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With my Back Acting up Since the 

Jimmy Buffet concert last weekend, 

I haven’t been much for taking blog photos.  


I took these photos on Tuesday when we had warm weather return 

and I was thrilled  and showed it by wearing my “Lovely Day” tshirt from last season. 

I found the floral slip ons on and

added an orthotic as they are not at all the comfort of my Clark’s. 


My skirt is from QVC and a first purchase from George Simonton’s line. 

I like the swingy nature of this skirt and bought it in yellow as well. 

It’s a very odd much thicker fabric than I anticipated,

but I do love the length and will get much use of this for Spring and Summer.


If you look closely you may notice I have a new accessory

on my wrist, A Fitbit Charge I scored off Ebay in Navy.

I am loving seeing how many steps I take each day and up until I hurt my back,

was very motivated to move more and increase to reach my goal of 10,00.

This week I’ve only reached about half that on most days, but not stressing as the more

I try to do the worse my back is by the end of the day…

It’s not easy to limit myself , but that is what I must do at this point, ice packs, a  new massager, yoga stretches, tumeric and a new Magnesium gel are among my arsenal to allow my back to heal.  

Dear Readers, Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by!  


I know this is silly, but I am grateful for the back trouble as it is confirmation that I danced and had as wonderful a time as I had hoped for at the Jimmy Buffet Concert, lol..

I am grateful for the help from my husband and son during this time of taking it easier…

I am grateful that our weather is now more like a normal Spring of swings from the 60’s to 80.  

I am grateful to my hard-working  husband! 

I am grateful for the sweet kind, compassionate nature of my youngest son, who sent his Iphone to Massachusetts and is doing without for a few weeks until his new phone arrives. He sent it to his sister as her motherboard blew and she was lost in Boston on Marathon weekend with no GPS… 


I had a fantastic time at the Buffet Concert Last Night

Here is pictures we captured of the tailgating portion of the evening. 

I will say my planned outfit was changed due to colder temps and I even unpacked riding boots 

to keep myself warmer, but hate the proportions of this outfit… 


My husband, Son and Brother standing in our spot , grilling away our 

“Cheeseburgers in Paradise”  

Lol, I stuck to healthy eating ( not counting my alcohol consumption and had grilled chicken and zucchinni)


Fun Frame our neighbors brought around for photos.  

I had seen these on Pinterst and had wanted to make one, 

Perhaps next time….


My husband’s coworker who was my Gal Pal for a night of laughter 



Lots of Decorations on site and the plates of the RV next to us. 


Pool Party!  


The rest of us were layered up, this brave guy went bare! 


We had lots of fun with him, as you will see in the next photo…


A few of the Characters we met along the way…

DSC_3477 DSC_3481




These RVers were part of the culture of tailgaters who don’t buy concert tickets and 

stay in the parking lot for the entire event… 

They all had shirts made , to deter anyone from asking to use their bathrooms, 

something that comes with their experience as they tailgate often including weddings… 


My husband making friends , this guy was giving away frozen margheritas 

and gave Tom the last batch of his 5 bottles of tequila…


The very last picture in my camera , after the concert when my hat got turned around.

I wish I’d have worn it like this the entire night….

I’ll save that for next time because I’d really like to see Jimmy Buffet again as this was my first time. 

Missed Me?

No worries I’ve been fine, just not especially motivated with this darn

cold front that’s hit us and stolen my thunder of wanting to style Spring Outfits.

I’ve been in quite a funk over it ,but have purchased a Fitbit Charge and Have been MOVING!  

I got the last completer piece for the oufit I plan to wear for my daughter’s

graduation next month with her Master’s in Psychology from Boston College.

 725-349 - Marc Bouwer Stretch Knit Cap Sleeved Sheer Detailed Fit & Flare Dress:

I have been missing a modest , but dressy enough black dress in my wardrobe, I lucked out when I found 

 this Mark Bouwer one on Evine to fill that hole.  

I bought this several months ago, so it’s nice to have a place to wear it!  

Celestial style. Show off the star you are with this button-front jacket. Featuring 3/4-length sleeves and a starry pattern, it makes a stellar style statement, day and night. From the Joan Rivers Classics Collection(R).

I chose this Joan Rivers star print jacket as my topper. 

I loved it because it’s my nod to my amazing daughter

who is still shooting for the stars with her goal of getting a Phd!  

The good news is that despite my weight gain the size 6 looks great and was a size left on the clearance sale. 

