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It’s been awhile since I’ve indulged my love of Inspirational Sayings ….

Since It’s Friday, A great Way to Start the Weekend…

My Son comes home from VCU in time for dinner today! 


I have to say that my Father’s lessons in being rich in the things money can’t buy really stuck with me!

Inspirational quotes to motivate

I thought of our experience moving our son into his dorm where parents are higher floors had to wait in elevator lines for hours…

We were lucky enough to just use the stairs to go up one flight… We came across parents berating the young college volunteers, complaining about the wait times.  Upon hearing their outrage we all agreed that it’s all of what you make of it and that we would have spent the time goofing off and just being silly.  It’s no surprise that most of my family shares having Quality Time as a strong love language…

'Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.'  #Quotation #Workout

A huge distinction in purpose and the thing that kept me going in my weight loss journey! 

Can’t believe Boston College won’t give Graduate students access to the gym , unless they pay $400 a year! 

Shame on Them!


I love being at this stage of wisdom in my life and seeing the puzzle pieces fitting together..

No one ever injured their eyesight by looking at the bright side of things  #life #quote #positive #motivation

So True…

wake up

As children ,we often did this, as adults we have to make a choice to do this….

Dear Readers, Have a Wonderful Weekend! 


I am grateful that will all these predictions of  winter being a bad one, that my husband is no longer in the home improvement industry and long gone are the days of measuring outside in all weather, with lights clipped to him and hot hands in his pockets.

I am grateful that my husband had the guts to take a huge leap outside his comfort zone and make the career switch, losing so much in the process of  the people. While we miss them, it doesn’t beat the relief the job was having on his body and soul.  Did I ever mention my Dear Readers, that my husband was hit by a large pick-up truck in the Home Depot parking lot several years ago and thrown back about 10 feet, leaving him with knee and hip issues?

I am grateful for his time in the home improvement industry, the fun we had and the things we learned along the way. It really was on the whole a good experience and one we will cherish.


I took a few days off blogging because, my Dear Readers. quite frankly, I wasn’t getting dressed..

I came down with terrible sciatica and a new symptom of my neck and back of head hurting like ****

Thank Goodness for our inversion back table because after several days of the neck thing not getting better, I hung upside down and voila it un-kinked (my made up word)  whatever was locked up… 

I probably should have gone to the Doctor, but quite frankly, I didn’t want to be given a prescription as I can’t stand them…


Today , I just couldn’t hold off any longer and had to wear my new lace dress.

I found this on clearance at Kohl’s a few weeks back when I was shopping with my daughter.

My goal was to style it in a casual way and not save it for just date nights.  


I really loved it when I added the vest…

A silver tassle necklace and a silver bracelet and watch finished the look off..


Here it is without the vest….

I think adding the silver flat sandals worked well to give this a more casual look as well…


I could so imagine this with strappy heels for a date night look….

And don’t get me started on Fall options….

Speaking of that my Dear Readers, I think for Fall I am going to add a blog feature once a week of taking one of my Summer outfits and switching it up for cooler temps…Of course with the Ireland trip that probably won’t start until November….


I am grateful that my daughter made it to Boston today and called me to keep her company when two sets of shuttles came and she didn’t find the one she needed…

I am grateful for a funny moment with my youngest who is now the only one at home…We walked up to the grocery store and on the way back, I was just in a daze pushing the cart down the sidewalk.  Two teen boys whizzed by us on skateboards and then I heard my 14 year old say to himself,  “yes , my Mom is crazy.”  I snapped to and realized I hadn’t left the cart at the store… LOL.. I giggled and said , “Well that’s how you know your mother really does have ADD… We laughed the rest of the way home… Upon putting the bags on the counter my son turned to me and said, ” Well if you have a disorder, you might as well learn to laugh about it!”  Right on, my dear Son!!!!!

I am grateful that my husband is having such wonderful success this month in sales that he won an Ipad..

