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I don’t own a traditional chambray top , so used my version, which is chambray and white stripes…

And sad to say, I am not happy with this outfit, something that doesn’t happen much these days… 

but I never claimed to be perfect,so in the interest of honesty, I am posting it anyway….


I was freezing with winds whipping me and really wanted my coat and gloves..

I think one problem with this look is i don’t like the three shades of blue going on here…and I think the other is the silhouette of the top, which is a tunic length and belts so has volume,   In Spring or Fall I’ve worn this top with a tank or long sleeved tee underneath ,but under the boyfriend length sweater, It”s a dud… and a mistake I won’t make again….


I find this length sweater difficult to style… I think when you are a curvy girl like myself it can present a challenge… I think I am missing the structure a jacket offers…

I do like the yellow and cobalt colors together with the chambray striped top..


I am so tired of having to wear boots for warmth and would so have liked to just pop on a pair of pumps…

I see so many bloggers in bare feet with just a pair of heels on, but I could never do that as I hate being cold and to me there is nothing worse than cold feet or hands…

My kids make fun of me for wearing my gloves just to run to the store in the car, if only they knew I sport two pairs of socks with my boots….

Dear Readers, Today was both my brother’s birthday and a dear friends… I went thrift shopping with her as she got a Goodwill gift card and I made a stop in Steinmart as they sent me a coupon for an extra 50% off of red dot clearance items.  I will be posting MY LUCKY FIND”S soon…

I began a three day reduction in calories and high protein  before beginning my exercise program, so will actually start on Thursday with the Rockin Body dance program …

I feel so blessed to have been a child who got to see Shirley Temple in her youth and the love I had for her shows… May she rest in peace…


I am grateful to have spent time with my dear friend on her birthday…

I am grateful to have accidentally run into my brother as he was sharing his birthday dinner with his daughter.

I am grateful for  my husband getting home very early tonight, as last week he put in a lot of hours…

I am grateful that my home-schooler  completed his assignments even when I wasn’t home…Progress!!!!

I am grateful for an outfit i wasn’t too fond of and the chance to look at it and discover why…

Florals are of course, very popular in warmer months and this Spring is no exception…

I can’t wait for warmer temps, and decided to break out this wool and angora sweater I thrifted awhile ago and had not worn. 


I think this outfit really met the mood of my day, a subdued cold Monday that even saw snow flurries…

Mondays are so hard to face these days with my teen home-schooler sleeping in rather late and not wanting to do school work….


I really liked these muted tones that come off as an outfit of neutrals and the warmth of the sweater and the vest.  

A perfect Mom on the Go look for grocery shopping…


I not only went grocery shopping for my family, but also picked some Muscle Milk for one of my husband’s sales reps…

After a few weeks of eating on the road, one of the reps  began  noticing some weight gain and that my dear husband stocks his office frig with Muscle Milks, protein bars and Special K yogurt bars…  So funny that his habits have  extended to his employees…  My husband got into this habit when on the road working longer hours  and I must say it works for him as his weight barely fluctuates…

I do love having him home at normal dinner hours these days…

Dear Readers, I began the week off right by baking a dish my father use to make of summer squash , canned diced tomatoes, baked with Italian seasoning and served with Parmesan cheese,  YUUMM and memories of my father, priceless… I also received my “Rockin Body” dance workout program from Shaun T, that I plan to begin tomorrow!  The first day is just 15 minutes long but they rapidly add two workouts programs a day which become  45 to 55 minutes… They recommend working out 6 days a week and taking off on Sunday… I, however plan to do this three days a week and add in some strength training 3 days a week as well…  I am looking forward to seeing my progress just in time for Spring!!!!


I am grateful that my dear husband still surprises me with flowers like he did last night, when I wasn’t feeling well and he took the boys out to allow me to get some rest.

