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Maintaining Weight Loss is Hard!

Posted on: January 12, 2014

Dear Readers, It’s confession time and time to get Real!  The holidays and my bought with Anemia really through me into a whirlwind of non productive behavior… I  haven’t worked out, tracked what I am eating and am eating Tootsie Rolls like a crazy woman….

I share this with you to hold myself accountable and make the vow to get back on track!

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I have been playing around with a 3 to 5 pound weight gain and need to get back down or else have to pay at my WW meetings again!!!  I have all the tools needed to succeed, I just have to stop making excuses and apply them… I think the surge of happiness flowing through my life as my husband’s career change and promotion gets better and better , along with blessings among friends and family who are all on an upswing with jobs, as well, has created a celebratory mindset and let’s face it , we as a society celebrate with FOOD!  


I recently bought two new tunic length tops from Liz Clairborne NY via QVC, the first tunics I’ve purchased since the beginning of my blogging adventure.  I was steering clear of them because of the proportion issue and the delicate balance that is required of us petites..


Wearing all one color as a base and adding the zebra jacket for interest makes the tunic length unoticable as far as proportions and breaking up my body or making my legs look shorter… Shorter boots also help with that. 

Dear Readers,  I finally got my Christmas decorations put away!  Is anyone else guilty of letting their’s stay out this long?????


I am grateful to my dear husband for organizing the kids together to get the Christmas decorations put away!

I am grateful that my daughter actually likes the dolman sleeved top I gave her for Christmas and has worn it twice.

I am grateful that my daughter got the itch to cook a roast and will be doing so Monday night,

I am grateful that on my busy week of homeschooling that my daughter took the initiative to make up this week’s grocery list ( a first ever)

I am grateful that I discovered that putting my son in the foor and leg massager while reading to him keeps him focused, interested and inquisitve! 

I am grateful that my younger brother called to share his joy about being awarded Rookie Salesman of the Year!

I am grateftul that my sister who has been unemployed for 6 months is doing a two week project to impress a company that could lead to a year contract and keep her local. 


9 Responses to "Maintaining Weight Loss is Hard!"

So many reasons to eat the wrong things and too much of them, but the celebratory one is hard…or rewarding yourself with an indulgence…or just for a fun activity for hubby and wife, etc., etc., etc….. You can get back on track. I’m trying to remember the focus and determination I had this time last year when I was just starting out at the beginning of this weight loss cycle. It’s difficult, once you reach a certain weight and achieve a goal, to think “Well, I did it!”….and wish that was all there was too it. This is going to be a good “learning year”. We’ll learn what it takes to really get these healthy behaviors ingrained into our life.
Good luck! You can do it! I can too. 🙂

You look terrific, Tracey (we both chose black today!) and I am sure you’ll get back to our routines now the holidays are passed. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

Guilty, I just finished the last of my decorations yesterday. You’ll get back on track- think of celebrating all your families successes with your own success of getting back to goal weight. win-win

Thanks, good idea to celebrate with myown success….Right after Wednesday when we are celebrating our 23rd anniversary….

I can relate to the weight loss struggle. I keep gaining and losing the same five pounds as well. I did so well during the holidays I fell off the wagon right after New Years LOL.
I love your outfit. Tunics are fine on petites as long as they are in proportion and adding the shorter jacket raises the silhouette. Well done 😉


Thank you! I am in good company with this 5lb struggle!

It is hard! It seems as if so much of life revolves around meals…lol.

Love the jacket!

Looking very sleek while you take responsibility for your own behaviors … doesn’t get any better than that! A woman of character AND style.
Seriously, I’ve been approximately the weight I want for about 10 years now, and I’m here to warn you that this will happen at different periods of your life at your optimum weight, unless you are Superwoman. Up a little, down a lot and vice versa. Enjoy the holidays, do the best you can but ENJOY SOME and then have a plan in advance for a little holiday hangover.
This time of year is hard for Dan and I because we stress over our annual slow period for our business. I plan on indulging in a pizza sometimes, and plan on the time it takes to balance back out.
I know you know how to do all this, but I tender my thoughts as encouragement. Overeating during holidays is hard to avoid in our culture, but not worth guilt-tripping. A pound or five is not yo-yo dieting over the long run, and there are more things to consider than just weight. As you know. Good luck, and stay kind to your very cool self.

Beautifully said! Thank you so much!

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