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I had a wonderful day seeing my hair stylist..

He’s been doing my hair for a good 8 or 9 years now

and he never disappoints!  


I love a day of pampering , but today was just incredible as I went in with a migraine ,but have to say, the time under the heated air dome was an incredible cure….

Now if only I could have one of those salon chairs in my home….


After a hot, humid Wednesday that reached 92 degrees, we had a lovely storm blow through that gave us much cooler temps  of the mid 60’s for today…

I loved seeing all the printed pants and the dresses with ankle boots with dreeses

worn by the hairstylists and assistants. 


I spent the afternnon thrifting abd going to the mall  with a friend and had fun seeing looks of admirers and others who actually complimented my pants and sandals. 


Again these fun pants are from Forever 21… things sell out there pretty quickly,

but they do have similar ones.  

Dear Readers,  Have you tried printed pants yet?  Do you like this trend?  


I am  grateful for a wonderful fun day!!!

I am grateful for a wonderful hair stylist who always fits me into his busy schedule!

I am grateful my daear friend who called and asked to spend the day with me!

I am grateful for my kids who helped clean up the kitchen for me on my busy day. 


Dear Readers, I did not get blog photos yesterday , so am honoring the amazing life of someone who touched so many and truly lived life in a beautiful way and leaves a tremendous legacy that will echo for generations to come. 

Maya Angelou #quotes #success

Maya Angelou quote

Beautiful words by Maya Angelou #quote

Maya Angelou quote

Maya Angelou quote #inspiration #motivation #motivationalquote

giving back.  maya angelou  quotes.  wisdom.  advice.  life lessons.

Maya Angelou quote via

Character is revealed in certain, sometimes subtle, ways. For example, pay attention to how people treat waiters/waitresses and anyone in jobs of service. If they give them a hard time, order them around, etc., it speaks volumes about their POOR character. Yet, when confronted with this, they always justify their behavior. RUN, don't walk, far away from these people.

Maya Angelou Quote

And a Hero she was!  

May she spread her wisdom and joy among the angels as we cherish her memory and her words 

She is with out a doubt on my list to seek out in the afterlife for a chat!

What Type of Eater Are YOU?

Today, I am going to share with you a theory I have…

I have come to believe that there are two types eaters based on my own experience and observations

at my Weight Watcher meetings.  

First off I think there are people who are Volume Eaters, they want and don’t seem to be satisfied without Quantity.  

In opposition of that, there are others like myself who are less about volume and more about Quality.  


Both can cause problems that lead to weight gain… It’s pretty obvious that the Volume eaters can just eat too much of  unhealthy choices.  What is less obvious is how a Quality-low volume eater gains weight.   Well, the answer is that by eating Low Volume -Quality choices it opens up the door for craving the carbs and sugars when stress hits, there by creating emotional eating.  Of course both types can use food for soothing emotions.


So, why is knowing what type you are important?

 Well the answer is that in getting real with ourselves and acknowledging which one we are , we can prepare our kitchens for success…

For example Volume or Quantity eaters need to make sure that they are well stocked with Vegetables and Fruits that allow for eating in Quantity without adding huge caloric intake… I highly recommend if you are a Pinterst user to scour the site for recipes with vegetables for additional ways to add them into your diet without getting bored…

One can only eat so many salads before rebellion kicks in! 

My Greatest tool in adding Vegetables was Weight Watcher Zero Point Soup found Here.

Must say, I took out carrots, onions and green beans and added yellow squash and mushrooms ,  and italian seasoning…Key for me was chopping cabbage very finely, tricked people into thinking it was onions!

The key to success as a Quantity eater is to make sure the majority is vegetables, with two fruits and a normal serving of protein and really watching carbs. Not to say you can’t eat carbs at all… My favorite way to get carbs is to eat two whole wheat waffles with either a nice bowl of strawberries or a banana.  Another way is a whole wheat tortillas stuffed with vegetables and a cheese or chicken or turkey…For a Quantity eater, perhaps a salad added to wrap or two servings of the strawberries would be in order…

The key is not to exclude any food group.  At least in my experience for long term success…


As for Less Volume-Quality Eaters you too must stock your kitchens for success.. I make sure to get some form of protein in every meal. I limit fruits to 2 servings per day.  My lunches may only be an apple with peanut butter or sunflower seeds and a banana or 2 laughing cow cheese wedges and  one of the following: an apple or celery sticks, or a bowl of cucumbers in light Italian dressing…

I think for both types it’s important to find something to satisfy the sweet tooth when it does arise…For me just a piece or two of dark chocolate does the trick or Weight Watcher Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bars.. If you are apt to eat more Don’t buy themFind what works in a small amount for you and make rules that you can adhere to. 

My rule regarding sweets is no more than 3 times a week and only in small amounts.