I am grateful that we are on target to save for October bills for when he is in Ireland..

I am grateful that my son is coming home from VCU for Labor Day weekend.

I am grateful that my guys are all going to head to Boston to move my daughter into her apartment, as I am not going for that long ride with sciatica…

I am grateful for the flare up of sciatica, no I have not lost my mind…. It got me to walking an hour a day and a 3lb weight loss so far…Remember I gained 8lbs…

I am grateful to my dear readers who were worried and asked if I was ok and noticed my absence!  

I am grateful to see that some how I now have spell check on my blog, as I’ve been frustrated all along that I didn’t! 

After a brief period of mourning my son going to college,

I am now in much better spirits!


Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that we purchased our tickets to Ireland! 

We will be spending half the time with my husband’s Irish Relations(that he’s never met before)  near Galway and

the other half on our own with a Groupon special, staying in 4 different country castles .   


My daughter took these pictures and we were both joking about how hot it was at five o’clock.

She said, “I feel like I am getting a sunburn” 

I was thinking, try facing the sun and actually had to close my eyes for this shot!  


I love kimonos and never tire of them as third completer pieces..

This floral one offers so many colors and is extremely versatile and is one I’ve had for a few years. 

My maximal nature would have been to add a necklace, but with the heat, I opted to just let the belt buckle be my jewelry…

Dear Readers, My son is settling in nicely at VCU and I’ve talked to him daily all instigated by him…I know that once  classes start that the phone calls will get less and less, but for now I am cherishing him telling me everything going on.  I have no worries about this smart young man and the ability to make good decisions for himself.  He always has and with the big goal of becoming an eye surgeon to keep him going, I know he will continue to do so… He knows getting high grades is the only way to get into med-school….. A college in the middle of the city of Richmond offers a lot of clean fun and he is seeking that out successfully.   He was right in his desire to room in the doctor’s lounge with like minded people and they are saying no to temptations together!  One of his suite mates is actually offering the rest alcohol and they all are telling him to knock it off!  The school is offering freshman to participate in a study of how alcohol relates to grade performance and my son said he wanted to join to be part of the control group who doesn’t drink and get paid for doing so. 

I am so blessed to have such smart children with high goals and making good choicea and don’t ever take it for granted. 


I am grateful that my son is settling in and making friends.

I am grateful that I discovered my headache on the left back of my head was actually sciatica related and not a new type of headache that initially scared me senseless.. (I put Vick’s vapor rub on it and when it relieved that pain, the sciatica pain came forward as it had been masked)  A shout out about the wonders of Vick’s Vapor Rub for Headache Relief! 

I am grateful my husband asked me to go for a walk last night to help get this recent weight gain off..

I am grateful my husband is succeeding so beautifully since stepping down from management (he is actually making more money!)

I am grateful that my oldest took my youngest to see a movie yesterday. (With 13 years apart they need to bond more, them being together alone with no other siblings around while we are in Ireland will be great for them!) 

I love this skirt and it’s been easy to pair with Navy, Green or Even White Tops…

I like the addition of another color for even more versatility and this is my first attempt.


This Target skirt might just be my most worn and favorite item I ever thrifted…

I have worn it for all seasons and never tire of it!


I actually love the addition of the Yellow and

am now picturing it with Orange. 


I will never take wearing wedges or heels for granted after

so long stuck in flats from my broken toe.

Wedges always put a Spring in My Step and when they are this lovely shade of green, even more so…

Dear Readers, I had a lot of fun with this look, but noticed my smile is still off…My son texted today that he was prepared for how much we would all miss him…. I think he underestimates just how incredible of a young man he has become and how much a part of our family he is with his funny wit , intelligent conversations and incredible compassion.


I am grateful that I had my niece today, as we had a lot of fun looking at clothing online and discussing fashion.

I am grateful that my daughter is off right now picking up a queen size bed frame , the one thing we had left to get in the way of furniture for her first unfurnished apartment.

