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I finally completed the year end testing and mailed it in and am keeping my fingers crossed they get the results back to me quckly to make the August 1st deadline to send to my School Board… 

After doing so I can’t help, but thinking what a wonderful year of discovery this has been in learning more about my son and his individual needs as a learner…

This completes my week of Orange Crush …


It has always bugged me that before going to school this young man was a sponge, always learning and spouting off to us all that he learned,but the longer he was in school the more this had disappeared.

He was never a child that was interested in cartoons or ones geared towards prechoolers , he sought ones that gave him knowledge. He would get up earlier than the rest of us just to have command of the tv. 

One show in particular that I remember  was” Crashbox“, and then of course two channels he couldn’t get enough of  :  Discovery and Animal Planet… He also continues to love the ” How it’ s Made ” series and “Myth Busters” 

The change in him was very scary as a mother because it was so fast and so drastic… A few things in school sparked him-  like learning about the Egyptians and the phases of the moon… but more and more he seemed to lose the desire and his conversations became less and less about these facts he had  always  been so proud to share…

I bought him an Iphone for his birthday in April and who knew that would be the catylst for getting my son back! He is using YouTube and signing up to channels that interest him and feed him with lots of interesting facts in the news regarding science..


I could litterally cry and shout for joy all at once, as I am so overwhelmed with emotions… I thought school had ruined this wonderful child and that his love of learning was lost forever…   The tears are flowing as I type this… The love of a mother is so deep , so all knowing and we truly see our children in a way that noone else can.. I know my mother did that for me!  

Now that I’ve shared my Joy-Time to move  on to the things I learned about how our homeschooling was working for him and how to move forward in a better way for the specific needs of this individual child… I love that I am blessed to be directing this and tailor make his education!

Such a wonderful twist for a mother who chose to homeschool because she was forced to when the school couldn’t get the job done… It’s no longer, “I have to do this for him” , but, ” I am blessed to have this choice! ”

 A huge distinction!  


For the past 3 years we have used Time 4 Learning and I liked that it was easy for me to just be a guide and I learned a lot right along with him…I also saw what my other children were telling me that their programs were more advanced than public schools.  A perfect thing for my very bright child… I also liked that we were able to even chose a year above or below if we so wanted… We started high school this year, a year early and that was a good decision… 

Now for the problem… This is based very much on Common Core and a year long program that seemed to drag on and on in lessons. My son started off each year enthusistically  and really gung-ho… by January he was bored and frustrated and it was a fight to keep him motivated…  

After exploring choices for what program to chose for homeschooling through high school.  I am happy that Ihave found the perfect program called Universal Class...I think that he is super excited about being able to finish a class in one semester and move onto all new classes in January…. He actually told me I got this right and seems amazed that I figured this out and found a solution… 

He is excited about the number of choices for classes and even said he has to get reading and setting goals for a hundred pages a day… Of course that is what his college graduate sister keeps telling him is ahead of him… I think if he sees that he can move quickly through these courses that he will do so… The fact that he said he wanted to reach 100 pages a day is huge as he resists reading  unless I force the issue… Although he was very proud of himself for reading books his brother read at this age in his Advanced English class and seeing he really had fixed what that dumb school had labeled as a disability… That success really boosted his confidence and I am so glad I insisted on him taking that on..

After dreading homeschooling him through high school andthe upcoming fight I thought I was going to have, I feel very encouraged by his enthusiasm and his looking at me like I finally got him… I feel like I’ve won the lottery!!!!! I truly feel like a super hero to my child.. hmmm… what would my costume look like??? 

Dear Readers, If you read all of this Thank you for letting me share my journey and my joy of this most important part of my life.

 I think a huge turning point for me was recently when I saw a Facebook post on Affording the Homeschool Life  where someone used the term Autodidact to describe an individual driven to self learn – that it really hit me what was going on with my son and what he needed.. I can see why some homeschooling mothers are drawn to unschooling whereas before that made no sense to me for a mother trying to get her child ready for college.. I however have no intention of going the unschooling route for  high school , perhaps for a younger child…


I am grateful for dear friends who support me!

I am grateful for my husband’s support in homeschooling, as I hear that so many fathers are against it…

I am grateful for a movie night to escape reality and a tough situatin with my husbands job…

I am grateful that my electric bill didn’t go sky high with all the AC we’ve been using..

