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As the year comes to a close, it’s nice to take a look back at outfits I created

and pick a few favorites. 


You can’t go wrong with a black and white look and this one I really love. 


I am rather proud of myself for going outside my comfort zone

and trying faux leather pants


These burgundy skinny’s are such a workhorse

and pairing them with brown really was a different way to wear them. 





This might just be my all time favorite,

as the dress paired with the ruffled cardigan

hits just the right note of feminine spunkiness I adore. 


I never tire of this fun shade in a poncho. 


My love of a skirted legging began last season.  

This fun sweatshirt has a bumpy yarn all over the front. 


A sweater dress is such a classic,

but pairing it with an olive utility jacket makes it so wonderful by 

making it more casual for my Mom on the Go lifestyle. 


Blush paired with black are so fun for winter

and any time I get to wear my heeled boots is a good day.


I did a series of looks pairing olive with black and white and this 

was my favorite of the bunch…

Dear Readers, these are my favorites for January – March.  

I will continue with more tomorrow.  

It’s not easy typing with my sprained finger…. 

Don’t ask me how I managed that while serving Christmas Dinner?  


Leave it up to me, to figure out how to take

Neutrals and Leopard Print and add Boho Elements. 


I had this new tobacco sweater paired with my leopard scarf hanging together,

 waiting patiently  to finally wear now that temperatures have gotten colder. 

I bought this sweater from Jolly Chic , still available HERE 

I knew I wanted to pair it with my black Old Navy Pixie Pants. 


After Adding my Not Rated fringe boots , I instantly thought, 

I want to make this more boho and grabbed my Indigo Thread Vest.  

That lead to the finishing piece of the Gili hobo purse.  

This post might just include the most links to things that are still available, lol, 

the purse is not , but the line has other options of hobo style, which I linked to. 


I was very pleased with the end result . 

Wearing outfits of neutrals have to hit the right note in other ways for me as a lover of color. 

With the fun elements of the flowy vest and the movement of the fringe on the boots, it put that 

“Pep in my Step”  that I strive for with my outfit choices.  

Dear Readers, What is it about outfits for yourself that you feel that ‘Pep in Your Step”  ? 

This blogger wants to know and loves your comments!  


I am grateful for answered prayers, and let me tell you, I was very specific in my prayer for my husband to get some sales on Saturday.  It came true in the exact way I requested and in a way that was a true indicator to dear husband, that indeed God’s hand was in it.  I love when that happens and it does so a lot!  

I am grateful for time with my children , home from college and the fun family dynamics, the conversations, the love and the humor.  

I am grateful for a wonderful week  filled with parties for both myself and my homeschooling son. 

I am grateful for a lazy day of football games , love football season! 

This was my outfit Wednesday for the Homeschool Bowling Party.

 I am loving my Loft pants that I found on clearance and they 

work well for a Christmas Season outfit.  


I paired it with my velvet floral top which I own in both red and green. 

It’s like a tshirt in the sleeves and back with the velvet on the front, and is a fabulous top in my opinon. 

You can find it HERE by One World, via Evine Live.   

If you like this style, there are so many other wonderful tops in their line, found HERE 


I am also loving the Giluina lightweight cardigan for this unseasonable warm winter.  

It’s currently on clearance for $19.95 and comes in several colors found HERE 


It was a fun event for the kids and parents alike and I cherish the luxury

of having this shared time with my homeschooling son.  

Dear Readers:  What kind of Holiday events are you doing this season,

and what is your favorite outfit for that  occassion?  


I am grateful that my husband  is headed to Richmond for two days, to help with the new office.

I am grateful that my son ran back to a customers house and picked up his father’s jacket that he left yestreday.  It was a  few cities away and not an easy task.  

I am grateful that before he left my husband managed to fix the messed up string on the outdoor lights, so my daughter will see them when she arrives home tomorrow.  

I am grateful that I only have to wait to tomoorow afternoon to have my daughter home! 







Today’s GYPO Style Challenge Outfit 

was the most unlike my style as you could get , 

so of course I had to make adjustments

as to ensure that I had that “Pep in My Step” 

that I strive to achieve daily when putting together my oufits.  


The outfit was suppose to be black top and bottom with grey cardigan and red plaid shoes. 

I woke up this morning and checked the Facebook group for early birds who posted and knew 

immediately that my fears regarding this outfit were real.  

It was just too bland for my liking, I truly like color and pattern too much to be happy with that.  

Adding my leopard cardigan and even tying the sweater added an extra feature. 

I will say that without the GYPO Style Challenge, I most likely would have paired this with black pumps or ankle boots. 

The addition of my floral Aerosoles wedges really is a nice change from my norm.  


Both my sweater and necklace are from Susan Graver’s line via QVC

My necklace is sold out , but I love the sparkle and here is her current line of necklaces. 

She also has a lot of cardigans available for this season. 

Only these two photos , as I didn’t like any of the other ones ,

it’s hard to take photos when you aren’t happy with your weight… 


I am grateful that my son made it home tonight, after calling about some car trouble this afternoon. 

I am grateful for a silly night getting Chik Fil A and touring Whole Foods together. 

I am grateful that with my son home from college, the rabbit is back as well. 

I am grateful for Ibuprofen and how it helped my shoulder, neck and back pain today. 

