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Please Excuse this interruption…

Posted on: February 21, 2014

Dear Readers, I am going to be without fashion photos for a few days…

Somehow amongst the holiday hustle and bustle my battery charger for the camera has disappeared…

Perhaps I’ll find it in December when we bring the decorations back from the attic or perhaps it fell into the wrapping paper and is forever lost to me…  Thank goodness for Ebay, as I was able to purchase a new charger and it even came with two extra batteries!!!!  It has shipped and is suppose to be here by Tuesday, February 25th…

Since my calves are no longer killing me, I began my morning with the 

Rockin Body Workout by Shaun T.

Today I did the Mark and Groove again which is a short 15 minute workout that goes over the basic moves, don’t get me wrong it’s intense as is everything Shauan T does… I added in the Hard  Core Abs workout which was just another 10 minutes…

The Hard Core Abs really is what they advertise, a great ab workout without getting on the floor.

In addition it is a good cardio workout and with moves like squats and leg kicks works the hips and thighs as well. This one was again easy enough for my ADD brain to grasp immediately.  I will say that doing yoga and improving my balance was an asset in this workout as many times you are working all one side and you must remain with your weight on one leg while lifting and moving.  I would say if you have a problem hip these kicks might be an issue.  I have sciatica and a  knee that I injured in high school from ice skating, but haven’t had any problems with since my weight loss and nothing in this workout aggravated that.  I will also add that when you work the abs in these moves, by nature,  you are also working your back and that’s a good thing!  I think it is also important to note that prior to this my only cardio was walking .  I mention this because I want to make it clear that I love strength training, but not cardio and this is definitely intense, but doable for someone really beginning cardio workouts..

I actually liked this workout a lot and will definitely have fun doing this one on a regular basis.. Even on days when a full workout is not in the cards, a ten minute workout is appealing!!!  

I also think it is important to mention that after doing this workout I rested for about 30 minutes and then did alot of yoga stretches to finish up.  Stretching those muscles afterwards really cuts down on muscle soreness and I will probably stretch again tonight before bed and again in the morning…

How about a You Tube Video on Stretches for Beginners

The next workout in the set that I plan to do is geared to what all women who are over 40 can benefit from…

Booty Time! 

This one is a 30 minute workout…

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend filled with laughter , fun , family and friends!


I am grateful for a break from fashion photos…

I am grateful for finding a much needed cardio workout to add into my weight loss and maintenance program.

I am grateful to have a body healthy enough to do these workouts

I am grateful that my perserverance in working with my youngest on encouraging him to read is finally paying off.

I am grateful that I am homeschooling this child and have the time to fix what the school broke in him and restore his love of learning.

I am grateful for weekends when I can turn off teacher mode and just play!


6 Responses to "Please Excuse this interruption…"

Booty time is hard and intense. Lots of squats and lunges. And I had trouble with getting a couple moves coordinated… But still a lot of fun 🙂

Well lunges are the one move I have to abstain from due to my knee…thanks for the info!

Good for you! Dancing is such a great workout and you don’t even feel like you are really working out. I love Zumba which is cardio with weights and a lot of squats, etc. thrown in. It’s the only workout I have found that I love and doesn’t make me feel like I am working out. Have a great weekend!

I use to do Zumba at the Y and loved it, With homeschooling at home workouts are better

YAY for your youngest child reading and loving to read now! And, as a teacher, I sure am sorry that the school failed him. 😦 I’m glad you’ve been able to fix whatever happened. I LOVE to read and LOVE to teach reading although it is the most complex endeavor I know of to teach a child to read. I have taught 34 years but approach the teaching of reading with something just short of reverence as I know the importance of it and how many different ways children learn.

He just needed an intense phonetic program which is not present these days. Even spelling these days is not word patterns, just memorization. He aced spelling tests but didn’t write because he couldn’t spell…I am so blessed to have found the right individual method for him. I appreciate the schools but time would never allow for what he needed.

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