Dear Readers, I am not expert, just a mother of four , daughter with mother’s  side who was naturally thin and father’s side who had morbid obesity (not my father).  I do not claim to be an expert, but am sharing my thoughts and what I know works for me and others in my life.  

So for today, I hope I’ve sparked you to thinking of small changes you can make to what’s in your kitchen to plan for success and set yourselves up with a plan in mind , with a new awareness of what your eating style is and what that means for behavior and food choices….

Would love to hear your comments ,

so I can assess whether this new blog feature is of use and helpful! 

As for my Outfit….

A thrifted skirt and top and rocking the Birkenstock and skirt and dress trend…

Well, to honor those who have fought for our Freedom, 

on this Memorial Day,

I wear the colors of our flag in deepest gratitude of your sacrifice. 


Wearing New linen blend Jogger Capris from F21, would show the link, but they were pretty much sold out when I checked.. I have to say, I love F21 for great prices on trendy pieces to add into my style… These capris were just $210.80 .  Just remember to size up if you are a woman with curves like me or they also have a Love21 line that are slightly bigger sizes that may allow you to order your current sizing…

Here is a link to their fun bottom styles…


I love a sheer top with a tank over it… may be too hot for outdoor activities , but works nicely in Summer when going in AC….I picked this one up last year at Burlington Coat Factory.


I really think adding current pant styles helps to keep those of us over 40 on track without having to follow every trend out there and much prefer to do so at the lower price points. 


My slingback wedges may not be the most on trend current style, but to me they are a classic Summer shoe of which I have many of and will continue to wear this season… I have a new found love for flats that are great for my day to day Mom on the Go, but time with my husband means I want to feel Sassy and these wedges do the trick! 

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!  

Please stop by tomorrow for my new blog feature

“Weight Management Wednesday” 


I am grateful for a fun day with my family.

I am grateful to end the day all watching City of Embers together, a nice quiet activity that winds everyone down before heading to bed and starting the week refreshed.

I am grateful to my dear husband for indulging me when I said , “One day I want to have these watches in every color!” upon which he picked the five colors present and purchased them…

I am grateful that my You LOOk Fab forum member who just had a trip to Ireland has been so forthcoming with her experience and advice, which is invaluable!  

I am not the only one who loves a maxi skirt this time of year…

I saw a lot of women in them in the past few days, they are literally



I love this very simple lightweight one in pinks, reds and purples…with a simple robe belt to gather the waist…

Truth be told, I can’t remember where I ordered this one from…


Note to self , when in a maxi that cute signature bent leg pose doesn’t work….


I had a wonderful day spent with my best friend celebrating her daughter’s 8th birthday….

It was a long, but fun day!  

Dear Readers, I am loving the flats this season and in particular the big trend of Birki’s!

It was a long day, but comfortable shoes really help! 

Have you embraced the flat sandals trend ????


I am grateful for all who serve in our military and fight for democracy and my right to freedoms and pray in rememberance of those we’ve lost and the  families who mourn them. 

I am grateful that my family and I spent an entire day with my firend and her daughter making wonderful memories as we always do when we are together.

I am grateful that my dog survived the long day home alone without messing up the house…

I am grateful to all those who helped today when our van wouldn’t start, begiinning with the minister of my freind’s church, the two men who ran over from 7-11 to help us push when it died again just short of the auto parts store, the police officer who happened upon us and stayed behind us as we pushed it with his lights flashing, the people who stopped just to talk to my husband and ask what was up and cheer him on….

I am grateful we were near an auto part store when it died the second time and after a new batter purchase,we were on our way with no other problems for the day….

I am grateful to my husband for his matter of fact handling of the situation and for not being one of those men who get all hot and bothered…

I loved this floral maxi when I found it at Goodwill

I know that it is light enough to wear on even the hottest Summer Day, but will be 

very versatile even in Winter with tights due to the colors,  which can be worn all seasons…


There are so many colors in floral prints that make them very versatile.

I know that at some point this summer I will pair this with my olive vest to pull out the greens…

Even a creme tank top with my crotchet vest will pump up the boho feel and lighten up the darks..


I love the fun detail like on this one to take a plain t-shirt up a notch…

I found this one at either BJ’s or Sam’s Club last year,,, Just a reminder that you should leave no retail opportunity out… 


I have to say that my Plank Jacks from Thursday from Weight Management Wednesday’s post 

are very effective and I am really feeling it after a few days….

In fact I hit the massage chair at the mall and was feeling sore after walking the mall…(not a bad sore, jsut the kind that let’s you know you’ve worked out…) 

Funny thing happened this morning, after saying to myself that I needed to stop weighing daily while exercising, my scale would not turn on today, and there is a brand new battery in it??????  It worked yesterday...


I am grateful for a fun mall shopping day with my two youngest 18 and 14 year old sons.

