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I ‘ve come to really realize how much I love Navy and 

blue colors in my wardrobe.   

Linking up today with APocketful of Polka dots and Penniless Socialite, so 

many wonderful bloggers for you to explore.  


Warning, not my best pictures…

It was quite a windy day…Sometimes that makes for the best photos…

Not the case for today, lol!  

My necklace is new, bought from one of GYPO style challengers

who was selling off some pieces for a mission trip. 


I had my sleeves pushed up a bit most of the day, to showcase my bracelets.  

The blue one is my princess one bought from a Castle in Ireland. 


My Sweater is light weight and wanted to blow, I am holding in place, lol

I adore printed pants and their versatility.  

These are a pair of Diane Gilman Jeans that I’ve had awhile. 

It seems she only does printed versions for Spring/Summer.  

I also like Old Navy pixie pants that offer a few patterned options. 


I found a tan and creme striped cardigan at Goodwill and loved it so much last season, 

that I just had to add more striped versions before I began my no shopping ban. 

I , of course found this Liz Lange on clearance and it was part of her Spring line. 

I loved the pattern mixing in this look and the pop of yellow from the purse.  

I love the comfort of my payless pumps , but have told DH I would like to replace these round toed for a pointed toe version.  I even took him in the store and showed them to him, requesting them for Christmas, fingers crossed. 

Dear Readers, I loved the feeling today after my treadmill exercising yesterday.  I cleaned up a lot today, so am ready to do another workout tomorrow.  And go figure I am looking forward to it!   I love the feeling of strength training and have spurts of loving cardio , so hoping that instead of a spurt that I can indeed make this a lifetime change.   I did do some strength training today!  


I am grateful for the moment when I found a blush called Sexy Booster by Physicians Formula, that a friend had given me awhile ago.  I opened it and smelled the “Pheromone Blend & Seductive Scent”  and instantly handed it to my husband and asked what that smelled like to him… He answered “Vegas”  Exactly like the smell at the Hard Rock Hotel we stayed at, lol!  

I am grateful that my husband had a sale today and still made it home in time to watch his much anticipated Patriots- Miami Game  and for the fun of listening to his cheering his team on as I type this.  

I am grateful for my husband’s compliment of today’s look and was surprised at how much he liked the pants, I knew of course he’d like the heels, lol

I am grateful for my husband’s work schedule and how much he’s been around this past week and all the time for extra hugs.  


When I saw this look a few days ago on 

A Pocketful of Polka dots by blogger Jennie

I was immediately inspired to put this look together since

I own pieces similar to these. 


Here’s the look that inspired me.

A windowpane print tunic, burgundy leggings and black boots. 


My shirt is done on the diagnol instead of the windowpane print. 

I also added the ruffle sweater for warmth as it was bowling day where I freeze.   

No joke, I brought my trench coat and used it to cover my legs and another mom 

brought a blanket in from her car.  


It was actually raining this morning, so I actually wore my windowpane 

rainboots when I was at the bowling alley.  


Some days a girl just wants to rock a pair of legggings.  

I know they get such a bad rap, but when you cover your bum and wear 

taller boots you hardly see any of the actuall legging….

With temps near 80 my taller riding boots are staying put on their shelf, lol! 

I could replicate this later in the season with my burgundy cords , but this crazy warm weather is driving me nuts. 

My Dear Readers, Well I Did It!  

Today I got my butt into gear and ran on the treadmill.  I hate cardio but no more excuses, 

I am going to commit to really taking care of myself and do cardio at least 3 times per week.  

I’ve been maintaining this stupid 15 pound weight gain for way too long and am over it… 

I have a 25 year wedding anniversary coming in January and I want to go on a cruise and 

feel comfortable in a bathing suit.   Just the motivation I need to get started, but this needs 

to be a permanent change in my life and one I am committed to making.  


I am grateful that when someone heard an exaggerated description of events, that a call was placed to find the reality. 

I am grateful that my husband bought me that treadmill several years ago and that I am motivated.  

I am grateful that my son actually stayed after for extra practice game of bowling today.

I am grateful that my husband is working much less hours and for quality time he is spending with us. 

