wore this outfit.

I am grateful for the extra day off of homeschooling and having a lazy day.

I am grateful for the nap I let myself take! 

I am grateful that I had pre- made calzones for dinner for an easy low key day. 

Saturday was my second year attending the Pow Wow our local Native Americans put on each November at our Mall. 

This event called for my Boho side to come out and play! 

I tried to do a modern twist by adding the striped top to the long boho skirt and teal vest. 


This sweater knit purse was perfect to complete my boho look and light enough to carry. 

This year’s Pow Wow was amazing! I danced so much more this year. Every opportunity when they invited us to join, I did!  My body is feeling it today. What I love about the PowWow and my respect for our Native American culture is that is  deeply spiritual.  I love the beat of the drums and feel the connection to my heartbeat.  We danced the first dance to honor Veterans and family members of Veterans were encouraged to participate. I danced for my father and felt pride in his being burined at National Arlington Cemetary. The most fun dance is the one where holding hands we follow the lead dancers as they lead us in and out of stores and all through out the mall. I think the kids loved the end when we bring let go of hands and all move to the middle of the circle with our arms held high above our heads and making lots of noise! 


My favorite part of the Pow Wow is when the MC talked about the reverance for women in their culture as being nearest to our creator,  since they themselves are creators of life. The Native American Women did a dance and one woman stood out to me and for some reason brought me to tears.  I didn’t know why, but pointed her out to my friend.  More on that to come later. Back to the respect of women in the Native American culture… The MC told us in his tribe the chiefs wore antlers not the feathered headdresses we see in movies. If the chief was actinng out and the women of the tribe decdided he was not honorable, they could remove his antlers thereby removing him as Chief. 

Can you imagine if women were responsible for choosing our Leaders and Removing him if was not acting HONORABLE ???? 


I had so much fun dancing and just walking around the mall with my skirt swishing and flowing out! 

About 3/4 of the way through the four hour PowWow the women who brought me to tears, came over to talk to my best freind who is Native American and told her that she was called upon by a  guide which she calls by name to tell her that her 7 1/2 year old daughter has a animal totem of a horse, more specifically a white Pinto , which she saw behind her when she danced. She also said that this totem was a life long one for her as they can come and go ,but this one would always stay with her. The child came over and heard the whole discussion and was delighted.  She further explained that the horse represents strong female energy and that her daughter was going to be a leader for women.  Nothing she said surprised me in the least because her mother and I have joked about her running like a horse and that this little girl is a born leader and teacher. The woman ended her conversation by saying that she is surviving cancer.  I loved that terminology as it was apparent that the turban on her head coverd baldness from treatments.  I can’t go too much into their story but this little girl and her mother have been through hell these last four years within the court system that doesn’t protect children under 8 who have been  sexually abused.  After the Pow Wow was over this child declared it , “The best day ever!”

The Pow Wow ended with a young  man  who told the story of his father dying from cancer on the couch in the living room , but just before passing called this son to his side and whispered a Native American Prayer into his ear. He claimed it was the day he became a man and that moment as one that carries him through and that he falls back on often.  I could not help crying at his story and neither could my friend as she has been unable to speak to her father for the past few weeks and fears he has been hospitalized. I cried becausse the last moments I had with my father were right before I went to bed , as he was working on a Good Year Blimp model with my younger brother.  My father wasn’t feeling well, but he had promised and kept his word.  The two of them were laughing and having so much fun. This moment and knowing how much his family meant to him has carried me through these last 35 years. Losing him when I was just 13 taught me to never take for granted people in my life and so many other important things that make me , ME!


Couldn’t help twirling!

After telling this story this man along with the other men in the drum circle sang the prayer and at one point the son lost it and the rest of the men sang louder until he found his voice again.  I looked at my friend and said, “They carried him!”  What was also so amanzing is that the audience moved closer and closer the more emotional this man became and off  to the side the women were dancing in support.  I hugged him afterwards and told him I related to his story and thanked him for finding the strength to perform that for us today.  He hugged me so tight and said , “God bless you and thank you for sharing yourself. ”  

Dear Readers, If you made it through and read this entire post, I salute you! I know it was long, I tried to make it as short as possible.


I am grateful that I danced so much with my friend’s daughter who calls me Auntie Tracey. 

I am grateful that I had an extra surprise as I got to see my brother and niece were at the mall . 

