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Sunday was a very lazy day for me….

I am still trying to get my sleep patterns back in order after a week of crazy sinus issues….

I haven’t succeeded as I didn’t fall asleep until 5am… and was back up before 11am…

Warning this post took a surprisingly sentimental twist.. I never know what is coming when I sit down to write….


I felt like wearing vibrant colors to embrace our cooler temps after a week of unseasonably hot temps…

I began with the pants , then grabbed the blouse and pulled the green color out of the blouse print for my sweater choice..

That really is the easiest way to put together a look, pull colors from a print piece…


Funny, I typed that last line and instantly went to my mother’s funeral where one of the women from the church told me that she so admired my mother’s ability to put colors together…. That was her trick to pick an inconspicuos color in a print…..The woman who mentioned that at the funeral knew of my mother’s skill in this because my mother babysat her son and would do clothing changes and she would come home and marvel over what combinations my mother put together…. She raved about it to my mother and made my mother feel so appreciated and happy…


I love that memories like that swirl around me, especially with times like rigtht now… You see my mother wanted so much to attend my daughter’s high school graduation and died in March, missing it.. With that being the first family event without her, I cannot help but feel that loss again as my son is getting ready to graduate from high school… It’s so funny to remember this young man at 13 giving his grandmother’s eulogy and telling his sister that my mother would have the best seat in the house for her graduation…. I hope he remembers that as he crosses that stage for his diploma…


I am grateful that I indeed had the less active slower weekend I really needed

I am grateful that I have such wonderful memories to cherish…

I am grateful that my daughter lent me her camera, something hard for her to do…( I bought myself a new one, not so expensive one , but if my daughter’s takes this quality, it should do fine..)

I am grateful for these new fun recipes for fused water , as anyone who concentrates on weight maintenance knows the importance of drinking water…

I am grateful that my sinus issues seem to have passed for now!

Sharing the fruit fused water recipes with you my dear readers…

Infused Water Recipes: Aid your body in the normal detoxification process! |

And how about this unusual Idea…..Cinnamon Water-   Thanks  to my friend Erin for pointing me in the direction of this recipe. Must buy some cinnamon sticks.

When you dine at WoodSpoon restaurant in Los Angeles, the waiter often brings a carafe of ice water with a cinnamon stick inside. It’s an unusually refreshing beverage – and one that’s easy to make at home, too.

There really is nothing simpler than to throw on a Summer Dress for ease and comfort

on this last of our Unseasonably Hot Days..

We are expecting heavy rains and normal temps for the season to return tomorrow!!!!!

I usually wait til morning to post, but the sooner I get rid of those awful pics from yesterday,

the better….

grey dress

If you followed my blog since last year, you may recognize this dress, as it truly is one of my favorites.

It is survived my weight loss journey as the elastic empire waist stretches quite a bit and those lost 4-5 inches just mean the elastic isn’t stretched , but has more pleating and ease in the hips…

They called this dress a Flip-Flop dress and that’s pretty much how I’ve worn it with mostly flats…

This time I am debuting my newest black and white ones from Payless…Gotta love their BoGo sales! 


I love the fun addition of summer hats , not just for the look, but to protect my face from the sun..

This newest one I purchased from F21 and can be found Here.

Forever 21 has other great hats at reasonable prices as well, check them all out Here.

I think this look is a perfect one for the outdoor music festival season and am sure I will wear it again!  


I only added my silver starfish bracelet and even went without earrings.. something new for me upon the advice of Angie at You Look Fab…

My white Nine West purse has gotten a lot of use this week! 

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

 No big huge plans for me this time around, but hoping to spend time with my dearest freind to celebrate her birthday and maybe go bowling with my family…After last weeks full weekend it’s nice not to have this one packed with activities..

Do you Readers create that balance of time when you let things slow down for yourselves?  


I am grateful that our weather is cooling off as, it’s already begun!

I am grateful that I took a nap today and finally feel well rested after 4days of lousy sleep and sinus issues.

I am grateful that even my sinus problems seem to be turning around.

I am grateful to my oldest for dropping gifts off to my dear friend on her actual birthday!

I am grateful that my husband had a wonderful meeting at work and things that were a problem have now been solved and that they all came together as a cohesive management team!  

I am grateful that my homeschooler cooperated today, as I didn’t begin wtih him until after my much needed nap at 3pm, when he is normally finished his day by then!!!!  

Well, I metioned that I droppped and broke my camera this past weekend…

I was resorting to using a basic Kodak , one of my children’s but today it began doing something funny and the pictures all came out super bright…. I don’t know what changed between yesterday and today…

So , I tried my only other option… My son’s flip camera..