I am grateful that my husband was home when our son called from college today and that I was able to pass the phone off to him for a lengthy fun conversation.   I am blessed to get to talk to him a lot and want that for my husband too.  



I loved this outfit in the mirror….

Upon seing the photos, I wonder if the pattern mixing between 

the scarf and these Old Navy tropical print pants is a little too much?  

So My Dear Readers I thought I’d let you weigh in


I bought these Old Navy Ankle pants to wear in the Fall with this new orange faux leather. 

This jacket is by Kate & Mallory and has zip off sleeves that allow it to become a vest.  

But when I bought it I got a black one too , so I can actually add the black sleeves to this as well.

 I Should have taken photos to show you, but alas it was raining and this little lady wasn’t feeling her best today. 

It comes in 7 colors, sizes xs to 3x  and is $41.36 and is available on 6 no interest value pays of $6.89  


The reason I am questioning this pattern mixing 

is the addition of the teal in the scarf print.  

I love pattern mixing and this is the first time I think I like it ,

but wonder if I am kidding myself.


These Not Rated fringe booties from Amazon are going to get so much use, this season. 

I can’t wait to wear them with a dress and tights.  

My hobo style purse is sold out by Gili via QVC, 

but they have some other great options HERE

Dear Readers, Thank you for voting regarding this pattern mixing!  

Hope you all have a wonderful HUMP DAY!  


I am grateful that my morning headache got better throughout the afternoon. 

I am grateful that when the electricity went off, that it came right back on! 

I am grateful for the fun laughter we had as my son was in the shower when everything went dark. 

I am grateful that we have homeschool bowling to look forward to on Wednesday. 

I am grateful that I’ve been sleeping much better. 

I’ve had this outfit idea in my head for quite awhile now and was 

absolutely delighted to finally put it together!  


I added this wonderful wrap from Jane .com for this season.

Everything else I’ve had for a few seasons.  

I am not much of an outfit repeater, having to change something about the look,

for this one I like it so much , I may just change the turquoise necklace( a birthday gift from friends)

 out for another pop of color. 


Not only was I delighted to finally wear this outfit that has been a vision for a few months, 

but I also had the special treat of DH being home when I put this together and he kept 

complimenting it and said he loved the dark brown border on this. 

Ladies, this is progress, for a man who tolerates my boho style , but isn’t a lover of it. 

He took my photos today, giving my son a break and he kept the compliments coming… 


While I am a lover of color, there are days its’ fun to wear

neutrals and when it has such wonderful features as this one it hits the right note. 

The different shades of brown, the texture in the snakeskin purse and the fringe, 

offers just the right amount of interest.  

The touches of silver in my hoop earrings, necklaces and bracelets creates a nice balance. 

DSC_2047 (1)

My husband likes the added hardware of the zippered legs of my 

Diane Gilman Jeans.  

I liked wearing the classic Aerosoles mules.  


I am grateful that my husband is finally coming around with my love of ponchos and wraps that are a  big part of my boho styling. 

I am grateful that I was feeling better today, as yesterday I had body aches and a low grade fever. 

I am grateful that I am well on my way to Christmas shopping for my daughter ,as it’s been awhile that I have had wonderful suruprises for her for Christmas, she is a list maker and I’ve missed this. 

I am grateful for a few Halloween happenings to look forward to this week.  Fun Events are great for my happiness levels on gray days like today..

I am grateful for the fun my husband has been having with our youngest, making cupcakes, carving a pumpkin and making mashed potatoes together and teaming up to get up the falling leaves. 

While I love the comfortable Waterfall Cardigans, 

I was happy to add a few versions for the seaason that were a more 

streamlined silhouette. 


This one by Susan Graver is just what I had been looking to acquire. 

It’s length is perfect for wearing with dresses as well as skinny jeans or leggings. 

It’s a poly/spandex blend , with pockets and side slits.  

I love that when you push up the arms , it stays in place and has a great drape. 

I ordered it to replace a long navy one I’d had that was worn out and with so many 

color options I also got a brown one since I was missing that shade in a cardigan.  

Please remember Dear Readers, no compensation for me, just sharing what I like for myself. 


I loved the shades that came together to make this outfit. 

My F21 grey sweatshirt dress was a perfect background for the scarf and goes nicely with Navy. 