I am grateful that my daughter began work today and was offered a second job there, giving her more hours as she finally got herself out of a disorganized mess of a job…

I am grateful for switching to doing a concentrated effort on only one subject each day with homeschooling… 

I am grateful that my son graciously allowed  me to use his laptop since my desktop is messing up today…

I am grateful that I planned a vegetarian dinner of stuffed shells today, when my oldest was around to enjoy it…

I am grateful that my children thank me for dinner nightly  and never forget or seem to take me for granted. 

Once again I am inspired by the outfit suggestion from YOU LOOK FAB Stylist Angie



I wore this for a Saturday night dinner and movie night with my husband and stay tuned because he allowed me to take his photos as well….


I really like these boot cut pants by Denim & Co via QVC that I purchased in my goal size when I first began my weight loss journey and bought in three colors…. As much as I love a swingy skirt, these bootcuts have enough volume that they move when I walk, such a change from skinnys tucked into boots…


It’s funny take photos at the mall with people and security walking around….

And now for my Husband’s Pics…


He didn’t want to take the jacket off, but I pursuaded him to and he conceded, just for me…  I think he realized that posing isn’t as easy as I make it look, now that I am use to it…


This zippered grey cardigan is among his favorites and one I found at Burlington Coat Factory along with his jeans…

He wears the sweater with many different shirts, but for this night he chose a purple striped one and loves to cuff his sleeves like this… 

His shoes are by Skechers and we found them while on vacation in Nags Head at the outlet mall…. He has similar ones in both brown and white, but really loves this grey version the best.  In fact he requested a second back  up pair for Christmas and I purchased them.  I tried to find the link on the website and didn’t see the grey ones…

While at the mall , we made one purchase at Steinmart, a pair of tan linen pants for his island vacation capsule.

Dear Readers, I love buying clothes for my husband and encouraging him to try new things… sometimes I end up making returns for trying to push him too much outside his comfort zone… Mostly I succeed, so don’t mind when it doesn’t work out… Do you shop for your husband?  Does he share your love of fashion?  


I am grateful for a quiet night, with just the two of us, (my daughter and two younger sons all went out together for fast food and a movie of their own)

I am grateful that after a morning of his cell phone blowing up with work calls, that he was able to relax and have a break  after a very busy week .

I am grateful that my children love spending time together, despite their 4 1/2 years age difference between each of them…

I am grateful for the fun and laughter in my family for example when the youngest came running into my room and gave me the nerf arrow his brother was shooting at him, then turned to his brother who was in hot pursuit, and declared with confidence, ” I doubt you’ll dare to pry that out of MOM’s  hands!”  Remmber these boys are 13 and 18…

Winter months bring out different accessories than warmer seasons…

A standard for this time of year for me are scarves and hats

I think this is my week of scarves….


I love the way colors in a scarf can really bring an outfit together… 


Sunglasses and purses are also important accessories  in this outfit.  


I thought about showing different scarves with this look and unzipping the jacket to reveal my yellow sweater and add a long necklace for yet another accessory option, but quite frankly I hate cold weather photo shoots and just couldn’t make myself do more today… 

Dear Reader, What is your favorite Accessory?  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you feel up to it try styling a look to match the Style Challenge. 

Friday-Animal Print

Saturday- Hat 

Sunday- Heels


I am grateful that Connor and I are getting back into the swing of homeschooling after two weeks of chaos due to the excitement and distraction of our two snow falls…

I am grateful for the insights of my dear friend today! (she always knows the right thing to say, maybe not what I want, but what I need!)

I am grateful that my husband bought me a Quesidilla Maker  two years ago , as it sure made dinner making easier tonight. 

I am grateful for a phone call from my husband today as he was running around today. ( I never take for granted that when he thinks of me during his work day and calls just to touch base with me) .

I am grateful to my son for cleaning up the kitchen for me without my asking…

Well, I don’t have much from Target in my closet, but it just so happens that one of my favorite skirts is one of those new items from Target that ended up at the Goodwill store.