I am grateful that my husband had a big break in his day and came home for a nice nap.

I am grateful that my son had a fun night at college and met up with high school friends today.  

I am grateful to live in a day and age of texting and cell phone for communicating with children at college! 

I am grateful for a first dinner with just myself and my youngest. 







This weekend was an Emotional One…

We dropped our Son off at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond


This letting go stuff is hard and I have been fighting back the tears ever since I gave him that goodbye hug…

Seeing his bag of Candy on the counter, looking in the cabinet and see the taco seasoning (he always asked me to make them, watching my youngest hurting, watching my husband in that moment when he saw something on tv and started to get up to share it with his son…..It’s going to take some getting use to…


My smile wasn’t quite right today…but my shirt looks great with my hair color….

I wish the punches to my gut were done…. but alas we will be heading to Boston September 1st to drop our daughter for graduate school. 

One would be manageable two and with her going farther away out of state ,is a bit much for this loving mom to manage..

Manage I must because what choice do I have?

Isn’t this what I’ve been working all these years for to give them wings and let them fly? 


It’s not like I am done, I still have my fourteen year old to homeschool through high school.

A daunting task as I really have to play hardball and get him writing this year!  

I love these  cropped pants by Jag Jeans I purchased from early this season…I didn’t wear them yet, as I have to wear heels or wedges with cropped pants to get the right proportions and with my broken toe meant flats…I bought them in Navy and Bright Pink, so hopefully I’ll wear those before the Season is over….

Dear Readers, I am going to be fine with these changes in my family, but it doesn’t mean I won’t have set backs here and there. I’ll do my best to keep myself busy and moving and with homeschooling and getting ready for Ireland in October, that part will be easy… I am also moving into weight loss mode to combat this 8lb weight gain!  No way I am going to Ireland with that!

 Besides I have a birthday coming up in early September… Can you believe it!  I’ll be 49! 

I ordered this neat kitchen appliance

4 in 1 Maker

To make Omelettes to help keep me on track!  

I love this because I actually like my eggs cooked and usally flip the omelet to cook both sides before adding veggies..The bad part about that is that I use a plate to do the flip and quite often the edge of the hot pan will touch my arm.. Not every time, but too often…


I am grateful that we had a fun family day setting up our son’s dorm room, and hanging up pictures , not leaving until it was perfect

I am grateful that my daughter opted to take off work to be there for her brother

I am grateful my youngest was exhausted and fell right to sleep, his first night sleeping alone as he shared a room with his brother

I am grateful that my son texted me a few times today and is doing well

I am grateful that we had a very busy day, picking up a desk for our daughter , as she gets ready for her first unfurnished apartment and running other errands, finishing our day with a movie night…

I am grateful that my niece will be here this next week , which will be good for my youngest and me!  

After trying on several looks today, I finally settled on this one..

Not that this look is settling…


As a woman with curves, shorts are the hardest  thing to style…

It’s all about balancing my hips…

What better way than with a sheer kimono that ties at the waist?  


I bought this sheer kimono from Steinmart a few years ago around Chirstmas time when it was on their clearance racks and I had an extra 50% off coupon, making it around $4.  

My necklace is a recent purchase from Ebay of the beautful blue stones wrapped in silver.

I hope to get several pendants like these and a silver chain for my dear niece as a great way for her to accumualate many colors to indulge her passion for fashion.   

I’d also like to note that I love this deep color on my lips…

It’s just a cheap Wet/Wild brand I picked up at Walgreens called, Mink Brown. 


I wanted to wear flats today, but after a few attempts realized these pointed toe ones worked best with the shorts.

There really is something about those pointed toe that help elongate the leg…

This look is a wonderful blend of  thrifted items with my shorts and shoes from Goodwill…

My Purse is still available on Just Fab, Here. 


