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Weight Management Wednesday

Posted on: May 22, 2014

After this terrible Allergy Season has gotten me off my Game, 

I really need to get back on track with Exercizing…

What better way than to make a new feature on my blog

Hence, “Weight Management Wednesday”   

Linking up today with Vodka Infused Lemonade


This picture makes me feel good because one goal in my weight loss journey was to not have to wear any type of compression wear to hide a stomach… 

While I celebrate that, I also am not in any denial that losing weight and being healthy are not the same thing. 

I know that getting back into regular exercise is needed for health and I need to refocus and make that happen. 


Love wearing orange blush and lipstick and am looking forward to my hair appointment next Thursday.


I love the cobalt and orange color combo and am really seeing how versatile these new Payless sandals are going to be for the season…. I hope you my Dear Readers don’t get tired of seeing them…


I have been going for walks more often  this week and I have been doing some exercising at night time.  I am never going to be a morning exercizer, late night is the time I find best. 

Planking is something I have really taken a liking to and I saw an even better version that really engages a lot of muscle groups and have been doing it for the last three night… Gotta say I am sore!!! 

The Better Version of Planking is called Plank Jacks and can be found Here. 

Dear Readers, now that I have declared a weekly feauture about Weight Management , I hope to be more successful and not fall short of the exercise part of getting healthy…. I also hope to curb the issues of social eating that knocks me off my game… I’ve done well this past week or so with that social eating  after a crazy weekend gain a few weeks ago…I would say my success has been eating lots of watermelons and strawberries to curb cravings and it’s worked well!!!

Any Dear Readers trying to get back into the swing of things????

Any Dear Readers found success they want to share?

Love Your Comments!!!!


I am so grateful for a wonderful conversation with my younger brother today, where we talked about our parents and their legacy and who we have become due to the loss of our father so young.  He is very adamant that the key to his happinees is Gratitude and a strong faith! 

I am grateful that my daughter cleaned out the broken frig ( don’t worry it was our second one)

I am grateful that we remembered to take out the trash this week( remember last week we missed it as our oldest had always done that and had just moved out)

I am grateful for a good phone conversation with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long while…


19 Responses to "Weight Management Wednesday"

I love every piece and the combination of them to make this outfit.
Good luck with your WMW. When I got home from work I saw that my husband baked a batch of cookies today. I was both happy and sad about that. haha

I have a daughter who loves to bake brownies, so I definitely understand.!

I tend to make goals years by year but by “school years” rather than calendar years as I’m a teacher. This year I decided to stop drinking Diet Pepsis and substitute water instead. I have kept my tiny refrigerator stocked with water bottles all school year and think I’m healthier for it. I also am not a “fruit person” but know I need to eat fruit to be healthy. I have made myself eat school lunches and choose a fruit and meat choice each day. I didn’t get sick this winter as I did the precious two, so maybe those changes helped. I also lost a little weight, too, this school year and went down a pant size! At almost 62, that’s not a small accomplishment! 😊. Keep up the good work of inspiring the rest of us!

Congratulations on making the change from diet soda to water.. I ‘ve been trying to make that change ,but every time the my sinus headaches return I crave Diet Pepsi for the caffeine… I am hoping to go back to Green Tea and kick this habit. Yes, at 62 your metabolism makes losing weight harder, so one pants size is a huge accomplishment!!!!!!!
Thanks for Commenting!!

I like your new feature! It’s a side of your story I appreciate. Those sandals are so cute, show them all you want 🙂 Thanks for the planking link, I know I can use that…

You are welcome! Those plank jacks engage a lot of muscles! Doing them daily !

So underststand the issues on weight management. I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. Three years ago I watched the video Forks Over Knives and read Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman and very gradually put the suggestions from both into practice. The result has been that I have gone down two sizes, and the best part is, it has been with little struggle at all! I highly recommend these two sources. But I have yet to put regular exercise into my regimen. You have inspired me, Tracy!

I will have to check out the planks that you mention.

Getting control of eating is huge! Congratulations! Thanks for the book suggestions. I hope you do add some exercise, your heart will thank you!

Love the color of that dress on you, and the denim vest is so fun! As I’ve gotten older i constantly battle my weight. I definitely like to exercise every day since it puts me in a better frame of mind to deal with the diet part :).

A great point, exercise is a mood booster.

I love the dress!!

Yay for weight management Wednesday! I love to eat and it’s so easy to relax and next thing you know the scale starts creeping up. I need to extra vigilant right now too, because I broke my toe and can’t do my regular exercise routine. Let’s go healthy lifestyle!

OOh sorry to hear about the broken toe… there really are so many real life issues that can make the exercize have to take a back seat, but it’s important to stay vigilant and return to it as soon as possible… Time to eat lots of veggies and high protein!!!!!

Over thirty years have come and gone since I first
got engaged in a structured fitness routine.

Having hurt myself several times in the past several years, I have finally acknowledged that I
can’t workout now the way I used to. Thus, Now i’m always on the prowl
off safe alternatives strategies and fitness workout routines iin an effort to retain muscle,
reduce fat and eep fit. Thank you for the information you
provide on this site – Keep it coming.

Will do and yes over doing it is something to be very aware of. Thanks for commenting and inspiring me to continue!

Oh I will REALLY benefit from this new series of yours Tracy! THANK YOU! I gained a lot of weight from a medicine I went on 12 years ago…I’m trying to wean OFF of it, but it’s proving harder than I thought. :/ I am SUCH a HUGE yo-yo dieter & excerciser… and I’m trying to get into a routine with my exercise. You’re a huge inspiration! Thanks for keeping it REAL! I sooo appreciate that. 🙂

Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know that you are interested in my new series.. It’s all about making small changes and being consistent… One day at a time!

Hard to believe that I ve been into fitness and doing physical exercises more than 3 decades now.
That said, I ve had to admit,reluctantly, that I can t
workout the way I once did. As a result, I m always seeking brand
new and innovative ways to safely keep fit
and in good shape. So I m haappy to come across a websote
with such usefuhl information Kudos!

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