This skirt also fit in with my desire to wear green today, as February 5th is the anniversary of the day my father passed on.  Green has a been a strong thread in my life and connection to him as it was his favorite color. I owned a green leather couch for many years and designed my entire room around it early in my marriage...


I tried 3 different tops with this skirt before finally deciding I wanted green to be more prominent and grabbed the scarf and opted for a plain navy top.  I would have loved to have worn my navy suede knee high boots, but alas we had a rainy day, although the afternoon was quite sunny.  The navy boots are yet another nod to my father as we would dance to Elvis songs on Sundays and Blue Suede Shoes”  was one of our favorites. 


Isn’t it funny how a fashionista can turn memories of her father (he died when I was just 13) into inspiration for outfits????

Dear Readers, I am liking the Style Challenge and will continue  with ones that suit what I own or feel a connection. After all, I am a mood dresser and never like to be boxed in too much .so just refuse to set myself up for things that become a chore rather than the fun that fashion should be for each of us. 

Accesorize is the challenge for tomorrow , or today when you read this , but remember I post a day behind…I think that is an easy one for someone like me who proudly calls herself a maximal dresser….


I am grateful that I got caught up on some extra sleep.  

I am grateful that my son is behind me right now continuing to read after a day and a half of resistance…

I am grateful that the softy in me didn’t respond when he wanted to shorten the length of his reading assignment and that I pushed him to read an amount appropriate for his age!!!! He needs to know he is capable!!!

I am grateful  that my older son just pointed out to me that my son is reading aloud to the dog, who is paying close attention to him… so cute!

I am grateful for the loving and giving father that left an amazing legacy to me in how he taught me to be kind to myself and recognize my strengths and surround myself with people willing to treat me well. 

I am grateful for memories like our dancing to Elvis….

After the holidays and gaining a few pounds, losing a few pounds , then gaining a few with PMS I have reached a high frustration level and have to face reality…. The goal I set for myself is not going to work.  Yes, I like my body at that weight, but since it is near the highest healthy recommendation it doesn’t leave me any wiggle room….


So, I’ve made the decision to lose the 5 lbs I’ve gained and another 5 lbs for that much needed wiggle room… I need to be under that highest weight ,so that if I do gain anything I am not going over it and that is now my new priority… It wasn’t easy to face that I need to move from maintenance to weight loss mode again….


Following the February Style Challenge by More Modern Modesty along with fellow blogger Style Journey participating   , I wore floral today (Feb 4th)  in my scarf.

Tomorrow I plan to participate with the Target Favorites look…

This was a Mom at Home, with a short run to the grocery store look…. I liked how the navy and pinks in the scarf worked with the sweater. I also liked the break of the smaller Nine West purple purse.  Bigger ones for a woman with sciatica are not always the best idea…


As I was facing the reality of going back into weight loss mode, it just so happened that a commercial came on for “RockinBody” with Shaun T that is a dance workout program on a special $19.95 plud $7.99 shipping that should arrive in 3-5 days.  I have said so many times that I wish I could just dance the weight off.  I love doing strength training with weights and my Fluidity Ballet bar workouts , but just haven’t had a good cardio program that made me want to do it again and again…So after reading reviews that said that there are modifications to all the moves and many women in their 50’s and 60’s used it successfully, I decided it was worth the price to try it.  So stay tuned after a week of use I will give you a review….

Dear Readers, Hope is a big thing and without it things go nowhere… so I have hope that I can make this new plan to go back into weight loss mode and succeed…So instead of the goal of 140, I am now setting it at 135.. Uuugh with my recent gain I have a full 10lbs to lose!!!!! . Wish me luck and cheer me on ‘ cause I could use it….


I am grateful that I found the strength to hold firm and push my son into reading today and didn’t give up despite all his resistance… We really have to get back on track after these two weeks of Snow Distractions…

I am grateful that my husband asked me to join him as he went out tonight to get some things for his upcoming tradeshow.  