Not good photos, but what I could get for now…


A simple Mom on the Go outfit…

Thrifted Anchor print top and thrifted lightwash jean skirt…


A perfect outfit for grocery shopping, which was the activity of the day…

Second wearing of my Payless two tone sandals….


Well not sure what I am going to do for pictures tomorrow….but hoping my dear daughter will let me use her camera… She was at work until late today so couldn’t ask her for today…

Dear Readers, Guess I am going to have to get a new camera when my head allows for me to do the research…

Still dealing with sinus issues , although today wasn’t as bad as the past two days had been…


I am grateful that my sinuses seem to be getting better, “knock on wood, quick, hope I didn’t jinx it!”

I am grateful that my son patiently took photos twice for me today…

I am grateful that my oldest is going to run presents to my bestie on her b’day today after I had to reschedule our lunch due to my sinuses…

I am grateful that I found my missing bankcard…

I am grateful for watermelon season and hoping the one I bought today is ripe, as this lovely fruit is the best thing for helping me maintain or lose weight!!!!

Another day of 88 degree temps called for 

Linen Shorts…..


I have to say, Linen really is a fabulous fabrication for these hot temps and I so want these in several other colors…

I found these on clearance at Chadwicks leftover from last year’s colors, but they have new colors for the season available for $24.99 found HERE in 9 different colors.


I took these photos too early in the day when the sun was bright and wanted to retake them, but with my sinus trouble today just gave up and settled for what I have…


I love my new sunhat in blues and purples that I found at Kmart…

Dear Readers, Linen shorts may not be fashion forward, but they should remain a classic for areas of high heat and humidity… I am definitely going to get them in a few more colors…

What do you think about linen shorts or shorts in general?  


I am grateful to my son for running to the store last night to make sure  I had lots of choices for zero weight watcher points fluids to counter the sinus meds drying me out…

I am grateful that my youngest son did his homeschooling today despite not feeling well.

I am grateful my daughter had the day off and went off to play as she so deserves a break.

I am grateful that the scale again showed another 3lb loss after my huge gain of 9lbs over my fun filled weekend. Only 3 more left to lose- I really can’t do carbs!!!!

Well, it’s not Summer according to the Calendar,

but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature…

Cause it’s in the mid 80’s here at the Beach….


I found this poncho at Goodwill and the cashier thanked me for buying it, as she kept picking it up after it fell off the hanger… 

I’ve been waiting not so patiently for it to be warm enough because I love this for poncho for Summer.

It really is so lightweight and open that it feels like I am just wearing a tank top, so was perfect for our hot day…


A beautiful sunny day, too bad I haven’t slept in two nights due to taking sinus medication that kept me awake..

I actually texted DH today that I feel like I am in Sinus Hell today…. 

Medication is making it bearable ,but this truly is a terrible allergy season, just like they predicted…

My son missed three days of school last week due to his allergies…

Heading to the store for Nyquil, cause 3 nights of no sleep and I might snap someone’s head off, most likely a child or even the dog and I would prefer to avoid becoming that person….


Rocking the on trend Birkenstocks, perfect for a Mom who has to be on the go, when she really doesn’t want to be…

I added my white purse just to lighten up the brights and the darks, plus it was the purse I used yesterday, so even easier…

Dear Readers, my weekend of fun , mostly my indulgence of wine at the festival on Saturday, resulted in quite a weight gain…. Mother’s Day I ate really well so lost 3lbs when I stepped on the scale.. Unfortunately, I have 6 more to go… Even feeling lousy, I am determined and ate really well today and even forced myself to run through a Fluidiity Bar workout…Gotta pay the price for my weekend of Fun!!!


I am grateful that I had achieved a significant loss when I stepped on the scale this morning.

I am grateful for a day of mostly rest,(would have been better if it had been actual sleep, but I’ll take what I can get!)

I am grateful that I had the energy to workout today!

I am grateful that my dear daughter humored me and let me order her a pair of flat riding boots to prepare for her upcoming season in Boston.

I am grateful that we received the intenirary for the family reunion in Ireland and that it all seems more real! (October will be here before we know it!)  

I had a very busy fun filled weekend, which began on Friday Night with a going away party

for a friend, as she starts a new chapter in her life…

get-attachment (43)

This was the only picture I got of myself that night, in the teal poncho….

get-attachment (46)

The next day (Saturday)  we went to an Art & Wine Festival.   This  was us after taking a break to eat lunch at Keegan’s Irish Pub. Where we dreamed of our October trip to Ireland!!!!!!