I guess I wore a very similar combo last summer with these shorts and kimono…. 

So funny!   

Dear Readers, Well, I finished all 4 seasons of Dowton Abbey and can’t believe how caught up in it I became… I think it proved my point about getting into watching entire seasons on Netflix the way the rest of my family does… I won’t be doing that any time soon as I didn’t like how addicting it felt.. I stayed up late, like seriously late… last night I was up unitl 5 am!    So lesson learned!  

Still standing strong and have had no diet soda!   


It may sound silly , but I am grateful I finally found an outfit I liked today after 5 or 6 tries…. No wonder I was into my easy skirt and top looks this week…

I am grateful that I sent the kids out for KFC instead of cooking tonight.

I am grateful that my daughter and son worked together and put the first of her items into the trailer our friend lent us to take her to Boston…A queen size mattress and box spring that was in the house and in my way…

I am grateful that my youngest was so patient with my taking over his computer these last few days to watch Downton Abbey, keeping him away from skyping with his friends and playing Minecraft… 

I am grateful that my youngest is such a willing photographer and takes doing a good job for me seriously…He actually took this pose from several angles…Looking forward to him taking a photography class soon.

We’ve had a nice break from our awful humidity lately

, but today it was back in full force….


A breezy white skirt was the perfect way to embrace that awful humidity…

The vest is my newest one, thrifted a few weeks ago land is by Christopher Banks for just $2.99


I am really growing more and more fond of my backpack purse….

This is a new trend coming for Fall in handbags…

Readers, Is a backpack as a handbag  a trend that interests you???


Prior to blogging, I might not have paired pink under this more red vest…

Gotta love the confidence blogging has given me in mising colors, something I feel like I am still learning …

Dear Readers,   I have a new adddiction…. I must say that I have never sat for hours watching any one show on Netflix like the rest of my family… However, I got the bug to do just that these past few days …..What show you ask ?  

Downton Abbey and I am watching it on Couchtuner 

I never knew about this site…. but am now hooked..

I’ve watched 3 seasons in the last few days…

Are any of you my Dear Readers into this show???


I am grateful that I made it through yet another diet soda free day..  this time with no headache! 

I am grateful to be making my son’s favorite meals for this last week..

I am grateful to our dear friend for loaning us his trailer for moving our daughter to Boston College,

since she will be in her first unfurnished apartement.

I am grateful my husband is a selling machine and working so hard for all our upcoming expenses. (Ireland trip is coming in October) 

There really isn’t an easier way to get dressed than to pop on a boho maxi skirt…

At least that’s been my mood lately…


If you are a regular reader, you might remember that I speak often of being a mood dresser…

And my mood lately is boho easy-breezy looks…

Don’t laugh ,but I began this outfit wanting to wear my pink Birki’s…

It really is so ironic that in my twenties I called these ugly and swore they’d never grace my feet…

My Mother is looking down on me giggling for all the times she told me to never say never…


That makes sense with the upcoming changes of taking two children to college a little over one week apart…

There really are a lot of last minute things going on and I feel like I am playing manager of it all…


With that kinda stress, I use my passion for fashion as a psychological tool to lift my spirits…

What’s more fun than long skirts, and sun hats?  

I picked this hat up at Kmart this season and love the blues and purples..


I’ve worn this skirt before in several seasons…

I still have several more ways in my head of how to style this..

Gotta love a piece you’ve had for a few years that still inspires you…


This is actually a bandeau style dress than can convert to a skirt, so here I wore it as a dress,

then threw the sweater over it..

Talk about a versatile piece…

Dear Readers, I have a confession to make.. I chose this week of all week’s to kick my diet soda addiction… today was day four and I haven’t caved… I have had terrible headaches and used migraine medicine to help… I am determined to switch to tea and forgo the soda .  I’ve done this successfully before , but always end up going back due to sinus headaches and wanting the quick caffeine in lower amount than a migraine pill that would keep me awake all night…

It’s been a crutch and I really want to drink more tea, so wish me luck!  

