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I bought this top from Ebay back in November as my first addition

for Spring Clothing, so when temperatures reached in the 70’s it was time to debut it..


I liked the feather print on this version of the top which comes in many prints.

Here is a link to Ebay where you can see all the varieties.


Not my best facial expression, but in every other shot I had my hand on my hip…

I paired the top with Old Navy Pixie Pants 

I have to say these days , I am loving Old Navy pants and am so glad I discovered them.  

Seriously, I would love these in every color and in the ankle and cropped version… 

I may perhaps indulge in another pair or two as I lose weight…


The shoes and purse here are both from Just FAB. 

 DEAR READERS – Speaking of shoes, I am on a mission

to replace my round toed ballet flats for pointed versions.

Let’s face it for a curvy petite woman, pointed to flats are much more flattering…

On this quest, I sent an e-mail to Aerosoles suggesting they start making pointed versions, as I love the rubber soles and cushioning of their ballet flats… So if any of you are so inclined to want the same please e-mail them as well..

You May do so HERE


I really like my new top and hope to find several more ways to style it in the future. 


I am grateful for a fun night with friends going to see Joyce Meyers. 

I am grateful for a warm day and didn’t even mind the rain that came with it…

I am grateful for cheerful, kind-hearted people. 

I am grateful caffeine pills to help with these darn headaches the last few days…


Today’s Look was Inspired by Picasso’s Painting- Acrobat

Chosen by Angie from You LOOK Fab to inspire her forum members


The object was to use items in our current wardrobe to complete the challenge…

Linking up today for  Turning Heads Tuesdays


You don’t have to ask me to make an excuse to bring out

my most beloved pair of Diane Gilman Jeans..

Purple Leopard couldn’t be more fun…

This is my new bucket bag for this Spring from Just Fab


I really like my Steampunk inspired necklaces made with clock pieces

and filigree finished off with a purple drop crystal. 

I bought this last year at a local wine festival. 


I really had a lot of fun putting this look together and

also love how this challenge makes me pair things I own

in ways I might not have chosen on my own… 

I’ve only worn these pants with grey, black or yellow,

so it was nice to have white in the mix. 

Dear Readers, tomorrow will be my last day for the challenge…

Then I will be on my own to put together outfits.

I have somethings in mind, but I will remember this experience

and create my own when I feel the need for inspiration…

who knows perhaps I will choose another artist.

 Renoir comes to mind…


I am grateful to Angie Cox for coming up with this challenge and the fun I have had putting together looks.

I am grateful that when my walking partner wasn’t available today, that I went myself and did a super fast walk and even a short jog…Loving my morning walks…not so much the cold…

I am grateful for my dear friend being up for going out today when I texted her I was feeling stir crazy..

I am grateful that my homeschooler cooperated and finished early today, making my outing with a friend possible.

Today’s Inspiration is :

-"Young Girl Reading a Book on the Beach"  Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)  I wish I could even begin to incorporate this technique into my own.  It's been done by thousands, but I would still love it.  Maybe I'll try.

“Young Girl Reading a Book on the Beach”

When I looked at this one,

my first instincts were to create a look with grey and a denim jacket..

Linking up with Visible Monday, Go See What other  wonderful bloggers are up to…



I liked the muted shades in this shirt as yet another reflection 

of Picasso’s inspiration.


I love this classic denim jacket in the light wash , which I thrifted.

In fact, both of my denim jackets are thrifted….


Looking forward to losing a few more pounds and feeling better in these pants…

Well, my Dear Readers, I have lost a total of 7lbs these last two weeks and am definitely motivated bythat success to continue to my ultimate goal of losing another 20 to get below what I was when I stopped Weight Watchers…It’s only 5 lbs less, but I think I will be much happier to get there to 135 as my goal…The 140 never felt right to me… I just am so frustrated that I let myself gain so much back…I am determined to reach my goal of getting this under control by my 50th birthday in September and to never let it get out of control again…Maintenance really is the hardest part of the journey and I am very determined… Anyone who knows me will agree that I will win this battle once I put my mind to it.


 I am grateful for a second week of weight loss success…

I am grateful for a weekend of putting away my heavy coats and taking out and organizing my Spring/Summer items.

I am grateful for the fun of discovering St. Patrick’s Day hats for clearance at my grocery store, where I bought silly hats for the guys and a clover ball gap for me to wear, not just in March…

I am grateful for Spring temperatures and Sunshine.  

I am grateful for conversation with my daughter and hearing my stressed out Grad Student, planning to bake a cake from a partner for her group project since they had to schedule on her birthday to work on the project.. Baking is something my daughter loves to do and I know it will make for a break in her stressful schedule..

