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Weight Management Wednesday

Posted on: May 28, 2014

What Type of Eater Are YOU?

Today, I am going to share with you a theory I have…

I have come to believe that there are two types eaters based on my own experience and observations

at my Weight Watcher meetings.  

First off I think there are people who are Volume Eaters, they want and don’t seem to be satisfied without Quantity.  

In opposition of that, there are others like myself who are less about volume and more about Quality.  


Both can cause problems that lead to weight gain… It’s pretty obvious that the Volume eaters can just eat too much of  unhealthy choices.  What is less obvious is how a Quality-low volume eater gains weight.   Well, the answer is that by eating Low Volume -Quality choices it opens up the door for craving the carbs and sugars when stress hits, there by creating emotional eating.  Of course both types can use food for soothing emotions.


So, why is knowing what type you are important?

 Well the answer is that in getting real with ourselves and acknowledging which one we are , we can prepare our kitchens for success…

For example Volume or Quantity eaters need to make sure that they are well stocked with Vegetables and Fruits that allow for eating in Quantity without adding huge caloric intake… I highly recommend if you are a Pinterst user to scour the site for recipes with vegetables for additional ways to add them into your diet without getting bored…

One can only eat so many salads before rebellion kicks in! 

My Greatest tool in adding Vegetables was Weight Watcher Zero Point Soup found Here.

Must say, I took out carrots, onions and green beans and added yellow squash and mushrooms ,  and italian seasoning…Key for me was chopping cabbage very finely, tricked people into thinking it was onions!

The key to success as a Quantity eater is to make sure the majority is vegetables, with two fruits and a normal serving of protein and really watching carbs. Not to say you can’t eat carbs at all… My favorite way to get carbs is to eat two whole wheat waffles with either a nice bowl of strawberries or a banana.  Another way is a whole wheat tortillas stuffed with vegetables and a cheese or chicken or turkey…For a Quantity eater, perhaps a salad added to wrap or two servings of the strawberries would be in order…

The key is not to exclude any food group.  At least in my experience for long term success…


As for Less Volume-Quality Eaters you too must stock your kitchens for success.. I make sure to get some form of protein in every meal. I limit fruits to 2 servings per day.  My lunches may only be an apple with peanut butter or sunflower seeds and a banana or 2 laughing cow cheese wedges and  one of the following: an apple or celery sticks, or a bowl of cucumbers in light Italian dressing…

I think for both types it’s important to find something to satisfy the sweet tooth when it does arise…For me just a piece or two of dark chocolate does the trick or Weight Watcher Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bars.. If you are apt to eat more Don’t buy themFind what works in a small amount for you and make rules that you can adhere to. 

My rule regarding sweets is no more than 3 times a week and only in small amounts.

Dear Readers, I am not expert, just a mother of four , daughter with mother’s  side who was naturally thin and father’s side who had morbid obesity (not my father).  I do not claim to be an expert, but am sharing my thoughts and what I know works for me and others in my life.  

So for today, I hope I’ve sparked you to thinking of small changes you can make to what’s in your kitchen to plan for success and set yourselves up with a plan in mind , with a new awareness of what your eating style is and what that means for behavior and food choices….

Would love to hear your comments ,

so I can assess whether this new blog feature is of use and helpful! 

As for my Outfit….

A thrifted skirt and top and rocking the Birkenstock and skirt and dress trend…


8 Responses to "Weight Management Wednesday"

I love healthy eating talk – within reason! Nice feature – keep it up. I’m learning I can be satisfied with a LOT fewer calories. Really need to work on this at suppertime, especially.

What is one change you can make regarding the suppertime issue?

Good question! And I know you don’t necessarily need a response HERE, but I’ve been thinking about brushing my teeth when I’ve had “enough.” I don’t tend to snack later in the evening, I just have too many “seconds” right at suppertime. Brushing my teeth would help, I think. Just gotta remember to do it.

Good plan, I chew gum after dinner to prevent that!

This is a great feature. A lot of us struggle with eating issues, so it’s good to discuss. I try to get protein with every meal too. It really helps me feel full for longer. I agree too that all food groups should be eaten. There’s nothing worse for me than feeling “deprived”

Thanks! Yes, protein is key to feeling full and digests slower and perfect way for me to regulate blood sugars. It’s not about a diet , it’s about a lifestyle of success,which means you have to allow for reality and all food groups.

I really like hearing your weight loss story and tips to make us all achieve the results we are striving for. My big tip is to not eat past 7 pm and to brush my teeth right away. It is a signal to quit eating. Love your blog and all the fashion you bring! Love your caring spirit…and spirit of gratitude that you have!

Thank you so much for commenting. You are too kind! I agree eating after 7 is trouble.

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