Pulling the vibrant shade out of the scarf is a favorie way for me to choose accessory optoins. 

In this case, my 31 purse that was a gift from a dear friend.  

They have several silhouettes of purses in this color they call “Palace of Jewells” 

We are doing a fundraiser for the bowling team with the 31 gifts company

Absolutely no pressure my Dear Readers, but if you find something you like for yourself or as a gift, 

all the profits will help our Youth Bowling League , which is a fabulous group.  

I am thinking of ordering a few of these to store my sweaters on a shelf in my closet

, folded up in the Konmari method

DSC_2020 (1)

This was a perfectly put together outfit for going to the bowling alley 

for my son’s Saturday Leaugue.  

I had fun breaking out my Ireland bought blue booties.  

I wore them two days in a row and got compliments on them both days.  

I love that they extend the legline in this outfit, as any other color footwear would

have broken it up and made the proportions for my petite height off… 

Dear Readers, It’s been one year since DH and I went on our 3 week Ireland venture , that also means it’s been a year since his coworker passed away.  We prayed all around Ireland for him and had only been in the house for a few moments when his previous boss called him with the news that he had just passed.  He was such a wonderful person and we will always tie our memories of our Ireland trip to an opportunity to remember his beautiful spirit.  For now I know, Mike you are having a blast in heaven awaiting the time when you will meet us all again… It may be awhile, in the meantime your family and friends live with your memory strong in their hearts and the laughter of cherishing moments with you. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are refreshed and ready to begin your week! 

Work Hard, Play Hard, Balance is Everything! 

One of the things that Alison from Get Your Pretty On, 

introduced to her style challengers this season was putting a look together with 

Tone On Tone.  

There was a sea of blush and burgundy in the malls that matched perfectly with this point. 


I missed out on doing that with the challengers as our temperatures just didn’t cooperate 

for me to wear a blush chunky sweater, but I loved the idea of tone on tone.  

Of course I had to take it up a notch and add in Pattern Mixing.  

I felt quite adventurous using my lavender gingham blouse with my leopard spotted jeans. 


I had recenlty unpacked some winter jackets and sweaters and couldn’t wait to style

an oldie but goodie in this very soft swing jacket.  

I’ve had it for several years and have worn it closed with the obi belt most times. 

It was fun to just wear it open for what may just be the first time.  

I needed the jacket despite warmer days beacause this was what I wore on homeschool bowling day

in whichI always freeze as the alley is cold.  


I don’t think I will ever tire of my Diane Gilman purple leopard jeans. 

I certainly have gotten a lot of use from these over the few years I’ve owned them. 

One reason I love this brand is that depsite my weight gain, there is enough stretch that 

I can still wear these and others by this brand.  

Dear Readers, Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  

I hope you have some fun things planned to reboot your spirit to dig in and face the dreaded Monday….

Tonight we are heading out to a bowling birthday party,Saturday mornings are my son’s bowling league, not sure Saturday night  plans as of yet,

but Sunday is of course Football! 

Thanks for Stopping By , I hope you are inspired to try your own Tone On Tone version.

Some ideas I’d like to try 

Mint and Forest Green

Tan and Chocolate Brown

Peach and Orange

Grey and Black

Powder Blue with Navy

Any of these Tone on Tone Ideas Appealling to You?  

Bloggers love to know someone is reading their content,

so comments are always apprecitated and make my day! 


I am grateful for a fun phone conversation with my daughter where we were coming up with healthy options for her to take for lunches and to eat for breakfast.  Graduate school and her internship are keeping her busy and her brain is fried, so it was a fun conversation reminding her of things she has used in the past with success.  

I am grateful for the witnesses in our lives who are outraged when someone treats you poorly. I love being that outrage for others and appreciate greatly when I receive the same… Sometimes we just need a witness to our pain.  

I am grateful to my hardworking husband who has a wonderful work eithic , which allows me to be home with our youngest in this homeschooling venture that just fell into our lives. 

I am grateful that I have begun Christmas shopping and have some of the big presents set already, as the last minute rush is not my style.   

I would like to End today with a prayer reauest for this strongest Hurricane Patricia in the headlines, that is heading to Mexico, for the safety of residents. 