Showing off your style is a cinch with this reversible G.I.L.I. Obi Wrap leather belt. Each side of the 2-in-1 design--including a solid leather look on one side and embossed leather on the other--provides a variety of styling options. Wrap the obi sash around your waist to give shape to loose tops, dresses, rompers, and more--then tie the tapered ends for a comfortable, customizable fit. A slit at the center back allows the belt to lay flat and stay in place. <br><br>Enhance your look and y...:

To accessorize, I opted for this Gili obi belt in the color of the year Serenity. 

I love this unexpected pastel shade against the black.

 Women's Janine Pointy Toe PumpWomen's Janine Pointy Toe Pump, Light Blue:

The pictures show the belt and shoes being so different in color , but in reality the shoe very much 

coordinates with the obi belt and not this almost lavendar shade.  

I don’t mind being matchy-matchy with just these two small touches of the pastel shade. 

These are my favorite Payless Comfort Plus style pumps.  

Dear Readers, 

The long awaited Jimmy Buffet Concert is tomorrow and I am looking forward to a great night. 

I wish you all a fabulous weekend filled  with laughter, fun, family and friends!  

Stay tuned Monday for my Parrot Head Photos! 


I am grateful that my dear friend who has been dealing with a mold allergy is set to move out of the offending house this weekend and early next week. I am breathing a sigh of relief as finding a place near our beach area is not easy this time of year for a single mom’s price range.  

I am grateful that my dear friend who owns a truck has agreed to help with the move on Monday morning, which is what I will be doing Monday!  

I am grateful that my bowling mom friend stuck to her instincts and had her daughter’s ball checked and redrilled, fixing the problem that was hurting her wrist and causing other issues , just in time for another bowling tournament this weekend. This sounded the alarm and I am set on investigating  my son’s situation to go have someone else look at his as he has issues with the new ball I got him in December that never exsisted before. 

I am grateful for plans for a Girls Night Out to go see a movie and some music and drinks afterwards.  

I didn’t get any outfit pictures, 

but thought I would just share photos  of my bowler for his 

successful tournament weekend..


Waiting to start day one of the tournament with his new shirt. 

He was in such a great mood, as after having a huge slump since last Spring

when he got his first performance ball , he finally put everything together this past month. 


In fact last Saturday, he had his first clean game, meaning that there were no pins left standing as 

he bowled all Spares and Strikes!  

For this to happen one week before the tournament , set him up to have great confidence.  


He loves having his name on the back of his shirt.

I joked him that now all the coaches will be able to call him out!  


On the second day he did a fantastic job , picking up a lot of spares like in this picture. 


Several times throughout the day he did this clasping of his hands in satisfaction , 

but the funniest moment was when he clapped for himself.  


Here is his score sheet for the Singles portion of the tournament! 

We won’t know his standings for another week or so, but looks like he did pretty well 


My husband did a great job of capturing this photo and it’s my favorite of the two days. 

For my gratitude for the day I just have to say I am so grateful for our bowling family of freinds and coaches who give so much of themselves and help to build my child up!  

I am also grateful for the fun family time as his brother came home from college for the weekend to join us. 

I am grateful that my son didn’t give up and quit , as this slump has been a long one! 

I am grateful that this fun event happened shortly before his 16th birthday, as it feels like part of the celebration! 



I have two outfits for you today, 

as the cooler weather came back in for this week.  


I went in search of a new pair of floral pants as my other ones 

now have a broken zipper, truth be told I may still wear them with 

tunic tops as I love them so much.  

I found this pair of floral jogger style pants at F21  on sale for just $10. 

I bought the large as they are junior sizes and they were perfect… 


Funny story about this sweater…

I’ve had it for awhile but when it arrived in the mail and I saw it was terry cloth material, 

I wasn’t sure I liked it, but instanstly began wearing it as a bathrobe in the morning…

Yesterday, I just had to try it for some pattern mixing and now am sold on wearing it again. 

My top is Isaac Mizrahi peplum, I own in three colors and my shoes are from TjJ Maxx new this season.


I wore my Old Navy Joggers with striped Ann Taylor top

and a open kimono topper for Wednesday,

which was a day of taking my son to his bowling league, home for one hour and

then back out to a bowling clinic.   


My shoes are classic Aerosoles mules that I’ve had for a few years 

and whether they are on trend or not, I love and have had similar style for years that 

I keep replacing when they get worn out.  

We all probably have a fondness for one type of shoe and this is mine , along with espadrille wedges. 

Dear Readers, Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! 

Ours will be filled with City Bowling Tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.

It will be a great time filled with family, friends and fun!  


