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The plans for the day were to go bowling and then 

to head off to Cloud 9 for trampoline jumping…..

How does a Mom dress for that?  


Well this Mom, decided Old Navy Leggings and a F21 tunic were in order…

I initially had my socks tucked nicely so they didn’t show, but hurriedly put them on after 

Cloud 9 as we were all hungry and heading off for lunch…


I definitely need to get some more no-show socks, as Spring is on it’s way…

Time to pack away the boots and have fun with shoe variety, which after winter, 

I always look forward to doing. 

Of course, I then miss the boots by September…


Notice the grey rubber bracelet I forgot to take off from Cloud 9…

Dear Readers,

Imagine my delight at having dropped 2.5 pounds over the last four days of getting back on track?

It certainly made me very cautious when we went out to lunch after our trampoline jumping… I was quite hungry and Dear Readers, Chik Fil A sandwiches are my guilty pleasure… Even in weight loss mode I made that 11 point sandwich fit.  Today, I just couldn’t see undoing my good work of the week and seriously debated being very good and ordering the grilled chicken nuggets and fruit.. However I saw the 340 calorie option of the Grilled Cool Wrap and went with that instead.. I didn’t know the point value but guessed it was 7-8 and I was right it is 8 WW points.  

I had planned a very low 4 point dinner of chicken with sauteed mushrooms, onions, artichokes and spinach,  so well on track for the day.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make today…

One way I’ve been successful in eating right for the week is to prepare a large amount of the vegetables I mentioned in my dinner plans.. These four veggies:  mushrooms, onions, artichokes and spinach all mixed together are very versatile and make my meal planning for this week very easy…

I use it in 

Egg in A cup

Vegetable & Feta Frittatas 



Over diced Grilled Chicken 

Over diced Grilled Chicken with diced tomato and tomato sauce with ital seasoning.

Over SEEDs of Change brand Quinoa & Brown Rice ( I find this at BJ’s two servings per pk, 7 WW points) 

Having zero point items precooked really keeps me on track…

Other weeks I make zero point soup, which I do with zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage, mushrooms and diced  canned tomatoes and of course the chicken stock.. I also add Italian Seasoning. 

Another zero point option I do up for a week to keep on track is by making my Father’s casserole of baking yellow squash in tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, again with Italian dressing and Parmesan Cheese put on when I serve it.  I love this as an easy side dish for lunch or dinner and just add some form of protein to round it out.  


I am grateful for a fun day and getting exercise with our home-school group. 

I am grateful that my son home from college joined us for the fun.

I am grateful that my son’s migraine responded to meds and he had quick relief.

I am grateful that I am motivated to get back on track, as that is the key to success. 

I am so grateful to my parents for their investment in me and for teaching me to love myself and to keep positive. 

Today’s outfit is actually not what I planned to wear

and the change is due to my recent weight gain…

Yes, that’s right my olive cargo jogger pants are too tight!  

I am so glad that I began this journey to get back to healthy eating and exercise or this would have felt rotten.

Instead I had the pleasure of saying, ” I am on my way!”  


How lucky that I purchased a bunch of 3/4 sleeved t-shirts when I first began remaking my wardrobe.

Without this olive one, I wouldn’t have been able to pair the zebra jacket with olive to honor my third look with the Olive, Black and White combination.  

I bought this zebra print jean style jacket a few years ago from Metrostyle and never tire of it. I love pieces like that…


I was having a bad hair day and gave up and pulled it into a barrette, time for a hair appointment…

I cringed at this picture as I can really see my weight gain here.

It is what it is and I am glad I am on top of it and will have the

pleasure of future photos to compare to this to see my progress…


I may not have had a good hair day or liked my weight gain, 

but I love my brown lipstick and zebra jacket!  

Dear Readers, as I get back into self-care and not emotional eating, I am mulling over what healthy habits I let go of that allowed me to gain.  I think the most important one is that I stopped writing what I eat. I know for me that it was very beneficial and I never should have stopped. In doing it again these last few days I discovered I like the control I have as I plan my meals for the day and write the Weight Watcher Point Values. I can then see if I have any leftover points for the day and allocate some for snacks , although I prefer zero point fruit as snacks.  

Another BIG MISTAKE I had been making was to not eat lunch and by 3pm I was in

“I need CARBS mode”                    

Getting back to writing what I eat or planning out my day, curbs this issue

and I am thrilled to be back in control so fast.


I tried this recipe for my lunch today, and loved it.. that Laughing Cow Cheese made this dish.. and by the way I did eggs, cheese, mushrooms and onions in my version. 


