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There is nothing I love more than a Dress that offers a variety of

styling options that make it work for several seasons.

IMG_4093 (2)

Take this new floral shirt dress from TJ Maxx online (sold out )

I can wear it now when we have temperatures in the mid 70’s.

IMG_4097 (2)

Hat from Amazon for just $6.74

The sleeves are sheer so offer coverage without being too warm, so for early Fall

and Spring it can be worn without a top layer , unless of course I opt for a vest.

Once cooler Fall temps arrive, I could easily add tights , booties or knee high boots.

The opportunities for toppers are a wide range due to the navy background.

If I ignore the other colors and concentrate on the Navy, I had certain color combos come to mind

and I tried them out and they all worked.

Some Examples of this are

Mustard Yellow


Kelly Green






IMG_4100 (2)

In addition I can play off colors in the Print  to add toppers in




Hot Pink


I also tried Pattern Mixing with a Navy & White Striped Cardigan 

By Changing different boots,  booties, sandals, and pumps , there

are so many options available to me for just this one dress.

That is the very reason I want to do this no shop year, to really explore the versatility of items I own.

To really push my creativity and see how many ways I can style a piece is why I started blogging and chose my blog name.  I would have showed some other options for this dress, but alas, I’ve been dealing with sinus headaches, so that will wait for another post. 


I am so grateful that after several days of intense sinus pressure headaches, I finally had full relief late this afternoon. 

I am grateful that I opted to go back to sleep after waking up just feeling lousy and that I indeed succeeded in actually falling back to sleep.  

I am grateful that my homeschooling teen stepped up and didn’t take advantage of my need for sleep and did his scheduled assignments and even unloaded the dishwasher!  

I am grateful for a great weekend and after a bit of a fiasco , finally getting my son the right size pants at great prices. 

I am grateful for the fun Sunday of watching my best freinds daughter living her dream of performing on stage in her first play.  She was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz.  


Today, I wasn’t up to getting dressed…

A Migraine. Nausea , Low Fever and a sore shoulder and neck from sleeping funny, 

was just too much for one day.  

So when I wasn’t feeling too horrible, I was looking on Pinterest and found some recipes I’d like to make and thought I would share them with you , My Dear Readers.  

I apologize if you are not a mushroom lover, because I am and these sparked my interest. 

Spinach And Ricotta Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms:

Spinach and

Ricotta stuffed Portobella 

I think this will make a great subsiture for the stuffed shells I gave up years ago. 

Quinoa Stuffed Portobellas 

Another way to use Quinoa , what’s not to love? 

In case Mushrooms aren’t your thing, I also found this  one

Breadless Tuna Melt 

I like the idea of a warm tuna dish, I miss tuna casseroles I use to love. 

Spinach Artichoke Chicken 

I always have chicken, artichokes and spinach in ,

so this would be an easy one to throw together…

I bragged about this on my personal Facebook page today, 

but thought I’d share this fun thing with you my Dear Readers. 

My almost 20 year old son in his second year of college is loving getting out of the dorm this year 

and apartment living where he is more in control of his food choices.  

He recently sent me pictures of two meals he cooked for himself.  


That’s not canned tomato soup, he made it from scratch!  

He confiscated these mugs that his sister had given her Dad and he hadn’t used, 

when he was home for his Fall Break.  


With the budget I give him , he was able to purchase a stand mixer 

and was excited to make mash potatoes.  

He also plans to use the dough hook for his homemade pizza crust. 

Dear Readers, Any recipes that I liked and showed here that you might try? 

Wishing You all A Wonderful Weekend! 


I am grateful that my homeschooling son got to work and finished

his school work and didn’t take advantage of my not feeling well today. 

I am grateful that my son went to the grocery store for me to pick up onions, so I could 

Celebrate National Pierogies Day with him , as it’s a favorite dish of his.  

I am grateful that I slept in until 11 am and got some extra much needed rest. 

I am grateful for my reclining sofa, to just chill out on and take it easy for the day. 

I am grateful for  hot water and a relaxing shower , sitting in my mother’s shower chair (we kept it and love it) 

I’ve had this paisley top for a few years now and never tire of it. 

Today’s GYPO Fall Challenge Oufit was suppose to be 

denim jeans, a print top and a tan blazer.  


