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Back in Weight Loss Mode….

Posted on: February 5, 2014

After the holidays and gaining a few pounds, losing a few pounds , then gaining a few with PMS I have reached a high frustration level and have to face reality…. The goal I set for myself is not going to work.  Yes, I like my body at that weight, but since it is near the highest healthy recommendation it doesn’t leave me any wiggle room….


So, I’ve made the decision to lose the 5 lbs I’ve gained and another 5 lbs for that much needed wiggle room… I need to be under that highest weight ,so that if I do gain anything I am not going over it and that is now my new priority… It wasn’t easy to face that I need to move from maintenance to weight loss mode again….


Following the February Style Challenge by More Modern Modesty along with fellow blogger Style Journey participating   , I wore floral today (Feb 4th)  in my scarf.

Tomorrow I plan to participate with the Target Favorites look…

This was a Mom at Home, with a short run to the grocery store look…. I liked how the navy and pinks in the scarf worked with the sweater. I also liked the break of the smaller Nine West purple purse.  Bigger ones for a woman with sciatica are not always the best idea…


As I was facing the reality of going back into weight loss mode, it just so happened that a commercial came on for “RockinBody” with Shaun T that is a dance workout program on a special $19.95 plud $7.99 shipping that should arrive in 3-5 days.  I have said so many times that I wish I could just dance the weight off.  I love doing strength training with weights and my Fluidity Ballet bar workouts , but just haven’t had a good cardio program that made me want to do it again and again…So after reading reviews that said that there are modifications to all the moves and many women in their 50’s and 60’s used it successfully, I decided it was worth the price to try it.  So stay tuned after a week of use I will give you a review….

Dear Readers, Hope is a big thing and without it things go nowhere… so I have hope that I can make this new plan to go back into weight loss mode and succeed…So instead of the goal of 140, I am now setting it at 135.. Uuugh with my recent gain I have a full 10lbs to lose!!!!! . Wish me luck and cheer me on ‘ cause I could use it….


I am grateful that I found the strength to hold firm and push my son into reading today and didn’t give up despite all his resistance… We really have to get back on track after these two weeks of Snow Distractions…

I am grateful that my husband asked me to join him as he went out tonight to get some things for his upcoming tradeshow.  

I am grateful  for a wonderful insightful, supportive phone call with my dear friend.

I am grateful that I found my missing glasses right before I gave up and was about to put my contacts in this morning(with sinus pressure I don’t like wearing the contacts)

I am grateful that I ran into my brother while we were out tonight. 

I am grateful that I am a woman who faces hard truths, never beats herself up and always looks for solutions… (thanks to just 13 years with my father, Thanks Dad!!!) 


10 Responses to "Back in Weight Loss Mode…."

I can’t wait to get to maintenance mode. Will be months yet, but I’ll get there eventually


Thanks, I have just been struggling with what my goal weight should be and got swayed by the opinions of others and am now listening to my own voice.. the most important step in this process… Take one day at a time, as long as you are moving in the right direction it’s success.

You can do it, Tracey! After the hill you’ve climbed, this is just a little rise to the top. Why not think of it as 5 pounds and then 5 more?! By the way, I have that same scarf! I’ll think if you every time I wear it now. 😊

Too funny about the scarf.. Good idea for the 5/5 idea!!!!! thank you!

Good luck dancing the weight off- sounds like a fun way to lose weight.

Thanks will keep you posted….

What a cute hat! Good luck with losing the weight. I am struggling to lose a few more so I have some wiggle room as well. I have been eating extremely clean for the past month and now I need to focus on less fruit and better portion control.


Yes, it’s that time of year after the holidays. Good luck with you losing yours as well. Sounds like you have a good plan.

Hi, Tracey. I love your cardigan with the pretty floral scarf.
Wishing you great success with your new goal. We’re in about the same boat. I would looooove to get down to 135 so I can keep myself below that 140 mark. But with my holiday weight gain that means needing to lose nearly 12 pounds….and I’ve been struggling to get off this last gained 4-5 even. Of course, that’s because I’m overeating, eating the wrong things, and having fattening night time snacks….so I’m not surprised. ha
My daughter asked if I’d like to start the Whole 30 with her on the 18th. I researched it and pledged to join her in it. John (hubby) said he’d do it with me too when I told him that I was doing it. I was so surprised and thankful that he’d do that with me! It will be much easier having an in home support system. I think it will be a good bad habit breaker and teach me many valuable lessons that I can use afterward for healthier eating. I’m already learning sooooo much just in my preparations for it.
I have been away from visiting blogs lately because my computer time has been spent mainlly getting compliant recipes and a shopping list gathered.
I’ll post about what’s going on with it.
xoxo We can do this!!! (I want some “wiggle room” too) 🙂

I like the sweater with that scarf, so cute! I would be interested to hear how you like the dance workout after you try it out; it sounds like fun even though I can’t dance.:) Good luck with your goal!

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