I am grateful that I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night, however I would prefer not waking up at 6 am either.

I am grateful that I know what I need to do to lose this weight gain, and am committed to doing it… You can’t ever succeed unless you are fully ready…

I am grateful to have support in friends and family. 

I am grateful that even with my early wake up, I was energized and couldn’t stand still waiting at the front door this morning for my friend and walking partner to pick me up..

I am grateful that tomorrow is Bowling Day! We are also going to Cloud9 to jump afterwards and yes, some of us parents are joining in on that FUN!  

Another look with the color combo

Olive, Black and White….

And what a coincidence my friend and walking partner met me today, 

with a beautiful Talbots Olive Sweater she wondered if I’d like…


When it comes to black and white patterns in my wardrobe, my houndstooth skinny cords ,

have to be my favorite bottoms.


This sweater was meant to be worn open, but I belted it and think I might add 

a closure to it as it feels more cozy than when open.


It was nice to get out of boots and wear flats today..

Temperatures are back to normal for this time of year, 

in the 60’s and I am loving it!  

I have one more idea for a look with this color combo, coming up tomorrow…

Hint, It’s another black and white pattern????

Dear Readers, I am really focused and back on track to losing this unwanted gain. I am very happy about this as I would like to fit into my Spring bottoms and right now, that is not the case.  Having the right mindset and really being ready to get back to Healthy Living is half the battle.. If you aren’t ready to commit, you can not succeed.  

I chose Weight Watchers as my weight loss tool because of the accountability of weigh-ins and that I could manage my points in a way that no foods were ever off limit.  I highly recommend finding some way to be accountable in your weight loss or exercise journey… If joining my Facebook Support group is something that will keep you accountable by all means join and share your journey….

Getting Healthy Support

I loved my morning walk and am going again tomorrow.  There really is something great about being outdoors in the morning at a local park with others all doing the same as you are and seeing how cheerful everyone was.  The best part was that since it’s a hill (not really a mountain ,but hey we are at sea level so any elevation is good) we took part of our walk up a path and across the top of the hill before heading back down…That was fun and even better workout!  


I am grateful that I have a motivated walking partner who will do it daily.

I am grateful that I am hopeful that these morning walks will also help my insomnia, as exercise has in the past and with early mornings it’s bound to change.  

I am grateful for a wonderful outing with my son home from college and his confiding in me and trust that I respect him and know he is wise in his decisions.   

I am grateful that I raised a wonderful kindhearted, compassionate, giving  young man, who I know will treat the people  in his life well. 

I am grateful that homeschooling went well today. 

I am grateful that I bought a new Ninja blender today for my smoothies ( Can you believe after 3 years it broke last week). 

I was very inspired by You Look Fab’s  Outfit Ensemble from Friday

And decided I just had to jump on board and try this one.  

I then decided I’ would like to to a few looks using these colors, so this week that’s my challenge…

Maybe not the entire week, but at least 3 days…

Here is the original: 

Ensemble: Olive and Black


Linking up today with Visible Monday


Black and white striped shirts are so versatile and this thrifted Jones New York is my favorite.

I think the solid arms on this shirt work really well with the Old Navy olive vest.  

My pants are Old Navy, Here…


We had a peak of Spring Today with temperatures near 70!

It was so nice to have a warmer sunny day….


I like this first attempt at the color ensemble and look forward to seeing what I find next…

Stop by tomorrow to see what I chose…

Dear Readers, It’s Confession Time!  

I’ve been feeling very stressed lately and resorted to stress eating and gaining weight…I have to do something NOW, as I am not about to have to go out and buy new bottoms when I have curated a wardrobe I love….

So, when a friend on Facebook said she was feeling the same, I got right into gear and started a Facebook group, 

Hampton Roads Getting Healthy Support Group

While I made it for my local area to encourage meetings and possibly walking groups to form, anyone who is looking for support to make changes to exercise and eating healthy, is welcome to join for support and to offer recipes, exercise and what is working for them, or just to ask for accountability or support when needed on this journey…

Join In ! 


I am grateful for a fun day with my friend!  She’s been out of town for months and it was so good to see her again. Looking forward to Spring and attending some fun events together!

I am grateful to a friend on Facebook, commenting that she was ready to get healthy, which motivated me to start the new Get Healthy Page….

I am grateful to my dear friend for jumping on board when I asked about going walking in the early morning hours before I begin my homeschool day…. We are starting tomorrow, Monday!