I didn’t want to wear blue jeans so soon because

I don’t wear them that often normally. 

So I decided to debut my new tan jeans bought for the season.

Of course they are my favorite jean designer, Diane Gilman

I really bought them in June in preparation along with a creme color and they are not available now. 

I actually had on a denim jacket to completely turn the outfit formula upside down. 

It was bowling day and that jacket kept me warm… 

Upon coming home I took it off at it was in the high 70’s .  


I love the gorgeous greens, pinks and purples in this top. 

I also liked that it gave me a chance to use my 31bag , 

a gift from a dear friend.  


I am gettting tired of all these outfits with pants.  

Tomorrow I’ve adapted a change to the suggested challenge formula,

to incorporate a skirt.  

It’s been hard adapting this to my warmer temperatures as well,

as some outfits have called for scarves and as much as I love a scarf,

I am just not ready to wear them yet. 


I am grateful that my oldest son was ok after his crazy accident this morning. He had is window cracked about two inches and when leaving his apartment complex a rock spit out of the lawn worker machinery and found that 2 inch open window and sent the rock flying right into the side of his forehead, breaking the skin and causing a nice lump.  

I am grateful for the fun my 19 year old college son is having cooking and the pictures he sends me of his ventures. Recently it was his made from scratch tomato soup and tonight it was making mashed potatoes with his new stand mixer. I feel blessed that he shares this journey with me!  

I am grateful that my daughter called me today(she had been calling me almost daily and had gone 5 days without doing so)  and despite living off of 5 hours of sleep daily is getting use to her crazy schedule of her master’s degree program and internship. She’s figthing a sinus infection and sounded very congested , but is an optimist like her mother looking at the bright side of things. 

I am grateful for a wonderful day of homeschool bowling with my youngest , who after a down turn in his game due to the summer break and his new ball, is back on the upswing with a great three game series. He is walking taller and has his confidence back. This was getting scary because on Monday when his Dad came home and offered to take him for practice, he refused and said he would rather homeschool…That was downright scary that he was ready to give this up. 

If you had asked me If’ I’d Ever Wear 

Over the Knee Boots  a few year Ago, 

I’d have answered with a Emphatic Negative Response. 


That’s Why One Should Never , Say Never!  

I stand by my initial reaction to the idea of over the knee boots because 

years ago, they didn’t come in this riding boot style, but were more the hooker heeled versions.  

This is a tale of being willing to give things a try, because even this flat version didn’t appeal to me, out of fear that it wouldn’t work for my 5 feet 3 inch height challenge. 


I do think these work for a few reasons. 

The first would be that I am blessed as a petite woman to have

my mother’s  Campbell family genetic long legs. 

I may be petite , but I can never wear petite length pants.  

The other reason these work for me is that they barely come to the top of my knee. 

Their are varieties I’ve seen that are not just over the knee, but thigh highs.  

Dabbling in this boot style, I opted for this pair from Chinese Laundry


I loved the opportunity, to wear my orange hoop earrings that my daugter gave me. 

I also love any chance to wear Orange lipstick.  


My photographer  accidentally took a photo of his shadow. 


I had to take the opporunity to dress like Fall today

because our temperatures were in the low 70’s now, but 

going back up to 80 tomorrow.  

Dear Readers, Have you tried something you didn’t think would work for you and 

were pleaseantly surprised?  


I am grateful that my husband had a successful day today and some fun along the way.  

I am grateful that I trusted my instincts on my walk to the grocery store. I heard a woman on the phone almost in tears saying she was giving in and just wanted to go knock on her father’s door and admit she need help because she couldn’t take another night in the shelter.  She went on to say she needed help with bus fare but no one was willing to help her.  I walked past her into the store, took out $3 and walked outside and handed it to her. She gasped into the phone and said , “OH My, someone just gave me the bus fare, I can do it now!” I was walking away as she was proclaiming , “Bless You, Thank you so much”  One  wonders if the truth is being told in these circumstances , but when I came out of the store she was gone and I saw her at the BLVD  bus stop, I was glad I trusted my instincts. 

I am grateful that my college son who texts me a lot , actually called to talk to me tonight. He is troubled about the college shooting and asking the same question my oldest asked, ” What if you answered that you were Spiritual not Religious? ” How would the shooter have reacted?  I know so many college students have to be wondering what would have happened if they had been in that room.  so sad! 