While the first Picasso Painting was grey. black and white this one is full of color.

picasso paintings | picasso paintings – can never have too much picasso

I was inspired by the flower print so wore my print pants


Well, I’ve  said often enough that I Love Color…

These Diane Gilman stretch jeans are so forgiving with my weight gain,

but will still work when I continue to lose..


Seriously this day of drizzle was the first day of Spring???

This jacket and the orange shutter pleat blouse were both items I found at BJ’s…

Don’t leave out those type of stores for great items and prices…

Shoes are Payless and Dooney bag was a gift…


This weather is not great for a girl’s hair…

It was fun to be inspired to put all these colors together… 

I might have done this look with no prompting myself by leaving off the scarf…

Dear Readers, Wishing YOU a wonderful weekend, 

Thanks for stopping by!

More Picasso LOOKs Coming Next Week! 


I am grateful for the  possibility of a homeschool cruise for October 2016 leaving right from our neck of the woods when Carnival brings their line back to Norfolk…

I am grateful for a fun day reminiscing with my homeschooler about his love of performing and encouraging him to sing for a talent show I am hoping to put together for our homeschool group.  

I am grateful for my dear friend who is always there when I need her.

I am grateful for  the weekend and days of just being Mom, not teacher…

I am grateful for Pizza and wings delivery, cut my finger on the blade of my Ninja blender.. not cooking tonight…

Angie from You Look Fab has inspired me yet again…

This time it’s to style outfits using Picasso paintings as inspiration

I can’t express enough Dear Readers how much I enjoy this site and all that I learn from it.

If you are not a blogger and just a reader looking for help styling this is a very supportive place.

And Now on to my first look of the Challenge


I have to say that this was not my first choice for an inspiration outfit.

I originally planned my grey leather jacket and a grey top with some white touches in the print , but the shirt was sleeveless and bowling today in a leather jacket wouldn’t go together….

Why do I mention this… because I seriously questioned wearing the peplum with this sweater…


I would have noticed my distaste and chosen a plain white t-shirt, but alas 

I am a very considerate person and my husband was getting a rare day to sleep in , so 

I didn’t want to go into that room where the full length mirror is to double check my head to toe look, something I always do… One never knows what silhouettes work well without looking…

Picasso - The Charnel House, 1944-45

And here is the inspiration

The Charnel House


No full shot of my side pose today..

cause when I bent my leg, my foot came out of my show and looked dumb..

My photographer was not his normal self as I interrupted a phone call and xbox game play 

when I asked him to take my pictures…

Dear Readers , Today really was a great day at bowling… then things fell apart when somehow I lost my Fitbit…I seriously had it on my bra strap and then it was just gone. I retraced all my steps and even took a flashlight and can’t find it anywhere… I am so frustrated as I was just starting to feel the value of it and was sure this tool was going to be a huge help in my weight loss journey… I feel so lost as I was checking it several times a day and setting goals… I hope it turns up..


I am so grateful for this homeschool group and how incredible these kids are to each other. Today they voted my son as team Captain as we start the push towards their first competition.  I know he felt so honored  and accepted.  

I am grateful for the parents as they are truly supportive and fun to be with. 

I am grateful that the group is getting together Sunday for extra practice. Normally my son and his father go every week together, so it will be nice for his Dad to see this incredible group…

I am grateful that I had a normal amount of sleep last night, waking up at 7:15, sure beats the 5:30 and 6:30 wake ups from the previous two days and last week…alas it didn’t last 5:30 again this morning…

I am grateful for another date set for our Parent’s Night Out , as we all look forward to this…

I am grateful that I agreed to another competition for bowling in July in Roanoke (I had originally said I didn’t want to go) ,as I know it will be fun!

Bare Legged that Is!  

We had an 80 degree St. Paddy’s Day!  

I had planned a totally different layered look for this dress…


But I quickly ditched the cognac jacket and boots idea for something more fitting to our incredibly nice day.

It was windy and had some clouds ,but I am not complaining! 


This dress is by Liz Claiborne , New York, an exclusive line to QVC.

It comes in several colors and can be found Here

You have to love a tee shirt dress and even more when it is striped….



It was so windy all my side view pictures have the sweater covering me up…

In funny news my pointed toe flats from Just Fab 

are featured in April’s Redbook in

Brad Goreski’s article on Spring Style Buys for Every Size.

I bought mine on a two for the regular price sale last month.  

Dear Readers, Tomorrow I begin the Picasso Spring Style Challenge set forth

by Angie Cox of You Look Fab for her forum members.

Pablo Picasso - The Most Famous Artist of the 20th Century - The Art History Archive

Charnel House is the first Inspiration Painting…

Come back tomorrow and see what I chose to wear.

Better yet join in the fun and send me photos at


I am grateful that I decided to up my game and take two jogs up a hill and down again during my morning walk. I think I will do it again Thursday….no walking on Wednesdays…

I am grateful that tomorrow is bowling day , we complete our 14 week pick your prize package and I will be getting my son his very own bowling ball.  