There is nothing more fun for this boho loving fashionista,

than when we get temps were I can rock a poncho. 

It’s so fun to bring the boho look into my Fall/Winter Style, 

which before ponchos was a struggle.  

IMG_4164 (2)

If you are a regular reader, you may remember this one as

it was a favorite last year and I am happy to say the love is still strong. 

I paired it with new faux suede leggings by Kate & Mallory 

Suede and faux suede on on trend for the season and this legging was just what I needed to embrace it 

to pair with lots of tunic length tops and boots for the season.  

It comes in three colors, black and dark brown in addition to this taupe shade. 

Things like this sell out pretty fast on Evine Live. 

IMG_4159 (2)

I scored this paisley necklace in fun shades of the season on clearance from Charming Charlie

, so no longer available. 

I wanted an extrao vertical line to break up the poncho, so I added a long chain and my mother’s brooch. 

I love wearing this pin as a necklace, but brooches are back this season, so I may have to break out and 

wear it on a scarf or jacket in the near future. 

IMG_4171 (2)

I loved the extra pop of color with the yellow handbag from Amazon.

It also plays nicely with leapard flats.  

If you haven’t yet embraced the versatility of leopard flats and what they add to an outfit,

I highly recommend you run to the store right now!  

Dear Readers, I am still on my shopping ban, but check out this temptation 

a tweed/leather multi media blazer from Liz Claiborne, NY.  

It comes in sizes 0 to 28

Wishing You a Happy Hump Day, Off to homeschool bowling this morning , so skipping 

my gratitude section, as I normally write this the night before, but not last night….

Grey and Burgundy are Huge Colors for This Year. 

I love both of those and have them in my Winter Wardrobe

With our first Colder Temps finally arriving, I couldn’t wait to pull 

out some of my favorites from previous seasons to pair with my 

new for this year, fringe ankle boots.  

IMG_4133 (2)

I absolutely love these three colors together.  

This paisley tunic I’ve had for a few seasons by Liz Claiborne NY will defnitely continue

to be in regular rotation for the coming season.

IMG_4131 (2)

Burgundy truly has been a color I’ve embraced my entire life. 

I’ve perferred it to red, but after blogging and seeing photos, 

I added some red pieces new for this season.   

IMG_4138 (2)

As I look at this I can’t help put think how versatile the grey jeans, black boots and sweater  could become. 

Just changing the color top to green, cobalt, purple, or red would definitely work.  

Dear Readers, I hope this outfit sparks your creative juices for your own style.  It could mean a grey bottom , black topper and shoes with a colored top or it could be that you have black bottoms and a grey ssweater  and boots to reverse it.   

Did you think of a way you could use this for Inspiration? 

Please comment and share, as bloggers greatly appreciate knowing they’ve reached their readers.


I am grateful that Fall temps have finally arrived!  

I am grateful that despite my weekend of fun, that I managed to maintain and not gain any weight! 

I am grateful for the intuution I see in my daughter that mirrors my own, she actually called just to check up a day after s major incident had taken us for a spin , just because she had a feeling.  

I am grateful that my husband’s schedule for the day is later one and he gets to catch up on some sleep.

I am grateful that I had these pictures from Friday to post because I stayed in my Pj’s all day yesterday!  

When I was a teenager, My Mother bought me a Boom Box. 

Boy do these kids not know what it was like to have that fine portable radio/cassette player, lol! 

I also got the REO Speedwagon Greatest Hits Album and use to sit on my fronch porch with friends, 

belting out “Tough Guys” , It felt so rebellious to sing the one line in the song that says, 

“They think they’re  full of fire, She thinks they’re full of shit”, lol

Eventually I memorized every word to every song on that entire album and last night I belted them out with just as much enjoyment, maybe even more so with life experience and fully understanding the meaning.  

Linking Up With Visible Monday

IMG_4147 (2)

I went for a 70’s type look with my flared jeans and a sheer floral boho blouse. 

I saw several women sporting similar silhouettes. 

It was fun seeing so many women in their 50’s standing in line at the restroom. 

I wish I’d have been brave enough to ask to take some of their photos… 

IMG_4148 (2)

For the very first time I felt uncomfortable about my youthful skin, 

as I felt uncomfortable with some stares I was getting from women ,

who I am sure thought I was younger than they were.  