Today’s GYPO FAll Challenge Inspiration was all 

about an orange sweater.  

I love the color orange for Fall and wear it often with browns, 

But it works well with a classic Blue Jean shade.  


I was so excited to debut my wonderful addition to Fall , 

this Guiliana sweater that I bought over the summer and the Liz Lange Tunic 

that I found on clearance and is now sold out.  

I love the mulit media sweater with the faux suede feel that has a snakeskin print. 

My husband came home this afternoon for a break and couldn’t stop touching it, it really is softer than you’d expect. 

This Sweater comes in 7 colors and is $29.95 and available in sizes up to 3x.  


I always adore Rachel Zoe’s outfits where she pairs tunic tops and 

bootcut jeans and love how this outift made me feel.  

I’ve had these Levi’s jeans forever.  

Rachel Zoe always wear her bootcuts dragging on the ground and from a stylist view, 

that is the right way to rock the look.  

I on the other hand love being able to showcase my beloved Orange pumps from

Payless’s Comfort Plus line that I bought last season.  


I loved putting one side of my hand behind my ear, to really showcase 

my gold hoop earrings, which I wear quite often.  

Dear Readers, Today, I didn’t have to Fake Fall today as it was in the high 60’s and windy today. 

Of course that was due to the hurricane , but we are due to get back into the 80’s by Wednesday. 

Funny thing is that Wednedsay is homeschool bowling day and I dress like Fall anyway, as it’s cold in that alley! 

I do wonder how I will manage the Fall Challenge with these hotter temps. 

I never did a Fall one of these before because last year I was in Ireland at this time!  

I have packed away my sandals and will take advantage of wearing pumps and flats with bare feet these next weeks until I unpack the boots and go full on with them….

So Dear Readers, Are you packing away Summer and getting out Fall, or are you already all the way into Fall already?  


I am grateful that my husband popped in this afternoon for a fun break from my homeschooling mom day. 

I am grateful that my son got back on track despite the interruption and finished his goals for the day. 

I am grateful for Kiniesology tape and the relief it is going to give DH from a pulled back muscle. 

I am grateful that my friend’s daughter is finally living her dream of doing acting and dancing with our local Hurrah players and will be in the Wizard of Oz this weekend.   

 I am grateful that my husband got off work early and asked us to a quick dinner and movie night. My teen homeschooler loved , The Martian, an excellent movie in all our books and he is so picky…  

You Can’t Walk Into Any Mall Right Now and Not See

Mannequins Decked Out in the Color Combo of Burgundy and Blush

That is the first outfit inpsiration in the ,


Linking Up with Visible Monday with other Fabulous Bloggers. 


With our weather not reaching true Fall temperatures  , 

I managed with what I could to create this look subsituting a more vibrant pink sleeveless blouse. 

I’ve had burgundy skinny cords for a few seasons, but these new Old Navy Joggers have been waiting to be debuted. 


I am also debuting my new

Burgundy Floppy Hat, by Rachel Zoe via Qvc. 

If you don’t already have Burgundy in your wardrobe,

I highly recommend you add at least one item for this season. 


My favorite looks with the jogger style pants is to take them up a notch

and pair them with blazers and pumps.  

In this look, I opted for grey plaid pumps and a seersucker grey striped jacket, 

both are pieces I thrifted from Goodwill.  

Want Some More Burgundy Inspiration

Check out this link! 

Dear Readers , it’s so hard to have a wonderful weekend, when your heart is heavy due to the shooting in Oregon. College students of all ages , some starting of fresh out of high school, others after divorce or raising families, all wanting an education and a better future, targeted by a sick person out for destruction and chaos.

 I pray for the families  and friends of those whose lives were so brutally cut short, for those who survived and may well suffer PTSD and for all the students in every college who now feel vulnerable.  

I am going to forego my Gratitude Section of my blog today and ask in it’s place that you each say a prayer. 

I am sure so many of us are already doing so, but the collective of us all is important , so I ask anyway. 

What To Do With Yet , Another Day of Rain?  

Well , This Lady Turned on Pandora for Some Music to 

Accompany her Day In , Doing Housework and Packing Away My Sandals.  


But doing Housework, Doesn’t Mean I stayed in PJ’s all Day…

After all getting dressed is just for me, to walk taller and keep my mood up ,

as a homeschooling mom, stuck inside with a teenager.