I am grateful to the elder woman who spoke about the animal totem and joy she brought.

I am grateful to my children for cleaning up the kitchen and den for me! 

I am grateful for the woman at the mall who puts on these events and all her hard work.

I am grateful that my husband liked my boho outfit! 

I am grateful to be able to share my fabulous day, but feel I just didnt do it justice as it was a very peaceful and spiritual day! 

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Hope you all have a wonderful Day!

Yesterday I showed a Pinterest look that I wanted to copy, but due to the plans of my day, had to switch it up …

While going through my Pinterest Boards I found this:

Linking up with Penniles Socialite , go see other fabulous fashion bloggers.

Casual Date NightI remember wishing I had tights on with the length of this dress!  

cute outfit idea.

This was the original Inspiration I chose , yesterday!  

Now the grey scarf, silver jewelry and flat riding boots are all changes I would make to it closer to this, 

but I thought it was funny that I had already  done a combo similar. 

Since I twisted my neck by sleeping weird, I spent the day barely moving my head and getting relief by warming rice in a sock, which works, I didn’t get dressed today.

Thought it would be fun to show you this….

I did this look not long ago and wasn’t happy with how the burgundy boots seemed to weigh me down due to the light pinks on top.  


I went back the next day and put it together with this scarf to see if it would help bookend the 

darkness of the burgundy boots.

Since the Jewelry I ordered Oct. 4th from Ebay finally arrived today, I thought I would share!

I swear the stuff coming from out of country seemed to have been messed up due to the Government Shutdown as my daughter ordered things around that same time with similar results. 

Occident Fashion Punk Alloy Crystal Hollow Out Leopard Tassel Charms Necklace | eBay

I love this and you will probably be seeing this often!

I thought my daughter would like one of these …

I ordered one in silvertones as well! 

Dear Readers, It was kind of fun finding things to fill a post that didn’t involve my outfit of the day or in this case my pj’s since I never got out of them…  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I am planning to go to the mall where they are hosting an Indian PowWow.  I went last year and loved it, so going again! 


I am grateful that the Ibuprofen and hot rice pack helped my sore neck muscle ( I took a nap and reactivated it)

I am grateful for a lazy day, hanging out in my pj’s and ordering the kids a pizza for dinner! 

I am grateful that my daughter is excited about her new job with Learning Rx as both a tester and trainer, so much better than subsitute teaching she had originally planned.

I am grateful for the strength of the human spirit and bearing witness to how strong even a young child 

can stand when forced to face her abuser 

I’ve been looking forward to putting this look together!

An outfit of classic basics that Rocks!

What’s more classic than a black dress, jean jacket and black riding boots…

Add in a grey scarf and silver jewelry and Taa, Daa! 

Linking up with Pinned It and Did It  

cute outfit idea.


If you are a regular reader you know any  skirt or dress outfit makes my heart sing

and my sassy side come out to play! 

Unfortunately my plans didn’t match the day I had , so I had to make a  switch!


Real life required I switch to pants and flats, so I opted to pair it with my Cobalt blazer to cheer me up! 


Dear Readers, I love doing looks like this  dress I chose from Pinterest that are so easy and  one many of you could make your own. So it begs the question,  ” Do you like a casual black dress with a jean jacket and riding boots? ” Despite my change in outfits to match my real life, I hope you found inspiration anyway! 

Temps tomorrow are suppose to be 75, but raining! 


I am grateful that after a slow start, my homescholing chilld finiished his work today.

I am grateful for the kind , compassionate and loving people in my life.

I am grateful to my parents for loving me and teaching me how to love.

I am grateful for the difficult people in my life who make me glad  I’m me! 

I am grateful for the wonderful conversations with my adult children that happen daily!

As per usual time for a Dress to weigh in at my Weight Watcher Meeting

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy And Wardrobe Wedenesday


Our Leader joked about it being a pink day ,as their were so many of us sporting that color today! 

My weight stayed the same and I am happy about that as I ate Halloween Candy!

We had a great meeting talking about slowing down and eating slower. This is great advice and when you do eat slower putting your fork down between bites and taking  a sip of water, chewing your food 20-30 times eating becomes a different experience.   I call this conscious or mindful eating and highly recommend it.  It is a trick of thin people and one  I used before my weight gain.  You will be surprised how much it increases the pleasure and flavors .