I am grateful the great sleep I got last night, the sleep app said I got 100% sleep quality…


There are many shades of Orange, 

Today I chose to go with Coral for my day of bowling…


A great casual look for my fun day of bowling….

My Just Fab tote has my bowling shoes in it…

Can’t believe I just typed that… I have my own bowling shoes…

Such a funny turn of events…

All due to homeschooling my youngest….


I love this top by St. John’s Bay that I’ve had for many years and never tire of..

In fact I have a navy blue version as well.

This top has an elastic neckline which make it perfect for an off the shoulder look . 

I am not much for faux tucking, but think it works here..


I had a lot of fun bowling today and really love that the manager now knows me and we are working together to find other homeschool kids to try to form some leagues for the the Fall… 

Next week we many go two days, which you won’t hear me complain about..

It’s fun time with my 18 year old  and 14 year old sons…

I can’t believe that a month from today, I will be moving my Nicholas into his dorm…I am so not ready to have just one child home….

Dear Readers what kind of fun activities do you enjoy doing with your family???

I love your comments and appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit my blog!


I am grateful for the comraderie of another homeschooling mom on bowling days…

I am grateful for the laughter between me and my guys…

I am grateful my niece had a wonderful turn out for her memorial service for her dogs.

I am grateful my two youngest went with me to the memorial service.

I am grateful that God blessed me with amazing children and that we are in a stage of life of seeing the pay off of our hard work as three are now adults and making wonderful decisions in their lives…


I came up with this title to make reference to the print of my top,

however after seeing this outfit, I think perhaps it is more appropriate as 

a reference for me to get rid of this skirt…  or save it for wearing with tights…


It’s been four weeks since I broke my toe and I am daring to wear wedges for the first time !

It actually felt wonderful to not have to wear flats…


I love an off the shoulder top…

My 14 year old photographer however did not like seeing his mother this way..


I am really motivated to get back to the self tannerf!  

Top, skirt and purse are all thrifted from Goodwill…

I like the nautical vibe with the mix of the anchor print top and the striped bag..

Dear Readers, I love the shape and color of this skirt and noticed it has a five inch hem,

so taking a seam ripper and trying to salvage it tonight… Wish me luck..


I am grateful that I got my photos done early today, as terrible rain and thunderstorms rolled in during my normal time slot..

I am grateful that I slept in today, since my migraine kept me up late last night..

I am grateful that today I seem to have broken the three day saga of migraines…

I am grateful for making plans with my friend for Thursday night.

I am grateful  my husband is handling chaos at work with wisdom and grace.  

I am not big on wearing shorts, but these white ones hit at the right length…

I’ve been very bad at keeping up with the self tanner….


This hat is bigger than most hats in my wardrobe, but it was part of the new goods from Target that 

arrived at Goodwill for just $4 , worth the fun impact it has…

Unfortunately , with the winds of the day, it didn’t work well…


A nice windswept look…


This look was perfect for a casual day that went by too fast….

Shorts by Worthington

Tank by Old Navy

Hoodie by Arizona Jean Co (ebay) 

Purse- Nine West

Sandals- Lanesboro (BJ’s ) 

Dear Readers,  Do you like to wear shorts for Summer?  If so what Length inseam do you prefer?  

I think this is my sweetspot lenght at 5 inches…


I am grateful that I kicked my migraine first thing this morning (it began late yesterday and too late to take Excedrin without having me up all night…)

I am grateful that I was able to complete the testing for homeschooling my son, as we waited really late this year….

I am grateful that when interrrupted by and important call, that my son continued with the test on his own,  love signs of maturity!

I am grateful that my husband had a successful day at work and sounded happy when we talked. 

I am grateful for leftovers and not having to cook tonight….

I am grateful for plans to  hang with my friend later this week…

I am posting this around 11 am because I just woke up… so I am grateful for SLEEP! 

Orange is  a color that I love and looks to be going strong 

as a continued trend for this


Linking up with Visible Monday


I decided to do all orange featured looks for this week…

What better way than to begin with my favorite boho thrifted skirt…

Thanks to my participation in the Get Your Pretty on Summer Challenge, 

I purchased this Aztec top from Amazon (now sold out)

Speaking of which the next challenge up is a work wear one for anyone interested…

It’s a great deal for about $20…


Our storms recently left scatterd branches everywhere as visible in this photo…

I wasn’t sure about pairing this cropped voluminiuos top over the volume on the skirt,

but in seeing the photos, I think it worked out ..