These two pics are from my husband’s cell phone….


This is a better view of what I wore to the Art & Wine Festival.

This is the last picture that will ever be taken with my Canon camera, as I was passing it to my husband to take the next pose and we dropped it on the cement and broke it…. (sooooo saaaaadddd, but refuse to let it mess up my weekend) 

And last of all is my Mother’s Day Outfit

Taken with  my son’s camera….


I loved swishing around in my newest boho skirt…

I bought this to replace a similar one that was too big after my weight loss…


We bought this necklace at the Art and Wine Festival.

It is a steampunk style with all the watch gear peices, but this one had such pretty filagree that  added a feminine touch that  really appealed to me…


I love this open weave shrug and have it in pink and yellow as well..

I also loved wearing my purple watch my husband bought me last month.

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  I did my best to keep busy and it worked out very well to distract me from missing my mother.  I haven’t been able to shake this sadness as the 5 year anniversary of her passing came in March… Keeping busy this weekend really helped me and I so appreciate the friends, my husband and dear children who all made it possible!  


I am so grateful for my friends and family!

I am grateful to my dear brothers, who both called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day!

I am grateful to my children for not just one day, but all the days they fill my heart with joy and my home with laughter!

I am grateful that while we spent a lot of time with friends, that Saturday was just for my husband and I!

I am grateful for the fun music at the Art & Wine Festival and my dear husband for dancing with me!  ( I swore I’d only marry a guy who would dance whenever I wanted him to and after 23 years, he has honored me tremendously in indulging me)  

I am grateful to God for blessing me with the most amazing Mother!

I am grateful to my mother for teaching me the meaning of love, by listening to me in my early twenties when I told her what I needed to feel loved and her answer of , “Oh that’s what YOU need to feel loved!”  and providing it to me for the two decades of our lives together! 

My favorite thing to wear on a hot day is a skirt or dress with sandals…

I love being a woman!


I bought this skirt from Ebay.  It was part of a lot of 5 skirts and one I knew my daughter wouldn’t want this one, so I kept it for myself.

Iwondered what to style it with and asked my

You Look Fab Forum members ,who were very helpful.


I love basic shell tops with a little added feminine touch like ths collar detail and pleats. 

While a lot of working women embrace a shell, I love them for my casual Mom on the Go style.


These sandals are from Payless , purchased on their BOGO sale, so I had to get them in black and white also.

I needed a few flat sandals , as I have a lot of sling back wedges for summer shoes.


I attempted to get creative and tried many purses 

before finally giving up and just going with white….

Dear Readers, I am so happy that warmer temperatures have arrived, but quite frankly feel like we’ve missed that transition of  temps in the 70’s that I prefer this time of year… We’ve gone from the 60’s straight to mid 80’s… then again who knows what will happen next week….As I was typing this the newscaster on tv was joking about how many employees call in “well” tomorrow so they can head to the beach, lol 

What are your favorite items to wear on hotter days???


I am grateful for the forum members who were so kind in responding to my plea for help in styling this skirt.

I am grateful for a nice sunny day and just had to go for a brief walk to the store to soak it in.

I am grateful for a fun day with all my kids here today (18 year old was sick with sinus stuff, but others just had the day off) 

I am grateful for leftovers and not having to cook on this first hot day of the season….

Today’s agenda began with bowling with the homeschool group

So I went for a Sporty look….


I took the sport trend literally and decided to showcase my favorite sports team….

I am a die hard Steelers Fan! 

My father and I only had a short 13 years together before he passed,but it was the late 70’s when my Pennsylvania born parents team had an incredible winning streak and I watched every game with my father patiently asnswering every question I threw his way, wanting to learn the rules of the game.   


My husband bought this t-shirt for me and I love him for that..

. Cause you see, he is a Patriots fan…


Sweatpant joggers and floral Keds add to the sports trend. 

My jacket is a lace bomber that I bought recently

I had fun wearing this today and it was perfect for bowling! 

Dear Readers, my oldest came in the door this afternoon saying he was emotional and embarassed.  He has spent two nights in his apartment and the silence was defeaning… He’s use to so much conversation and commotion and he was overwhelmed with how much he missed it.  I know getting cable in and the internet will help, even if he just puts on music.  I told him this is a normal adjustment and that soon enough this will become the new normal , but for right now he is just in a bunch of rooms , but soon enough it will become home.  My 18 year old told him that he missed him in the mornings when it’s just the two of them chatting it up as they get ready for school. If that wasn’t enough my oldest always took the trash out to the street and my dear husband put it out too late…. Two days and we are all feeling it already!