I love this skirt I thrifted and how crisp it looks paired with white ….

Of course,  adding a patterned blouse in the mix in those color made it more to my liking…

Linking up with VISIBLE MONDAY


I am not big on button up shirts, but love them tied at the waist in a casual way to fit my lifestyle.

I also intend to wear them for more layering options in the cooler seasons…


In fact I could help thinking in Fall, I could tuck this shirt into this skirt, add a cognac belt and boots and be done…

Then, of course I thought I could just pop my cognac leather over this tied version with cognac boots for Winter…

So, is that where I am, dreaming of how to change my outfits into Fall versionsA?  

It can’t be helped, I am so longing for Fall to begin for dressing purposes only, as I love the carefree time of Summer and no homeschooling.


It doesn’t happen often , so I point it out when it occurs…

Most of this outfit is thrifted, the Lands End blouse, skirt and the purse are all from Good will..

Dear Readers, Today is the final weekend my dear son wil be home as he goes to VCU Saturday…5 more days with my guy… don’t know why this seems so hard. Well, yes I do….It’s not just about my missing this incredibly kindhearted, comedian , but the knowledge of the loss his brother and father will feel… These brothers use to say they were twins born at different times and have been so close.  I know that this is going to be very hard on my youngest as he is facing being the only child left at home… Tears well up in me as I type this… I just hope that his father and I do a great job of enjoying treating him to the pleasures of being an only child….That will be a new adventure!  


I am grateful for the closeness of my family and the relationships my children have built with each other.

I am grateful that my son is so excited about going to college and starting this venture that he’s dreamed of since he was 11.

I am grateful that my husband took the car and van in for tune ups this week (that van has to go from VA to Boston in another week or two!)

I am grateful my daughter is searching for the right living situation in Boston and is waivering between two …

I am grateful that my husband has had great success at work and that we wil be able to set both our college students up the way that makes us comfortable…

I am grateful to my husband how hard he works for our family and for being a great provider, allowing me to be at home. 

I really am happiest in Summer when I can grab a long boho skirt with sandals…

However, I am so craving Fall clothing that I couldn’t help thinking of how I’d style this for Fall…


I pictured it with a jean jacket and boots…

Then, I thought about a sweatshirt and tennis shoes for a sporty look…


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Summer…

What’s not to love, an easy schedule with no homeschooling….

I think with all the stress of changes in my husband’s job, money worries and getting two kids ready to leave home,

I haven’t been enjoying this Summer as much as I normally do…


As my 18 year old and I have recently discussed….

If you point out a problem. you should seek a solution….


So, that means I have to knock it off about Fall and enjoy what’s left of Summer!!!!

I think I am getting ahead of myself because of the trip to Ireland and fear of being too busy with that to really appreciate the season change and  how much I embrace and love the beginning of Fall and layering clothing….

Dear Readers,,, I am usually in such a state of gratitude for even the smallest thing in my wonderful life, and don’t know that this new attitude is about…. With so many changes in my family and life coming, I am sure this is normal… I also blame it on the past two months with no period, the first time that’s happened and the onset of menopause , although I don’t feel over emotional or out of sorts in a hormonal way…

Here’s hoping once these next few weeks of change are done, that I get back to feeling my Spunky, fun=loving self…


I am grateful that I’ve slept in these last few days…

I am grateful that I found the energy to hardboil eggs to keep me on track with this unpleasant weight gain…

I am grateful my son cooked dinner for the kids, while I made my own of just meat and veggies…

I am grateful for mushrooms, I love them and could eat them sauteed with onions and chicken every day….

I am grateful my husband and son took both cars to get inspected and checked out before we have to head of on our road trips to drop the two middle kids off to their college adventures.

I am grateful that my youngest is going running with his brother  these past few nights…they are so going to miss each other! 

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