I am grateful that my son was very agreeable and homeschooled quickly today, he is good at stalling techniques and driving me nuts lately…we finished early and took a walk to Wendy’s for a Frosty. 

I am grateful for my Weight Watcher training to eat as I had no fear in purchasing a small Frosty and indulging knowing that my four point dinner of chicken, mushrooms and onions would allow me to stay within my point allotment for the day… I didn’t eat it all, using only 6pts instead of the 8pts.  

I am grateful for my faith and belief in Divine Order , as things that make no sense to me, I’ve learned not to question, but just let them play out as I always see that the puzzle piece fits in the near future.  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  

Green use to be my favorite color and for the longest time I owned a green leather sofa….

I always think of that sofa when I wear my green leather jacket , my birthday present to myself last year..

My color is no longer available, but check out this season’s version in Blue


I don’t wear blue jeans very often… 

These are Levis that I’ve had forever and once my weight gets back down and I maintain it for awhile

I need to be on the hunt for a perfect pair, it’s the one whole in my wardrobe that I didn’t even try to fill, as I wanted my weight to stay in the same range for a year before indulging in that illusive item.  

I set that as my reward.. so guess I am starting back to square one…


One of my reason’s for loving green is that it was my father’s favorite color….

Silly, but even as a 12 year old who had just lost her father, I remember finding joy on the day of

his funeral when the cars that came to take us to the service  were green and so was the hearse…

IMG_3361Isn’t it funny that I sat down to write with nothing in mind

and out came my connection to my father 

 through fashion and color…

Dear Readers, Since I post pictures the day after I wear an outfit… I will be wearing another green outfit since it will actually be St. Patrick’s Day… A different shade that doesn’t hold the memory this one does… 

The remainder of this week I will be beginning a

Style Challenge by Angie at You Look Fab for her forum members

to style outfits using 5 different Picasso paintings as inspiration.  


I am grateful for my walking partner who is gung-ho and up for walking daily, and even suggested bike riding together today.

I am grateful for my Fitbit and the motivation to get 10,000 steps each day, it motivated me to jog in place while cooking and my going for a walk to the store twice helped too… I was suppose to buy Feta and accidentally bought blue cheese…

I am grateful to my dearest friend and hope that I can take her up  on her invitation for a sleepover and going to church with her. It will be a nice end to the week after sending both my daughter and son back to college over the last two weeks.. so hard to do…

I am grateful that I remembered to get the chocolate graham crackers and cool whip to make the one point faux ice cream sandwiches to keep me on track this week.  I forgot several times to buy these….

I didn’t get my Spunky Fix when I wore my Skirted leggings last time

The flats just didn’t do it for me, yet they were appropriate for my day…

Over the weekend I decided to get my fix…


I love this multi -media black and navy sweatshirt

I bought off season, last summer online from JCP. 

The front is actually chunky yarn multi -color strands and

since this isn’t a very heavy sweatshirt, I can wear it through Spring


My smiles today aren’t what they normally are…

The difference?

My son home from college took my pictures, giving my youngest a break…

I give what I think is a smile and my regular photographer notices

and acts silly or smiles to make me give a real one..

I never get the fake smile right  and he always does this…

I love that my youngest pays so close attention and take helping me seriously. 

Not that I am upset with my other son, as we were doing this quickly and the camera was messing up…


Every time I wear these boots I remember my Ireland trip, where I bought these

and donated the more round toed stumpy version that I had brought with me.  

I also love this purse from Just Fab and have it in black and white as well. 

Dear Readers, Speaking of Just Fab, that’s where I recently ordered my Bucket Bag as my one new purse for the Season.

I bought this perforated one in white, SEE It  Here 

I really like my Just Fab monthly option to buy because you can opt out any month you wish.

It’s really allowed me to get some very on trend bags for not a huge price tag.   


I am so grateful for the several days of fun watching my son’s college, VCU play basketball and go on to win the A10 championship today (Sunday).   I probably said this before but it truly was fun to find interest in a sport besides football. 

I am grateful that I have been blessed as the mother of three sons as who knew I would so love being the mother of boys.. I am just as grateful for my one daughter and love that girly conversations… 

I am grateful that I made the changes this past week to get back on track and lose this weight I put back on. I lost 3lbs !  If anyone wants to join my journey where I post recipes, exercises, motivational quotes or share any of those of your own, please join my Facebook Group , Here 

Tomorrow is the WEARING of the GREEN Outfit  or  TWO

We are edging towards Spring, at least in my area, 

so that brings me to what to look forward to for Spring Outfits and Shopping

One of my Favorites for the Season is the All White Outfits

Steal The Fashion: All White


I love the addition of texture in this one.