IMG_2363  Wish I had a stylist fixing my one wisp of hair out of place during photo shoots…

Another buzz around our meeting is the advice of Dr. Oz to eat Breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a Princess and dinner like a Pauper.  This is referencing the amount of food eaten at each meal with breakfast being the largest since you have all day to burn off the calories.  I think this is probably more important for those of us on the other side of  fourty and challenge you to try this and see if it makes a differenece for you! 


My Target dress I thrifted, Vegan Leather jacket fournd at the Wilson’s Outlet over the summer, Vegan Suede boots bought two season’s ago and my Navy purse.  i’ve had this purse for 4 years now and cherish it as it was my first leather purse purchase when I began taking better care of myself.  

The final disussion in our meeting was one my leader, Melissa does every year about this time of year. She talks about the holidays and what mindset we are going to choose to get through them Her choices were to stand strong and do your best to maintain and not have any gains, to be ok with gaining just a few pounds, or to say , it’s the holidays I am going to thoroughly enjoy it and get back on track afterwards.   She then took out 5lbs of Fat that her trusty butcher provides her with.   A brilliant visual for us to decide which choice we want to make regarding the holidays….

I took a picture to share with you and to remind me that I don’t want any gains over the holidays, but for some reason my cell phone was messing up and I couldn’t get the picture to show you!  

Last year I gained 5lbs between Christmas and New Year’s but not this time! 

Dear Readers, We also talked about how much weight we have lost and the fact that we couldn’t pick that amount up and carry it around with us all day.  I know for a fact that I can hold 50lbs in my hands and lift 25lbs with each arm, but to carry it around for any length of time, NO THANK YOU.  It is a reality check that I had that much more on my tiny frame!  


I am grateful for my WW meeting and lucking into finding this wonderful Leader!

I am greatful that I saw the Leader at the Goodwill store and was able to tell her how brilliant she was today!

I am grateful that I found a great desk chair with lumbar support to replace my old one (Just $5.25) 

I am grateful that after GoodWill my friend and I went home and changed to warmer walking clothes and went for an hour walk at the Oceanfront. ( I wore my rock fit type tennis shoes and really boosted that walk and am feeling it!) 

I am grateful that I ate well all day , as most Tuesdays I use as a cheat day! 

It’s finally cold enough to let the layering begin! 

I just had to start it off with my thrifted Blackwatch plaid jacket by Pendelton


This jacket is one of my favorite find’s thrifting from last year!  


This is the newest in my scarf addiction bought this past weekend at F21.

While standing in line with it, a woman near my age rage in front of me in line, loved it so much

she left the line after getting directions from me on where to find it.

I am doing a  No – Buy November so time to play with things i have in my closet.  


The scarf is the only new piece for the season in this outfit. 


This is one way I wore it last season…

I would like to wear it with a navy dress and the navy boots picutured above. 

I also think my green and navy striped skirt are going to make a pairing with this jacket this season.

Dear Readers, Do  you have wear something the next season and remember how much you loved it? Do you think of other ways you can style it?  I find myself doing that a lot wearing something and then the creative juices start flowing of other ways to wear it.  I love when that happens!  


I am grateful to have signed on for the two challenges this month, No Repeat November and  Fall into Fitness 30 day challenge.    Today'[s exercize was my Fluidity Ballet Bar workout

I am grateful for the compassion and kindness of my children

I am grateful for the love of my best friend and a wonderfully loving conversation that was much needed today.

I am grateful for the definitive answer to a problem I’ve been struggling with.

I am grateful for exercize and how much it helps me in so many ways. 

I am grateful for the relationship with my sister in law who by now can finish my sentences. 

I am grateful that I was able to sing happy birthday and chat with my niece today! 

Weekends are for relaxing and today’s outfit works for a lazy Sunday Watching Football! 

Linking up with Visible Monday and Monday Bloom

Joining the Fall into Fitness Challenge!

Went Mall Walking Friday and Saturday, Resitstance Bands and Weigths on Sunday. 


A floral tunic, cozy sweater, straight jeans and Aeresole mules……

I love this retro floral printed dress I thrifted and wear as a tunic.  

It works for my boho side! 


With Daylight’s savings time I have to figure out when to take photos under my favorite tree

without getting the sunlight in my face. 

This Cozy sweater from Ebay for about $32 including shipping, 

 is definitely going to be a workhorse in my wardrobe

on days when I am hanging around the house.