  Can’t imagine how my youngest and I are going to feel when the two others head off in the Fall….


I am grateful that my oldest shared this with us and allowed us all to talk with him as sometimes he is very private about his emotions….

I am grateful for the compassion that  each of my other children offered him.

I am grateful for the love my children have for each other and how this opened up a conversation on the importance of them all texting and keeping in contact when they are in all directions. 

I am grateful for my husband’s integrity and the lengths he goes to in busisness to do right for customers.

Rain and the chaos of my oldest moving out on Monday, resulted in no photos…

I wish I had gotten them as I went out to lunch with a friend

and had a casual look that wasn’t at all Boho…


I couldn’t wait to style my new item, this F21 dress, 

This works more as a tunic for someone not wearing mini’s….

I had measured and thought this would work for my petite height as a dress…

However, I like to blouse it a bit making it shorter , but not too short for a tunic…


I ran errands today and wanted total comfort and this outfit did just that.  

These crotchet  shoes by Espirit  I found at are a fabulous additon for my 

Mom on the Go needs…


A closer look at the print, which to me seems vintage, which is what drew me to it. 

I am wearing a gold locket that use to be my mother’s and actually was my grandmother’s..

It has my grandmother’s initials, AMC for Alice May Campbell

and the photos inside are my grandmother’s mother and my grandmother’s brother as a young child.  I cherish this piece! 


I loved the bright red-orange Dooney & Bourke purse as a good pop of color.  

Dear Readers, I have been really missing my mother as something really hit me hard when the five year anniversary of her passing came around in March and I haven’t been able to shake it.  I love wearing her jewelry pieces and remembering her wearing them.  Mother’s Day is coming soon and quite frankly I wasn’t looking forward to , yet another reminder of my loss.  I’ve made plans with our friends to take a road trip to Richmond to a restaurant my husband discovered while there training new hires.  I asked my children if they minded that we had the morning together until about noon before we left on our day trip and they all agreed I should go.. I love them for understanding me so well..  This is a first, not spending Mother’s Day with my children… Yet another change, among a year of so many…

Dear Readers, If you are blessed to have your mother in your life, I hope you truly celebrate her!  If like me, without a mother, I hope you find a way to spend the day in celebration and without sorrow!

I would love to hear what your plans are for this Sunday, so chime in dear readers and let me share in your joyful plans!


 I am grateful that my husband felt really good about the meeting he held for his team today!

I am grateful that I went to lunch with a dear friend yesterday, instead of sitting home thinking about my oldest moving out, which had brought me to tears. 

I am profoundly grateful that my son’s moving out was a very healthy thing and not like so many of my own generations experience of strife with parents,   making them leave. 

I am grateful for this wonderful stage of life where I am surrounded by only loving people who deserve to be part of my world… ( we all have to go through removing toxic relationships and it isn’t until our forties that most of us get there)

When I woke up Sunday and checked the temperatures and saw 

the high for the day was 78 degrees,

I practically ran to decide which maxi dress to wear!  

Linking Up with Visible Monday


The pink floral one won me over… 


I wore my new starfish necklace and a bracelet with a similar starfish…


It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze and no high humidity yet.. 

My husband said he liked my Navy painted toes…


After taking my photos, my husband grabbed our 18 year old Nicholas and asked for a photo and said he needed photos , lots of them as he will be leaving him soon… College just an hour and a half away within my husband’s territory means he will see him at least once a month… but this kid is a true joy and we will both feel a loss...

Dear Readers this is our future eye surgeon who will be attending Virginia Commenwealth University in the Fall!  I love how close our family is , but boy does it make it hard when they grow up and spread their wings… My oldest just signed a lease on an apartment and is moving out Monday(today) . I’ve had him longer as he struggled to find his way changing his major several times and it is time for him to move on, and he has been talking to me this last week after signing his lease more than he usually does and I am so glad as we are having really great moments and he is seeking some guidance that I am happy to provide and cherish these last days of having him under my roof.  Boy is this going to be tough with 3 of our 4 going away within the next few months… Didn’t know I could be so proud, so happy and yet so sad at all once!!!  


I am grateful that all my hard work as a mother is paying off and I can see my children chosing great paths for themselves…

I am grateful that my adult children all listened to my many discussions on money management and all are well prepared to make budgets and watch things financially.

I am grateful that my oldest is moving out first, as it would have been difficult to see the other two go away and hurtful to his self esteem.

I am grateful that my husband is no longer working 6 day weeks and had time this weekend for some family fun and fun with friends.

I am grateful that I got over my silly fear that maxi dresses don’t work for petite women…

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