I definitely looked like the youngest woman in the restroom. 

It reminded me of when I was 21 and pregnant and wanting to get a tshirt proclaiming

“I am not a teen mother” as I saw so many judgemental looks when I was out and about. 


We had 4th row seats and got some great photo opportunities.

DSC_1936 (1)

It was really incredilbe to see how much enthusiasm and energy Kevin Cronin brought to the stage.

He was throwing out guitar picks after every song… One bounced right off my husband’s lap and onto the floor in

front of us, so I now have a great memory piece.


With the Reo Speedwagon Logo and his signature on the back.


I was able to see a little back stage and the cases of guitars that were there.

They traded guitars for every single song, it was incredible to see them all…


At the End of the Concert, the drummer brought 6 drumsticks to the front of the stage 

and passed them out to people in the front row.  

It really was a wonderful night and I am so happy that I accidentally found this concert when looking up something to do for the weekend.  

IMG_4152 (2)

Going to see REO Speedwagon was the first thing off the bucket list

I have in my head, since I turned 50 last month.

Dear Readers, Do you have a Bucket List?  

If so , how about sharing it by commenting. 

After all,  bloggers love comments to know someone is reading them, lol! 


I am so grateful that someone’s ill intentions actually turned out to a new direction that was much needed and the universe correcting itself.  Cryptic, I know, but not my story to tell…

I am grateful for the strength my husband and I share when life throws us in a new direction, it’s always a chance to come together and stand strong together. 

I am grateful for a strong faith and the reconfirmation present when things that should knock the wind out of you, push you in a better direction and give you just what you’ve been asking for. 

I am grateful for weekends and fun times that lift the spirit, like music and football, especially when both our teams win. 

I am grateful that my son who wasn’t feeling well yesterday, is doing much better today (huge shift with cooler temps moved in and messed with his sinuses, but since he rarely gets sick, seeing him sleep the day away was worrisome) 

Any shade of Green Plays Well with Navy.  

I actually love shades of green and blues together in outfits. 

IMG_4106 (2)

The light is changing and  I need to figure out what the best time is 

to go our and get my favorite tree shot… 

IMG_4108 (2)

It was a bit windy, so my hair reflects that….

Yesterday was a day spent house cleaning , things really needed it after a 

few days down with sinus pressure headaches.  

I love this necklace from Jane that is actually reverssible, with a mnt stone on the other side. 

I wonder why more necklaces like this don’t offer that two color option?  

IMG_4111 (2)

I finished this look off wit my floral flats that I bought on clearance from 

Red Dress Boutique, if you are a watcher of Shark Tank , you might recognize the name. 

This company’s website crashed after appearing on the show and they wanted to get a new site, but their shark, Mr. Wonderful cautioned them against doing so.  They showed that on an update show and the couple took the advice and were happy they did so.  

  Dear Readers,

Not my favorite outfit, but not bad for a Day at home with a quick run to the grocery store for lettuce wraps.  I have to say my dear readers I am loving the options of lettuce wraps prepackaged at the grocer store that make staying on track and cutting carbs so easy.  I made taco lettuce wraps last night , but I also love filling them wiht just chicken, onions and mushrooms.  Anything I would put in a wrap  or a bun works and is a big part of my diet these days. 

10 weeks in the year left to get this darn menopausal weight off! 

Have you tried Lettuce Wraps?  If so what’s your favorite filling? 


I am gratefult that my son pitched right in with a great attitude and helped me with the house cleaning and he even complimented my progress and results… 

I am grateful that my sister stopped by to picke up a package from Old Navy that my son had ordered ( came in the day he went back to school after his Fall Break) and is taking it to him, since she will be in Richmond for an itnerview. 

I am grateful that  as I type this my husband is at a meeting to iron out some work issues with the sales team all standing together to ask for changes.  

I am grateful that my husband is comig home after that meeting and will be going to homeschool bowling with us today. He doesn’t do that often , so it’s a real treat! 

I am grateful that I woke up early and had time to write this post before heading out to bowling, as I typically write it at night , but was just too darned exhausted after my workout and houecleaning day.  

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