I love adding headbands to further emphasize my boho side….

Dear Readers, Cozy sweaters are my favorite thing to wear during fall and winter at home.  I actually ordered a second one of these in the burgundy color and it arrived this week and I will definitely wear this one just as much. I can’t help thinking they will be great layering pieces for the Ireland trip next year as well. 

Do you you have a go to piece that makes you feel cozy in Fall/Winter? 


I am grateful for a weekend spent with girlfriends.

I am grateful for a fun afternnon with my guys yesterday.

I am grateful that my husband cooked a wonderful Prime Rib dinner on the grill Saturday night.

I am grateful for a chance to pay it forward and honor my mother by buying shoes for my friend’s daughter.  

Well, the original plan was to get in some exercise by wallking on the boardwalk at the oceanfront…

The weather report called for rain , so a change of plans was in order…

What better way to walk than for two lovers of fashion to hit the  Mall?


Threre is nothing easier than to add black and white to a colored jean.

With stripes, two colored oxfords and even the textures of the jacket create interest,

I felt great during my 4 hours walking the mall and looking at fashions.  


I am keeping the promise to my husband to wear these shoes when out with friends or myself, but to refrain from wearing them with him…. Guress they are not date night appropriate anyway.  


I don’t care what DH says, I like these oxfords…

I had a pair of black oxfords when I first met DH and he didn’t like those either…..

I actually liked this ensemble and would definitely wear it again!

Dear Readers,  I know Pantone declared Emerald as the color of the season, but I think someone forgot to tell the designers..Every designer I saw in the department stores had Cobalt as a main color in their collections. It was everywhere! 

Is anyone seeing a strong representation of Emeralsd in their malls?  


I am grateful to have a friend who loves fashion and  just window shopping as much as I do.

I am grateful that my daughter got an amazing job yesterday that will not only allow her to save for next year , but is also applicable to her field and will look good on her PHD application! 

I am grateful for my DH who brought home sparkling cider to celebrate her new job and that we all sung her ‘For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow” while she grinned and bore it!  

I am grateful that today(Saturday) I will be spending the afternoon with my best friend and her daughter,

I am grateful that our outing for the day is shoe shopping for the seven year old, there is nothing better than watching a little one delight in new shoes… Well there are better things but this one tops my list!!! 

Dear Readers I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!! 

I decided to join Inside Out Style Blog’s No Repeat November 

It doesn’t mean no repeat of an individual item, just not repeat of an entire outfit.  

More Information can be found on the site.

Linking up today with Favorite Fashion Friday And The Best Of Firday Style

And Fashion Item Friday


I’ve had this outfit sitting in the front of my closet for a busy day to grab and go and today was one of those days! 

I love the shutter pleat top and apparently so does my husband, he complimented my blouse

3 times within 15 minutes of walking in the door.


I loved the chance to wear my cobalt pumps two days in a row! 

My necklace was bought on my Grand Caymans Vacation and reminds me of fun in the sun! 


It was nice to pair something besides black , grey or yellow with my cobalt tribal print jeans by Diane Gilman , which is how I wore them last year. 

Dear Readers. life at this stage is so full of changes and today was the last year we will take a child Trick or Treating. A sad chapter to close… There could be even bigger changes ahead and I cant get it out of my head that by next Fall, my three oldest will all be out of the house going from a family of 6 to just 3.  How will I cook for so few people???  How quiet will it be without everyone talking over each other.  How special will it be for our youngest to have our full attention?  So much to ponder, miss and look forward to , Hope this much change doesn’t hit me too hard….


Tom sporting his Red Sox Fan beard that he wore during each of the World Series Games.

In the middle my youngest in his  Halo  costume with his empty pillowcase ready to fill up! 

And my almost 18 year old son , Ncholas humoring Dad, by wearing a jersey. 


One last picture with the pose he chose!

He loved this costume from last year so much he wore it again! 


I am grateful that my husband took off work to be able to go trick or treating. 

I am grateful that Nicholas was kind hearted enough to go with Connor when he asked.

I am grateful that my brother was so forgiving for my acccidental 2 am cell phone dial that woke him up. 

I am grateful that we have found a great car mechanic who comes to the house.

I am grateful for the family fun we had trying out the new log splitter, boy what a workout! 

NoRepeat November (1) (500x500)

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