I think adding the purse, sunglasses and shoes all in white helped to break up all the orange….


This is the photo my budding 14 year old  photographer worked so hard to capture of the Supermoon last night… The auto adjust on my camera made it difficult to get this without a very steady hand… we could have gotten a tripod, but before we could he succeeded after several attempts..  I think one of his electives as he begins high school should be a photography class… 

Trend Alert

– August People Stylewatch reported that a trend upcoming for Fall is matching your shoes with your purse again…

Something that has been a no-no for awhile…

They did mention doing so in great colors or in patterns like snakeskin…


I am grateful to Cyndi Spivey for featuring my on her blog and for all her followers who came to my site and liked it enough to look around and even begin following me…

I am grateful for my husband pitching in to make dinner tonight, since my sinuses are a mess and causing vertigo..

I am grateful to my youngest sons (18 &14) for going grocery shopping for me today..

I am grateful that my daughter had today off as that doesn’t happen too much on Sundays..

I am grateful to my sister-in-law and our insightful conversations...

I am grateful that my sister-in -law’s latest medical issue was a cyst and not cancer…

Since I indulged in a week long Sporty Luxe Trend, 

What better way to finish it off than

Sporting My Team T-shirt??


And while I am at it.. How about a ball cap for a final touch???


I have to say this is my favortie look of the week…

I think it epitomizes the Sporty Luxe Trend in a way the other looks didn’t .

There really is something so chic and sophisticated about pairing a basic team shirt with the luxurious flowing black maxi skirt and a bejeweled vest…


I’ve truly enjoyed this week of trying different options for this fun trend,

but don’t think this is the end of this trend for me…

After all, I lead a casual life, but love the ying/yang of feminine looks with a twist… 

In fact, I have at least another weeks worth of looks put together to spread out over the remainder of the season…


What’s even more exciting is seeing how I make this trend work

for Fall/Winter as it promises to keep going strong…

Dear Readers, Thanks for joining me on my week of Sporty Luxe Outfits… I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Now it’s time for you to chime in… Are their any trends out there you’d like to see me give a try? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts?  


I am grateful that my killer migraine finally eased in time for these photos…

I am grateful that the crazy storm that ascended upon us today, didn’t cause any damage to my yard or neighborhood, others were not so lucky especially right down at the Oceanfront…

I am grateful for the delight and fun we all had watching the whipping winds and how the wind blew the rain….

I am grateful we didn’t lose electricity…

When Feeling Blue…

Getting out for some Bowling Is Just the Thing

To Help….


I opted for printed jogger pants for today’s Sporty Trend Look…

These pants really are so lightweight ,even on a day as hot as today…

Note the umbrella…

The  storm and high winds was just the thing to break the unbearable heat that descended upon us…


My guys have been teasing me lately about my upcoming birthday in September when I turn 49…

They keep saying I am getting very close to the half-century mark and calling me old…

I looked at this photo and thought, No problem, bring it on!  

I actually don’t fear aging , it’s a privledge my father who passed at the age of 42 never had…


I opted to put a pink tank under the Jones New York thrifted sweater…

These printed pants are F21 and always receive compliments… they may just be my favorite new item purchased this season..

White grasshopper slip -ons were my sporty shoe of choice today.. not so great for the rain in white, but they can be thrown in the washer….

I’ve been saying, I wanted a baseball cap , but didn’t want to spend the money on one…

Imagine my delight when I found this one at the Dollar Tree today…


 I loved walking around in comfy shoes and sporting a ball cap!   

I am having way too much fun with these sporty looks and can see so many other combos in my closet...

Tomorrow’s look is going to be all about Team Spirit…

Dear Readers,  Today was only the second time I’ve taken my niece bowling and her game improved so much! She actually scored two spares and a strike!   I was so happy for her and it was nice to see her put aside her sadness for a few hours today… I even heard a few real giggles…. Tonight she has Girl Scouts so that should help too….If you’re not a regular reader… both her dogs were hit by cars and killed a few days ago…

I went up from an 8lb bowling bowl to a 10lb today and loved it!  


Well of course , I am grateful for a fun day bowling and  a few moments of joy before reality settles back in and she had to return to the too quiet home…

I am grateful to my boys for being such great kindhearted young men…

I am grateful that my vertigo took a break, allowing me to bowl… but began messing up again late this afternoon…

I am grateful for discovering Zentangle as it really is “Yoga for your mind”  ,  a perfect hobby for anyone with ADD.

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