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Posted on: February 11, 2014

Florals are of course, very popular in warmer months and this Spring is no exception…

I can’t wait for warmer temps, and decided to break out this wool and angora sweater I thrifted awhile ago and had not worn. 


I think this outfit really met the mood of my day, a subdued cold Monday that even saw snow flurries…

Mondays are so hard to face these days with my teen home-schooler sleeping in rather late and not wanting to do school work….


I really liked these muted tones that come off as an outfit of neutrals and the warmth of the sweater and the vest.  

A perfect Mom on the Go look for grocery shopping…


I not only went grocery shopping for my family, but also picked some Muscle Milk for one of my husband’s sales reps…

After a few weeks of eating on the road, one of the reps  began  noticing some weight gain and that my dear husband stocks his office frig with Muscle Milks, protein bars and Special K yogurt bars…  So funny that his habits have  extended to his employees…  My husband got into this habit when on the road working longer hours  and I must say it works for him as his weight barely fluctuates…

I do love having him home at normal dinner hours these days…

Dear Readers, I began the week off right by baking a dish my father use to make of summer squash , canned diced tomatoes, baked with Italian seasoning and served with Parmesan cheese,  YUUMM and memories of my father, priceless… I also received my “Rockin Body” dance workout program from Shaun T, that I plan to begin tomorrow!  The first day is just 15 minutes long but they rapidly add two workouts programs a day which become  45 to 55 minutes… They recommend working out 6 days a week and taking off on Sunday… I, however plan to do this three days a week and add in some strength training 3 days a week as well…  I am looking forward to seeing my progress just in time for Spring!!!!


I am grateful that my dear husband still surprises me with flowers like he did last night, when I wasn’t feeling well and he took the boys out to allow me to get some rest.

I am grateful that my daughter began work today and was offered a second job there, giving her more hours as she finally got herself out of a disorganized mess of a job…

I am grateful for switching to doing a concentrated effort on only one subject each day with homeschooling… 

I am grateful that my son graciously allowed  me to use his laptop since my desktop is messing up today…

I am grateful that I planned a vegetarian dinner of stuffed shells today, when my oldest was around to enjoy it…

I am grateful that my children thank me for dinner nightly  and never forget or seem to take me for granted. 


4 Responses to "Florals"

I love this outfit on you! Love the muted colors.. I am so over this cold weather also.. Can’t wait for spring.. We have snow here today (I’m in Northwest Ga). We are expecting more tonight and tomorrow.. We are right on the edge of all the craziness going on. My two little grand daughters are here with me since there was no school. We did go out and build a “snirt man” this morning (wet dirty snow)… But it was freezing.. I hate being cold. I did like your blue and yellow outfit for today… But you sound like me, I tried an outfit for the first time last week and belted/unbelted it, the top was just too baggy on me and I know I wont be wearing it again. I am not a “curvy girl”.. I am a straight, built like a boy, except I have large bust… It is SO hard to find stuff to fit…And I have gained weight over the last year, apparently all round my middle, so my jeans are all tight and I cant find any that fit me right that I like… Very depressing… I was also so heart broken to hear about Shirley Temple passing away.. I LOVE her movies and still watch them on occasion..My little grand daughters dont really know about her movies, so I see that happening for a snow day…:) There is just too much garbage on tv any more… Well, stay warm. Let us know how your new dance exercise goes… Me and the little one dance after breakfast this morning to “The Happy Song”…… gotta love kids…..

I really enjoyed your comments and the commraderie.. The middle weight gain is a common thing… It would be fun to share Shirley Temple with the little ones on a Snow Day. We got snow this afternoon, but temps here rose and then rain came, so no accumulation. It just missed us, but surrounding areas are all affected. I will definitely post my exercise experience which will begin Friday, so look forward to my views on Monday…

We woke up to over 7 in of snow on Wed… WOW… We dont usually get that much.. It was just beautiful. But boy what a head ache for traffic and all that. The girls wound up being out of school from Tues/Fri. So we have had a long week. We all had cabin fever. On Thurs morning, our power went off about 8 and didnt come back on till around 6 that evening.. And we dont have any other heat other that our central heat/air… It was FREEZING in here… We all bundled up though and made the best of the day. We colored and played games, then we would snuggle under some blankets and get warm. All in all, it wasnt such a bad day. The girls are 11 and 9. They are staying with us for a few weeks. Their mom just changed jobs and she is single mom now, and her new job is on 2nd, so we are watching the girls.. Boy, makes me have flashbacks to raising my own kids.. I think Nana is getting a little old for this tween drama,haha… We went up to the nursing home today to visit with my Great Aunt who is 100, but still sharp as a tack. My husband sends her flowers every year for Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to make sure they had gotten delievered and make sure she was ok. She is a mess. Hope you and hubby had a great Valentine’s Day.. We wound up going out to eat, wow… It was so crazy. I hate crowds also.. Love your boho outfit…. You always rock….. You look great in everything… seriouisly…..

Wow what a week…. the no heat thing for a day would be a bit much for me… I have a fireplace and plenty of wood, so would stay huddled around that!!!! So sweet to take the flowers and make sure it was taken care do…Thanks so much, you are kind…

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