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A Trio Of Outfits

Posted on: January 15, 2016

A few days got away from me and I didn’t get a chance to post .

I guess that’s to be expected on the last few days spent with my son,

before he heads back to college tomorrow.  


I love shades of orange and blue together, but was wondering all day, 

if colored jeans were still in style as I am not ready to retire these quite yet.  

My Madi Claire croco embossed leather bag has been gettin a lot of use lately and is still available , HERE 


The sweater is called navy, but definitely isn’t a deep version of the color. 

It was a Christmas present and can be found here… 

Since it is from Evine Live it comes in sizes xs to 3x. 

I love this sweater and have it in black as well and bought my daughter

one in burgundy and one in teal. 


This outfit my two sons literally laughed at me about…

I was feeling very off because I am just not a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl…

I am sure being so daring and showing my Star Wars love didn’t help the reaction from my boys.  

DH wasn’t around so I never got to here his opinion… 

I showed pictures at my Parent’s Night Out and I don’t think they thought it was as bad as my boys,

but one didn’t agreethat it just didn’t look as much like my style…


I see nothing but my weight gain here, and am glad that I am back on track and losing,

or this would have been much harder to bear.   

I am going to be brave and put this up on a style forum with women who will give me honest feedback… 

Funny thing is these boot leg jeans have been in my closet for years and I don’t think I’ve ever worn them,

but for some reason held onto them, something very unusual for me, lol 


This was my choice for the Parent’s Night Out dinner.  

It was really fun to find a scarf that had the oranges , greens and teal in the dress. 

My Orange faux leather jacket with zip of sleeves can be found HERE 


I love wearing this dress as it reminds me of my gift to myself last year for my birthday…

Self Care

Since my sprained finger has healed I got back into the swing of weight training… between my concussion , the holidays and my sprained finger, it’s been six weeks of no strength training and boy have I missed it.  I love the feeling of my muscles burning and knowing that results are on their way!  

I’d also like to add in the once a month Parents Night Out , which is a great night with “the girls” as it truly lifts all our spirits and is something we all look forward to.  I highly recommend all women do this once a month for good self care!  


I am grateful that I was able to buy my daughter her flight to come home for Valentine’s Day weekend , an extra trip home in addition to Spring Break coming in March.  

I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my daughter regarding her internship and how much she has embraced working with these kids in the Charter school with a lot on the Autism spectrum and how proud she is that she is helping to give them tools to help in the classroom.  

I am grateful for this entire month with my son, who heads back to college tomorrow.  I am grateful for his excitement to get all his new kitchenware set up and to start using his crockpot that he received for Christmas. 

I am grateful to get back to just me and my youngest and homeschooling. 

I am grateful for all my husband’s hard work that allows me to arrange my daughter’s flight home and to get my son stocked up with groceries from BJ’s . 


13 Responses to "A Trio Of Outfits"

You look absolutely lovely in the dress, scarf, and jacket! And your confidence in that outfit shows in your face. The boot-cut jeans aren’t bad at all. I think I’d like them better with a longer top or cardigan rather than the fitted, shorter jacket, but that’s just a thought. I like the colored jeans and sweater better. Glad you’ve been making good memories with your children!

Yes, Suzanne, you nailed it! The shorter top was the issue with the jeans! You are very insightful regarding my attitude in the dress. Thanks for sharing your observations!

Looks like we both have kids heading back to college! I take mine to Virginia on Tuesday. 😢

What school?

She goes up in Virginia..and I work under my kid’s strict guidelines never to reveal anything personal esp about them…like where they go to school etc. (You know, because THAT many people read my little blog!!-HAHA) I once mentioned the name of one of our pets and my one daughter had a fit..I got a long lecture about stalkers, hacking and ID theft and blah blah..So yeah, no freedom of “the press” here. 😏

I do have to laugh though..these are the same kids who post EVERYTHIIING on facebook…

that is funny! but better to protect family relationships than to rock the boat unneccessarily!

I like the first sweater. What size do you have?

I am Wearing a medium. Just for reference my chest size is 39″, hips 41″.

Thanks! I wear XS and most of the colors I like are sold out of XS. 😦

I actually think the blue moto jacket is my favorite (maybe sans the belt)…the color suits you perfectly and it looks casual yet modern!!
I hope colored jeans are around for awhile—at least I plan to keep wearing mine—I love color (and I know you do too)—-so we can be partners in crime!! jodie

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