I am grateful that my daughter is back in Boston and that we accomplished our goal of making her costume, didn’t get pictures, but she promised me some later…

I am grateful that I am on my way to not just getting back on track to weight loss, but to maintain it and never regain! I am Driven!   Remember my 50th B’day is in September and I want this done before then!

Today was a rainy day at home continuing work on my daughter’s costume and homeschooling…

I decided a grey base with a pop of a bright color would be a good fit for the day.


I rather liked these results for a Rainy Cold Day!

I felt cheerful and got a kick out of the horn blowing of passerby’s and thumbs up,

as they drove by probably thinking we were crazy for taking photos in the rain…


This bright teal and polka dot umbrella

have a definite Spring Vibe to me.


Dear Readers, I hope you all Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Any special plans?

I get a few more days with my daughter and that in itself is a true blessing…

Keeping my fingers crossed this snow and sleet doesn’t prevent my son coming home for his Spring Break Friday. 


I am grateful that my daughter stepped in today and kept my homeschooler on track…It was nice for someone else to see how hard this job I’ve taken on really is…I actually baked and sewed yesterday afternoon and forgot about taking blog photos for what I wore for homeschool bowling day. 

I am grateful that the costume sewing is about done and despite not sewing for years, that I was able to come through and make my daughter’s vision a reality.  

I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my oldest yesterday.  

I am grateful for yesterday’s bowling break and the wonderful supportive group that sprang out of nothing from  my vision  and another mother who took it and made it a reality!   

I am grateful that I signed up to join a few mother’s go see Joyce Meyers at the end of the month… I am much more spiritual than I am religious and do like her message with daily quotes on my Facebook page.  

Today was Parent’s Night Out, 

so I opted for another opportunity to wear  a dress. 

I purposely opted to play down the dress and wear it a very casual way…


Typically a sweater dress hugs all your curves and can be quite figure flattering…

I chose to play that down and pair it with my Old Navy Olive Utility Jacket. 

Since I have olive fleece lined tights I couldn’t help myself… 


I tried several scarves before settling on the brown and olive one. 

I really am lucky to have such a wonderful scarf collection! 


Pairing this with this sweater dress with the utility jacket and the riding boots, 

created a much more casual look for the occasion.  


I am grateful that my son away at college is feeling better, as he was having sinus issues over the weekend. 

I am grateful that my husband was able to reschedule and make it to my son’s private bowling lesson today. 

I am grateful that my sister in law is doing better today, after a seizure last night.  I am grateful that she called me and that my daughter was able to call her an ambulance while I stayed on the phone with her. 

I am grateful for Parent’s Night Out and our supportive, kindhearted group. 

I am grateful that tomorrow is bowling day!  I love Hump Day!  

I began last week with the intention of doing a week of dresses and skirts

to boost my mood for these winter blues and stopped short for bowling day and  once our snow arrived..

To make up for that, I have two outfits…


I wore this Ann Taylor thrifted skirt over the weekend.

The key to success here is the fleece lined tights in navy.

The sequined sweatshirt by is rather thin, so I added another navy t-shirt underneath.

I finished off with a navy faux leather jacket by F21 and my boots from Ireland.


Not the best lighting in this photo,

but the best part of this outfit for me is the swingy skirt.

Movement in skirts are wonderful for boosting my mood and increasing my sassy side.


Now for what I wore Monday…

A thrifted dress and Old Navy Sweater…

I really do like thrifting dresses and skirts because the lower cost allows me to have more in this category.


I loved getting a chance to rock my burgundy knee high heeled boots.. 

I am glad my sciatica isn’t flared up which allowed me to sport heels.  

I like the ease of layering a sweater over a skirt rather than layering with a jacket or cardigan. 

Have you tried that with success yet? 

Dear Readers, since Tuesday is a make up Parent’s Night out , due to our snowfall,

I will be putting together another dress look for tomorrow.  

I wanted to wear a maxi styled for winter , but the wet snow and rain we’ve had changed that desire. 


I am grateful that my daughter is home and that she came with dinner requests. 

I am grateful that we are making progress on sewing her costume for the Anime Convention in Boston.  

I am grateful that  we are having so much fun making the costume and the memories we are building, not to mention the love my daughter feels in our support of her Anime interests…

I am grateful that my son will be coming home Friday, from VCU and will have a few days that overlap his sister’s break.

 I am grateful for the time alone with just my daughter and youngest, this is a first and she is spending so much time teaching him things and being a big sister…

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