I am grateful that we had great success and got them both quite a few clothing items they needed…(boys really are fun to shop with and so particular)

I am grateful for the sweet texts my husband sent me all day, as he is out of town training unitl Saturday evening.

I am grateful for the arrival of my packing folders from Eagle Creek that arrived today, they are going to be wonderful for the Ireland trip in October…

I am grateful for I am grateful for the energy I found today to start a closet purge and hope to finish tomorrow…

I am so grateful for wonderful miracles like the one yesterday, after missing my mom and talking to her recently asking for a sign that she is around me… I picked up a hanger out of a pile in the hamper to find my mother’s medical alert necklace attached to it.  this necklace had been in my old jewelery box since I took it home with me the day before she passed when I checked her into the hospital…My scarf rack is on top of it .so it’s not like anyone was in that jewelry box… 

Today was another warm day and a skirt was in order….

I had plans to go shopping with my teen sons,but after homeschooling was complete, my 18 year old, 

was suddenly stricken with a migraine…. I’d had one earlier in the day,but was able to combat it before it came full force…this son of mine seems to get exactly what I do when it comes to sinus issues, usually a day after me…greenskirt3

so I found myself all dressed up with no where to go…

And a little wrinkled and worse for the wear… 


I am sporting a new vest I recently purchased for my Summer vests to add over cheap tank tops….

This is a fabulous one by Columbia Sports and Can be found On, HERE 

It comes in four colors and I am still debating the orange…. Please note that this runs small , as I normally wear smalls in tops but opted for the medium after seeing the models measurments and I was right! 


This skirt is by Ralph Lauren and purchased off ebay…

I had found this purse last season while thrifting, which inspired my purchase of a skirt in this color…

I really cop out and pair greens and blues together a lot and wonder if I couldn’t challenge myself to do more…

Dear Readers, Do you ever get stuck with certain color combos that are fail safes and wonder if you could be more creative?   I go to Pinterest for Inspiration….

Bold pencil skirt in green.

Adding leapord print is a good idea, as I have a sleeveless ruffled shell in that print.....


I am grateful that I didn’t have to go to Target shopping as I was pretty tired after a tough homeschooling, test prep day…

I am grateful that my son took a shower and went to bed early (hoping the headache stays low enough to allow for sleep)

I am grateful that prior to the onset of the headache, that my son was helping his younger brother with the math and giving me a break.

I am so grateful that all three of my older children pitch in and help the youngest if they are around and see him bucking me….

I am grateful that when my sneaky dog ran out the door behind me as I went to take out the trash, that I saw him and caught him just as he put his first paw into the street….

I am grateful that my oldest hung out for awhile with us today and is now insisting on hugging me every time he leaves…

After this terrible Allergy Season has gotten me off my Game, 

I really need to get back on track with Exercizing…

What better way than to make a new feature on my blog

Hence, “Weight Management Wednesday”   

Linking up today with Vodka Infused Lemonade


This picture makes me feel good because one goal in my weight loss journey was to not have to wear any type of compression wear to hide a stomach… 

While I celebrate that, I also am not in any denial that losing weight and being healthy are not the same thing. 

I know that getting back into regular exercise is needed for health and I need to refocus and make that happen. 


Love wearing orange blush and lipstick and am looking forward to my hair appointment next Thursday.


I love the cobalt and orange color combo and am really seeing how versatile these new Payless sandals are going to be for the season…. I hope you my Dear Readers don’t get tired of seeing them…


I have been going for walks more often  this week and I have been doing some exercising at night time.  I am never going to be a morning exercizer, late night is the time I find best. 

Planking is something I have really taken a liking to and I saw an even better version that really engages a lot of muscle groups and have been doing it for the last three night… Gotta say I am sore!!! 

The Better Version of Planking is called Plank Jacks and can be found Here. 

Dear Readers, now that I have declared a weekly feauture about Weight Management , I hope to be more successful and not fall short of the exercise part of getting healthy…. I also hope to curb the issues of social eating that knocks me off my game… I’ve done well this past week or so with that social eating  after a crazy weekend gain a few weeks ago…I would say my success has been eating lots of watermelons and strawberries to curb cravings and it’s worked well!!!

Any Dear Readers trying to get back into the swing of things????

Any Dear Readers found success they want to share?

Love Your Comments!!!!


I am so grateful for a wonderful conversation with my younger brother today, where we talked about our parents and their legacy and who we have become due to the loss of our father so young.  He is very adamant that the key to his happinees is Gratitude and a strong faith! 

I am grateful that my daughter cleaned out the broken frig ( don’t worry it was our second one)

I am grateful that we remembered to take out the trash this week( remember last week we missed it as our oldest had always done that and had just moved out)

I am grateful for a good phone conversation with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long while…

Have you Heard of the Golden Tote, Yet?

