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I’m Back!

Posted on: May 31, 2016

I can’t believe I am finally feeling better!  

I’ve had about 6 weeks of dealing with lower back pain and once I got that resolved, 

terrible abdominal adhesion pains that had been in the background came screaming forward.  

I have never had anything but minor pangs  with my 29 year old c-section scar. 

Afer applying heat, doing self massage and lots of yoga stretching, I am now 3 days pain free!  


I found this navy striped skort at BJ’s by Jones New York and the 

kimono is from TJ Maxx.  

I love Navy and White together for Spring/Summer

and will probably do several combos in the future.  


My adhesion pain came the day before we were to leave for Boston for my daughter’s graduation. 

I did not make the trip, but thanks to Skype I was there!  

I also had the fun of getting instant photos as my husband shot them and was able to give my input 

to retake a shot to fix things, it was like I was there…

Everyone agreed that the amount of walking on that trip would have never worked for me. 

We are all still glowing with pride as a family and she herself can’t believe she achieved her Master’s Degree while 24 ( she will be 25 in July)  


I gained weight during this time of little activity and ate lots of carbs as well…

I began the 17 day diet 3 days ago, where Phase I is low sugar fruits, vegggies, protein and probiotics.  

I have to say day 3 is today and I was quite irritable, I caved and had a piece of chocolate…

Confession:  I now have 23lbs to lose, aaaagh!  



I am grateful that I am finally pain free and able to get back to my Pilates workouts. 

I am grateful that this weight gain really pushed me to completely focus on better self care. 

I am grateful that my son has a state bowling tournament in a little over two weeks (Father’s Day Weekend), so I get a fun mini vacation.  

I am grateful for all the help with housework from my family when I was down and out!   


17 Responses to "I’m Back!"

Congrats to your daughter and your family, and welcome back! I have missed your posts. Navy and white is always fresh and pretty. Glad you’re feeling better and hope it continues!

Thank-you, I too hope it continues!

Glad you’re pain free right now Tracey!
Congrats to your daughter—what a fabulous achievement!!
And look at you mixing your prints—love it!
I understand the frustration about the weight (I’ve gained some too and clothes are fitting differently), but I’m trying to remember that those numbers really don’t matter —as long as I look good and am healthy is what’s important!!

Having had gestational diabetes with 3 pregnancies I am at risk, and maintaining a healthy weight and eating right are key, so seeing the weight is scary. My blood sugars are ok right now as I have been checking them.

Glad to see you back again. So sorry you had to miss the trip to your daughter’s graduation but it looks like you made the best of it anyway. Congratulations to her and to your family for the support you have given her. Stay healthy! We missed you.

Thank you! I am doing my best and kicking self care up a huge notch!

Thank you, I so missed blogging!

I was starting to worry! So happy things are getting back on track. (Maybe that Buffett concert was just tooo much fun!-haha 🍹) Here’s to a healthy, pain free, relaxing summer. ☀️

Truth be told I swear DH coworker at the concert was leaning on me saying she was helping me cause I was drunk… I was actually holding her up and I think that might have messed me up…

My daughter has back’s always amazing how something relatively innocuous can set off an absolute chain of painful physical events for her. 😐

Yes, I’ve always said once you have back or knee issues, they never fully heal…

😟 My daughter went to see a doctor who told her that her only hope was to seriously strengthen her core..she started swimming, but like a lot of good & necessary things lost interest after a while. It just always surprises me how little it takes to “do her back in”..and she’s only 24! 😒

Yes , strengthening the core is my focus right now and I love that my Pilates machine has me doing a lot of moves laying down , which protects my back.

Hi Tracey
Glad to hear with various methods you are pain free! I know how exhausting it can be. Love your kimono with stripes. Congrats on your daughters degree as well. Take care.

Oh yes, Jess, you of all people can relate. I was whining saying things like I have sinus issues, sciatica, migraines, but nothing that lasts more than a few days. Meanwhile my husband has pain daily, boy did it help put it in perspective and give me an opportunity for compassion.

So sorry you have not been feeling well. Glad to have you back. I really missed reading your posts. Congratulations to your daughter.. That is awesome.

Thank you, so proud of my daughter and glad to have her home with me for a year as she prepares to go onto a PHD program.

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