It was a nice cooler day and once the rain died down to a slow drizzle, 

I opened the windows and doors for a fabulous cooling breeze!  


I styled this look with my inherited boots from my dear daughter (24) , 

She bought herself a great pair complete with wedges and a bow on the back.  

I decide this outfit needed a spark of red to brighten my mood.  

You can see a peek of my bracelet in this shot. 


Here’s a close-up of my red tassel necklace that I bought a few years ago

from Burlington Coat Factory to dress up a Christmas look.  

Nice to have it to wear with casual looks as well. 


This outfit has just the right amount of itnerest beyond red accessories. 

The pattern mixing of the polk a dot pants and the window pane plaid boots is just right. 

And lets’s not forget the fun texture of the lace bottom sweater, which I bought from Just Fab at the end of Winter clearance sales in preparation for this season.  

I am so happy with this trend of adding sheer or lace bottoms to tunic sweaters for 

an extra touch of feminity. 

I think when wearing the not so flattering rain boots, that the lace beautifully works to create balance. 

Dear Readers, Wishing you a fabulous weekend!  

Thanks for Stopping By, Comments Appreciated, 

Cause some days like these rainy grey ones, 

this blogger needs a boost!  


I am grateful that Hurrican Joacquin is not going to hit us as was originally predicted. 

I am grateful for a wonderful break through with getting my son to begin writing assignments for this highly intensive writing year I have planned to take him from zero confidence due to schoolng damage to confident in knowing he can conquer this just as easliy as he did the reading.  

I am grateful for finally having a currency to use with my son, as in previous years, if he didn’t want to do it, taking anything away didn’t matter at all… Thank goodness for Xbox friendships and Destiny!  

I am grateful for the wonderful cool temps today and the breeze from my open windows. 

I am grateful for a conversation with a friend that made me proud of my relationship with my mother and how much apart of each other’s lives we remained until her final day.  If you are lucky to still have a parent alive, be mindful that loneliness among the elderly causes depression and a phone call or visit is a life line.  

 I am grateful for music that is always available to cheer me up and keep me moving! 

A Rainy Day May Get Some People Down, 

But Not Me!  

It’s an Excuse to Showcase My Purple Thrifted Rainboots! 


Not the best photos today, as my dear son stood on the porch , 

while I stomped through the oversaturated grass to my favorite tree.  

Wearing skirts and dresses without tights or leggings will be upon me before I know it, 

so instead of wearing pants, I just had to try my boots with a skirt, lol. 


Of course there is a down side to wearing a skirt

when there’s wind and rain , as a preview to 

the upcoming Hurricane.  

I actually went shopping and got set for the impending storm today. 

Doing so before the weekend is so much better as stores are going to be

crazy and ruinning out of things by Saturday.  

12010685_10153727272943793_1039331340462698132_o  Source 

I couldn’t help but share this picture that showed up on my Facebook this moring. 

It’s a two year old at the Navy pier having a blast while all the adults were just huddled, waiting for the 

ship to arrive home after it’s six month deployment. 


Here is a close up of my mother’s pin that I strung on a chain to create my necklace.


This one is clearer because the rain subsided for a brief moment.  

I have to say it was fun being out in and about in my rainboots, 

walking in puddles instead of around them.

My Eddie Bauer (also thrifted) nylon goose down filled  vest came in handy as it kept my back dry! 

Dear Readers, Thanks for Stopping By!  

I wish you all a Fabulous Weekend and ask that you keep the East Coast in 

your prayers that this impending Hurricane takes it easy on us! 


I am grateful that my husband had time to go grocery shopping and a  chance for us all to get out of the house together.. 

I am grateful for our really good quality umbrellas that helped us stay dry , as well as help me get our stubborn dog to go outside to do his business…. Yes , picture me in my rainboots holding an umbrella over my dog chastising him to “Go Potty!”  

I am grateful that I had begun to take out some Fall Clothing despite our extended Sumer temps, so i had this vest to grab as a completer piece today! 

I am grateful that my son who took our rabbit for the week is enjoying her company and the pick me up this week before midterms.  

I am grateful for somethihng to look forward to on this rainy day, as my Steelers have a Thursday Night Game agaimst their rival Ravens.  

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