I am grateful for my burst of dancing, which didn’t help my aches and pains , but was fun while it lasted .

Here is the link to the song that was on the Today Show this mornig and lifted my spirits.  

Today began the long awaited, GYPO Winter Style Challenge

At least for some, hard to do so when your temperatures are in the mid-70’s. 


Today’s look was suppose to include a tunic top, fur vest and knee high riding boots. 

I chose a lace top, and open weaved cardigan that isn’t big on warmth. 


It feels nice to get dressed as, I have not been daily this past two weeks. 

I have a feeling I am going to be making lots of subsitutions for the GYPO challenge outfits. 

That’s not surprising as I’ve always gone against the grain.  

I think my dear mother is responsible for that, I remember one year when I was in 7th grade and a madrigal in chorus for the Christmas concert where we were suppose to wear white blouses and red long skirts.  My mother had made me a red-gingham checkered one as my Christmas church outfit , so we got permission for me to wear it.  

Since I was the one who spoke up and introduced songs, it made sense that I dressed slightly differently.

I have two other oufits I wore recently but didn’t post yet, so here goes.


This was what I wore last Wedsneday for my son’s homeschool bowling day. 

I love my Kate & Mallory jacket and ponte knit leggings.  

My tunic is a Burlington Coat Factory find.  


This was my look for Parent’s Night Out dinner

and my first outing after my fall and subsequent concussion. 

I love the long knit Susan Graver Cardigan and have it in chocolate brown as well as the navy. 

I have a small on in this sweater and always size down in that clohing line from QVC. 


I am grateful for the support of family, friends, readers and online community members who all had compassion and wished me a speedy recovery from my concussion and fall.  

I am grateful that I am feeling much better and sleeping ok. 

I am grateful that my son finished his exams today and will be home tomorrow. 

I am grateful that my son away at college has been playing games on the Iphone together with his younger brother, as the anticipation of having his siblings come back has really made him feel lonley this week. 

I am grateful for a fun football weekend where both our teams won and the comraderie of our son who set his study schedule around watching both our games to stay connected with us… 

I am grateful that my youngest buckled down and finished Lord of the Flies.  


So the story goes like this….

Last Wednesday morning my son and I were headed to bowling….

On the way to the car, I tripped over my son’s rolling bowling bag and face planted on the cement.  

Really hard, I might add…

It’s been a tough few days of dealing with a “Bell Ringer” and trying to uphold to letting my brain rest. 

I did not do as well as I should have in steering clear of the tv and internet, which I think is prolonging my healing. 

I am feeling much better, but still need more rest, so going to post the pictures of what I was wearing when the stupid fall happened and get offline for the remainder of the day.  


I actually loved this outfit… Everything about it!  

This purple poncho is an Old Navy One I purchased from Goodwill andhave worn previous seasons, but 

always closed, with the trend of the open ponchos, it sparked me to wear it open and I was sold!  


This blouse is Liz Clairborne NY via Qvc and I bought it in a black and gold version as well. 

It’s on clearance right and I must say runs big as I am wearing a small.  

I love how vibrant this is against my muted purple leapard Diane Gilman Jeans. 

I’ve had these a few seasons and the love for them is still going strong.  


I love the artsy feel of this outft with the loose poncho and vibrant top.  

Passionate about Purple should be it’s title…

Dear Readers, I have enough to keep me busy as all the boxes of Christmas Decorations are awaiting me!  

Have a great week

and I will post when I feel up to it, as sinus issues creeping up aren’t helping…

I’ve always loved Pink paired with Brown.  

Which is why I added the polk a dot tunic and striped sweater 

to my style for the season.  I’ve always loved Pink paired with Brown.  


Of course, I bought them seperately with no intention of pairing them together. 

I originally paired this look with a chocolate brown boyfriend sweater, but it was just too much brown.  

When I spied this Liz Lange sweater ( sold out) , the outfit went up a notch and gave me that pep in my step!  


Of course wearing my Payless Comfort plus pumps helped to put that pep in my step. 

I seriously think I may be addicted to this line of pumps as they are the perfect heel height 

and so comfortable that I can wear them all day!  

I just had to run to my closet and count how many I have and it’s 6 pairs ! 


Here is what I wore yesterday, it was raining all day and the pictures didn’t come out well. 

I am wearing Old Navy Pixie Pants and Chambray top, a Glitterscape sequin navy top

faux shearling vest via , navy boots bought in Ireland. 


I’ve had my Diane Gilman jeans for awhile and love them. 

The line going down the side is actually a zipper detail.  

I collect Diane Gilman Jeans , but I  won’t run and count those, lol!  

Dear Readers, The Black Friday online purchases have started arriving and today,

I got the biggest kick out of the DSW package


Can you believe that even with a 30% off deal on that purchase, that I didn’t even look for shoes for myself! 

Yes, I am not tempted to shop!  


I am grateful that after waking up at a crazy 5:24 am today, that I was able to go back and take a nap!  

I am grateful that the morning rain went away, allowing me to take photos today. 

I am grateful for the fun and anticipation that goes along with the holidays .  

I am grateful for sappy Hallmark movies to get me in the mood… now if only we find the energy to get the Christmas decorations out of the attic in the next few days… 

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