All White


Volume over Volume and wide legged trouser trend

Trends 2015: Color trends summer 2015


White Texture is a big deal for the Season

Seriously cute spring dress from H with white embroidered dragonflies and skulls. I would wear leggings underneath and wear as a tunic ; it's a little too short for me...but it is awesome.

There are a lot of white dress looks for the Season…

Some even paired with white sneakers for the Sporty Trend that is again strong this season.

Another Trend I like is the classic Gingham Print

lemon skirt + gingham Mixed patterns for the summer of 2015.


Paring it with a Floral Print makes this classic on trend

Pastel color coat style with stripes and gingham, freckle seoul

Or how about pairing Gingham with stripes

Mixed Prints ✮✮“Feel free to share on Pinterest" ♥ღ


Even More adventurous with polk-a -dots

70’s Inspired Looks are Big


Think Flared Jeans and Fringe

Make sure if you get Flares that You make the length work for Heels as it’s the best way to wear them

Click the Source to this for 20 70’s inspired outfits

Spring 2015: Cullotes. It looks like spring 2014's major short style is sticking around in 2015.


Culottes are trending but I am not so fond of these…

For my petite height they would require wearing with heels or wedges and

I am just not sure that is practical for me during this season.  Not to mention they could overwhelm petites. 

Shirt-dresses are Very Popular for the Season

The bow on this menswear-inspired shirtdress creates sexy curves. The best dress for your body type:


Shades of orange are big , so you could go that direction

Speaking of Colors, Here’s Pantones color chart for the season…

De nieuwe kleuren voor lente-zomer 2015 | | klik op de foto voor het bericht #Pantone

Lots of shades of blue , orange and yellow and don’t forget the lighter mint shade of green, which is very popular.

Don’t forget to add colors that aren’t the best on you in accessories like shoes and purses.. 

Speaking of Accessories

Spring Fashion: Sneakers have come in a plethora of colors and styles this spring. Check out our list to shop the best sneakers for spring 2015!


Sneakers and the Sporty Trend are going strong again this year…

Yeah for comfortable Footwear on trend! 

Pointed toe flats and Birkenstocks  are other comfort shoes on trend

The 7 Biggest Bag Trends For Spring 2015: Consider this the perfect time to start drafting your Spring '15 wish list.


By far the biggest trend for purses seems to be the bucket bag,

but circle shaped and ones with fringe

to represent the 70’s trend are also something to consider. 

Dear Readers,

I can’t end this without mentioning that I am over the moon about

the fact that there is a very strong BOHO presence this coming season as well!  

I hope you can see that Spring is on it’s way

and start thinking of what items you might add to freshen up your style for the season…

Have fun with it!  

This new schedule of getting up early for my walks is starting to wear on me.

I know it’s just an adjustment period as I get use to new hours.  

I am hoping that by next week I can actually sleep until my alarm instead of waking up an hour earlier…

My Mood Dressing Tendency and wanting to spice things up produced today’s outfit choice


It was a very Windy Day, so much so I had to change which side of the tree I stood on..

I wanted to feel spunky today, so hence the skirted legging , leopard and red..

Heeled boots would have felt more sassy, but let’s face it, 

going to jump at Cloud 9 at age 49 is bound to have repercussions…

I don’t feel my age, but there are times…


Just for fun this was our first photo attempt and that’s with part of my hair pulled into a barrette…

I’ve had this silk leopard blouse forever and love it…It was actually a gift from my sister-in-law. 

I typically have worn more animal print in previous winters than I did this season, but not to worry I have leopard pointed toe flats new for Spring that I plan to wear a lot…


The outfit did it’s job today and did give me the feeling I was hoping for…

I have to say I am loving the skirted legging trend and can’t wait to show my second pair 

that has a patterned skirt… They are perfect for Spring!  

Mine are by Legacy via QVC and Here is their current offerings 

Dear Readers, I had another reality smack in the face today when I went to add my beloved Rachel Zoe red trench to this outfit for my walk to the store when it was pulled tight across my hip , so I wore it unbuttoned at the bottom.. 

This just motivates me more as I bought that trench in 3 colors for and plan to have them for a long time. No way I am not losing this extra now, 15lbs…


I am grateful that I managed my morning walk before the soreness set in.

I am grateful for a lazy day with my boys who both were worn out and sore from Cloud 9..It was a PJ day for them!

I am grateful for the fun of watching college basketball with my son this week as his team is in the A10 tournament. I should add I am grateful to learn more about a new sport that I don’t know much about.Another game tomorrow for a total of 3 this week.  

I am grateful for the extra motivation of my too tight trench today, it means I will stay the course over the weekend. 

I am grateful for a chance to make my sister-in-law smile when I call her and tell her I still have and love this blouse. 

I am grateful that Friday is a planned day off from morning walks and look forward to a day of rest. 

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