I am grateful  for a wonderful insightful, supportive phone call with my dear friend.

I am grateful that I found my missing glasses right before I gave up and was about to put my contacts in this morning(with sinus pressure I don’t like wearing the contacts)

I am grateful that I ran into my brother while we were out tonight. 

I am grateful that I am a woman who faces hard truths, never beats herself up and always looks for solutions… (thanks to just 13 years with my father, Thanks Dad!!!) 

 I Want to Pass on an idea I found from Heather at Style Journey, for anyone who is feeling that winter rut right now in feeling inspired to put together looks… Heather found this idea via More Modern Modesty so follow along as they demonstrate their versions…

I will be following ones that appeal to me , but not all do.. 

Now onto today’s look…


Like my windswept look, the winds were crazy and the temps went from 60F yesterday to 40F but with the whipping winds the weather reports it feels like 30F.  I have to agree with the 30F  feel.  It was a very fast photo shoot with my son cringing  and rushing me…


These pants were a gift from my husband and are Gloria Vanderbilt’s in a color they call Ocean Green. I have several other ways in my head to style these and hope to feel inspired enough to do a few looks all at once sometime soon…


I have paisley corduroy skinnys in this shade of green and wore this dolman sweater with it before… I added the scarf in place of a necklace and like this thinner more spring weight scarf for that kind of look.  It will also work with a tshirt for Spring and Summer…

Dear Readers, it was kind of fun having windblown looks to switch things up , although my 13 year old photographer told me I looked like a crazy lady in a few of the shots that didn’t make the cut.  Are any of you looking as forward to spring as I am???


I am grateful that when I went into my daughter’s old place of employment today, that her manager remembered her with fondness and used one word to describe her, “Smart” (he once played a game using only one word to describe each employee using words like “Spunky” but when coming to her said, “Mature”), a very true assessment…

I am grateful that the rain stopped and allowed at least dry photos…

I am grateful that my dear husband made tacos yesterday for the Superbowl and that I won’t be cooking dinner ’cause there are plenty of leftovers!!!!!!

I am grateful for the fun conversation with all of my kids talking about their opinions on the Superbowl Commercials.

I am grateful that my son likes his third permanent subsitute for his college level English class….his teacher is home with her new baby! 

I am grateful that my husband actually had a few moments to just call and touch base with me today, as most days he is so busy and doesn’t get a break.  

With the foot of snow I took a few days to hibernate, relaxing in the luxury of our new reclinging leather sofas, in my sweats , snuggled up with my Pittsburgh Steeler blanket.  

I actually enjoyed the break of being a fashionista and blow writing, particularly with sinus migraine headaches plaquing me…. Those still have not gone away but with the weather getting better I ventured out for a Saturday night with friends and again today, Sunday for a day of shopping and getting ready for the Superbowl! 


OOps, my purse is backwards, but don’t worry my husband photographer noticed as I walked away from this pose, so the rest will showcase it properly!  

I gotta say I love this color jacket and boots mixed with black and the pattern mixing of the grey tshirt with black stripes against the leopard scarf really came together  in a way that was pleasing to my eye….


With temps in the 60’s the snow all melted and turned my yard into a mess…but with these temps and sunshine who cares, it was a beautiful day running around with just my husband.  Any time spent with the two of us alone is precious to us both!  


Dear Readers, I hope you had a great weekend and a chance to spend quality time together with friends and family. For me weekends that include both are the most fullfilling and I feel so blessed to have such dear freinds . 

Now I am off to watch the Superbowl!!!


I am grateful to the friendship and love that binds my husband and I together.

I am grateful that I finally found my missing leapard scarf (tucked away in a purse..) 

I am grateful for my kids who when my husband and I go out, enjoy their time togther at home and don’t bug us with silly phone calls.

I am grateful  for a compassionate heart that guides me in difficult situations.

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