I am grateful that my son is excited about his bowling tournament and not feeling too stressed. 

I am grateful that my 20 year old is coming home tonight to be here for the weekend to support his brother. 

I am grateful that my son chose a college so close to allow him to come home more often. 

I am grateful for a fun conversation with my daughter yesterday and despite her awful day, she interupted her complaints to say, ” But the good news is I realized I am a great counselor and had sucess today!”   (what more could a mother want for her daughter who is about to graduate and come home to study to take state liscensing test) 

I am grateful for Facebook and private chats from friends that keep me going on stressful days! 

My day began with a trip to the hair salon for a cut and 

I was so happy as the last week or so every picture I took my hair was driving me nuts… 


Here is my hair just  a few days ago, on yet another windy day….


See why I said yet another windy day, lol… 

The first thing I noticed after looking in the mirror after the haircut was the 

wisdom of my dear mother who at age 13 had decided that I should get my hair cut short, 

as she said it would highlight my cheekbones.  

Of course at 13 it devastated me, but looking back at the photos of that time I always noticed she was right!


Marbled shirts like the green one I am wearing here seem to be big for this season. 

I found mine on Jane. com and it’s actually a long asymetrical hemmed tunic, which 

I tied off the to side as that longer lenght on my petite height works only when I wear heels.  

I was itching to wear my BEE Happy flats again…. 


Not sure about the bright yellow purse here , but black seemed to drab and my green one 

is messed up so I opted for a pop of color instead.  

My Bee Happy shoes by C. Wonder are currently sold out , but I heard they will be getting them back in at some point.

Apparently , the plan is to make a new loafer design each month and for April they’ve rolled out a blue pair with leather elephants on them,   You can find it here...


This was an outfit I wore over the weekend to break out my new Ann Taylor anchor print pants, 

which seem to be sold out now… 

Dear Readers, I am happy to report that I’ve lost 4lbs on my first week of sticking to a plan.  In fact the black pants I wore today fit me much better than they had last time I wore them and that gave me a spring in my step all day!  Pressing forward to see how much I can lose before my daughter’s graduation at the end of May…


I am grateful for wonderful phone conversations with my dear friend as we haven’t done that in awhile.. 

I am grateful that my husband realized the green bananas he picked up last night weren’t going to ripe enough for my Tuesday morning breakfast and tonight  grabbed me a small bunch of organic ones that were much better than all the other ones in the store. 

I am grateful to a dear friend who picked me up after my haircut today. 

I am grateful for the laughter and fun of using my son’s Iphone to video chat with my daughter on her commute home and see the 6 inches of snow she had to get through…

I am grateful for a Beautfiul , Sunny Day!  

I am grateful for 4 days free of sinus issues, February and March were pretty tough! 

Embracing the idea of Culottes for the Season,

I looked on Ebay to see what other options were available 

as luck would have it I scored these Black & White Floral ones 

by New York & Co.  


Like my windy hair?  

I’ve mentioned before that I love black and white patterns 

because you can keep them neutral with  or you can add any color 

making them extremely versatile.  


This Collen Lopez sweater is so fun and comfortable that I wish it wasn’t sold out 

in the other colors, but then again ,I scored it for a great price. 

I took a chance and bought the M/L despite being on a weight loss journey

and am confident that it will still work.  


I am having so much fun breaking out my wedges

after packing away my beloved colllection of boots. 

I bought these Clarks  last season in both the black and neutral and they 

are available at QVC , although I found mine on 

Dear Readers day four of my banana and hot tea for breakfast with proteins the rest of the day, 

and I am feeling great, kicking that sugar and carb cravings!  

I am feeling so great emotionally because I am getting out of that rut 

I’ve been in for way too long that has allowed for this weight gain.  

I feel strong and empowered!  

Who knew all this could happen from a silly little post on Facebook about eating banana and hot beverage for breakfast ? 


I am grateful that I am being strong with my resistent homeschooler to writing and have given him an assignment and the tools needed to be successful.  

I am grateful for a fun phone call with my daughter , whose first words to me were “I think I was meant to be a penquin?” She went on to explain that with Boston being 67 degrees she is too hot… Poor child will be home in just two months for our humid Summer…

I am grateful for a great phone call with my husband today, he’s been very busy with some projects recenlty and it was nice to touch base and really talk in the middle of the day.  Sure beats texting anyday!

I am grateful that I booked a haircut appointment for Monday, as this length is bugging the daylights out of me!  

 I am grateful for my husband opted to come home and take our 2.5 mile walk together rather than heading to his gym. 

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