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Oversized Grey Poncho

Posted on: February 18, 2014

Well Dear Readers, I purchased this grey poncho from Ebay and it said it was a S/M, but not sure if it’s a bit too oversized… I felt somewhat like Rosie O’Donnel in it…


I hobbled outside to take these photos and wish I had kept my hand off my hip to show more clearly the sizing… I would have worn my grey 3 1/2 inch booties if my calves weren’t so darn sore…


I may try adding a seam in closer to my body later…I tried my normal trick of accessorizing with a scarf or long necklace to help accentuate a vertical line….


The jury is still out on whether I am ready to give up on this poncho or not…I am keeping in mind that next Fall’s trends are a lot of oversized silhouettes….


I must say this red -orange jeans never disappoint me and I love them just as much as I did last year when I bought them…

-Dear Readers, What do you think about the oversized looks coming for next Fall?  

I have to say that I spent the day dealing with the teen angst attitude of my youngest, sighing and snorting over everything I said… This bad attitude has to stop as it is not working for our homeschooling journey… I tried to introduce him to Tai Chi today with his sister and brother both telling him how incredible it is, but he was just in a mood and wanted to stay there…”This isn’t my first rodeo” , so I didn’t give up and found guided meditation on You Tube, after snorting and complaining he eventually listened to three different ones and even listened to them two times through and was my sweet kid for the rest of the night… 


I am grateful that my adult children are all supportive and try to encourage their brother.

I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day in the 60’s.  

I am grateful for my 27 years experience as a mother and the patience it has taught me.

I am grateful to have raised three of my children to adulthood and still have them all like me.

I am grateful that my children all helped do chores and clean up the kitchen while I am healing.


5 Responses to "Oversized Grey Poncho"

Ha ha! Your reference to Rosie O’Donnell was funny. I have never worn a poncho so I am not quite sure if they are supposed to be oversized or not. Either way, you look comfy and if you love it, you should rock it!

I honestly think you look good in anything you put on. I dont know that I could do a poncho like that… Can I ask how you decide what to wear for the day? Do you like plan ahead or do you just get up and go to your closet and pick something? You have such cute clothes, pants, scarves and all that… How do you keep all your things organized? I dont really have a closet, per say, I use closet shelving in my laundry room as my closet. I have my things all hanging sorted by color. I seem to have lots of tops and jackets/sweaters and stuff but not enough jeans, slacks or bottoms to wear. I cant figure out what size of bottoms to try to order or shop for.. Any suggestions of organization? I love love your gratitude things.. They always make me smile… Have a great day!

My pants, sweaters and t-shrits and tank tops are all in these…
As for my process getting dressed, I have a few things I do.. One is to put together looks I’ve tried on and like the proportions of and hang them in the front of my closet ready to go on a busy day. I have 3-5 there at a time. I also am a mood dresser and sometimes just dress for how I feel that day… Other times it’s about the plans for the day or the weather.
Yes, pants are the most difficult thing to purchase. If ordering onlline, I had to guess at the beginning and did make mistakes and had to do returns. Once I had success with sizing I only order pants from that same place or same brand. Nwo I’ve branched off and know my sizing most places. I began with pants at QVC,HSN and ShopNBC because they had measurements and reviews from people saying they ran big or small. The shopping channels do tend to run big…Hope this helps..

Thanks a bunch. This does help. I have looked at those little storage bins at Walmart before and actually bought two for my grand daughters so they could put a week’s worth of school outfits in them. To cut down on the craziness in the mornings. I may pick up a couple when I get out today and see if I can reorganize my stuff. I did order a couple of pairs of jeans from Belk couple weeks ago. I really had no clue what size to order. My size 4’s are tight and I had a couple of 6’s and 8’s, different brands, so I decided on 8’s and I got a higher rise skinny jean. I was so excited when I got them and they were huge on me and I didnt care for the fabric at all. I guess I am just going to have to bite the bullet and go to a store and try on to get a true fit. I just havent had trouble like this in so long cause I am usually easy to fit. My weight gain over the last year stinks. Forever I heard that cortisol (from stress) could cause belly fat and I was like, yeah ok, but I honestly think that is what happened to me. We travel with my husband’s job, are constantly i the truck, try to eat healthy, but you know how that goes. We do get exercise, but sometimes we are in that truck for hours at a time. Like Monday, we went from our house to Nashville for work and we were literally in the truck for 20 hrs straight. Just getting in and out to get notes for the jobs. He is an engineer for AT&T. I am doing a lot of driving. I have never really had hips, or you know how some women have like that saddle bag look right there, and I have always had such skinny legs but have noticed in the last year that I have kinda spread out there and I am freaking out about it… I am just really not happy with my body right now. I turned 61 at the end of Oct and it is like I have fallen apart. Thanks for your reply. And for your inspiration… I dont know if there is a way I could send you a photo of me or not…. Have a great day… Love the outfit you have on with the jacket and the hoodie…

Yes, stress is a big problem and eating on the road is tough. I would recommend finding some strength training exercises that take little time, yet have maximum benefits… Resistiance Bands can travel easily ….
It is really great that you get to travel with your husband!
You can e-mail picture to

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