I heard about it last month from Cyndi at Walking in Grace & Beauty

and rather than write a repeat of the particulars I’ll just send you HERE  for her post on it…


I chose the $49 option, which allowed me to pick one item , and they would pick one or two more to surprise me with..

I chose this fabulous skirt and have to say I adore it!

Even my oldest son complimented it!   That is saying a lot because he loves fashion himself and doesn’t heap on the praise!!!


The wonderful aztec design on the bottom of this skirt is all embroidered and what I loved most about it..

The surprise items in my Golden Tote were the lace baseball style shirt and black tank top to wear under it…

The great thing about this was that they knew my size and took the liberty of going up a size on the top because they knew it ran small… 


The other wonderful thing about this wonderful program is that you don’t have to purchase monthly, and can choose between the $49 option or the $149 option depending on how many items you like or are looking to add to your wardrobe…

For the May Golden tote, I decided not to get anything , but have to say there was a  cute dress that appealed to me..

But then the idea of the open back and not wearing a bra, didn’t appeal to me…

(I would have showed it to you, but it’s out of stock, something important to note about purchasing a Golden Tote, Order Early in the month as items sell out fast! )

Speaking of bras…. I ordered this Jockey Bra Fit Kit last night…

There is nothing better than having the right bra and when I saw their new way of measruing, I thought I would give it a shot… I will keep you posted on my results as soon as I find my size and order the bra. 

And as a Final Note Regarding Golden Tote, I may not have purchased again this month, but can tell you, I am looking forward to seeing what they offer for June and will continue to look each month!


I am grateful that my DS humored me by taking my photos twice today, since I wasn’t happy with some of the first ones…

I am grateful that despite not getting as much sleep as I would have liked, that I am at least keeping more normal hours….

I am grateful to my daughter for helping to cook dinner, as she loves bacon and I hate cooking it…

I am grateful for needing a few items for dinner and the excuse to get a nice walk in….


As an American, I was very aware of the drink Black & Tan, despite my not being a beer drinker…

However, when I looked it up online I happened upon this lovely article..

Don’t Order a Black/Tan in an Irish Pub

A funny Tale and a Good Warning for Americans…


My photographer thought a serious face would be more like a “real model” ,so we gave it a shot…

I don’t like my cheek bones not being shown in their best light, after all they are a favorite feature…


I keep going over what I would pack for Ireland and am really all over the place… 

I’ve never gone on a two week trip before… 

In fact my week-long trips have always been to beach resorts where layering was not needed and clothing changes of two or three a day are common…

It may sound silly but I think I am going to plan what to take based on what shoes I narrow it down to… I have 5 months to figure it all out, but am really hoping to plan successfully..

Eagle Creek Official Store, Pack-It™ Garment Folder Large, red fire, Pack-It™ Folders : Original : Garment Folders, EC-41191

I ordered these fabulous packing aids last night… You can see this video for why I wanted them.

I know so many people brag about fitting two weeks into a carry-on… My husband and I have no illusions that we will do so, but it would be nice to do two carry-0ns and only one checked bag between us…


I went with orange blush and lips today, so that prompted my purse choice…

I really do like the added drama my hats add to outfits  for a day of Mom on the Go walking activities…

I love that I live so close to grocery store, bank, drug store, dollar store, and even home improvement store…

There is so many benefits to walking , one of which is a mood booster for a Monday that began with not enough sleep. 


I defintely think these Floral Keds  may be traveling with me to Ireland…

I also bought these Pumas today, for another option of comfortable, stylish walking shoes.

I now know better than to order a Black and Tan at an Irish Pub, but am still considering this outfit for my trip..

Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed the tale I linked at the beginning of my post today. I really am going to be on a high thinking about this trip and planninng what to pack… If any of you have any advice for Ireland in October, please honor me with a comment!   


I am grateful for the fun of reading the tale and another experience of a woman on YouLOOKFab forum who is currently in Ireland..

I am grateful that my oldest came by today and made me laugh with his story of breaking the coffe carafe, cutting his lip while shaving, having a picture fall from the wall all within a short time of waking up… He tells it with such flare and very much like Seinfeld!  A true initian to living on your own and recognizing the need of bandaids and a broom. 

I am grateful that my reluctant homeschooler finally did his work for test prep today…He was stalling!

I am grateful that my son, who had insomnia last night spent the time cleaning the kitchen and surprised me this morning… (my oldest who moved out was the only one who ever felt so inclined as to surprise me with cleaning) 

I am grateful for a fun early evening activity , with my soon to be high school gradaute ,  to Walmart where we picked up a few plastic bins for packing and moving him into his dorm as well as a stick vac, clothing steamer, and hamper and  a few other small items… We had fun and I know these moments are going to be fewer and far between…

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